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Wood Tux ColorsTheSealerStore TimberOil 
The Easiest Stain to Apply that we offer! 

Extremely easy to apply. Even first time users can expect perfect results. Absolutely will not overlap, run or leave drip marks. Dives deep to replenish old dry wood. Loaded with transoxide pigments providing much better coverage than other paraffinic stains. Ideal for annual maintenance coats. FREE SHIPPING on every 5 Gallon pail!

If you have ever worked with paraffinic based wood stains, TheSealerStore Brand Timber Oil will have a familiar ease of use. No matter what application method you choose, it is impossible to cause any lap marks or runs. Even Homeowners who have never worked with wood at all can achieve a beautiful finish their very first try with this easy to use product.

For those who have used other paraffinic based products in the past, the most striking difference with TheSealerStore Brand Timber Oil is quality. Boasting extremely high pigment content TheSealerStore Brand Timber Oil will not color shift or "fade out" like other products. TheSealerStore Brand Timber Oil is also loaded down with enough antifungal agents to knock out any existing mold and mildew spores and help prevent new growth for several years even in the most challenging environments.

Our anti-fungal package has been "jungle tested" and proven effective against over 250 known sources of mold and mildew.

What this means to you is greater protection from less product. In fact you can expect to use about 20% less product to achieve the same results you get from other brands. This may not mean much on a 12'x12' deck, but it will add up to thousands of dollars over the year for a contractor.

When you apply TheSealerStore Brand Timber Oil you will see the rich oils dive deep into the wood, replenishing it and occupying the voids that may otherwise trap moisture. Replenishing old dry wood will help to dramatically extend it's service life. Even old neglected wood siding will be rejuvenated by the deep conditioning oils.


Friday, 05 May 2017

We use this on all our new decks.

Scott Paul - Over 17 Years of Experience

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There is not a clear. Clear sealers will not keep a color. Must have a tint. We have samples that you can test colors on this link:
RE: Is there a clear TimberOil or what color should I use on Sienna brown treated pine lumber
Hello - Is there a clear TimberOil? I am currently installing a new 450 sq ft raised deck with Sienna brown treated pine lumber. I want to use oil based product that will keep the color. If TimberOil doesn't come in clear what color would you recommend for the Sierra brown treated lumber/
This product will work for this application and does not feed mold growth.
Refurbishing standing deck
I have a cedar deck that I have recently stripped with a chemical stripper and power washer. The old stain peeled in some places and also have small black mold spots in others. what would be the best stain and sealer for this type of application?
Excellent Product
Applied brown sugar to rough cut yellow pine which had previously been treated with linseed oil. Used a quality pump sprayer with fan tip to apply the stain / sealer. Went on well and soaked through a large portion of the wood. I applied liberally and am by no means a stain man. There were no runs and it produced a nice finish. Did not take as much product as I expected. 10 gallons covered 1/3 of a large barn with one coat. Shipping was quick with a 2 day turnaround. Great product and customer service. I highly recommend this company and product. If I get 2 years of decent protection on the vertical surfaces, it will be perfect.
re: Timber Oil Brand Stain is legal for Canada shipping?
Yes it is.
Timber Oil Brand Stain is legal for Canada shipping?
The TimberOil is allowed for shipment to Canada. It is a penetrating oil and does not peel if the wood is prepped well.
Is this available for Canadian customers? if so does it peel or fade like stains that our laws allow stores here to sell?
re: Great product
The more it penetrates, the more stain you will need.
Great product
I had neighbors that I had never even spoke to before coming up to me while I was applying the stain to tell me how incredible my fence was and to ask what I was using.
Applies extremely easy and actually soaked all the way through a new cedar fence with 5/8 vertical boards. when I applied it to the inside of my fence I walked around to start the other side and was shocked to see spots where the stain soaked through. All the knots and nail heads had stain seeping through as well as random spots where it appeared to be soaked through solid wood! That is impressive! Only downside is you will use allot of this product. And that's not a really bad thing considering the piece of mind that the wood is protected to the core.
TimberOil is a paraffin based stain that we suggest for newer wood. TWP is a full curing oil based stain that will give slightly better UV protection because of this. Since the wood is older your should go with the TWP stains. Either the 100 or the 1500. 100 will penetrate better and give a little better mildew prevention then the 1500. 1500 being slightly higher in solids tends to give a little better UV protection.
I have also read the TWP 1500 review and I am wondering what is the difference between these 2 products. They both sound terrific.
Our deck is cedar and we are stripping it bare as the last semisolid stain failed terribly. The deck is in western Oregon where it rains quite a bit. I am trying to decide which stain would last the longest and would be the easiest to clean and restain when necessary.
Any insights you could give comparing these 2 great stains would be appreciated. Thanks.
re: I purchased 3 samples order # 000330735 do apply toward purchase.
Enter your sample order number into the comment area during checkout. We issue the credit after the order is placed, usually the next business day.
I purchased 3 samples order # 000330735 do apply toward purchase.
Most use the Timber Oil in the Honey Gold color.
New Cedar Deck
we are just in the process of building a new Cedar Deck. To keep the beautiful grain of the wood which product would you recommending and what is the best color?
Thank you
re: Too Cold?
Tam, I would not do it. New wood should dry for a month before applying Timber Oil. Wait until Spring, prep first with the Restore A Deck Kit, then apply the stain.
Too Cold?
Hi, would like to use TimberOil warm honey on our new western red cedar deck (under construction), but worry that we're too late in the season. Temperatures are already down to about 45 here; we'd be lucky to get 4 hours of dry, 45 degree weather. What risks come with applying this product while below the recommended temperature? Thanks!
re: best color for PT deck
The Warm Honey Gold is the lightest tint.
best color for PT deck
Hi, I am interested in buying your product, I have a large multi level deck and need to preserve the wood. I am looking for something that will restore the original wood color which of the 3 colors best represents original or wood? The deck is 6 years old and never been treated.
It can be applied with a sprayer and stain pad. It applies very evenly at about 150 feet per gallon.
I just bought 5 gallon of the timber oil brand stain, I was just wondering what was the best way to apply this to my deck?
We only sell our products on our web site. This particular stain applies very easily and holds color as well as any other products we carry. It also conditions the interior wood cells.
I have a large redwood deck, just powerwashed with no previous stain applied. Will this stain hold up well and where else might I buy it as I need it ASAP.
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