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    Leslye · 10/22/2019
    Cedar deck prep and staining> older well cared for cedar deck. It was heavily sanded last spring, this fall it has been cleaned twice, brightened and sanded. We will brighten again before staining. There are more color choices in the defy extreme stain than the hardwoods version. Can I use that stain on cedar? Also, how many coats of defy stain do you recommend> one or two? Thank you. I’ve ordered samples but have not arrived yet. Atlanta area...how long can I wait to stain? Tks
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      The Sealer Store · 10/22/2019
      You can use the Defy Extreme for this cedar deck in Atlanta. 2 coats applied wet on wet is best. Try to stain within a couple of weeks of prep.
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    Denese · 10/21/2019
    I live in rural west TN and have a wraparound covered porch built about 1 year ago. It is pressure treated pine. Total area is about 750sq ft. East and west ends get a lot of sun, north and south sides not much. Would like to stain/seal with a long lasting product in a natural or light color. i will power wash everything prior to starting and whatever else is necessary for best result. Is sanding necessary and what product do you recommend?
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    John · 10/07/2019
    Is the marine deck stain tintable to other colors?
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    Eileen Fostel · 09/28/2019
    We live on the top floor of a condo and have a small wooden balcony/deck. How does the contractor prevent water and chemicals from dripping down onto our downstairs neighbors deck? We would like the deck pressure washed and then sealed. Also like the siding soft washed while we are at it.
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      The Sealer Store · 09/29/2019
      It is not possible to prevent anything from dripping down on the deck below. They would have to redo their deck as well.
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    Ron · 08/30/2019
    I used twp stain 2 years ago on cedar deck. The stain is wearing off. Should I use the same stain or try something new?
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    Darlene Johnson · 08/07/2019
    I finished stripping and using the wood brightener and it looks fantastic. Now the question is do I use an oil or water base transparent stain. Does one last longer than the other? Does one look better? Is there any advantage to using one over the other?
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    DARLENE JOHNSON · 08/05/2019
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    Darlene Johnson · 08/04/2019
    I recently received the stripper packet and brightener packet from you. I am a little nervous to begin stripping my redwood deck. since my deck is second story level, not ground level, I wonder if the 6 x 6 posts that hold up the deck and which are painted a very dark color will be damaged by the stripper. Do I need to cover the posts that are about 8 feet in height and there are 6 in all. Can I strip one day and rinse and wait several days before I use the brightener. I understand that the wood must be wet to use the brightener, so I would just wet it down before I use the brightener. I am 83 yrs old and am going to do this myself, but won't have the energy to strip and brighten in a single day.
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      The Sealer Store · 08/05/2019
      The stripper does not remove pain so there should not be an issue. You have to brighten on the same day to neutralize it. The brighener is very easy. Just apply and rinse after 15 minutes.
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    DJ JOHNSON · 07/27/2019
    One correction to the question I posted yesterday. The stain I put on my redwood deck was Preserva wood's semi transparent oil based stain not transparent stain. This may not be a concern as to whether I use an oil or water based stain now on my deck.
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    DJ JOHNSON · 07/26/2019
    My redwood deck is 9 years old. Two years ago I had it sanded, cleaned and stained with preserva wood's oil based transparent stain. This year it was black with mildew and I had the deck cleaned with "Mold Armor E-Z Deck, Fence & patio wash. The deck now looks great but needs to be stained. I was going to use another oil stain, not Preserva-wood, and was told by a Behr Representative that a water based stain is a better way to go. I would like to use another transparent stain but am at a loss which way to go-oil or water base. There are pros and cons on each side. What do you suggest, and what brand is the best.
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    Jerry · 07/12/2019
    I'm trying to get a few more years with existing deck; 20 years old, PT fir or pine in Upstate NY. I will be using RAD stripper and brightener to remove a peeling/failed semi-transparent Olympic stain. What is the best stain to use in NY?
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    Larry · 06/26/2019
    On your page you show Armstrong Clark as best for mahogany decking. Yet you say that Defy-Extreme will last longer. Please explain.
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      The Sealer Store · 06/26/2019
      The Defy Hardwood and the AC will also about the same for mahogany. Both are excellent.
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    Joan · 06/25/2019
    I will not use the full 5 gallon of Armstrong Clarke stain how long can I store it to use at a late date
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      The Sealer Store · 06/26/2019
      Armstrong Clark stains can last up to 12+ months if stored correctly with the lid tightly sealed. If the substance has contact with the air, the solvents will evaporate and you won’t be able to use your stain again.
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    Ann · 06/21/2019
    have a large cedar deck that was treated with Thompson water seal and Sikkens deck sealer about 5 or 6 years ago - it has mostly worn off except in a few upright railings - we pressure washed the deck and caused lots of the wood grain to be raised - especially on the vertical surfaces. I have read that I should apply brightener - right after washing - I did not use a cleaner as the pressure washing took most of it off.
    Some areas are exposed to extreme sunlight and some of the railings have dry rot. Other areas are i shade and had lichen growing on them. I intend to reseal/stain - have a mixture of light brown pressure treated wood as posts [Sienna micro] which matches the cedar color fairly well and Cedar [new railings] and posts.
    1. do I need a brightener since I did not use a cleaner? if so - which one
    2. Do I absolutely need a cleaner and if so - which one
    3. Can I apply brightener if needed weeks after pressure washing? or do I need to pressure wash again.
    4. Which product for staining/sealing would you recommend? I am in Ontario, Canada - harsh winters and hot summers?
    5. Must the cleaners , brighteners and stains all come form the same brand?
    6. Is there a product that meets my requirements that I can just reapply every 2 or 3 years as needed without pressure washing and removing it all?
    7. Coverage - my deck is 33 feet by 13 feet with railings and pickets [?] all along 3 sides - do I use same product on deck as on railings and pickets?
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      The Sealer Store · 06/21/2019
      1. See below.
      2. You need to strip and then brighten to remove all of the current Sikkens.
      3. You apply the stripper then pressure wash off. Brightener after.
      4. TWP 200 Series or Armstrong Clark. Restore A Deck Products for prep.
      5. Cleaner and brightener yes. Stain can be different.
      6. Both stains I mentioned can be cleaned and recoated as needed. You always have to prep.
      7. Yes.
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    Sue · 05/13/2019
    Looking into stains for recently installed PT deck boards that are about 8 months old. We think we have narrowed it down to Defy, Armstrong-Clark or TWP because from what we have read they all seem to be good options. We would greatly appreciate any additional information to help us make our decision.
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    Richard · 04/26/2019
    I used Armstrong Clark semi-transparent rustic brown stain on my cedar deck 3 years ago . I would like to redo in the AC driftwood color. Do I need to strip the previous stain before assuming the color is satisfactory going over the old?
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    Conrad · 04/26/2019
    Hi, We live in Central Florida and just built a NEW Dock and Boathouse. The deck will get Direct Sun. In an effort to expedite protection of the PT Pine that is rated for Direct Burial and Fresh Water submersion- I have sanded the flat surface area to open up the pores and remove milling protection. Moisture Content after noon ranges from 5-14%. If I wait until it reaches 10% or less would I be good to stain with semi transparent Timber Oil at this point or could I go for it now? I was not planning on sanding (lots of work with orbital sander) the sides or Posts but just stain to give a darker trim appearance. Would the sides & posts require pressure washing, cleaning, and Brightening as would a deck that hasn't been sanded?
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      The Sealer Store · 04/26/2019
      Just a light pressure wash to remove sand dust, let dry for 48 hours, and then one coat of the Timber Oil:
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        Conrad · 04/26/2019
        Kinda figured- Thanks! Also, what about the sides with the mill protection?- gotta sand or do the Clean, Brighten, Pressure wash ? Might be easier to sand than the other chemical process due to the sides being over water. What would you do?
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          The Sealer Store · 04/26/2019
          We would use the cleaner and brighten as that is always easier than sanding.
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    Jim · 04/20/2019
    Sealer Store folks, thanks for the response to my question about redoing my deck previously stained with AC semi-solid. Maybe you missed it in my initial post but I want to paint it now rather than stain again as I wasn't pleased with the stain results; your response said to stain with AC or TWP stains.

