Once you have put in the time and money to stain your deck or other exterior wood surface it makes sense to save any remaining deck stain for future use. Left over stain can be stored and used in the future once the wood needs to be recoated again. Following a few simple rules when dealing with how to store a deck stain for future use will ensure a longer shelf life.

Always store the stain in the airtight container it came in. Once you are finished with the stain and preparing it for storage combine all the left over stain into the least amount of containers as possible. Be sure the lid is tightly sealed so the solvents do not evaporate. Store deck stain on a high shelf where children cannot get to it. Store the stain in a mild temperature area trying to avoid extreme cold or heat.

Deck stains can be extremely flammable so always store away from open flames or fire hazards. Never store stain in direct sunlight. Never allow the stain to freeze as this can jeopardize the performance of the formula although some oil based stains can withstand freezing temperatures, water based stains could freeze solid.

Be sure to label and date left over deck stain for future reference. Brushes, rollers, and any other stain application tools can be cleaned and stored for future use as well. Follow the directions for clean up according to the stain label. Oil based stains will clean up with mineral spirits while water and soap is sufficient for water based deck stains. If you used a pump sprayer for applying the stain be sure to clean it as well so it can be used at a later time. Most deck stains will last 1-2 years if stored properly. Follow these guidelines to store a deck stain for future use and it will save you money in the long run.

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    Liz · 08/14/2021
    Can we store it in a plastic bucket