SB-488 Efflorescence and Rust Remover

SUREBOND-488 Efflorescence & Rust Remover is a safe, acid based cleaner formulated specifically for use on pavers, concrete and retaining walls. The product quickly, safely and easily removes mineral deposits like efflorescence that form naturally within building materials and from external sources like rust and hard water. SB-488 Efflorescence & Rust Remover’s unique Clean Rinse Technology lifting power allows deposits and residue to be quickly and easily rinsed away with a high or low pressure water sprayer. The product is suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces and is biodegradable and phosphate free. It does not contain muriatic, nitric or hydrochloric acid.


To determine the suitability of this product for a specific surface, test on a small, inconspicuous area first. Inspect area for visible staining to determine stain types and quantity. Sweep and remove all soil and other debris from the surface. Clean only the affected areas.

Application Information:

For best results use at full strength (never dilute). Dampen discolored area with water prior to application of cleaner. Use only cold water when cleaning and rinsing surfaces. Apply using a garden sprayer, low pressure siphon or bulk sprayer. Saturate affected area with cleaner and allow cleaner to sit on the surface to break down mineral deposits. Improve results by scrubbing surface with a natural fiber brush to agitate and break down deposits. Wear protective clothing and glasses. A high pressure wash can be used to further break down deposits. Rinse surface thoroughly after cleaning. It may be necessary to use secondary cleanings to remove heavier, deep set stains.

Coverage Per Gallon:

100-200 square feet depending on substrate porosity.

Product Data Sheet



  • Dissolves Chemical Deposits
  • Biodegradable and Phosphate Free
  • Does not contain Muriatic, Nitric, or Hydrochloric Acid
  • Environmentally Friendly

SB-488 Tech Info

Sizes: Application Tools:
16 oz., 1's and 5's
Pump Sprayer
Coverage Per Gallon: More Info:
All Surfaces: 100-200 sq. ft.
Product Data Sheet


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