KDAT Deck Stains? Which are the Best?

After a new wood deck has been installed, there is a waiting period to allow the wood to dry out prior to staining it. It is recommended to wait at least 3-6 months depending on the climate, sun exposure, and type of wood. A way around this is to install a new deck using KDAT (Kiln Dried After Treatment) lumber.

In KDAT lumber the moisture is removed prior to going to the lumberyard. This essentially means there is no waiting period once the deck is installed to when you can stain it. Actually, you can stain KDAT lumber prior to installation if you want. The key to a good long lasting finish is to use the correct type of KDAT deck stains.

There are several good stain choices for a KDAT deck. One worth mentioning is Defy Extreme. This stain is best suited for smooth surfaces such as a new KDAT deck. The stain dives deep into wood surfaces to provide exceptional protection from moisture, ultraviolet rays, mold, and mildew. In addition, it is Eco-Friendly and VOC compliant.

Another one of the top KDAT deck stains is Armstrong Clark. Their oil based wood stains use an oil-separating technology that is perfect for the smooth finish of a new KDAT deck. The non-drying oils separate from the drying oils. These non-drying oils replace the natural oils of the KDAT lumber while the drying oils stay on the surface locking in the conditioning oils to form a barrier of protection.

Try to stay away from film forming stains. These are not ideal for a KDAT deck and may fail and start to peel. This is also true for solid deck stains or paints that do not penetrate well.

Choosing from the best KDAT deck stains will guarantee that your new deck’s appearance does not diminish due to harsh weather. Find the best KDAT deck stain for your project and protect your investment.

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    The Sealer Store · 06/30/2015
    Hi Dany,

    Both the AC and TWP would work well for the KDAT.

    What product and stain type was applied two years ago? Want to make sure it will come off with a stripper.

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    Danielle Smith · 06/29/2015
    Hello- I have a 3000 square foot 2 year old KDAT yellow pine deck that was stained. I'd like to strip and apply Twp 100 series.
    1. How much stripper, brightener and stain should I purchase?
    2. I live in central Arkansas and read that Defy and Armstrong clark are recommended for KDAT. I tried a sample of TWP and Armstrong Clark and preferred the TWP. Is TWP also appropriate for KDAT decks?