    So, would you please revisit my initial post/question and reply with application instructions for painting, including whether you sell appropriate paint products?

    Thank you.
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      The Sealer Store · 04/20/2019
      Sorry, but we do not sell any paints. A paint on a deck will lead to peeling. Not a good idea to use paint for exterior decks.
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    Jim · 04/19/2019
    Approximately three years ago I purchased 5 gallons of Armstrong-Clark semi-solid stain from you,
    in oxford brown color. I applied it myself, per the instructions. This was on a treated pine deck that had been constructed about 10 months earlier, which should have been plenty of drying time. Even though I tried to apply it in accordance with the instructions, having never done this before and not knowing what it should look like, I evidently applied it too thick. I conclude this because when walking on it, the reddish pigment would come off it onto feet/shoes/socks. I thought maybe after the first winter it would have "weathered" and the "extra" pigment would be gone, but that did not occur.

    So that's the background of our situation. I've pretty much decided I want to redo the
    deck (not railings and balusters, as they are fine) with paint, not stain. My question for you all is, what do I need to do in order to prep it? My tentative plan is to use a pressure washer and cleaner to remove the remaining stain. Is there anything else I should do? And what type of paint would be best? I live in the St. Louis, MO area.
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    charles baxter · 04/03/2019
    less than 2 yrs ago, sealed yard fence with clear seal. Fear of fence turning
    gray soon. CAN WE RE-SEAL & STAIN THIS FENCE to prevent graying?? thanks
    Charles Baxter