Adding a warm, rich stain to a cedar house increases its beauty and benefits its longevity. Staining a cedar house aids in preserving the natural oils in the wood that give cedar its distinctive scent and helps to deter insects and fungi.

Knowing how to stain a cedar house is valuable in keeping the siding maintained over the long run. Maintenance is the key to hinder the effects of weathering. Deep penetrating stains are available in a broad assortment of colors and tones that enhance the natural beauty of cedar. It is best to use a cedar stain that has both UV protection and mildewcides.

Stain a cedar house only after it has been properly cleaned. It is essential to first wash the cedar house with a wood cleaner. The aid of a scrub brush or pressure washer is vital to loosen any debris, dirt, or gray fibers from the wood. Take care not to use extreme water pressure on the cedar so to not damage it.

After cleaning a cedar house, apply a wood brightener while it is still wet. This step corrects the pH level of the wood and helps to bring back its natural colors after cleaning. Let the brightener dwell as directed then rinse the siding.

Be sure you have fair weather for the days you decide to apply stain. There are many types of application tools and equipment. The most popular way is to use a large staining brush or sprayer. Be sure to cover anything you do not want stain on. Place plastic over windows, landscaping, concrete, and so on.

Additional Tips: Keep the stain well mixed throughout the day. Only apply as much stain as the cedar will absorb. Try not to stain a cedar house in direct sunlight, especially on a hot day. Apply stain across the full length of each plank to prevent lap marks. Back brush any areas where there is stain buildup that is not soaking in.

Learning how to stain a cedar house can be helpful to maintain the home’s appearance. Preserving cedar house siding will not only add curb appeal but also protect your investment and give you years of enjoyment.

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