Brick Pavers have become increasingly popular through the tears for residential homeowners looking for an alternative to normal concrete patios or wood decking. Paver patios can be designed in virtually in shape and offer great landscaping value. Brick Pavers though can become dull and will lose their overall appearance after a few years in direct sunlight.

Adding a gloss or shine to your pavers will enhance the overall appearance and restore the pavers while sealing and protecting them from stains. There are different types of sealers for brick pavers. Some will not change the appearance while others will leave a shiny gloss finish.

Non-Gloss Sealers for Pavers

Sealers that are designed to not alter the appearance of the pavers. These sealers will offer water repellency and in some cases joint sand stabilizing (hardening). A few examples of these sealers are:

  • SuperSeal-M
  • Surebond SB-1300
  • Defy Heavy Duty Water Repellent

Matte Shine Paver Sealers

Matte gloss sealers for brick will darken the colors in the brick but typically leave a low luster shine:

  • SuperSeal Matte Paver Seal
  • Defy Paver Sealer

*Most Popular Semi-Gloss Paver Sealants

Semi-Gloss paver sealers are the most popular as they will darken the pavers while at the same time leave a nice enhanced shine to the surface. Typically lasting about 2 years for most scenarios, semi-gloss paver sealers are the economical as well:

  • SuperSeal 25 Sealer
  • Surebond SB-7000 *leaves gloss but little to no darkening

High Gloss Paver Sealers

High gloss paver sealers are for the homeowner who really wants their pavers to stands out with a rich deep gloss shine and overall darkening of the appearance, Typically offer the longest in protection as well.

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