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Wood Tux ColorsTheSealerStore TimberOil 
The Easiest Stain to Apply that we offer! 

Extremely easy to apply. Even first time users can expect perfect results. Absolutely will not overlap, run or leave drip marks. Dives deep to replenish old dry wood. Loaded with transoxide pigments providing much better coverage than other paraffinic stains. Ideal for annual maintenance coats. FREE SHIPPING on every 5 Gallon pail!

If you have ever worked with paraffinic based wood stains, TheSealerStore Brand Timber Oil will have a familiar ease of use. No matter what application method you choose, it is impossible to cause any lap marks or runs. Even Homeowners who have never worked with wood at all can achieve a beautiful finish their very first try with this easy to use product.

For those who have used other paraffinic based products in the past, the most striking difference with TheSealerStore Brand Timber Oil is quality. Boasting extremely high pigment content TheSealerStore Brand Timber Oil will not color shift or "fade out" like other products. TheSealerStore Brand Timber Oil is also loaded down with enough antifungal agents to knock out any existing mold and mildew spores and help prevent new growth for several years even in the most challenging environments.

Our anti-fungal package has been "jungle tested" and proven effective against over 250 known sources of mold and mildew.

What this means to you is greater protection from less product. In fact you can expect to use about 20% less product to achieve the same results you get from other brands. This may not mean much on a 12'x12' deck, but it will add up to thousands of dollars over the year for a contractor.

When you apply TheSealerStore Brand Timber Oil you will see the rich oils dive deep into the wood, replenishing it and occupying the voids that may otherwise trap moisture. Replenishing old dry wood will help to dramatically extend it's service life. Even old neglected wood siding will be rejuvenated by the deep conditioning oils.


Friday, 05 May 2017

We use this on all our new decks.

Scott Paul - Over 17 Years of Experience

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About two years. Little longer for the railings.
Timber Oil Brand on Western Red Cedar
What is the expected durability of the product on a deck and railings?

Thanks in advance
You should let the wood dry out for a couple of weeks then prep lightly with the Restore a Deck Kit.
cedar deck stain tips

Could you tell me the best possible method to staining brand new cedar? We want to stain the material before it is installed and we'd like to order the timber oil stain. Do we need to first clean and prep the wood? If so, what do we need to do that? Thank you!
We would spray on with a pump sprayer then lightly back brush the second coat.
Timber Oil Application
What application method do you recommend for the Timber Oil? I have a large barn to complete and have considered trying a pump sprayer or airless sprayer but want a good finish and will use a brush if that's what it takes. It will be applied to rough cut yellow pine.
Look at the Brown Sugar color in the Timber Oil or TWP Pecan color.
Barn wood recommendation
I have a barn covered with new rough cut yellow pine which has been treated with linseed oil. Which product would you recommend that will retain the current look of the wood or make it a light to medium brown color.
Becky, there is not a deeper brown in the Timber Oil. Colors are on this page.
How/where can I see samples of the color options for the timber oil. I need a deeper brown without any orange, yellow or red undertones. Would that be the brown sugar? Thx!!
re: samples and color choice
You need to clean and brighten new wood for prep with the Restore A Deck Kit. Samples on this page:
samples and color choice
Do you have samples of timber oil brand? Also, do you recommend using a brightner on a new deck after waiting the required time for staining? As of now, some of the wood is dark and some light. How do we compensate so it doesn't look like a patchwork quilt?
re: Color Question.
Wait a month and prep first with the Restore A Deck Kit. Warm Honey Gold is more popular than the Western Cedar.
Color Question.
Just installed a western red cedar deck this week. how long should be left prior to using timberoil? and secondly. do people typically purchase the western cedar color o apply to cedar? I have some beautiful planks ranging from dark brown all the way to nearly white and would like to keep some of that contrast. Thanks!
TimberOil does not have linseed oil in it.
Does Timber OIl have LInseed in it? I just stripped Woodguard off our home and what a chore! It darkened over the years and I am looking to avoid this again. Looking for something that stays a lighter color.
Lana, 100-200 sq, feet per gallon.
About how many square feet does a gallon of timber oil cover?
Timber Oil (Amaretto)
Timber Oil in amaretto has now been added to the stain color menu and my order has been placed. Thanks for the quick fix Scott.

