Having a deck in Canada means putting up with harsh weather, especially in the winter. This is the most vulnerable time when an exterior wood deck is subjected to moisture from rain and snow. It is also prone to freeze and thaw damage that occurs when melting snow and unwanted moisture penetrates the wood and then freezes again. This continuous cycle can cause major structural issues as well as splitting, cracking and board warping ruining a deck in a few short years.

A protective coat of a deep penetrating stain is needed on a regular basis to lock out moisture and prevent this type of damage. Oil based deck stains are known for excellent penetration and protection. Unlike film forming types of deck stains, oil based deck stains in Canada are not prone to flaking or chipping and are easier to maintain.

The trouble with oil based deck stains in Canada is that some of them are not compliant due to harsh VOC (volatile organic compound) laws. Finding a quality oil based deck stain that is compliant in Canada can be tricky. From our research many professionals suggest a deck stain like Armstrong Clark stain, which is compliant in most states and Canada. This type of oil based deck stain provides superb protection in a low VOC formula.

Using an oil based deck stain in Canada will ensure excellent winter protection as well as UV protection during summer months. Oil based deck stains not only provide great protection but they can condition older wood as well. They also enhance the wood’s natural beauty and help with color retention. Deck stains that penetrate the wood hold up better in harsh weather and are much easier to maintain than other types of deck stains. Finding one that is VOC compliant and eco-friendly is even better. Oil based deck stains in Canada can help protect your investment by providing a durable finish that will hold up to harsher weather.

Our Best Oil Based Deck Stains for Canada Are:

Armstrong Clark Decking Stain

TWP 200 Series Wood Deck Stain

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