Super Grip

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Super Grip is an additive the will help with traction for "Wet" look concrete sealers. The additive mixes in with one 5 gallon pail.

Important Info:

  • This product can not be used when only one coat of sealer is applied to a substrate that has not previuosly been sealed. It will work when added to a second coat or a substrate that has been sealed previously.
  • This product only works with sealers that leave a film on the concrete to enhance or leave a shine. It will not work with sealers that penetrate into the concrete 100% and do not change the appearance.

Works with:

  • SuperSeal25
  • SuperSeal30
  • SuperSeal Matte
  • SuperSeal VOC
  • Super Poly


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    Chris · 07/06/2022
    I am double checking that if using super grip that with super seal 30 clear on stamped concrete (around a pool) that I would apply the first coat of super seal WITHOUT the super grip and I would apply the 2nd super seal 30 coat WITH the super grip. I should not be putting super grip in both coats, correct?
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    The Sealer Store · 04/03/2015
    You should roll it to ensure that the grip is evenly dispersed in the sealer.
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    KenM · 04/02/2015
    I've used the SuperSeal VOC 2yrs ago with the recommended sprayer and found it to be slippery in the winter. Now that its time to reseal I want to use Supergrip but can I still use a sprayer or does it have to be rolled on with this additive?
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    The Sealer Store · 05/15/2013
    If you want to use SuperGrip then you need more then 1 coat for it to work.
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    Robert Padilla · 05/15/2013
    I want to verify that I will have to coat my pool deck twice with the super seal 30 adding the super grip with the second application? I have over 2000 sqft of pool deck.