General Facts and Questions

Q: What is UV PLUS?

A: UV Plus is a penetrating wood stain and oil finish that beautifies and protects exterior wood, providing a natural appearance. It is ideal for use on cedar, pine and redwood and comes in a variety of tones and semi-transparent colors. It does not form a surface film when properly applied and is not subject to peeling and flaking. To recoat, just clean and/or brighten the wood surface and reapply UV Plus. No stripping or sanding is necessary.

Timberflex Materials List

  • Timberflex color coat, one gallon covers 75-150 square feet of wood surface with the recommended two coats. Optional: Use three color coats to yield a gloss finish and deeper colors than two color coats.
  • Timberflex gloss or satin topcoat, one gallon covers 200-400 square feet with the recommended one coat
  • Wood Cleaner
  • Airless sprayer with .015" to .017" tip size
  • Brushes and/or rollers with 3/8" nap cover


Q: What is Composite Deck Finish?

A: Messmer's Composite Deck Finish is a penetrating oil finish that beautifies and protects exterior composite lumber, restoring the weather faded material. It adds color to and reduces unsightly staining in these materials, and is available in seven stock colors.