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Etch and Clean is a concentrated, acidic cleaning solution that produces a light etch. The material uses phosphoric acid to lightly etch the surface and remove mild efflorescence. Using phosphoric instead of muriatic acid gently increases the porosity without damaging the substrate, therby allowing better penetration.


Dilute the material as described. Test Etch and Clean to assure compatibility. Pre-wet surface with water. Apply with pump sprayer and scrub with nylon brush. Do not allow the solution to dry on the substrate. Once cleaning is complete, pressure wash or scrub with clean water, rinsing away all the cleaning solution. Let dry completely before application of coating or stain.


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Yes it is an acid so best to do not get it on any flowers.
Will this product damage flower beds that surround the patio when washing away the product if it runs off into the flower beds?
I have a stain around my fountain from splash that I am having a hard time removing. Do you have a product to remove the hard water build up.