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How to properly clean and prep a deck before applying a wood deck stain.

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    Ellen Whitford · 06/28/2012
    I had 2/3 of a Mahoghany porch installed last year and used a Cabot stain. It did not take properly and the wood is dirty and blackish, old looking and needs to be cleaned and re-sealed/restained. It was not washed after the sanding and the company advised us that it was not prepared properly. The humid weather left it tacky and it left marks on it several weeks afterwards, with a lacklusterr dull dirty scuffed up finish. This year, I just had the remaining 1/3 of the porch done with the same Mahoghany wood. [u][b]How do I clean the old wood?[/b] Can it be power washed or must it be done with a deck cleaner? We want to use a different company with UV protection for the entire porch floor.[/u] Thanks.
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    The Sealer Store · 06/16/2012
    Ron, clear coatings with no pigment offer little to no UV protection. The best clear on the market is the Defy Extreme Clear. It would be best to remove the Thompsons first with a deck stain stripper followed by a wood brightener. Restore-A-Deck ([url]http://www.opwdecks.com/restore-a-deck.htm[/url]) makes very good products for this. It will remove the Thompsons and you can clean and re coat with the Extreme annually.
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    Ron Griess · 06/16/2012
    We have a doug fir deck that's been treated annually for the last 3 years with Thompson Water Seal (which apparently isn't the best choice). The deck's covered with a metal roof, but still gets plenty of sun on E, S, and W as we live just E of Albuquerque, NM (an arid, very sunny, high elevation climate). Despite the drawbacks, we still want a clear sealer with no added stain. My questions are: 1) what are my best choices, and, 2) what preparation beforehand would be required (i.e.How much cleaning? Any concerns with residual T. Water Seal? etc. and, 3) Is annual application sufficient? Thanks! Your website's terrific! Ron
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    The Sealer Store · 06/13/2012
    I would strip it all off with Restore-A-Deck Stripper followed by a wood brightener. After that I would look at the IPE Oil ([url]http://www.opwdecks.com/ipe-oil-finish.htm[/url]) for a finish.
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    dennis25 · 06/13/2012
    Hi i have a pergola outside which is made of Massaranduba wood i have been using teak oil ever 6 months however after 3 years it has turned white even though we oil it, it does not seem to absorb it anymore. After refinishing it and re oiling it still have a white residue which resembles mold or fungus. We have very hot temperature here and alot of sea salt. Any solution for this?
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    The Sealer Store · 04/30/2012
    I would use a stain stripper ([url]http://www.opwdecks.com/wooddeckstrippers.htm[/url]). It will remove the dirt, grime, and old stains. Nothing wrong with using a pressure washer when using at a light pressure and more for rinsing. The better you remove the old coating the better the new and old wood will match. Make sure to use a wood brightener too!
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    Aimee B. · 04/29/2012
    We have a deck that is about 20 yrs old. It has not been properly maintained and it is weathered and has mold and mildew. We just recently had new rails built and a few boards replaced. Some of the wood was salvagable but just needed lots and lots of TLC. The new wood is the light blonde color and the old wood appears to have a red tinted stain. I spent the day using a deck cleaner and about 1/2 of the deck's mold/mildew has been removed (that's how I saw the stain color) but the other part still looks very grey and dirty. Should I continue to work on the other half of the deck to see if it can get cleaner, and what would everyone recommend OR should I use a stripper? I am just lost at this point and don't want to end up with a crappy deck again. I realize the woods won't match perfectly, but I am hoping when we go to stain it in about 6 months it will blend it (if we use a colored stain). Any advise is appreciated. Oh and I don't use a power washer because that is actually how I ruined some of the boards to begin with. :sad:
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    The Sealer Store · 04/23/2012
    Yes Restore-A-Deck is environmentally safe wood cleaner and brightener. Both TWP 100 Series and Defy Extreme will offer excellent UV protection for your Cypress deck. You must have a tint though as the clears will not last more then 6-12 months. The pre tinted colors will last 2-3 years in most scenarios on a horizontal surface and longer on a vertical surface.
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    Roberta · 04/23/2012
    I have read up on deck cleaners and like both Defy Oxgenated cleaner and Restore a Deck.....is Restore a Deck also enviromental safe ? I know Defy states it will not hurt grass, plants, etc. Also wanted to know which of these 2 products you would best reccomend for a CLEAR sealer on Cyprus Wood Decking . I am looking at TWP 100 or Defy Extreme.

