IPE requires periodic application of a wood finish every so often. Much more so than a normal wood such as Cedar or Pine. When reapplying a stain or finish to IPE you will need to prep the wood first by removing dirt, grime, mold, etc. Failure to prep the IPE properly will result in a poor appearance of the stain and or premature coating fading.


The Best IPE Deck Cleaners are cleaners that contain the active ingredient called Sodium Percarbonate or better known as Oxygenated Bleach. Theses cleaners are extremely effective at removing all kinds of surface contaminants. They will remove general grime, mold, algae, etc. Sodium Percarbonate deck cleaners come in powdered formulas that contain additional surfactants that are designed to work specifically exterior wood.

Our favorite IPE Deck Cleaners in order:

  1. Restore-A-Deck Kits
  2. Defy Wood Cleaner
  3. Messmers Part A

IPE is a great wood and looks absolutely beautiful when stained. Problem is that you will need to reapply every 9-12 months. Using a deck cleaner that works the best will make the chore of reapplication easier and more effective.

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re: Vice President & COO
Sorry but no it is not possible to clean without removing the graying wood cells.
Vice President & COO

We are about ready to clean our IPE Deck at a hotel in Honolulu. First I would like to say that we like the graying in our IPE Deck and do not want to disturb the color. Do you have a product that will clean and not restore the color. As I mentioned the graying is mainly from the UV. We will not be pressure washing just applying the product and deck brushing and hosing. Do one of your products help with grease and dirt? I look forward to your response.


Michael Reeves
Vice President & COO
IPE decking
We sanded & applied Cabots Austrialian timber oil, looks awful very spotty. What should I use to remove the timber oil? The stains are deep I sanded one board & re stained it. It looks a lot better.
re: IPE Deck
The only way to fix would be to use a stain stripper followed by a wood brightener.
IPE Deck
Hi! Our ipe deck is 4 yrs old. More than a yr ago we decided to pressure wash it, and after that we applied cabot marine oil. The stain has faded now. But the problem is the streaks left after uneven pressure wash. Will Messmers brightner help before applying a coat of Messmers UV Plus? We are staying away this time from pressure washing the deck.Thanks.
re: ipe siding where water is staining the siding on the side of the windows
This is a water stain in the IPE. Not an easy fix as it is deep in the wood. A wood brightener may work.
good day, I have a home with ipe siding where water is staining the siding on the side of the windows. it appears that water is being diverted to the side of the window and as it runs down the siding is staining (darkening). the ipe is not stained or sealed, but the area where he water drains is considerably darker. is this normal? can this be brought back by using a bleach deck cleaner. suggestions to cure this??