Exotic hardwoods like Ipe are becoming popular for decks and other exterior wood surfaces. These woods are beautiful in nature and provide excellent durability. However, they do need to be protected with a wood stain to keep them from becoming weathered. Wood fading, graying, cracking and splitting can occur to unprotected hardwoods. Wood decay and structural damage can be caused by long-term damage. Ipe and other exotic woods are extremely dense by nature and hard to penetrate. A stain like Ipe Oil by DeckWise is specifically designed to dive deep into these hard to penetrate woods to provide plenty of weather protection.

Most hardwoods need to be cleaned and recoated every year so finding the best price Ipe Oil is important and can save you a lot of money over the years. To find the best price Ipe Oil Finish look no further than The Sealer Store. That’s right, an online authorized dealer is one of the best places to find Ipe Oil at the best price. In addition to best price Ipe Oil, buying from an authorized DeckWise dealer will also ensure you get the manufacturers limited liability warranty as well as great customer service. Some online authorized dealers will also offer free shipping and Ipe Oil is a low 250 VOC formula that is available for shipping to all 50 states.

Ipe and other exotic hardwoods are expensive by nature so protecting your investment is important. Only a stain that is purposely designed to penetrate these dense hardwoods will provide the weather protection needed to preserve the wood. Ipe Oil aids in color retention and helps enhance the gorgeous nature of Ipe and other Brazilian woods, tigerwood and cumaru. Ipe Oil stain seals out water and blocks UV rays for a long lasting finish. Find the best price Ipe Oil from a DeckWise authorized dealer to be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and have the customer support you need to complete your hardwood staining projects.

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