The Sealer Store carries many different brands of exterior wood and deck cleaners. Consumers are always asking which is the "best deck cleaner". Actually all of our cleaners for decks are very good and effective at prepping your wood. Here are some tips on which products you should purchase:

  • If possible you should pick companion products. For example, if you were looking to buy Defy Stains then we would suggest buying the Defy Wood Cleaner.
  • Not all Decking Stains have a companion deck cleaner. In this case we would highly suggest the Restore-A-Deck Products. They are highly effective and extremely cost efficient.

In our future articles on decking cleaners will review their effectiveness, cost, and application tips.

Defy Wood Cleaner is a highly effective cleaning system for exterior wood, deck, and fences. The sodium percarbonate based powdered formulas is an eco-friendly alternative for deck prepping. Used to remove dirt and mold while prepping a deck for application of Defy Exterior Stains.

Restore_A_Deck_CleanerRestore-A-Deck cleaner and brightener system was developed by a contractor with the intention to offer a cost effective way for a homeowner to clean and brighten their exterior wood deck. This system was put into easy to use powdered formulas that are significantly less than your average store bought liquid cleaners.