Citralic Brightener Info

Available Sizes: Coverage Per Gallon:
2 lbs and 10 lbs 150-250 sq. ft
Powder Concentrate: Application Tools:
2 lbs makes 5 Gallons
10 lbs makes 20 Gallons
Sprayer, Mop
Wood Brightener/Neutralizer  

Citralic Wood Brightener 10lbs

Citralic Wood Brightener 10lbs


Citralic Wood Deck Brightener

Citralic Brightener/Neutralizer is a specifically formulated blend of acids and surfactant. Citralic was designed to neutralize and brighten quickly without unwanted bleaching or damage to the wood. Citralic is pH balanced to make the ideal neutralizer for HD-80 and other caustic strippers. Citralic also works well on those jobs that only require light washing. At a cost of less than one penny per square foot, Citralic will make your work stand out among the competition. Safer and more effective than Oxalic Acid!

Parameters of Product: Prepping Products
Brands Extreme Solutions
Type Wood/Deck Brightener
Available Sizes Powder Concentrates

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Makes roughly 20 liquid gallons at 8oz per gallon. Each gallon brightens 100-200 sq. feet depending on the wood conditions. This is a brightener. For cleaning you would need to the EFC-38 and then followed by the Citralic.
TheSealerStore , August 12, 2016
I see your product comes in 10 lb container - how many cups is this? I am cleaning greying logs - how much coverage does one gallon provide (3/4 C per gallon of water)?
Beth Andersen , August 11, 2016
re: I have a couple of water stain on the ceder siding
Maybe as it depends on how deep the water stains are.
TheSealerStore , August 24, 2012
I have a couple of water stain on the ceder siding of a out building Iam going to be staining I have enough citralic acid to do the bldging will this remove the water stains that are on bare woood.
Harold Hansen , August 24, 2012
re: When applying citralic wood brightner
Apply to damp wood top to bottom with a pump sprayer.
TheSealerStore , August 03, 2012
When applying citralic wood brightner, to ceder siding should I apply from top and work my way down and rinse the same way.
Harold Hansen , August 02, 2012
Mix Ratio
One 10 pound container makes 20 liquid gallons or 8 oz makes 1 gallon.
TheSealerStore , April 12, 2009



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