IPE Oil Hardwood Finish 1 Gallon

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Available in Natural Tone Only

Ipe Oil™ Hardwood Deck Finish is designed specifically for IPE and other Brazilian Hardwoods. Ipe Oil™ Hardwood Deck Finish offers deep penetration into dense exotic woods protecting the wood from water and UV damage. Ipe Oil™ can be used on all types of wood including ipe, tigerwood, cumaru, or and hardwood decking and wood siding, preserving the natural grain while enhancing at the same time. Ipe Oil™ Deck Finish is a 250 VOC compliant oil-based finish that can be used in all 50 states.

Ipe Oil™ provides:

  • Exceptional penetration
  • Natural grain enhancement
  • Water repellent
  • U.V. barrier protection
  • Reduces chances of warps & cracks

IPE_Oil_comparisonProduct Applications:

  • Hardwood Decks
  • All Exterior Wood Surfaces
  • Fences
  • Wood Railings

Step 1: Clean the deck surface and let dry.

Step 2: Apply Ipe Oil™

Step 3: Wipe up any excess Ipe Oil™

IPE_Oil_step_1 IPE_oil_step_2 IPE_Oil_step_3
Natural Finish
Parameters of Product: Deck/Wood Stains
Available Sizes
1 Gallon
IPE Oil Finish
Coats Needed
1 Coat
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Oil or Water Based
Oil Based
Stain Transparency
Your Wood Type
Exotic Hardwoods/Ipe
Horizontal or Vertical Surfaces
Low VOC State

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Home owner
How well does this product hold up in the Pacific Northwest (lots of rain). AL other products I've tried have to be pressure washed off every spring. What do you recommend for cleaning dirty rain off becide pressure washing.
Protecting Ipe Deck from mildew and graying
I have an ipe deck. I have been through semi-transparen t stains and don't want to go that route again because of their short lifespan and the arduous work of removing and recoating. I have been leaving the deck unfinished, but that leads to mildew and graying. If I were to use ipe oil how often would I have to recoat and what prep would be involved in recoating? Is there another product that would serve my needs better?
I ordered and applied about 25 gallons of the IPE Oil on a roof deck in D.C. The owner is now asking for MSDS and some sort of maintenance sheets for the product. Where can I find something like this?
re: I have two jobs were I could use this product
I am sorry but I do not believe there are any dealers in Hawaii.
I have two jobs were I could use this product and would like to know where to purchase Ipe Oil on the Island of Maui.
re: Ipe deck
Is it scratching the stain or the wood? meaning is the finish coming off or the wood is being "dented" without the stain coming off?
Ipe deck
I have an ipe deck and last year applied messmers hard wood oil. Every time a chair moved it looked as if the deck was scratched. Would I be better off applying the ipe oil this year?
Sorry but we only personally sell online
Is your ipe sealer available in any retail outlets/paint stores or only online?