    Thanks for your help
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    The Sealer Store · 04/15/2012
    A good sodium percarbonate based cleaner used a half strength should work well for general cleaning. It will not remove finishes unless the coating has started to fail. Here are a few:

    Defy Wood Cleaner
    Restore-A-Deck Step 1
    Messmers Part A
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    Chris Calcagno · 04/14/2012
    I have just installed a beautiful ipe deck. I have sealed it appropriately and it looks great. However, typical dirt from trees and the kids and foot traffic needs to be cleaned regularly. I can of course sweep it and I do, but once and a while I'd like to clean it. The only cleaners I see for ipe decks are the terribly strong ones if I were getting ready to reseal. That's not what I want. Can you recommend something for daily....well, weekly cleaning?
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    The Sealer Store · 04/04/2012
    If you prep the deck with a wood cleaner and a wood brightener, then yes you can apply a coat of stain. I would look at the Restore-A-Deck ([url]http://www.opwdecks.com/restore-a-deck.htm[/url]) products to prep.
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    Shantanu · 04/04/2012
    Can I stain over the waterproofer that I had applied 2 years back. If now what process shall I follow to stain properly.

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    The Sealer Store · 03/17/2012
    Deck cleaners are designed to remove dirt, grime, mold, graying and or prep a stain for a reapplication. They do not remove or strip stains. The Restore-A-Deck cleaner is an excellent product and will do all of the above.

    Perhaps you are trying to remove an old stain. If so then you would need a stain stripper not a wood cleaner. In addition all deck cleaners need to be scrubbed with a stiff brush or lightly pressure washed.

    If you can be more specific as to what you are trying to clean or remove then I can help point you in the right direction.
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    CHAS ZOSS · 03/17/2012
    I just tried the Restore a deck cleaner, and found it was not very good. Do you have any thing stronger?
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    The Sealer Store · 01/15/2012
    There is probably nothing wrong but I would re-clean and brighten the wood. I would look at the Restore-A-Deck ([url]http://www.opwdecks.com/restore-a-deck.htm[/url]) products.
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    Rebecca · 01/15/2012
    We just had new mahogany tongue and groove flooring cleaned with a wood cleaning solution, but the manufacturer's directions weren't followed and the cleaner was applied and allowed to air dry. Can we save our brand new decking, if so, how?
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    The Sealer Store · 01/07/2012
    I would look at the Restore-A-Deck ([url]http://www.opwdecks.com/restore-a-deck.htm[/url]) Products for prepping for re-coating.

    It depends on how deteriorated the 10 year old fence stain is. If almost completely gone then a deck cleaner ([url]http://www.opwdecks.com/wooddeckcleaners.htm[/url]) will suffice. If not then a deck stripper ([url]http://www.opwdecks.com/wooddeckstrippers.htm[/url]) will be needed.
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    CP · 01/07/2012
    Situation: I had a deck that I had to use your HD-80 to remove some HDepot stain it took forever but came out good. Did that and used brightener then stained with Armsrtong-Clark stain.

    Question 1: That was about 17 months ago I would like to clean it and re-stain with the same stain. To clean and brighten what should I use?

    Question 2: There is also a cedar fence that was stained with some big box stain maybe 10 years ago. I want to strip and stain it with the same A-C stain.
    DO I need stripper or will cleaner do?
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    The Sealer Store · 11/07/2011
    Wood cleaners are designed for outside wood and definitely will prep the deck better then a all purpose cleaner.