Defy Marine Seal Wood Cleaner 2.25#

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DEFY Marine Seal Wood Dock Cleaner is an environmentally friendly product that safely cleans, brightens and restores the natural beauty of exterior wood. This product is also an excellent cleaner for exterior vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and concrete surfaces. Unlike chlorine bleach based cleaners, DEFY Marine Seal Wood Cleaner is biodegradable and will not harm wood fibers, grass, plants or marine life. DEFY Marine Seal Wood Cleaner is a powdered concentrate that is mixed with water.

  • Environmentally friendly for "Clean Marinas"
  • Safe for plants and marine life
  • Removes dirt, grime, mildew and graying
  • Biodegradable

DEFY Marine Seal Wood Cleaner removes dirt, grime, mildew stains, previous coatings (not paint) and weathered graying from horizontal and vertical wood surfaces. This product is recommended for surface preparation prior to application or reapplication of clear finishes and stains (for best results use DEFY Marine Seal Wood Dock Stain). Note: DEFY Marine Seal Wood Cleaner will darken redwood and some types of cedar. Apply cleaner in a test area to ensure proper results prior to proceeding on the entire project.

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