Aromatic 100 5 Gallon

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Aromatic 100 is a solvent that can help restore the shine for pavers that have been previously coated with a sealer. Often time a paver sealer can dull or turn white from moisture or sealer build-up. The Aromatic will emulsify the sealer so that it will look new again.


Friday, 05 May 2017

Restored shine to dull pavers that were sealed previously.

Scott Paul - Over 17 Years of Experience

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re: Application with Pump Sprayer
Needs to be able to handle a solvent. Chapin 1949 is one that we sell.
Application with Pump Sprayer
Hi, The recommended application tool is a pump sprayer.
What type of pump sprayer would you recommend?
re: Can sealer be applied AFTER Aromatic 100?
You need to strip and remove otherwise it will probably come back:
Can sealer be applied AFTER Aromatic 100?
We've been dealing with our stamped concrete patio that turned white for a couple years. We hired a company to seal it, and it turned white within a couple months. We had them come back out to redo it, it looks worse. So, we decided to do this ourselves. We tested Aromatic in an area that gets limited sun and it worked perfectly. We tried it in an area that get's full sun, and it didn't work at all. So, we decided for those areas that get full sun, we would power wash them and try again. After power washing, you can tell where we stripped the sealer off, and you can see spots or strips where we did not get all of the sealer off. We applied Aromatic to those missed areas to see if they would emulsify. After drying, you can still see some white in those areas where we missed. Since it's been power washed (using a 3000psi washer) we were hoping a good lacquer-based sealer would make it all blend. Will this work? Or do we need to use a stripper to get the rest of it off?
It should work as long as the version of sealer you used was an acrylic solvent based sealer.
Foundation Armor Sealer Fail
I installed ar350 two coats to a patio. its rained several days later for a week on and off. sealer says its find after 24 hours if it rains. patio says other wise. under eves and over hangs sealer looks find. where rain was aloud to sit in lower areas of the textures pavers white spots developed after the patio dried out. I'm thinking this product is just what I need to get rid of what appears to be a moisture issue. what are you thoughts?
Ruth, it depends on what sealer brand and type it was and how long ago it was applied.
Can Aromatic 100 Solvent be used on stone and concrete that has already been sealed and has lost it's luster?
Resealing since it have been two years. Aromatic would be more for the off years that you do not seal.
Should I use Aromatic or re seal
I resealed my stamped concrete patio three years ago with Super seal 30 (two coats, the second with grip). The shine has faded but i can see that there is still sealer on the concrete. Do you recommend re-sealing or using Aromatic or xylene to bring the shine back?
re: Will this work on an acrylic based sealer I had professionally installed
Since the previous coat had turned white prior to the last coat then this will probably will not fix it. To fix you would need to strip off all of the coatings with a concrete sealer stripper (
Will this work on an acrylic based sealer I had professionally installed on my stained driveway that has turned white in 'blotches'? The concrete was powerwashed and allowed to dry for 48 hours before the sealer being applied. Am now told it is a problem with the concrete and the only solution is to do a stamped overlay. This is the third sealer application in 6 years. The first was excellent for 2-3 years but both subsequent applications have turned milky.


re: better than your paver sealer stripper to fix an issue with Behr sealer
This product is not a stripper and will not fix or remove a water based sealer such as Behr.
Would this product be better than your paver sealer stripper to fix an issue with Behr sealer giving pavers a white haze in some areas?
Will this product work on a water based product such as Quickcrete high gloss sealer? I used this product and it dried with white spots in many places, most likely due to ground moisture.
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