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Jan 18

Concrete and Brick Sealers / Water Repellents

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Tagged in: concrete

Questions regarding Concrete and Brick Sealing. Questions should relate to How-To Tips and the different types of Sealers and Water Repellents

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re: Supreme Shield SB-600
The Supreme Shield SB-600 does seal the surface and help to reduce pitting from UV exposure.
TheSealerStore , February 15, 2017
home owner
I am interested in purchasing The Supreme Shield SB-600 to seal our concrete pavers because its not glossy. However, the product does not mention any UV protection. Is there a similar product that provides a wet look without the gloss and provides UV protection?

chad anders , February 14, 2017
Most appropriate/best concrete sealer for a concrete fireplace mantel and concrete hearth
What would you recommend I use for a concrete sealer for a concrete fireplace mantel and concrete hearth? Both are fresh concrete with rock face radial edges.
Brad , November 24, 2016
We have a Aggregate Crack Filler, but d not sell on the website. You can place a phone order for it. Prep by making sure it is clean and free of any discoloration or stains.
TheSealerStore , August 19, 2016
crack seal
I used Super Seal 30 last year on my colored exposed aggregate patio and was happy with the results. I am planning to apply another coal in the coming weeks. Other than cleaning, do I new to do additional prep work before applying the new sealant coat? Also, I have a crack that I would like to seal. What product do you recommend for sealing a crack? Should I seal the crack before or after applying the Super Seal 30?

Thank you!
Super Seal 30 , August 19, 2016
5-7 years easily.You can use a plastic sprayer but you need one that can handle the solvents. Not all sprayers are made the same.
TheSealerStore , May 06, 2016
Defy Solvent Based Water Repellent
Two questions: I see this product has a warrenty period of 7 years, but what is the expected practical life?
Also - Could I apply this product using (plastic tank) garden sprayer, or would the solvent degrade the plastic?
Bob Lang , May 06, 2016
Hard to say now how it will work over the multiple coats of the SuperSeal-M. The SS-M may hinder proper penetration and possibly the darkening effect.
TheSealerStore , April 20, 2016
I wouldn't say it's porous, as it has had sealer applied for the last 4 out of 5 years, but just 1 coat each year.

Would the Matte be a better product for me than the "M"?
Craig Lester , April 20, 2016
Is the surface porous? If so a stripper will not be needed nor can SuperSeal-M be stripped. It is a penetrating sealer.
TheSealerStore , April 20, 2016
Looking at the old order (#28527) it appears I used SuperSeal M, which would explain why I was advised that I didn't need the grip. But I like the description of Matte, in that the concrete has lightened up a bit and making it darker would be good. But as it's around a pool it really needs the grip. It was a bit slick the last time.

So do I need to strip the older sealer? It's in decent condition. And can I just add the one coat with the grip adder??

Thanks in advance.
Craig Lester , April 20, 2016
Did you use the SuperSeal M or the SuperSeal Matte? Huge difference. You cannot add grip to the SuperSeal-M.
TheSealerStore , April 19, 2016
Stamped Concrete - 5 Years Old
We had new pool deck laid - stamped concrete. It was pressure washed and sealed the first 3 years, then I didn't seal it the 4th year (just pressure washed). I am wanting to re-seal it this year (5th year) and was going to use the SuperSeal M like I used last time. But this time I want to use the Anti Slip product too (was a bit slick last time). I have 2 questions:
1 - At this stage should I be stripping off the old sealer?
2 - Assuming I don't strip it, Can I use the anti-slip on the 1 coat I plan on using (because it has been sealed before)

Craig Lester , April 19, 2016
re: Garage Floor Prep
I am sorry but we do not carry a product that will remove paint from a garage floor.
TheSealerStore , March 23, 2016
Garage Floor Prep
What product(s) would I purchase to remove stain and/or paint off a previously painted garage floor? Ideally, I would like to prep the concrete for an epoxy coating. The current concrete floor is a standard 2 car attached garage that was painted/stained over 10 years ago and is flaking and peeling due to tire heat and use.
jstewart , March 23, 2016
You cannot strop the "grittiness" unless you apply a filming sealer on top and that is not suggested for regular pure concrete. It will look blotchy. You can seal to protect with a water repellent such as these:

TheSealerStore , November 03, 2015
pressure washed concrete
Our backyard has a lot of concrete that we have never sealed. We didn't know that we could or should. Recently we power washed it to get years of built up stains off. It looks much better, but is gritty in some areas. What would be a good product to put on to stop the grittiness and protect the concrete? How often do you apply it?
Valerie , November 02, 2015
re: illinois sealer voc
You would want the Super Seal VOC version:

TheSealerStore , October 21, 2015
illinois sealer voc
I need a wet look solvent based concrete color restorer and wet look sealer but the ss 30 isnt avail for me or is it? Illinois zip 60462
kirk , October 21, 2015
A clear sealer would not give the wet look. A wet look/glossy sealer would do this but they are made for decorative concrete surfaces, not bricks on houses so it may come out blotchy. You could make it look good but you also may end up making it worse and costing you a lot of time any money.
TheSealerStore , September 30, 2015
Although you suggested I leave the bricks alone, I am wondering if applying a clear sealer would blend in the lighter spots in the area I cleaned. Some of the cleaned bricks came out much lighter than others. When the cleaned area is wet, the color is much more uniform than when dry and almost matches the color of the brick on the rest of the house. Could I hurt anything by trying a sealer? Or really just leave it be...

Your help is greatly appreciated!
DIY Newbie , September 30, 2015
Not if you are stripping. That means you have no coatings. Do a light first coat than use the Grip in the second coat.
TheSealerStore , September 29, 2015
Thank you for your quick reply. I'm not sure I stated my question correctly.

Since the stamped concrete was previously sealed, do I need to apply two coats of sealer (I'm currently stripping the old sealer) so that I can add the super grip to the second coat?

I'm stripping the old sealer.
I would like to apply only one coat with the Super Grip, but will that work?

Thank you.
Cathy , September 29, 2015
Yes but only use the Super Grip in the second coat.
TheSealerStore , September 28, 2015
Super Grip Anti-Slip Additive
Hi - I am currently using Concrete and Paver Sealer Stripper to remove the old sealer on my stamped concrete pool deck. I noticed 5 gallons will not be enough and am ordering another 5 gallons. So I assume I will need to order another 5 gallons of the SuperSeal 30 Gloss. I was going to order more Super Grip but I have a question after reading the specs again.

The information states "This product can not be used when only one coat of sealer is applied to a substrate that has not previuosly been sealed. It will work when added to a second coat or a substrate that has been sealed previously." and "This product only works with sealers that leave a film on the concrete to enhance or leave a shine. It will not work with sealers that penetrate into the concrete 100% and do not change the appearance."

My stamped concrete was previously sealed but I'm stripping that sealer. I was not planning on applying 2 coats of the SuperSeal 30 due to financial reasons. So will the Super Grip work then?

