These calculations will help you determine the square footage for the proper amount of wood stain and prepping supplies needed to refinish your deck or fence.

This is intended to provide you with an approximate estimate only. Material requirements may vary according to application method, surface condition, and weather conditions.

Prepping Options

  • Deck Cleaners. This will be used for new, gray, dirty decks and for applying TWP over an intact older coating of TWP.
  • Wood and Deck Stain Strippers. This is used for removing old coatings of stain. Use this if you are switching from a different brand to TWP or if you have a neglected coating of TWP that has failed unevenly.
  • Wood Brighteners. Used for neutralizing after cleaners or stain strippers are used.

Deck Sq. Footage

Flooring Length x width =?

Railing Length x height =?

Steps Width x Depth x #of Steps =?

Add up all 3 for the Total Sq. footage.

Fence Sq. Footage

Length x height =?

Multiply x 2 for both sides = Total Sq. Footage

If you have questions, please ask below.

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    The Sealer Store · 10/12/2023
    Hard to say. Shelf life is 12 months after opening. 
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Dario · 10/11/2023
    I bought your sealer 25, many times in the past, I'm about to get another 5 Gallons but I have almost two gallons and it is 1 1/2 years old, do you think is still good?
    Is store inside the garage in southern florida.
    Thank you so much.
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    Teresa · 04/18/2018
    I have 200 square feet of dock it has never been treated with any thing it is weathered. what do i need to restore it and what is the best product to use. Should I treat the under side of the dock too.we haven't put the dock in yet. it is going to be on a fresh water lake in northern Maine. I want to do it right the first time.