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Defy exterior deck stain and sealer remover
Defy Exterior Wood Stripper is a biodegradable, easy to use deck stain remover that will quickly remove stain wood finishes to restore the natural beauty of wood surfaces. Stains and varnishes are removed along with collected dirt, mold, mildew and mill glaze.

  • Strips worn finishes
  • Biodegradable deck stain remover
  • Restores the natural beauty of wood
  • Water clean-up

Defy Exterior Wood Stain Stripper will remove most oil and latex based finishes including: clear film-forming varnishes, polyurethanes, solid color and semi-transparent stains. To find out how to remove wood stain with Defy wood stripper, read below.

How to remove wood stain
Defy Exterior Wood Stain Stripper will remove weathered solid color stains and varnishes as well as semi-transparent stains that cannot be removed by simply cleaning. If unsure whether the wood needs to be stripped or just cleaned, test a small, inconspicuous area to determine which method will provide the best results before proceeding. Defy wood stripper will cover 100-150 sq. ft. per gallon and is sold in 1 gallon containers. Applying a generous amount of this deck stain remover with a polyester brush, roller or pump-up hand sprayer and then allowing it to sit for 15 minutes will cause the finish to begin to lift and remove stain wood finish from the wood?s surface. After the finish begins to lift, scrub with a stiff bristle brush in the direction of the wood grain. After scrubbing, rinse with large amounts of water in the direction of the wood grain. Using a pressure washer, although not mandatory, will eliminate the need for scrubbing. However, particular care should be taken with a power washer to avoid damaging the wood. After rinsing, you must neutralize and brighten the wood with Defy Wood Brightener immediately. If stubborn areas remain, repeat the application in those areas.

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re: white residue on untreated pressure treated wo
Without knowing what the white residue is, it is impossible to say if it will or not.
Have a white residue on untreated pressure treated wood that i cleaned with simple green, Tried to remove it with white vinegar. Will a stripper remove?
re: Hi do you ship to Canada? Thx
Yes we do ship some products that are allowed to be used in Canada.
Hi do you ship to Canada? Thx
re: Challenging Deck
I am sorry but nothing removes a solid color deck stain effectively. I would remove as much as possible then stain over the top with another solid stain.
Challenging Deck
I'm refinishing a deck which is in poor shape and has an unknown red solid color stain (paint?) on it. I have tried numerous times to strip it with Behr with no luck. I've literally used a half gallon on about 10sqft and can't get the stain to strip even when using a putty knife. I'm hesitant to waste another $20 on a different homestore brand. Any ideas of a product to try? I'm considering using HD-80 as it seems to be the best recommendation on the internet forums. It's not the best, but will I have decent results if I just clean, sand, and stain overtop of the existing? I'm not going for perfection--bet ter would be sufficient until I can afford to rebuild.
No, nothing will remove or strip that horrible Synta Restore.
Does Defy Exterior Wood Stripper removes synta deck restore ?
re: Correct Deck Stripper
Which Sikkens is it? The SRD penetrating stain or the shiny varnish Cetol DEK version? If the SRD then the Defy Stain Stripper should work. The Sikkens Cetol DEK cannot be stripped off. It would need to be sanded off.
Correct Deck Stripper
Good Day,

We am starting to strip our deck and need to make the correct choice for stripper and brightener. Our deck has Sikkens currently on it. I read abour HD80, but you state that it is not really for homeowners. What would be a suitable substitute to remove the Sikkens from the deck?
re: deck stripper
You should cover the bushes with a tarp or pre-wet and rinse constantly if any over spray does get on the shrubs.
deck stripper
Is any special prep required to protect shrubs surrounding the deck before stripping?
re: How to remove peeling Defy UV Clear Sealer?
I would use the Defy Stain stripper to remove the excess coating. Make sure to neutralize with the Defy Wood Brightener.
How to remove peeling Defy UV Clear Sealer?
We've used Defy UV Clear sealer for about 4 years and love it because otherwise we get a lot of algae every spring. (We live in rainy, snowy Syracuse.) We tried to go two years between coats, but found we need to apply it annually to avoid the algae cleanup. Last year we had an unexpected light rain shower shortly after applying the sealer, so perhaps that's what caused extensive peeling of the sealer? It's obvious that the old sealer needs to be removed before resealing. What should we use?
re: Removing Old Stain
Yes this stripper is very effective and should work well on the Cabot ATO. Only issues is if the Cabot was excessively over applied. If so you might need to use the stripper twice.

