How to Best Stain a Pine Fence With Long Lasting Results

Adding a fence to your home is one of those investments that you also get to enjoy. Privacy and increased curb appeal or two of the most common reasons homeowners have a fence installed. Pine is probably the most affordable material used for fencing. A pine fence can last for many years. To increase the life expectancy of a pine fence you can treat it with a weather resistant stain. Knowing how to stain a pine fence can help save you money by performing the task on your own.

The pine fence must first be washed. Older fences should be cleaned to remove dirt, grime, and graying but even newer pine fences need to be cleaned. New pine lumber will have mill glaze on it that can hinder the performance of the stain. Use a wood cleaner to loosen the dirt and contaminants in conjunction with a scrub brush or pressure washer. Follow up the washing process with an application of wood brightener. The brightener allows the wood pores to open and restores the natural color of the pine.

Allow the pine fence to dry 1-2 days after cleaning. Prior to starting the pine fence staining, confirm there is an adequate weather window. Ideally, it should be between 60-80 degrees and no rain for at least 12 hours after staining is complete. To avoid applying fence stain in direct sunlight, choose a time of day when the fence is mostly shaded.

It is best to apply pine fence stain using a brush, roller, or sprayer. Shield plants, house siding, concrete, and other surfaces with plastic to protect them from drips and overspray. Begin on one end of the pine fence and stain one whole board at a time. This will help eliminate lap marks. Only apply as much fence stain as the wood will soak up. Do not allow the stain to puddle, drip, or run. Wipe away any excess stain that has not soaked in within 10-15 minutes using a brush or clean wipe cloth. Proceed in this manner until your pine fence is stained.

Regular maintenance of a pine fence should be performed every 3-4 years. Maintenance should consist of a light wash and a recoat of stain. Knowing how to stain a pine fence will save you money and give you a lasting investment that you can enjoy well into the future.

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