MPI (Master Painters Institute) had a vision for a architectural coating industry that produces paints and coatings with balanced performance, safely and appropriately. In the past wood and deck coatings weren't always environmentally friendly! Oil Based stains can contain both organic and inorganic compounds or materials, some of which may impact our environment by releasing solvents into the ozone layer through their life cycle.

Now there are MPI Green Certified Wood Deck Stains on the market that embrace this vision!

MPI 'Green' Wood and Deck Stains

Defy Extreme Stain 1 Gallon
Defy Extreme Stain 5 Gallon
Defy Hardwood Stain 1 Gallon
Defy Hardwood Stain 5 Gallon
Defy Extreme Clear 1 Gallon
Defy Extreme Clear 5 Gallon
Defy Original Synthetic 5 Gallon