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    Ellis M. · 12/02/2020
    My 8 year old wooden dock has been painted with Behr Solid Stain several times. Have had issues with peeling before, but is peeling badly now after a summer of hurricanes that caused my dock to go underwater several times, sometimes for multiple days at a time. I used a Diamabrush on my angle grinder to remove all the old finish down to the bare wood. My plan is to use Defy Marine Cleaner, then Defy Brightener to prep for a new stain. I won't be going back with any solid stain. I liked the look of the light gray solid stain I had, but didn't like the peeling problem. I'm sure my dock will go underwater again in the future as it has many times in the past 8 years, so I'm wondering which of your products you would recommend, if any. Also, most of my dock boards appear to be dry, but a few still appear to be wet. How long should I wait after the wet boards appear dry before applying a penetrating stain?
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      The Sealer Store · 12/03/2020
      Try Armstrong Clark: https://www.opwdecks.com/armstrong-clark-stain.htm

      The wood does have to be totally dry when applying.
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    Kathryn · 11/07/2020
    I live in South GA. It's hot and my deck is not shaded at all. We just had it built 6 months ago and I want to stain it. I bought a cleaner and brightener in one. Is this a bad idea? Also, I saw on this site that oil based stains were easiest to apply. I'm really scared of messing this up since it's so new and pretty. Also, if I use oil based semi-transparent, do I have to put sealer on it? Any advice or product recommendation would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Roger That! · 11/01/2020
    We have a number of 6x6 timber posts around the full-sun, southern-exposure back porch of our Tennessee home. After 4 years I'm needing to refinish all of them due to flaking and graying. The builder used Minwax wood stain top-coated/sealed with Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane for a semi-gloss finish which we loved. I want to now use a semi-transparent deck stain, hoping for better weathering, but I also would like to achieve that same semi/glossy finish. Do you have a clear sealer product that can be applied over the semi-transparent stain to give me a glossier finish ... and most importantly, not flake off in a few years??? Help! Thanks, Roger
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      The Sealer Store · 11/01/2020
      Sorry but no, exterior wood stains do not come in a gloss and they cannot be top-coated with a glossy finish. It will peel.
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    David · 10/19/2020
    I'm considering installing and IPE decking on several exterior locations and one interior location in a large scale home gut renovation. We were hoping to stain the wood to give it a bit of a grey look. Is that possible with IPE? Furthermore, we are in south Florida. Are there any other recommended treatments for our harsh conditions?
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      The Sealer Store · 10/19/2020
      IPE will gray naturally. No need to stain it gray.
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    Nancy · 09/22/2020
    Living in a temperate rain forest, dodging the rain to get the staining done is a challenge. I understand that the deck needs 48-72 hours after a rain to fully dry out before staining. But I have a question about how long AFTER the second coat of stain, until it is safe to have it rain on the stained area. We don't want to do all that work and then have it be harmed in any way, by rain coming too soon after staining. How long after staining until it is safe to have it rain on the deck? Thank you - the pecan TWP looks beautiful in the bucket and we're looking forward to getting it on the deck!
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    Nancy · 09/15/2020
    Thank you for the 4 samples of deck stain. We picked Pecan, and tracking says it will be Friday, so thank you, first of all for all your help with that. We have a hurricane coming and though we are up in Western NC, away from the coast, we will get rain. We are trying to figure out how long we need to wait after the rain for the deck to dry out enough to stain. We are in a temperate rain forest area, so we get a lot of rain, so the humidity can stay high a lot of the time, and drying is slow. But we want to be sure the wood is dry enough to soak up the stain/oil and not be repelled by water in the wood. How can we test or know when it is dried out enough?

    Second question: We have deck furniture that also needs to be sealed periodically with a water-based sealer. The furniture came with a 16 oz. bottle of 'Amazonia Teak and Eucalyptus Sealer', but it is almost gone. We want to continue to use a water-based teak/eucalyptus sealer for this hardwood furniture, not something like an IPE Oil. The chairs are Teak and the table is Eucalyptus, we think, but may also be Teak. Do you sell a water-based sealer that is for Teak and/or Eucalyptus? If not, can you suggest a product, or type of product, we may look for elsewhere?