Thanks for your help.
Cathy , September 28, 2015
We would just leave them alone.
TheSealerStore , September 28, 2015
Fix for light spots left after using bleach to clean bricks
I used a diluted bleach solution to clean mold and mildew stains from yellow textured brick and hosed the area down well afterward. The bricks looked great when they were wet but after drying some spots are lighter in color than the rest of the house that I didn't clean. Should I just let these areas darken over time through normal weathering or is there a product that I can apply to darken and blend in the light spots. I don't want a shiny "wet look." Thanks!
DIY Newbie , September 28, 2015
Yes you can use Defy Heavy Duty on concrete driveways. It is a penetrating sealer so it will not create any issues on the drive in the Winter.
TheSealerStore , September 24, 2015
Concrete drive way sealer question
The product that I used previously was Defy Heavy Duty water repelant.
Ronald Klutz , September 23, 2015
Ronald, we cannot answer your questions without knowing which product you used previously.
TheSealerStore , September 13, 2015
Home owner
I previously used your concrete/brick sealer on my exterior brick walls and was pleased with the results. I accidently spilled some sealer on my concrete driveway and have noticed how well it now repels water.

I tend to get a lot of fungus/algae on my concrete driveway because it does not get a lot of direct sunshine (I live in Raleigh, NC).

I'm considering sealing my entire concrete driveway. I plan on first bleaching the surface to get rid of the growth, and after a good cleaning and drying, I would like to seal the concrete surface. I have the following questions:

1. Is your product recommended for this purpose?
2. Can I expect the sealant to inhibit new fungus/algae growth?
3. Will this cause a problem with winter icing? And will your product reduce traction on the driveway? This is important to me because I have a very steep driveway.

Appreciate your feedback.
Ronald Klutz , September 12, 2015
re: applying aggregate crack filler
Not that we can think of. You can always contact Clemons as well but you should be good to seal.
TheSealerStore , September 08, 2015
applying aggregate crack filler
We put down Clemons aggregate crack filler today on our steps after cleaning very well but had some cracks about 1/4 in wide that are deeper than we can see. Maybe 3inches. We filled anyway. The cracks continue down the vertical side of the steps and we filled those also. Anything we should be doing differently before we seal tomorrow? Thanks.
Janet Lindahl , September 08, 2015
Without knowing exactly what the stain is exactly, it is impossible to say. Cleaners are specific to the stain/residue and there is not one cleaner that will work in all scenarios.
TheSealerStore , August 24, 2015
Ok so how can you clean it then?
RichMacbeth , August 24, 2015
No you cannot stop the streaks.
TheSealerStore , August 14, 2015
Doesn't anyone have an answer to my question that I have put up a few times now but with no answers. smilies/sad.gif "I have a 16 foot by 9 foot interior red brick wall with full masonry fireplace and am getting white streaks down from the top of the wall from a water leak around chimney. How can I clean and seal this brick so this does not happen again."
RichMacbeth , August 13, 2015
Ken, yes it can be cleaned and recoated as needed.
TheSealerStore , August 10, 2015
I have an aggregate concrete patio, can your Sealer 30 be re coated in future years without major prep work.
Ken Weist , August 10, 2015
re: Paver Sealing
Brett, try the SuperSeal 30 paver sealant. Apply with a roller.
opwdecks , August 09, 2015
Paver Sealing
I recently installed a firepit with surrounding rock pavers and am looking for a good sealer that will slightly darken the pavers and leave a "wet" glossy look. Any recommendations? Also, any tips on applying the product would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Brett , August 08, 2015
re: Which Sealer Recommended
Looks more gloss. Either the SuperSeal25 or the SuperSeal 30.
TheSealerStore , July 17, 2015
Which Sealer Recommended
We used a solvent clear coat for one small patio and it made all the bricks simply look dark without bringing out much of the colors. We want to be more careful with the patio attached to our house. What type of sealer would produce the effect seen on this webpage It appears to be a semi-gloss but hard to tell. Thank you
Jim Carter , July 17, 2015
We have the exposed aggregate crack filler that they make. You would have to call in the order as we do not sell it off the website. It will work with the Eagle.
TheSealerStore , July 10, 2015
Coverage for the SS30 on stamped concrete is between 100-150 sq. feet. You are on the edge for being close enough or not.
TheSealerStore , July 10, 2015
concrete sealer
I live in CT. I need to reseal my stamped concrete patio that is roughly 700 sq ft. Is a 5 gal. of SS30 enough?
MT , July 10, 2015
concrete sealer
I live in CT. I need to reseal my stamped concrete patio that is roughly 700 sq ft. Is a 5 gal. of SS30 enough?
MT , July 10, 2015
super seal crack filler
Can I use the Super Seal crack filler with Eagle Gloss coat acrylic concrete sealer prior to sealing and do you sell it?
janet l. , July 09, 2015
Look at the Masonry Saver Heavy Duty Water Repellent sealer. Applies with a pump sprayer.
TheSealerStore , July 05, 2015
Concrete Sealing Ont, Canada
I have medium broom finished concrete walkways, and would like to protect them. Would prefer a sealer that has a low or no gloss and non-yellowing. All salt damage is a concern as the walkways are near our driveway.
What would you recommend, and how would you apply? Thanks for your help.
Specky , July 05, 2015
how to clean and seal indoor red brick wall
I have a 16 foot by 9 foot interior red brick wall with full masonry fireplace and am getting white streaks down from the top of the wall from a water leak around chimney. How can I clean and seal this brick so this does not happen again.
rmacbeth , July 04, 2015
re: Steve Hay
At this point you would need to strip again. If you have some chalky residue after the stripping then clean this off with the Concrete Cleaner Degreaser we sell.
TheSealerStore , June 15, 2015
Steve Hay
Had Brushed Concrete with a yellowing sealer. Used Concrete and Paver Stripper to remove it. Then applied Super SealVOC semi-gloss.
The concrete turned dark brown in areas and almost looked stained. I decided to remove it. Used the Stripper again and it had white chalky areas in random spots.. so I reapplied and it increased the Chalky areas. The concrete looks worse then ever now.
Steve Hay , June 15, 2015
re: What should you use to clean your sprayer after using super seal 25
Xylene or lacquer thinner.
TheSealerStore , May 29, 2015
What should you use to clean your sprayer after using super seal 25
Phil1140 , May 29, 2015
Yes they darken as if wet with water.
TheSealerStore , May 28, 2015
I have just laid a new patio with large rectangle concrete stone pavers. They are a light gray color. When wet, they become charcoal or slate gray and dry back to the light gray. Will the Super Sealer 30, 25 or Matte create & maintain this dark gray color when applied?
Robert Sieck , May 28, 2015
Frank, Look at the SuperSeal25 or the SuperSeal 30 for this.
TheSealerStore , May 18, 2015
Sealer Question
I have a year old walkway paved with concrete pavers and polymeric sand. It receives alot of water runoff from the roof. The colors are fading. What do you suggest to seal the walkway and bring back the colors? Wife likes wet look/gloss. Also don't want something that is real slippery, although it is hardly ever used. Thank you in advance.
Frank E> , May 18, 2015
re: Seal painted concrete porch
I am sorry but we do not have a sealer that will work for this scenario.
TheSealerStore , May 11, 2015
Seal painted concrete porch
Hi, I have a couple of concerns/questions. I stenciled Latex concrete paint onto my concrete front porch (under cover) and was told by home improvement store to use Valspar Wetlook Protective Sealer which I did, it looks fine but when i called Valspar they said I shouldn't have used it over the paint. I have now extended my stencil design down my walkway and don't know what to use to seal it. I don't want high gloss but just a wetlook. It is out in the open but covered by an oak tree so does get rained on - especially in the summer as I'm in Florida so lots of rain. I'd like to be able to use soap and water to wash it down once in a while to keep it clean. Also do I leave the Valspar on or is there something I should put over the top of that? Thank You.
FL Girl , May 11, 2015
Look at the Masonry Saver (Defy) Paver sealer for these pavers in NY.
TheSealerStore , April 24, 2015
Hi I would like to seal my concrete pavers I live in NY and the winter are tough- I am looking for something that will make it look wet,water base and not bad for environment. Also in the joint there is sand is there something to help keep the sand from blowing out or moving?
BHD , April 23, 2015
re: CST Concrete Pavers
Yes the SB-8700 or the Super Seal VOC for NJ. We have rust removers here:
TheSealerStore , April 22, 2015
CST Concrete Pavers
We installed a CST concrete paver patio and sidewalk last year. It is approximately 800 square feet. We want to seal it with a wet look sealant. We live in a part of NJ with some pretty tough winters. I was looking at the SB-8700. What are your recommendations for a product? Also, there are a couple of rust stains, how can I remover them prior to sealing? What general prep should I do for the whole patio? Thanks.
brodyt3 , April 22, 2015
Either would work equally as well.
TheSealerStore , April 03, 2015
Which Sealant??
I have block split-face walls I'd like to treat. Which of the following are best suited?

