Restore_A_Deck_CleanerRestore-A-Deck cleaner and brightener system was developed by a contractor with the intention to offer a cost effective way for a homeowner to clean and brighten their exterior wood deck. This system was put into easy to use powdered formulas that are significantly less than your average store bought liquid cleaners.

The RAD Cleaning and Brightening system has quickly become out favorite product to offer. So much so that we have decided to give free shipping on any Restore-A-Deck product if a 5-gallon pail was also purchased at the same time.

Here is our review of Restore-A-Deck:

Cost per foot is excellent:

One of the lowest priced deck cleaners on the market. RAD products come in easy to mix 2-pound bottles. Each container makes roughly 5 liquid gallons of cleaner. This breaks down to a cost of about $.03 a foot to clean your wood.

Effectiveness of Cleaning:

We have found that this product is very effective at removing dirt, grime, and graying. In addition, it helps prep an old coating for reapplication. Take note that RAD Cleaner does not remove old stains. For stripping of a semi-transparent stain, we would suggest the RAD Stain Stripper.

Application Instructions Tips:

Mix 6-8 oz. of powder per gallon of water. Let product dissolve then apply cleaner with a pump sprayer or scrub brush. Wait about 10 minutes then scrub or lightly pressure wash dirt and grime. Repeat if needed for stubborn areas or if the mold was not removed after the first application. Make sure to use the RAD Step 2 Brightener when finished.

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    JohnB · 08/04/2020
    Resurfaced my dock with YellowWood pressure treated 3 months ago. Ready to finish.
    What cleaning & staining do you recommend for a fresh water, lakefront, dock in Florida?
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    Jolie · 04/11/2020
    If I just want to clean my deck.. stained last summer... don't want to stain again yet... but some mildew showing up .... what product... read only use restore a deck if you are planning to stain afterwards? If this is true... what cleaner do you suggest at this time?

    Thank you
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    Dan Sethner · 08/24/2019
    Can you apply brightener in morning sun 60 degrees?
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    The Sealer Store · 08/07/2016
    The Restore A Deck Cleaner kits:
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    Michael l · 08/06/2016
    I just completed a new cedar deck and want to clean wood before staining. Which cleaner should I use?
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    The Sealer Store · 09/03/2013
    Dave, mist lightly with water.
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    Dave Martin · 09/03/2013
    Should the deck be wet prior to applying the RAD deck cleaner?
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    The Sealer Store · 06/19/2013
    Never heard of CIL so I cannot say for sure that the RAD will work well.
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    Sharon Spencer · 06/19/2013
    Hi I have a cedar deck in Restoule, Ontario. I have used CIL oil treatment for cedar since the deck was new. 10 years. Trying to strip back deck to original and put on a new coat of stain. What should I do? Can I use RAD? I sanded one side before trying a stripper. I need some advice. Thanks. So far I have wet down the deck, applied stripper, scrubbed and deck washed. Needs a repeat or a sand. Don't want to waste any more time. Thanks.