    Thank you on both questions! We are looking forward to staining our 12 year old virgin wood deck Pecan once it dries out from whichever hurricane is in the Gulf this week!
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    Joseph - Orcas Island · 09/11/2020
    Hi, Pacific NW Puget Sound Washington. Confirming amounts before Order:
    1924 Sq Ft of Decking
    800 linear feet of Railing

    Need to Clean and Brighten (How much of that? Web calculator said 3 kits.)
    Want Restore-a-deck cleaner and brighter

    TWP 100 series (How many Gallons? web calculator said 20 gallons.)

    Thanks, will order today.
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      The Sealer Store · 09/11/2020
      3-4 kits for prep and 20-25 gallons for two coats of the TWP stain.
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    Terry · 09/01/2020
    Looking at semi-transparent penetrating statin for a pressure treated plywood shed floor. Tractor may drip diesel and hydraulic fluid. Would you choose TWP 1500 or Armstrong-Clark for this application and why?
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    Aaron · 08/16/2020
    I just built a new dock for our pond with treated lumber. I want to stain with long lasting stain and preserve well. What is best choice? Do I stain the underside as well or just the top?
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    Ron · 08/10/2020
    I am looking for a semi transparent stain that won't peel. What are my best choices dor a 12year old cedar deck?
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    Monique · 08/10/2020
    Thank you!
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    Ron · 08/09/2020
    I just stripped semi-transparent stain off my 12 year old cedar deck. I will sand it and brighten it. What stain and finish do you recommend? I have been told to use a solid stain because of the age of the deck. The previous stain only lasted about a 1 year and it was peeling badly after@ 6months.
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    Rusty · 08/09/2020
    We put all new boards on our deck a year ago. We liked the natural look and decided to put on a sealer. Not a good idea. We now do not like rhe look and are thinking about doing a translucent stain. Will this work? What do we need to do to make it work?
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    Monique · 08/08/2020
    We applied timber oil today and it is uneven in coloring. We applied one coat and one section is darker than the rest of the deck.
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    Alan Miller · 07/27/2020
    We just had a new seawall and deck installed. Eastern Michigan coast of Lake Huron. Deck boards are 2 x 8 rough-sawn pressure treated oak. What do you recommend staining or sealing with? Not really interested in changing color of it.
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    Jeff · 07/25/2020
    I had stripped a semi-transparent stain that was used on a 4 month old PT deck because of light-dark variations in color. That was back in early March. Plan to use a Defy product in August after brightening. Can I mix the clear and cedar (50-50), or will this create a problem? Also, one coat or wet-on-wet (assuming the second coat does not pool)?


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      The Sealer Store · 07/26/2020
      You can mix colors but you will reduce the UV protection for this if you do by half. Only one coat for new wood.
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    Richard · 07/19/2020
    just purchased 2x6 #1 treaded lumber for rap around porch. Boards will be installed tight. Should I stain the sides befor installing or wait for the 3-6 months and stain the top and sides. Just wondering if they will shrink enough to stain after install. Thanks
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    John · 07/12/2020
    Can you recommend a suitable deck for a north facing southern Ontario deck? The deck surface has old pressure treated planks that I have turned over to expose a less weathered face. Hoping to increase the effective life of an appropriate stain, all cracks and screw head depressions have been filled with an epoxy wood filler (P.C.Woody brand) followed by a thorough 60 grit sanding. Some brown end-cut preservative has been applied to plank edges and ends.
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      The Sealer Store · 07/12/2020
      Unfortunately, a wood filler does not work on decks and will not "stain" to blend when using a deck stain that is transparent or semi-transparent. It will look really bad with white wood filler marks all over the deck.
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        John · 07/13/2020
        Hmm. Now that I have made that mistake (the filler is light brown), is there a suitable stain that you can recommend and provide, semi-transparent or solid?
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          John · 07/13/2020
          Thanks for the prompt response. If I can live with the almond cream coloured filler showing through, maybe you stock a light coloured semitransparent stain that will otherwise penetrate well and reveal wood grain in the PT planks. This north facing Southern Ontario deck gets some morning sun and plenty of afternoon sun from the west.
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          The Sealer Store · 07/13/2020
          We only offer semi-transparent stains and they will not blend with the filler. A solid stain would mask it but we do not sell any on this site. Look for Restore A Deck Solid Stains.
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    Jerri Fitch · 07/06/2020
    Just had a dock put in our pond. Do I need to wait for the wood to season before I use a stain on it? Didn’t know if there was a stain you could use before the wood weathers. Thanks for your time in this matter!
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    Karl Dovick · 07/04/2020
    One other question - if I used pressure-treated wood instead, am I right to believe that I have to wait a lot longer before cleaning, brightening and staining?