Makes sure to use the Defy Wood Brightener ( to neutralize after the stripping process.
Removing Old Stain
I have a years of Cabot Timber Oil on my deck. Just wondering if this is the "best" product to get back to original wood without having to sand. Any info is greatly appreciated.
:-)Best product that I have found out there. Im on my 20th year and to my knowledge the only one in the area refinishing decks. I swear by the product and have tryed almost everyone on the market. Pretty inexpensive in the scheme of it all, but do relize that in any state that receives snow, solid or semitransparent stains only look good for 2 years then they peel or flake off.
re: the contractors that couldn't read...
Probably not as this product is designed for exterior stain removal.
the contractors that couldn't read...
Despite me best efforts to explain that the interior stain said "interior" on the can and the exterior said "exterior" on the can, my contractors have put a coat of exterior stain on the interior of the house. The only thing the manufacturer recommends is media blasting... both expensive and time consuming. The stain is "Symphony" water based from Sascho. It is water based, and very dark. Any chance that this will remove one coat? I'd like to try it before I media-blast.
re: Plants
The chemical(s) are biodegradable. You should pre wet the plants, rinse thoroughly when done and you should not have any issues.
I need to stip some stain off of my front porch. The porch is bordered by some very thick bushes. Do you know if the chemicals in this stripper are harmful to plants? I already have one of these bushes dying a horrible death from a chemical mishap. Thanks for any info you can provide!
re: Fiesty Deck
The main thing you did wrong was in going the SW and using their poor products. Basically they are film-forming water based stains that do not penetrate properly into the surface but rather lie on top of the wood. Deck stains work best when they penetrate into the wood. Having a shiny finish is w bad thing as they will peel and it is very difficult to remove. Stain strippers have a difficult time removing shiny stain finishes. Your best bet is the strip off as much as possible then sand the rest.
Fiesty Deck
Had double terracing decks built 9 years ago with pressure treated lumber. The carpenter suggested I wait a year to stain the decks, which I did. After the wait, I used Cuprenol color stain (not transparent type.) The Cuprenol was an all-in-one treatment for wood decks. It looked great for two summers then the stain treatment began to blister, crack and peel in traffic-walk areas, even though there was not heavy traffic on the decks. I sanded the damaged areas and re-applied Cuprenol over both decks for an even look. By the next year the same thing happened, and Sherwin Williams suggested their own brand to no avail. I get the impression that color stain just doesn't want to adhere in traffic patterns because the exposed wood has a shiny appearance. At this point, much of the raw wood is showing through in traffic patterns. Note: The decks (So. Western OH) are exposed to all kinds of weather and strong sun.

Am I kidding myself to think anything will remove the remaining stain surrounding the traffic-walk areas? And did I do something wrong? And if I ever get the existing color stain off, please suggest a new stain treatment.
re: bad contractors
Unfortunately wood deck stain strippers will not remove solid stains completely. They will also have a difficult time with semi-transparen t stains that are water based acrylics such as the Sherwin Williams Deckscapes. You may need to strip the floor a few times to get it off. :sad:
Last summer, a couple of guys who CLEARLY didn't know what they were doing, applied solid stain to the rails/spindles of our deck and semi-transparen t Sherwin Williams stain to the floorboards and all of it looks AWFUL. Will your products work on these areas? I've got to do something before the HOA sends me a nastygram. Thanks
re: Maximum Deck, Fence & Siding Stain -Freshly applied and needs removed
Not sure as the info on the Stain is not specific enough. Newly applied stains are very difficult to remove. It may need to be stripped a few times.
Maximum Deck, Fence & Siding Stain -Freshly applied and needs removed
I would like to know if I order this, it will take this stain off the deck.
Removing solid stains 100% is nearly impossible with wood strippers. They will help but will not remove all of it. They are designed to remove semi-transparen ts and transparents. There is no easy solution.
(1)I need to remove 2 year old Cabot solid color stain (alkyloid i think). Since the Defy product will struggle with this task, should I use the extreme HD80 product???
(2)How can I protect the spindles from the stain remover? Do I use a barrier like painter's tape, or petroleum jelly?
The Defy Wood Stripper is a "green" product and will work on the majority of transparent wood stains. It will have a hard time removing solid stains completely. It will be safe for the water.
We have a dock, that is located over the water on our lake in NC. We need to strip off the old stain, so we can apply a new lighter color, (dark color is to hot to walk on in the sun). Which one of your products can be used safely on a deck located over water. I.e., we don't want to hurt the lake we live on.

The defy stripper works great on removing the old cabot sealer we had on our deck:-)
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