Defy Split-Face Block Water Repellent

SB-3330 Protect A Wall 5 Gallon
Glenn D. , April 03, 2015
Look at our products here for stripping:


We can ship it to you.
TheSealerStore , March 18, 2015
brick paver wet look sealer failure
I have about 300 feet of sidewalk installed around my home. The brick layer put a sealer on for me and the rolling on took place during a day with the temps well above 50 degrees. During the night the temps fell into the low 30's and now it has all turned a chalky white and will not come off no mater what they have tried. It is a wet look sealer and simply looks awful turning red pavers into whitish/yellow shiny things. They have tried power wash and muriatic acid with no effect. In my research there seems to be a paver sealer remover which implies it will remove the original sealer. Is this the case and if so, what would be best for them to use, where would I obtain it and what sealer should be use after proper removal? Where can i obtain the products if such a thing exists?
Thank you for any advice and guidance you might be able to provide. It will be greatly appreciated.
Fred H. , March 18, 2015
You could try the Surebond SB-6000
TheSealerStore , March 11, 2015
If Superseal 25 dosnt work, what can I use to get a wet look with some, but not to much, gloss on Slate Tile?
Brandon , March 11, 2015
Does Superseal 25 work well on Slate tile?
Brandon , March 11, 2015
Slate tile sealing
Superseal 25 claims use on concrete and brick. Can I use SuperSeal 25 to seal natural stone SLATE tile?
Brandon , March 11, 2015

Wet look and gloss sealers do not work well on natural stone or slate patios. They will not dry evenly.
TheSealerStore , November 10, 2014
Assume super seal 30 good/best choice for gauged slate patio. Desire high gloss and best wear potential. Covered portion of patio (700 sq ft) near new condition except for loss of high gloss, remaining exposed pool surround (300 sq ft) good condition all sheen gone.
Barry Hall , November 08, 2014
M Carter, our products are for exterior use and would not work for you scenario.
opwdecks , October 10, 2014
Home owner
What is the best penetrating sealer for a foundation of a home built in 1977 without a vapor barrier under the concrete. Moisture tends to accumulate on the surface of the floor in the home?
M Carter , October 10, 2014
Look at the SuperSeal VOC or the Masonry Saver Decorative Concrete Sealer for this.
TheSealerStore , September 28, 2014
I am looking for a Sealer for a stamped concrete deck around my pool. I live in Massachusetts. My key requirements are:
1. Flat to Semi-gloss --- not to much wet look
2. non-slip
3. UV resistant -- deck is in 100% sun
4. 100% acrylic
5. non-yellowing

I was looking at the Super Sealer 25 semi-gloss. Would that meet my requirements? Do you have a better idea?

mike39 , September 26, 2014
re; Beyond wet look
Old and dusty means very absorbent. You will need numerous coats for a buildup and wet look. Look at the SuperSeal 30. It will have a strong odor for an indoor application.
TheSealerStore , September 21, 2014
Beyond wet look
I have a client looking for the "wettest" wet-look brick finish possible. The walls are old, dusty, recently exposed brick in a large century-old commercial building. These are all interior walls.

What would you recommend?
Jack C , September 19, 2014
Ventilation is the main concern and our wet looks sealers work well on concrete based products, not stones. You could try it to see if it looks good. SuperSeal 25.
TheSealerStore , September 19, 2014
Kyle again from below "what sealer to use" The black diamond i only put on a small part of one stone to test it before applying to everything.

Are there any products that would meet the requirement if it was exterior? Is there a reason why it cant be used inside? If ventilation is a concern I have a 10ft patio door right next to it and can use industrial fans

Kyle , September 18, 2014
re: what sealer to use
Our products are designed for exterior and not sure if any of them can be applied over the black diamond. Sorry.
TheSealerStore , September 18, 2014
what sealer to use
i'm not sure if I should be looking at concrete or brick sealers, and which particular one.

i have a stone wall around my fire place(not in, around, wont be fire on them) and I would like to seal them and get a "wet look". I purchased Black Diamond 679773003916 from amazon and was extremely disappointed. the stone does not look wet at all, it has s slight shine and that's the only difference. It's hard to tell where I put the sealer on and where I didn't, and I put 3 coats on just half of one stone in the corner.