None of the individual colors in the sample kit really appealed to me, either too much gold or too much red. I mixed equal parts amaretto and brown sugar and found that combo to be just right. More earthy with a slightly red undertone. It's going to be applied to a cedar deck that was completed 2 months ago.

The sample kit is the way to go if you're undecided about the stain color of your deck. :-)
Sample Kit
Sorry, I should have re-read your post. Thanks for answering my question re the sample kit.
Woodrich sample kit
Thanks for the reply. Once again, the Woodrich stain sample kit is of Wood Tux. Can I expect the same finished hue if I order Timber Oil? Also, amaretto does not appear in the drop down menu when selecting stain color. Do I need to phone in my order? Thanks.

re: Mixing Timber Oil Stain Colors
Sai, colors are the same between versions. You can mix colors to achieve a desired color.
Mixing Timber Oil Stain Colors
I used the sample kit and mixed two colors, amaretto and brown sugar and am happy with the final outcome. Can I expect the same finished results by combining colors instead of just using one? Also, the sample kit that I received was Wood Tux not Timber Oil (as specified) and wondered if there is any difference between the two with respect to color/pigment?
re: Virginia Beach
Yes it would work well you you. I would get one of the 5 gallon pails for this sized deck.
How would TimberOil work in Virginia Beach, Virginia (U.S. mid-atlantic coast. Summer temps here are @ 90 -100 degrees F.I have about 20x20 foot deck + solid skirt (24 inches high) + slat rails. How many gallon would I need.
No need as the stain is a sealer as well
So, on brand new deck (pine, I think):
1) after 4-12 months prep w/ deck cleaner and brightener
2) apply timber oil brand stain
3) do I need to seal after stain is applied??
I am not sure why you are mentioning zinc napthalate. That is not in this product. I think you have the wrong stain.
Zinc Napthalate
This weekend I saw my neighbor brushing this transparent wood preservative on his PT fence and asked him about it. He told me that it would last 3 years and that you could stain or paint over once it dried. Any truth to this? It smelled pretty bad and was not be used around any living plants.

I plan on using TimberOil on my cedar deck but was wondering if there were any other benefits to the zinc napthalate besides preventing mildew, mold, etc....
re: Homeowner
Yes it is compliant for Canada.
I have just completed replanking a deck with new cedar 2 x 6's up here in Alberta, Canada and have read many positive comments regarding the attributes of TimberOil. I will hold off staining the deck for approx 1-2 months. Is this product VOC compliant here in Canada?
re: Defy Epoxy or TimberOil?
Both are semi-transparen t stains that will last about the same. The TimberOil will apply easier to new wood though. Shelf life is about 1 year on opened pails.
Defy Epoxy or TimberOil?
I have a new pressure-treate d deck. I've never stained a deck. I see that Defy Epoxy and TimberOil will both will work for me. TimberOil is considered a clear stain, while Defy Epoxy is semitransparent , right? What are the advantages or disadvantages of each BRAND? Which will last longer?

Also, if I purchase five gallons (when I need only three), will the remainder of the stain be good in a couple of years when I need to re-stain my deck?
re: Do you no longer carry Stain and Seal?
Yes I would switch to the TimberOil as we no longer carry the Stain and Seal.
We currently have Woodrich Stain and Seal in Brown Sugar on our 16 year old cedar deck applied by us (homeowners) in 2009. We live in Massachusetts. It doesn't look bad for a 3 year old finish--even with kids and a dog the wear pattern is only in high traffic areas. Do you no longer carry Stain and Seal? I really liked the Brown Sugar color. Should we switch to Timber Oil?
re: Pressure Treated Decks/Timber Oil
Yes, Timber Oil can be used for all types of wood.
Can timber oil be use on pressure treated decks?
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