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How To Deck Tips 32

Please read our How-To Deck Restoration articles below. You will find info on how to clean, stain and refinish your exterior wood deck. If you have any questions about your deck restoration project, please ask below an articles in the comment section to get help from the experts.

Help Choosing a Best Deck Stain 5

Consumers are constantly confused at to what is the best deck stain, type, or color for their deck. Years of trying stains from Big Box stores with repetitive failure has really taken toll on the chore of restoring your deck.

The main questions that have consumers have when choosing a deck stain are:

  • Type of stain to use. Transparency difference
  • Which brands last the longest
  • Which decking stains are easy to re-coat without the need to strip
  • What are the best deck stain colors
  • Where can I buy a quality deck stain locally
  • Penetrating vs. Film-Forming Stains
  • Oil Based Deck Stains vs. Water Based Stains

In the following articles we will look at these questions and help you determine the brand and type of stain that is best for your deck.

Staining IPE Deck Tips 3

IPE and Exotic Hardwoods are beautiful and naturally resistant to rot and decay. The problem lies with the maintenance of these Brazilian Woods. They are so "dense" that many stains cannot penetrate well into the wood resulting in complete failure or short lived life. In the how to tips on staining and cleaning IPE we will look at:

  • Best IPE Stains
  • Best IPE Cleaners
  • How To Stain IPE Tips
  • How to maintain IPE properly

Best Brick Paver Sealers 3

Brick Paver Sealers are designed to seal, protect, enhance, and stabilize jointing sand. In these articles we go over the different types of sealers for pavers.

  • Gloss Options for Paver Sealants
  • Wet look Paver Sealants
  • Joint Sand Stabilizers

Best Deck Cleaner Reviews and Tips 2

The Sealer Store carries many different brands of exterior wood and deck cleaners. Consumers are always asking which is the "best deck cleaner". Actually all of our cleaners for decks are very good and effective at prepping your wood. Here are some tips on which products you should purchase:

  • If possible you should pick companion products. For example, if you were looking to buy Defy Stains then we would suggest buying the Defy Wood Cleaner.
  • Not all Decking Stains have a companion deck cleaner. In this case we would highly suggest the Restore-A-Deck Products. They are highly effective and extremely cost efficient.

In our future articles on decking cleaners will review their effectiveness, cost, and application tips.

Deck Stain Stripping Tips 3

There are many different brands of Deck Deck Stains Strippers. In these articles we will look at:

  • Different Brands of Stain Strippers
  • What types of Deck Stains they remove and where they may have difficulty
  • Cost effectiveness of stripping/removing a deck stains as opposed to sanding.