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TWP 200 Series is a high solids, penetrating finish designed to extend the life of exterior wood such as decks, siding, cedar shakes and shingles. TWP 200 Series enhances cellular integrity and appearance of all exterior wood. The sealer will minimize splitting, checking, surface erosion, water absorption and surface attack from mold. Containing a paraffinic oil, TWP 200 series has extreme penetrating properties, making the surface coating highly resistant to destructive organisms. The penetrative properties of the coating absorbs into aged and porous wood, rejuvenating the natural oils in aged and fragile wood fibers. This restores lubricity and flexibility to the wood. At 94%+ solids, TWP 200 Series complies with all VOC (volatile organic compounds) regulations.

TWP 200 Series Deck Stain prevents water absorption that causes warping, cracking, and splitting. 

TWP? 200 Series Deck Sealer Stops U.V. Damage - Special U.V. absorbers prevent unsightly wood graying, darkening, and fading. Wood stays beautiful longer. 

TWP? 200 Series Wood Sealer is Resistant to Mold and Mildew - Special mildewcides inhibit the growth of mold and mildew preventing premature discoloration.

  • Semi-transparent stain preserves natural color
  • Repels water longer
  • Aids in color retention
  • Resistant to mold and mildew Helps prevent wood rot
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Helps in the prevention of warping, cracking and splitting
  • Low VOC formula Compliant in 50 states


TWP Wood Deck Stain applies at about 100-250 feet per gallon. Actual coverage varies depending on wood porosity. 

TWP 200 series can be shipped to all 50 states.

TWP 200 Series colors


Sunday, 15 April 2018

Excellent stain!

The Sealer Store

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    Bobby Loo · 09/05/2021
    What's the difference  between TWP201 Cedartone, TWP203 Cedar-Gold, and TWP205 California-Cedar ? I prefer a lighter Cedar color with matt (flat) finish, non-glossy type. I live in Canada and hope TWP can withstand the harsh winters here. Thanks. I need 5 gallons for 900 sq ft  (12 years old) deck which I have aready power-washed, cleaned and nuetralised. My previous stains were Thompson and Behr, which couldnt withstand the harsh snow and ice. Thanks.
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      The Sealer Store · 09/06/2021
      The lightest of the three is the Cedar Gold. You will need 5-7 gallons.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    The Sealer Store · 04/09/2021
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