What is the Longest Lasting Deck Stain Brand and Sealer is a common question that a residential homeowner may have. Tired of trying all of the stains that are available locally, homeowners are looking towards the Internet for deck stain reviews and help to find a better alternative for the exterior wood. Let us look at what makes a stain or sealer last longer than other brands.

Penetration Into The Wood

This is very simple to explain. The better a wood stain penetrates into the wood, the longer it will last. This is even more important on a horizontal walking deck surface. When a stain soaks into the wood pores it is less likely to peel or wear.

Prepping of the Wood Prior To Stain Application

This is the number one reason why deck stains may fail. The better the wood is prepped the more porous the wood will be. This is then related to penetration. If the wood is prepped and is more porous, then the better the stain penetrates and the longer it will last. Key mistakes that homeowners make is applying a new stain over top a different brand or not prepping new wood with a wood cleaner and wood brightener.


In general, the more pigment or darker color a stain has, the longer it will take to fade away. We prefer semi-transparent stains as they offer UV protection and still show the natural grain of the wood.

Now the most important question, which stain brand lasts the longest? Hard to say since stains perform differently based on where you live and your overall weather exposure. Feel free to ask below in our comment section about which deck stain or sealer would last the longest for your deck.

Be sure to include:

  • State you live in
  • Previous coatings that were used and why they failed
  • Any other information that may be useful
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