There are many choices of deck stain colors and tones. Depending on the brand of deck stain, you will most commonly find natural, cedar, brown, and redwood colors to choose from. A few other less common color choices are grays, rustics, and olive colors. Some deck stain brands offer more colors than their competitors.

Another factor that comes into play is the opacity of the deck stain. This will have an influence on how the deck stain turns out. Light colors with fewer pigments will allow more of the wood’s natural characteristics to show through. This type of deck stain color can appear different from one deck to another. Factors like wood age, condition, type, and porosity also play a part. Darker more heavily pigmented colors are more opaque and allow less of the wood grain to show through. The exact deck stain color will be less affected by the wood’s natural appearance.

To gain more help with deck stain colors, you can order stain color samples to test on your deck. Knowing that colors can vary from one deck to another, this is the only real way of knowing how a certain deck stain color will look.

It is also worth noting that generally speaking the darker the color the more UV protection it will provide. The more pigments, the more harmful UV rays are reflected away. This might factor into your final deck color decision. This is by no means indicating to use a very dark solid color. All deck stain colors will protect from the sun, but some provide more protection than others. Also take into consideration that lighter or more natural deck stain colors are easier to maintain than the heavy pigment colors.

In addition to help with deck stain colors, the best bet is to apply a brand of deck stain you trust. Choose a color that will enhance the beauty of your deck while offering weather protection. If you are still unsure of deck color choice, order some color samples in a few colors you prefer and test them on your deck.

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