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Add some color to your Super Seal acrylic sealers! These tint packs mix into one 5 Gallon of sealer. They will enhance the natural colors of your Brick Pavers and Decorative Concrete surfaces.

Great for worn or old concrete surfaces that need extra color to boost the appearance.

Can be added to solvent based acrylic sealers only:

  • SuperSeal25
  • SuperSeal30
  • SuperSeal Matte
  • SuperSeal VOC
desert_tan terra_cotta brick slate_gray
Desert Tan Terra Cotta Brick Red Slate Gray


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RE: SuperSeal Tints
Steve, It is a matte or satin shine.
RE: SuperSeal Tints
Good Morning,
How much of a shine does the SuperSeal Matte leave on bricks that are sealed?
superSeal 25
Could you mix super Grip and tint at the same time to super seal 25?
RE: SuperSeal Tints

The tints are liquid. Only can be used with solvent based sealers. They lightly fade over the years.
Are the tints liquid or powder? How do they stand up to UV color fade in full sunlight? Are they compatible with only solvent based sealers?
re: SuperSeal Tint
Yes you can mix colors. It is best to add just a little tint at a time to gain the desired change of color. Example if you add all the tint the change will be more semi-solid. Half the tint and it is semi-transparen t in change. Less then that and you are just slightly changing the look.
RE: SuperSeal Tints
RE: Super Seal Tint - I've been wanting to find a product like this for some time. Will the product still be transparent and just deepen the color of my paver bricks? Can the terra cotta and brick tints be combined to get a color somewhere inbetween?