Non-Hazardous Stripping Agent

A solvent based sealer, stain, coating and paint stripper with a wide range of applications that ships non-hazardous and does not burn skin. It is virtually instantaneous in penetrating most acrylics and elastomerics. Stripsol will remove multiple layers of acrylics, deck sealers, polymer coatings, latex, acrylic latex, alkyds, enamels, oil-based stains, polyurethanes and other resin coatings. It is not classified as flammable, has low odor and will replace methylene chloride in many applications. It does not harm aluminum, wood, masonry or sidings when used properly.

Stripsol Tech Info

Gallon Sizes: Coverage:
1's and 5's
125-250 sq. ft
Concentrate: Application Tools:
Use Undiluted
Pump Sprayer
Stain/Paint Removal


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