SuperSeal Matte 5 Gallon

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This Product is not VOC Compliant in California

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SuperSeal Matte will darken the substrate like a "wet look" put has an additive to reduce the shine.

SuperSeal Matte can be used for Stamped Concrete, Stamped Cement, Decorative Cement, Bricks, Acid Stained Cement, Concrete Stains, and Exposed Aggregate.

SuperSeal Matte can be sprayed on with the Chapin 1949 Concrete Sprayer or applied with a 1/2" roller cover. You cannot use a plastic "inexpensive" sprayer.

SuperSeal Matte will help sand erosion reducing the amount of weeds.

One coat is recommended. Coverage is about 100 feet per gallon or 500 feet per five gallon.

One coat will result in a satin sheen depending on porosity of brick.

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RE: SuperSeal Matte 5 Gallon
The Chapin model 1949 or 1970 will work with this sealer for application.
Hi, Will this Chapin sprayer work with the super seal matte?Chapin 3-1/2-gallon industrial viton concrete open head sprayer sprays 1/2 gallon per minute. Thank You, Dale
re: Best Sealant for New Pavers in Florida
Most use solvent based for Florida. The SuperSeal Matte will do what you are looking for as long as you apply it correctly and saturate the sand as well with the sealer.
Best Sealant for New Pavers in Florida
I have been doing research on sealers to apply to new pavers being installed around by pool deck in Florida. The SuperSeal product has gotten good reviews but I want a product that has great UV protection, provides a great wet look, will stabilize the sand joints and will inhibit mildew and vegetation growth. Will the SuperSeal Matte product give me these features or is there another product you recommend? Does it matter if the product is water or solvent based since I live in Florida? I thank you in advance for any help with this matter as this is a big investment to my home and I just want to make sure I use the best product out there.
The Chapin sprayer that I purchased from you has a bad spray nozzle. I need the smaller nozzle replaced. The twenty gallons of SS 25 Matte had to be rolled on. The nozzle doesn't spray an even pattern. It floods badly from one side. The larger nozzle is too big for my application. I am ordering another 10 gallons and would like to spray it on. Please send me a replacement nozzle. Thank you --- Vincent
re: Paver sealers
Hard to say without knowing what the other sealer was.
Paver sealers
The wrong sealer was applied to my pavers , can they add the right mat sealer and will it still achieve the wet look that I'm desire.

Thnk you
re: Super Seal Matte
I would not now but rather apply a light coat in 6-12 months.
Super Seal Matte
Thanks for the reply. I applied one went on at about 200 sq feet per gallon. Not sure if the pavers were not very porous, but I couldn't have applied it any thicker without leaving puddles and lap marks with the roller. Today it is dry and water is beading up...seems like it's ok. DId I put it on too thin? Should a go ahead and put on a second coat since it didn't go on as heavy as recommended? Thanks!
re: SuperSeal Matte
Mike, best to apply one coat at about 100 sq. feet per gallon. Too much sealer at once may create issues. Store 100% closed in a climate controlled place.
SuperSeal Matte
2 questions.

Can 2 coats be applied to paver stones? What effect will a second coat have?
If there is sealer left over, can it be stored? How long will it last?

Xylene will help fix this. Just spray on with a pump sprayer.
I applied Superseal on my pavers and it rained the next day turning sections white. How do I use Xylene to correct this?
Lacquer thinner or xylene will clean. Make sure you are using a metal heavy duty sprayer as this sealer will not spray through a plastic cheap sprayer. Coverage is 500 sq. feet per 5 gallon pail for pavers. You would need 5 pails.
What product do you recomend for cleaning pump sprayer after use and cleanup in general? I have 2500 sqr ft to seal. 4 containers should be ok? Thank you.
re: reapplication
You can apply over top of it. Normally is done every couple of years.
i applied SuperSeal Matte last summer but it now looks like it is wearing off. Do I have to seal every year? Can i reapply over what i put on last year?
I have just installed a new paver stone driveway. The contractor advised sealing the driveway (IPS pavers, I think) to prevent "pitting" and preserve the color. The driveway is about 430 square feet. What would be the best product? I want a matte finish, but a color like the stone when it is wet.

Thanks very much!
re: What product do you recommend for that use?
This can be used for pavers around a pool. Slipperiness varies greatly on how many coats there are. 1 coat is typically not slippery after full cure of 2-3 weeks.
We are interested in using this product on uniloc pavers that surround an outdoor inground swimming pool. What product do you recommend for that use? What is the slip coefficient?
re: Is SuperSeal Matte 5 Gallon really a dull finish
The description for the Matte does not say no shine. It says a lower luster or satin sheen. It does have some gloss but the least amount of all the wet look sealers.

It penetrates and films a little on the surfaces but not 100% film forming.
Is SuperSeal Matte 5 Gallon really a dull finish
SuperSeal Matte says that it has a wet look and no shine but in the product parmeters that it is "Wet Look and Gloss".

Also does this product penetrate the paver?
RE: SuperSeal Matte 5 Gallon
Sorry but none of the sealers we sell are compliant for the 4 counties surrounding LA. Outside of those 4 counties I would suggest the SuperSeal VOC (
In orange county
re: home owrner
Where in California do you live? Not all of our sealers are compliant for the VOC restrictions in Cali.
home owrner
I have a paver on my driveway and I want to know whichm sealer would you recomend for my driveway. I want it to look wet all the time and protect the color of the paver from California's sun Epoxy or super seal matte.

Thank you
No we cannot ship this sealer to CA.
If the product is not VOC compliant in my state, is it illegal to use for a homeowner's personal property? Do you still ship to that state.
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