Are there any sealers you would recommend for a stone wall, that will give the wet look? I'm looking for the stones to get that darker color look that comes with being wet. Being shiny would be a bonus

Kyle , September 17, 2014
Elaine, we do not sell products for interior brick. Sorry.
TheSealerStore , September 13, 2014
Just bought a home built in 1981 of 'used' brick. This brick was also used inside the home for entry-way flooring and for the fireplace. I like it fine but needs to be refreshed. What is the better way to accomplish this???????? An appearance of shine/sheen not important but clean/refreshed is.
Thank you.
Elaine , September 12, 2014
Kristopher, SuperSeal M Water Repellent. Prep with water and general concrete cleaner.
TheSealerStore , August 28, 2014
Prepping for winter
After this past winter, I have spalling on my three year old concrete driveway. What is the best product for a regular concrete water proofing to keep the salt out and prevent it from getting worse? As well, what is the best way to prepare the concrete beforehand? I live right across the river in Windsor.
Kristopher , August 27, 2014
David Scofield, I would suggest get a sample from our site to test the SS30 before applying and make sure there is no issues.
TheSealerStore , June 10, 2014
Al, use the SuperSeal-M for this.
TheSealerStore , June 10, 2014
new concrete floor in our garage 40'x60' contractor said to roll or tank spray coating/curer right after floor sets to walk on. what product should we use?
al , June 09, 2014
stamped concrete sealer
Stamped concrete sealer. I had stamped concrete poured in my backyard 4 years ago. It was sealed with water base sealer. I was gonna reseal with super seal 30 buy was told not to as it is not water based. I need 10 gallons and want to use a high gloss. Thank you.
david scofield , June 08, 2014
Try Masonry Saver Brick Water Repellent.
TheSealerStore , May 18, 2014
Try Masonry Saver Brick Water Repellent.
TheSealerStore , May 18, 2014
Need to seal the top of stone walls to prevent water from infiltrating, freezing and destroying the walls. What product shall I use? I searched all the FAX w/o any guidance.
Chiltonville Yankee , May 18, 2014
Jonas, just periodic cleaning is all you can do.
TheSealerStore , May 08, 2014
How To Keep The surface from looking dirty so soon After Power Washing
Jonas Mouber , May 08, 2014
re: Sealant for Basallite renaissance pavers
For a wet look and semi-gloss you are limited for CA. Look at SuperSeal VOC or Maonsry Saver Paver Sealer. For cleaner, try Defy Safer Cleaner or the SB-499.
TheSealerStore , March 20, 2014
Sealant for Basallite renaissance pavers
Hi there,

I have about 900 SFT of basalite renaissance pavers at my Patio and walk way (low traffic)/ San Francisco area, CA. I am looking for wet Look on lower side, semi-Gloss and do care about joint stabilization. What Sealant would you recommend? I also have about 200SFT of clay red bricks. What efflorescence remover and sealant would you recommend for clay bricks? Thanks Shiven
Shiven , March 19, 2014
re: manager
It usually does not work very well when you try to tone down the gloss. I would get a sample first and test first to see how it looks and if indeed will lower the gloss.
TheSealerStore , January 22, 2014
We put a high-gloss sealer over our painted concrete floor. We don't like it. Can we apply a low-luster sealer on top of the glossy finish in order to reduce the shine? What type of effect will we get if we do this? Thanks!
Maria Wiertzema , January 21, 2014
Rachel, for you to be able to wipe it down easily you would need a film forming sealer and this will create a heavy shine. Our products are designed for exterior use and will not work for this.
TheSealerStore , December 30, 2013
We have an interior brick wall behind a kitchen range top that we would like to seal. Sheen and/or darkening of the brick is not a big concern, mostly I am looking for a durable sealant that will be easy to wipe down and clean. Any recommendations? Thank you.
Rachel , December 27, 2013
Patricia, If you mean exposed aggregate then yes you can use the a brick paver sealer.
TheSealerStore , October 28, 2013
Can a paver or brick sealer be used on chattanooga river rock that is on patio? That rock is tiny little stones. Patio is in pool area.
patricia , October 27, 2013
Keith0, yes you must remove first and it is impossible to stop efflorescence from coming back with a sealer.
TheSealerStore , October 02, 2013
I also have efflorescence. Should I remove that before sealing or will the sealer disguise the efflorescence like it will with the scuffs?
Will the super seal 25 keep the efflorescence from coming back to the top?
keitho , October 01, 2013
re: tons of scuffs on pavers. will sealer help?
A wet look sealer will give the look as if the pavers were wet with water. It should remove the scuff marks. Try SuperSeal 25 or SuperSeal30.
TheSealerStore , October 01, 2013
tons of scuffs on pavers. will sealer help?
I have purchased 2000 square feet of pavers. they have been delivered and they are mine forever unless I sell them. I have put down about 250 square feet and am so disappointed and scared. I have put down 10 different kinds of pavers and I have never seen anything this scuffed up ever. almost every single paver has scuff marks. I don't know if I should finish my driveway or throw these away.

Do scuffs disappear with a little time? will sealer hide the scuff like water does except where the scuff won't be visible again when the sealer dries like they do with water?
keitho , September 30, 2013
Frank, you could try the SuperSeal-A, SuperSeal30, or the MasonrySaver Decorative Concrete Sealer.
TheSealerStore , September 19, 2013
Have customer who has brick walls in the interior and exterior.
They would like the brick to look Wet" have a sheen.
Can any of your products fit this application?
Frank Collison , September 19, 2013
re: Homeowner
1. SuperSeal Matte or Masonry Saver Decorative Concrete Sealer
2. Defy Brick Water Repellent.
TheSealerStore , August 21, 2013
I have a couple product questions: (1) want wet look on stamped concrete and concrete/stone wall - matte or satin finish preferred; (2) need to preserve an exterior brick wall - some of the older bricks are deteriorating - thinking I need a silicone product but which one?
Celia Guarino , August 21, 2013
Joe, our wet look sealers are designed for horizontal applications. They will not work very well on vertical brick.
TheSealerStore , July 21, 2013
Bricks on home
my Dad has bricks on the lower 1/2 of his home.. He's had the house re-vinled sided and now wants to bring out the color of the brick work.. I think he will only need 1 gallon.. I just don't know what product to order and the easiest way to apply being that this is a vertical application.. rollers? brush?
Thank you
Joe McLaughlin , July 21, 2013
re: defy over super seal 25
No you cannot do that. Best to use the SuperSeal25 again.
TheSealerStore , July 16, 2013
defy over super seal 25
Can I apply Defy Solvent Based Water Repellant over a 2 year old coating of Super Sealer 25? The surface is stamped, tinted concrete that is in good condition. There is still some semi-gloss look left from the Super Sealer applied 2 years ago.
cmks02 , July 15, 2013
Not sure what will remove tire marks but you could try the Clemons Cleaner Degreaser.
TheSealerStore , May 30, 2013
what cleaner or degreaser would you recommend?
what cleaner or degreaser would you recommend?
stan kravitz , May 30, 2013
re: month old driveway clean before seal
I am not sure if pressure washing alone will remove the tire marks. You may need a cleaner or degreaser as well.
TheSealerStore , May 30, 2013
month old driveway clean before seal
We poured a new concrete driveway about a month ago. We purchased 15 gallons of superseal m to seal it with. I will finally be able to do the sealing job in about 2 weeks. There are tire marks from cars pulling in/out of the garage on the new concrete. Do I need a chemical cleaner application before sealing or would a pressure wash be enough?
stan kravitz , May 30, 2013
re: Concrete stamped patio chipping
You cannot fix chipping.
TheSealerStore , May 19, 2013
Concrete stamped patio chipping
The concrete stamped patio that we put in our backyard has been chipping ever since it was put in... It looks terrible! Is there anything we can do to help fix this problem, Other then taking it all out and redoing it?
Nina , May 18, 2013
re: Slip Resistance
I would not do that. Typically the sealer might be a little slippery for the first week or two but not so much after that.
TheSealerStore , May 06, 2013
Slip Resistance
Used Supersealer VOC around my stamped concrete pool deck and love how it looks. I find that although using the suregrip in the second coat, it seams slippery. Can I apply another coat using a more concentrated mix of suregrip to sealer?
kminsp@gmail.com , May 06, 2013
re: stop the algae from growing on the concrete
It is not possible to stop algae or mold from growing on top of concrete. it would definitely help it from growing inside the concrete pores as it would prevent penetration.
TheSealerStore , March 26, 2013
I live in Portland OR, it is wet here. Will a seal stop the algae from growing on the concrete?
Tevis Laspa , March 25, 2013
re: seal a stamped concrete patio
I would look at the SuperSeal25 or SuperSeal 30 for this.
TheSealerStore , March 12, 2013
I need to seal a stamped concrete patio. I live in Arizona. What's the best product to use?
Barb , March 12, 2013
re: Sealing Interior Brick and Mortar
I am sorry but nothing will stop the mortar or brick from shedding.
TheSealerStore , February 20, 2013
Sealing Interior Brick and Mortar
I live in a home in which the original plaster was removed and the interior brick walls have been exposed. The mortar is constantly shedding and occasionally a thin layer of brick flakes off. I am looking for a non-glossy (i.e. flat) coating that will seal the brick and prevent the mortar from shedding.
AdamK , February 20, 2013
I am sorry but we do not carry the SB-Zero currently but will in the future. I am unfortunately not familiar with Tekseal. I do know that Surebond makes some of the best sealers on the market.
TheSealerStore , January 18, 2013
Do you carry Surebond SB-ZERO and if so, what is the price (both 1 gal and 5 gal). Is Surebond better than Tekseal? I live in San Jose, California
SJ Resident , January 17, 2013
re: What would be the best choice for a semi gloss finish.
I would look at the SuperSeal25:


