altExterior stains for wood sided homes such as Log Homes and Cedar Homes. We carry both penetrating and film-forming finishes. These stains will preserve and protect the natural tones of your wood framed house.

Log Home stains will enhance your wood beauty!

Log and Cedar Home Stains

Defy Extreme Stain 1 Gallon
Defy Original Synthetic 5 Gallon
0 Rating
Messmers TimberFlex 1 Gallon
TWP 100 Series 1 Gallon
Armstrong Clark Stain 1 Gallon
Penofin Blue Label 1 Gallon
Defy Hardwood Stain 1 Gallon
Defy Extreme Stain 5 Gallon
Penofin Red Label 1 Gallon
TWP 1500 Series 1 Gallon
TWP 1500 Series 5 Gallon
Messmers TimberFlex 5 Gallon
Armstrong Clark Stain 5 Gallon
TWP 100 Series 5 Gallon
Defy Hardwood Stain 5 Gallon