Help Arrow 1Step 1 - Prep the Brick Pavers

Prepping Tip 1: Choose a Paver Cleaner that is specific to what is being removed. Example: Choose a paver stripper to removed an old sealer that has turned white.

Prepping Tip 2: After washing it is best to let the brick pavers dry for 24-48 hours prior to sealing.

Help Arrow 1Step 2 - Seal the Brick Pavers

Sealing Tip 1: Choose a Paver Sealer such as the Super Seal Paver Sealers, Surebond Paver Sealers, or the Masonry Saver Paver Sealer.

Sealing Tip 2: Choose "wet look and or gloss" to enhance the color while leaving a no gloss, matte, semi-gloss or gloss shine.

Sealing Tip 3:If you are unsure of what paver sealer is best for you then ask here: Paver Sealing Questions


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    Alan Riddle · 11/03/2019
    I have used both SuperSeal 25 and 30 on my brick pavers. 25 in 2018 and 30 in 2019. I put two coats on each time. Both lasted about a year before losing their wet look. I now have SB-6000 and 8700 in my cart. Would either of these last longer then a year. I live in Nevada.
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    Ron · 10/11/2019
    I ordered 3 samples to compare on my 6-yr. old paver brick driveway & walk: Supreme Shield SN600, Super Seal 25 & Super Seal 30. I chose SS30 & am very pleased with the results.

    SS30 actually provided a relatively subtle shine, or “wet look,” but not overly glossy. Plus, just a single coat was needed. It also did an excellent job of sealing the newly applied polymer sand in the grooves. Coverage was a little better than listed. Also did a super job of bringing out the brick colors. Many compliments from neighbors.
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    Charley · 05/09/2019
    I have a large brick patio that has one area (about 3' X 4') that has turned white. I am about to re-seal the patio with a solvent based "wet look" sealer. Can I use a chemical coating stripper on that one area without stripping the entire patio?
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    Steve · 05/01/2019
    What is the

    coverage for 5 gallons of Superseal 25
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    Clark · 04/12/2019
    I had the driveway sealed and didn’t drive on it for 3 days. When we took the cars out of the garage it left dark tire marks on the driveway. Called the contractor and he sent his power washing truck and power washed it. It is better but I am not at all happy. How do we get the marks out?? See attached pictures.
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    clark · 02/28/2019
    I posted 2 pictures of the same area before and after I used your “Sealer Stripper” product. It did not work for me. I applied the stripper and could see it soften the old sealer. My pressure washer is 1800 psi and it appeared to clean The residue but when it dryed it still looks bad. I went over this area several times and can’t get it clean! What do you suggest??
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      The Sealer Store · 02/28/2019
      It looks like you removed the old sealer almost fully and what you have left is either efflorescence or soap residue from the stripper. This should remove it if soap residue:

      BTW, 1800 PSI is not enough and is why it was hard to remove. You need 3000-4000 PSI with a GPM of 4-5 gallons per minute.
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    clark · 02/27/2019
    I bought a gallon of your paver sealer stripper and spent several hours trying to strip a brown boarder on my paver drive way that was whiteist. What am I doing wrong?? It looks worse then when I started!! I started applying with a roller and then pressure washing. Not good. Then I applied product with a 3" paint brush and scraped the old sealer with a steel 3" scraper and removed a lot of the old sealer and then pressure washed it but it still looks bad! I live in Florida and the temperature was about 75 degrees and sonny.
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      The Sealer Store · 02/28/2019
      Hard to say as to what is going wrong. It could be not enough dwell time or not enough pressure to remove. I am guessing you need a stronger pressure washer with a turbo tip. Post a picture.
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    richard · 11/16/2018
    can I mix a water base wet look sealer of one gallon to a 4 gallon flat sealer?
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    Ross · 05/31/2018
    I want to seal my patio pavers and get a wet look with my it too much shine. What product would I use ?
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    John Miller · 02/19/2018
    Should the paver patio be dry before applying stripper?
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    John Miller · 02/02/2018
    I have a paver patio sealed with SealnLock sealer (urethane) that I need to strip and re-seal. Can you recommend a good, easy to use stripper?