TheSealerStore , December 26, 2012
I have a release agent colored stamped concrete sidewalk that was installed 3 years ago. The contractor put a sealer on the concrete at that time. I would like to put another coat on to enhance the shine that has dulled. I am unable to find out what product the contractor used. What would be the best choice for a semi gloss finish.
james hauge , December 26, 2012
re: rock siding
You could try a sealer like the SuperSeal25 or SuperSeal30.
TheSealerStore , December 17, 2012
rock siding
I have rock siding in sections on the front of a house. I just put new vertical vinyl siding where the board and batting siding use to be. My rock looks really dull now. I was wondering if there was a sealer or treatment for my rock?
sonia byrge , December 16, 2012
re: My contractor last Fall applied an acrylic sealer
Xylene is not a stripper and will not remove old coatings. This would work:

Concrete Sealer Stripper
TheSealerStore , September 22, 2012
My contractor last Fall applied an acrylic sealer on my decorative stamped conrete driveway but did so soon after it had rained. My driveway turned a white chalky color. Earlier this year he came and resealed, and within a month it had turned a white chalky color again. What do you recommend to strip this water based sealer off with? Maybe Xylene?
Alex L Shannon , September 21, 2012
re: Installing new concrete pavers around pool
I would look at the Defy Paver Sealer or the SB-7000.
TheSealerStore , September 10, 2012
Installing new concrete pavers around pool. Would like water based sealer, non slip, uv protection, satin. What do you suggest.
Thank you
ellis , September 10, 2012
re: what repellent can be used on a bluestone patio
TheSealerStore , June 15, 2012
what repellent can be used on a bluestone patio ,
peter a , June 15, 2012
re: recommend for removing the moss
A pressure washer should work.
TheSealerStore , May 28, 2012
We have a large number of basic retaining wall blocks in our yard. We live in a wet climate and quite a bit of moss has grown on them over the years. I have tried scraping but am unable to remove it from the uneven surfaces. What method would you recommend for removing the moss?
diannabiggs , May 27, 2012
re: suitable for a stamped concrete pool deck
I would look at the SuperSeal25, SuperSeal30 or SuperSeal Matte.
TheSealerStore , May 22, 2012
Which product is suitable for a stamped concrete pool deck? Clear finished. Thanks
Tom Conrad , May 22, 2012
re: sealers
You can use the Defy Heavy Duty Water Repellent for all of your surfaces.
TheSealerStore , May 07, 2012
Do they make a sealer (all in one) for Brick, concrete and flagstone?

I have a walkway path that has all 3 materials?
norm carlson , May 07, 2012
It should be okay for stone. If concerned you can get samples here to test:

Concrete Sealer Samples
TheSealerStore , April 25, 2012
Thank you for the reply and recommendation.

Final clarification, there is no mention of using Masonry Saver 20B for stone. Is this product ok to use on stone?
Ryan22 , April 25, 2012
re: Fieldstone Siding
1. Depends on the sealer you choose. Some can be applied right away while others require a drying period for the mortar. best to read the product data sheets.

2. Water based sealers are just as good.

3. I would look at the Defy Masonry Saver 20B. It says 3 days after tuck pointing.
TheSealerStore , April 24, 2012
Fieldstone Siding
Our new house has fieldstone siding with mortar, water has been coming in and needs stopped! I have three questions.

1. We are having the mortar repointed. How long after this can we apply the water repellant?
2. I've read that solvent based repellant is better, is this true or is the water based just as good (and easier to work with)?
3. Which repellant is best for the fieldstone siding? There are so many options, and the positives and negatives aren't clear. I think either the Defy Solvent Based Water Repellant or Defy Masonry Saver 20B.

Thanks for the help.
Ryan22 , April 24, 2012
re: Sealing old chicago brick patios
The use of a penetrating water repellent will help. Here are a few suggestions:

Defy Heavy Duty Water Repellent
Surebond SB-4000
TheSealerStore , March 18, 2012
Sealing old chicago brick patios
I have old chicago brick patios that have mortar joints. I live in south Louisiana so I have to deal with alot of humidity. Is there a sealant that you can recommend that would help deter or slow down the growth of mold. I would prefer not to have a shiny finish. Also, would the humid condition be a problem for application of a sealant? Thanks for any help you can provide.
lynn cox , March 17, 2012
re: sealant for interior brickwork
There is no such thing as a durable, shiny, and easily removable coating for a brick floor. The more durable the finish, the harder it is to remove.

I would look at this for interior floors:

MasonrySaver Decorative Concrete Sealer
TheSealerStore , October 14, 2011
sealant for interior brickwork
What kind of sealant would be best for interior brick floors? This would be for a building lobby floor. I need something that protects the brick while giving a nice shine - NOT slippery - and able to be stripped and re-coated. I've been told some sealants build up and it's impossible to strip down to brick again. Any suggestions?
Courtney Ruder , October 14, 2011
re: re-sealing driveway
Try a water test. Spill some water on the driveway. If it absorbs then it is okay to apply a sealer.

