Masonry Saver Brick Water Repellent 1 Gallon

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Masonry Saver (DEFY) Water Repellent for Vertical Brick is a modified siloxane based product designed to penetrate deeply in to most masonry and concrete pores. This masonry waterproofing product allows deep penetration of its active ingredient of up to 1/4 inch or more.

The special siloxanes in Masonry Saver Water Repellent for Brick react to form strong chemical bonds beneath a treated surface. These bonds allow the product to become a physical part of the structure and provide long-lasting water repellent protection without altering the appearance of the brick. Masonry Saver Water Repellent for Brick treatment is 100% vapor permeable, which allows the water moisture to escape. This reduces costly chimney repair such as spalling, scaling, deterioration, and freeze-thaw damage that results from trapped moisture when clear coatings and water sealers are used for waterproofing brick.

Applies with pump sprayer

Coverage Rate:
Sq. Ft. per Gallon:
Brick: 100-150
Block: 50-75
Concrete: 75-150
Stucco: 75-150
Limestone: 75-150

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    Pete · 05/09/2019
    Doing my stone chimney, but stone surface is generally rough. Can I successfully use a brush?

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      The Sealer Store · 05/09/2019
      Use a pump sprayer for applying, not a brush.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    The Sealer Store · 09/21/2013
    Marvinhay, typically lasts about 5 years.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Marvin · 09/21/2013
    Once the defy brick repellent is applied, how often should I reseal? I would assume it would protect the brick for at least a few years, maybe up to five years? Not sure about how long this product will last and when to reseal an all brick house structure.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    The Sealer Store · 02/28/2012
    If coming through the brick, then yes it will work. Hard to say for sure about the joints as you may have hairline cracks and this is a water repellent, not a crack filler.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Alfred Shaw · 02/28/2012
    I have a brick Chimney. The chimney is made of concrete block where it does not show. Above the roof line it is faced with brick. In a driving rain water seeps through the bricks and joints and runs down the back side between the brick and block surface into my attic. I can see this when there is a driving rain and I go into the attic where the block surface below the brick facing is visible. The chimney is about 20 years old and nothing leaks around the flashing. The motor at the top of chimney and the flue liner is in good condition, no cracks or gaps between mortar and lining so I don't believe it is leaking there. This problem started about two years ago and it took me some time before I found where water was coming into the house. It only leaks when there is a driving wind swept rain. The largest surface is about 4 feet by 7 feet with the other surfaces somewhat smaller. Will the EFY brick water repellent stop this infiltration of water through brick and joints? If not what would you recommend?

    Al Shaw
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