With high quality sealers you should reapply every 3-5 years.
TheSealerStore , September 03, 2011
re-sealing driveway
Followup to previous question. How will I know if the driveway surface is porous and how not to overapply? How often should a driveway be re-sealed?
I have heard it should be done yearly. True?
pat stuhlman , September 03, 2011
re: concrete sealer
Yes as long as the surface is porous and you do not over apply.
TheSealerStore , August 21, 2011
concrete sealer
Super Seal M was applied to my new driveway in april 2011 by the contractor.
I don't think it was applied evenly because some areas to not appear to bead water. Can I re-apply the same sealer over the entire driveway re-sealing some areas that appear to after been sealed? I know I will have to clean the driveway first.Can you recommend a cleaner to remove tire tracks.
pat stuhlman , August 21, 2011
re: Concrete Sealer?
Nothing can "stop" the flaking as it seems to be an installation problem. Adding a sealer such as the defy Heavy Duty Water Repellent my minimize the problem though.
TheSealerStore , August 08, 2011
Concrete Sealer?
I had my driveway replaced last summer. But, after this past winter, I'm noticing some flaking where we park our cars. I never use salt on it, but the road salt off the cars, I believe is causing the problem (freeze & thaw). When it was replaced, the installer did seal it with a product, but that didn't seem to stop the issue. Does one of the DEFY products protect the concrete against this flaking?
chaz0515 , August 07, 2011
The rubber sticking to the floor has nothing to do with the Defy Water Repellent. Defy Heavy Duty Water Repellent is a penetrating sealer that does not film on top of the surface. Once applied it cures/dries into the concrete and will not react with a rubber pad. For more info please contact the manufacturer of Defy. 800.860.6327
TheSealerStore , July 25, 2011
Almost a year ago, I applied Defy All Purpose Heavy Duty Water Repellent on my garage floor. Couple of months later I purchased some rubber backed snow pads. Now the pads are completely stuck to the floor and recently the rubber seal from my garage door sticks to the floor. First, is this a known problem with this specific sealant, that rubber products become stuck to the floor? Second, do you have any suggestion on how to remove the rubber residue from the floor? Also, what to do so that the rubber sealant from the garage door does not get stuck anymore?
Daniel Livescu , July 24, 2011
re: broom finish concrete pool deck
Sorry but I am not sure to which product you are referring to. We sell numerous. To minimize that from happening you would need a sealant that "films" on top of the concrete.
TheSealerStore , June 18, 2011
I have a broom finish concrete pool deck. I am getting small grit coming off the concrete into the pool. Will this product seal the concrete to prevent the grit from coming loose?
Bert , June 17, 2011
re: How to clean auto oil spills from driveway pavers
For cleaning I would look at cleaner/degreaser

For sealing, do you want to enhance the color and give a shine or a clear water repellent that does not change the appearance?
TheSealerStore , June 13, 2011
How to clean auto oil spills from driveway pavers and then what to seal pavers with for, heaven forbid, future accidents.
BBlack , June 13, 2011
re: Restore tinted cement porch
You can add a tint to certain sealers.

SuperSeal Tints
TheSealerStore , June 08, 2011
Restore tinted cement porch
My exterior covered porch and sidewalk was installed two years ago with a tinted cement mix and the brown tint has faded and has a veining look, as well as some other spotting. How can I brink back the color and consistency of the tinted brown concrete? Is there colored sealer?
Eric Nielsen , June 07, 2011
re: sealer for stamped, dark concrete
If it has turned milky white in areas then you should use a sealer stripper and start over. Stripping concrete sealers is not easy but can be done. Problem is that applying a new sealer on top (without stripping) will not fix the issue.

If you want to do it correctly then:

1. Remove with Concrete Sealer Stripper and pressure washing.
2. Apply a new stamped concrete sealer.
TheSealerStore , May 20, 2011
I would like to know what is the best sealer for stamped, dark concrete?
It has turned milky white in places...It has always had a water based sealer applied. I just do not want to lose the color...Is it difficult to get rid of the milky color? Easy method as possible...Thanks..
Judy , May 19, 2011
re: application of solvent 100
No wash. Just apply.
TheSealerStore , May 13, 2011
application of solvent 100
After light brushing of the solvent over the previous sealer, is it necessary to wash off or is it to be left to dry?
Troy , May 13, 2011
re: Indoor Brick Sealent
I would look at the Defy Heavy Duty Water Repellent
TheSealerStore , April 27, 2011
A shine would be ok, but I like the shade of red the bricks have. If I had to choose between the two options, I would go with no change in appearance.
Christopher Arotin , April 27, 2011
re: Indoor Brick Sealent
Do you want the indoor brick sealer to darken the appearance and leave a shine or no change in appearance?
TheSealerStore , April 27, 2011
Indoor Brick Sealent

I am writing for advise on the best product to use on the interior exposed brick in my home. I would like a clear sealant that helps reduce the deterioration of the brick and preserves it. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Christopher Arotin , April 27, 2011
re: Polymeric sand on top of Pavestone
Not any easy thing to fix. You will need an acid cleaner most likely to remove. I would contact the manufacturer of the polymeric sand to see what they would suggest. You could also try vinegar. We have heard feedback that this works with some polymeric sands.
TheSealerStore , April 19, 2011
Polymeric sand on top of Pavestone
Last week we had our dreamscape turn to a nightmare! Our contractor apparently didn't know how to properly remove the polymeric sand off the new pavers, he just swept it off (didn't blow or vacuum off) and then sprayed with water...now, we have ugly pavers with sand stuck on the top...how do we remove this? Is there a product we can use to do it? We want these sealed in a few months but not with the dirty look it has now...HELP!!!
Angie , April 18, 2011
re: plumbing contractor
I would look at the SuperSeal30 if you desire a wet look. It is a much better product then the Glaze n Seal.

TheSealerStore , April 14, 2011
plumbing contractor
I have recently installed aprox. 600 sf of brick veneer on the sides and columns of my house. What "wet look" sealer do you recommend that will last the longest and hold up to to uv and other wear factors? I have part of a gallon of Glaze & Seal Wet Look 2000 lacquer that I tested on a couple pieces and Ilike the look very much.Is this the best product out there or what else would you recommend? Thanks,
H. Burton , April 13, 2011
re: owner
I would look at a brick water repellent that will add a gloss or wet look. Our most popular are:

Defy Heavy Duty Water Repellent
Defy Brick Water Repellent

You can find all of them on this link:

Brick Water Repellents
TheSealerStore , March 15, 2011
I need to seal brick on a vertical brick face water feature where water is continually running down the face of the brick into a concret pool below.
I would prefer not to have a gloss or wet look, but will consider if that is what is required to seal brick. These are not pavers , but a typical wall brick.

B gordon , March 15, 2011
re: what seal works
For a brick sealer that will not change the appearance I would look at the any of these brick water repellents.

Most noticeably:
Defy Water Repellent for Brick
Defy Heavy Duty Water Repellent
TheSealerStore , February 25, 2011
what seal works
Hi, I need a sealant for bricks that wont stain my bricks or discolor them can you tell me?
alvin , February 24, 2011
re: restore color to bleached brick
Any of these wet look sealer will work for you:
Wet look sealers

The SuperSeal25 and SuperSeal30 are the most popular.
TheSealerStore , November 23, 2010
The brick on the unshaded portion of my add-on porch bleach out from the sun. I did have some type of sealer that brought out the color and gave it a sort of wet look which I put on annualy. Unfortunately I threw out the container and don't have a name. Could you recommend a replacement? Thank You. RB
Ron B. , November 23, 2010
re: Sealer for concrete craft projects
I would look at the Defy Heavy Duty Water Repellent:
TheSealerStore , November 15, 2010
Sealer for concrete craft projects
I make cement mini bird baths/feeders, candle holders, stepping stones embellished with broken glass,beads, rocks, etc. I would like to seal them to protect against the elements..but do not want them to look shiny or 'plastic'. The sealant needs to be non-toxic as well so it does not hurt the birds! What product would you suggest that would work for this application? Thanks!
mary g , November 14, 2010
re: What is Comparable to Wolverine AcryliSeal 3501?
Never heard of it. We offer a variety of acrylic sealers for concrete:

All will give a wet look without etching.

I would look at this specifically:

TheSealerStore , October 14, 2010
What is Comparable to Wolverine AcryliSeal 3501?
Title says it all. I am looking for a "wet look" for my new untouched concrete slab without having to etch the surface first. Thank you!
biggpicc , October 14, 2010
re: concrete cleaning solutions.
This will remove the rust spots:

Not sure though if it will remove the brown spot or what will. Really depends on what it is. Be careful with the stucco and do a test spot first.

Sealing the concrete will minimize stains from absorbing, making the removal of the stains easier in the future.
TheSealerStore , September 07, 2010
concrete cleaning solutions.
I have never sealed my concrete driveway or sidewalks. I curently have two types of stains which I would like to remove. The first is a rust colored stain caused by the over spray from my irrigation system. (High iron content in my well) This stain has also appeared on some sections of my stucco walls. The second type of stain is a dark brown spot which etched its way into the concrete (Probably from fertilizer) Do you have any products for these stains and if so will sealing the concrete help prevent them from re-occurring? Thank you.
Richard Mahon , September 06, 2010
re: Spots from rain
Aromatic 100 will remove white spots from moisture.
TheSealerStore , September 06, 2010
Spots from rain
Had a storm roll through shortly after sealing stamped concrete. Used Superseal solvent based sealer, any recommendations to remove spots?
PMW Deck Care & Powerwashing , September 05, 2010
re: Sealing Flagstone
Siloxane based sealers do not enhance color and give a gloss look. You need an acrylic based sealer for that. It is hard to give that type of look to flagstone though and get an even shine when done. Some of more popular "wet look" sealers are:

SuperSeal25 and 30
Defy Paver Sealer
MasonrySaver Decorative Concrete Sealer
TheSealerStore , August 06, 2010
Sealing Flagstone
What siloxane-based product would you recommend for sealing flagstone? It will be ideal if the seal enhanced the color and gave the stone a glossy look. The flagstone is located at the entrance of the house with minimal exposure to the sun. Thank you for your time!
ExtremeClean , August 06, 2010
re: new pavers
I would look at the SuperSeal 25 or the SuperSeal30
TheSealerStore , July 24, 2010
I have new concrete pavers on my outside patio and around my pool deck in Florida. What is the best sealer to use for this application to protect them from staining?
cc , July 23, 2010
re: how does this sealer hold up against winter salt
I am sorry but which sealer are you inquiring about? We carry many smilies/smiley.gif
TheSealerStore , July 22, 2010
how does this sealer hold up against winter salt?
Marvin B. Fowler , July 21, 2010
re: Water Penetrating through my exterior brick
I would suggest looking at the Defy Vertical Brick Water Repellent.

You can find all the specs here on the Product Data sheet:
TheSealerStore , May 19, 2010
Correction...the area measures 560 square feet, not the entire home...
Sharon , May 19, 2010
Water Penetrating through my exterior brick
During heavy rains, water will penetrate through the brick on the back of my home and come in through the windows. I have been advised to seal the brick along the entire exterior perimeter. We have a two story home that measures 560 square feet. What product should I use, how is it applied, what is the life expectancy of the product, will the color of the brick change, will the product harm my foilage, grass, etc.?
Sharon , May 19, 2010
re: Pool Deck
In my previous post I posted the link to the stripper that will remove the old sealer.smilies/smiley.gif
TheSealerStore , May 10, 2010
Pool Deck
If xylene wont strip it, then, what product will strip the old sealers?
Angie , May 10, 2010
re: Pool Deck
Xylene is not a stripper but a solvent that softens solvent based sealers. The problem is the old sealer not coming off completely. To fix you will need to remove completely and start over with a sealer that is not prone to turning white.

Concrete Sealer Stripper

SuperSeal25 Sealer
TheSealerStore , May 10, 2010
Pool Deck
We have a dark brown acid stained concrete deck around our in ground pool. We have tried sealing two or three times. Each time, we strip the old sealer with Xylene, allow to dry 24 hours, then seal. Every single time we have sealed, a white milky film has formed all over the deck. Which sealer would you recommend we use this time to prevent this problem from happening again? Thanks!
Angie , May 10, 2010
re: Stopping chippings
The problem is the concrete not the sealer. As sealer will not stop this.

TheSealerStore , April 30, 2010
I have a very long concrete driveway that keeps on chipping and getting pock marks. I have put a sealer on it twice but this year after the winter, it's happening again. What can I put on to stop the concrete from chipping?
J.Faust , April 30, 2010
re: painted brick needs to be sealed
For the Brick Sealers to work properly they need to penetrate into the brick/mortar. Since your chimney is painted the sealers will not work properly.
TheSealerStore , March 20, 2010
painted brick needs to be sealed
I have a problem with water getting thru the brick and mortar on a painted chimney. I would like to seal it with a clear sealer and wondered if you had anything that will work for this issue.
Scott Peterson , March 20, 2010
re: Enhance (Darken) Brick Color
Is this vertical brick or horizontal? What state are you in as well? Some states have restrictions on what is available.
TheSealerStore , March 11, 2010
Enhance (Darken) Brick Color
My addition rock doesn't match my brick very well, too much gold and no gold in my brick - but when it's WET from rain - it all looks much better, because the browns/taupes/greys in my brick is much darker/richer looking, and I think the gold looks deeper too. Anyway - it doesn't look like a big screw-up when it's wet - so my question is "What can I use to achieve this all the time?" And I do NOT want a real HIGH-GLOSS look though.
Debbi , March 10, 2010
re: Concrete Sealant
Pressure washing will not remover previous old concrete sealants.

The easiest way to test to see if the SuperSeal-M will work is to do a "splash test". Throw some water on the concrete. If it beads then you should not seal. If it soaks in right away then you sealer should soak in as well.
TheSealerStore , March 06, 2010
Concrete Sealant
Less than three years ago we sealed our new concrete driveway with sealant bought at a big box home store. The concrete is clearly not beading anymore and we would like to reseal the driveway this spring with a longer-lasting product such as SuperSeal-M. Other than powerwashing the driveway, will we need to apply any other product to the concrete to remove the old sealant?
Dillon , March 05, 2010
Yes we are located in Rochester Hills, MI. 866.856.3325
TheSealerStore , February 16, 2010
Concrete Canoe
I'm very local and I need a very specific type of concrete sealer that complies with given regulations. It appears, however, that you're just a website or that you provide "restoration services". Can I come into your store and shop for a 1 gal or 5 gal product?
-Adam at LTU
Adam , February 15, 2010
re: concrete driveway
If the concrete is absorbent and not beading water then it should be able to except a penetrating sealer such as the SuperSeal-M.
TheSealerStore , September 29, 2009
Re: concrete driveway
Water does not bead, but some spots appear slightly darker with a little bit of shine. I assume it is old sealer.
Jayne_l , September 29, 2009
re: Concrete driveway
Is the old sealer still "beading" water? If so then the SuperSeal-M may be able to penetrate into the concrete to properly adhere.
TheSealerStore , September 21, 2009
Concrete driveway
Had a new concete driveway installed last year. Some sort of sealer was applied immediately, but we still had some pitting from salt in the spring. I pressure washed, but appears to still be some sealer in some places. I was going to try super seal M. Should I try and find out what the previous sealer was, to make sure it would be compatible?
Jayne_l , September 21, 2009
re: Driveway Sealers
I would suggest:


Surebond SB-4000 Water Repel Sealer

Defy Heavy Duty Water Repellent

All should last a couple of years or so.
TheSealerStore , September 14, 2009
Driveway Sealers
I have a 7 yr old concrete driveway in mid michigan. It is starting to chip and flake. What is the best product to seal it with? How often should I seal it. I'm trying to keep it from getting worse.. Thanks
Andy , September 14, 2009
re:how to seal a garage floor
I would suggest using the SuperSeal-M, Defy Water Heavy Duty Repellent, or the Surebond SB-4000 sealer. All will protect without changing the appearance. Each of these companies make a concrete cleaner that will prep the surface first.
TheSealerStore , September 08, 2009
how to seal a garage floor
I just built a new garage with a new poured concrete floor about a year ago but have not done anything to the surface of the concrete to protect it. Now that I have parked cars on it for about a year now with salt from the winter and oil and grease from the cars, what would be the best way to clean and seal the concrete to protect it for the long haul? I don't want to paint with epoxy, I just want the concrete sealed and protected from the salt, oil etc.
Stonemeel , September 08, 2009
re: SuperSeal-M or Defy Heavy Duty
They are both siloxane/silane/silox type sealers so they are compatible. Typically you can tell if the sealer is no longer working when it stops "beading" or "shedding" water. To test, spill a cup of water on dry concrete. If it asorbs right away then it is time to apply the sealer again.
TheSealerStore , August 20, 2009
I have a 6 month old driveway I would like to waterproof. I am looking at the Supersealer-M and the Defy Heavy Duty water repellant. If I apply the Supersealer-M, can I reapply the Defy HD Water Repellant when it is time to reseal the driveway? Also how can you tell when the sealer is no longer working?
Oscar F. , August 19, 2009
re:Peeling paint on concrete
You can not add a sealer to a concrete surface that has paint peeling on it. For a sealer to be effective, the paint must be removed 100%. If the surface is free of coatings then you could add a water repellent or sealer. The only product that would help with moisture from underneath would be the Creto DPS.
TheSealerStore , June 02, 2009
Which product would you recommend to use on an indoor breezeway cement floor? It looks like it might be collecting moisture from underneath. This floor has a crack in the cement that needs to be repaired,has old peeling paint, and needs to be repainted.
Bonnie , June 02, 2009
I need a cleaner for asphalt, either spray-on, brush-on, or power-spray. Don't see a section for asphalt. Would you recommend the same product you sell for concrete?
This is primarily for auto drippings - engine oil, p.s.(hydraulic) fuids, mostly, also some coolant.
What about sealant after cleaning?

George C. , April 22, 2009
Concrete Refinishing Question
The Color Crete is much easier to apply then acid stains with similar results.

No the Defy Heavy Duty will not work on a stain. For Decorative Concrete such as stained, you will need a sealer that films and enhances the stain.

The ColorCrete will absorb when applied properly. Basically do not over apply. You could also add some SuperGrip to your sealer to help with traction.
TheSealerStore , April 17, 2009
Concrete finishing question
I recently purchased and used Defy Heavy Duty sealer for concrete sidewalk and driveway areas. It works very nicely.

I want to do stain for color some covered porch area, which does get some water thru screens and/or watering plants, and then leading out to the patio. I am thinking of using ColorCrete Exterior (hopefully simplier than acid stain) stain.

Since I am going to need some more Defy Heavy Duty sealer for driveways, could this also be used on the ColorCrete (porch/patio) or go with the Wet-Look sealer? Also, does this ColorCrete absorb completely or does it apply some to the concrete surface? I also do not want the concrete to become slippery, but retain its current surface texture, any problem here?

ReggieB , April 17, 2009
If you want to hide the oil spills. Do not know how well the paint will adhere over the stain. It will probably peel.
TheSealerStore , March 27, 2009
the old farm shop floor
I am using concrete stain. It is not concealing some old fuel stains. Do I need to change to a paint?
Sheila G. , March 27, 2009
I wouldn't. It will peel. I would suggest using the SuperSeal30 over top of the stain. It will enhance the color and add a gloss. For traction you might want to consider the SuperGrip. Both products can be found on this link:
SuperSeal Products
TheSealerStore , March 27, 2009
It is a stain and it is not concealing some old fuel stains. Should I change to a paint?
Sheila , March 27, 2009
Is it a paint or a stain that you have on the floor?
TheSealerStore , March 27, 2009
I have painted a floor in a farm shop with concrete stain and want to seal it with a clear shiney finish. It is partly outside and will need to withstand tractors and heavy supply carts on wheels.
Sheila , March 27, 2009
The water repellents we sell are not designed for ponds. They are for exposed substrates such as patios, driveways, walkways, garages, etc.
TheSealerStore , March 05, 2009
How to seal a small garden pond?
I'm building a small pond, with a brick bottom, and I need to know how can I seal it thoroughly. I know I'll have to isolate it with rubber underneath the bricks, but what kind of water repellent should I use?
Zordani , March 05, 2009
Sealers or water repellents will not stop the water from leaking through the bricks gaps. Alot of the ponds are built with a thick rubber layer first then the bricks would be layered on top.
TheSealerStore , February 21, 2009
My father in law build some type of pond in the garden using regular bricks. The water obviously keeps leaking through. What type of treatment or product can you recommend so that the water will just stay in the pond?
jamesb , February 20, 2009
Defy Masonry Saver 20B
Defy Masonry Saver 20B is what you would need
TheSealerStore , February 18, 2009
Masonry Sealer
I am looking for something to stop water from penetrating through my rock siding on my house. Im gonna say its probably comeing through the masonry. I know defy used to make a masonry sealer .Do they still make anything to stop this?
Tatum , February 18, 2009


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