Decks probably take the majority of abuse in colder climates. Winter can be especially harsh on a deck when moisture penetration and freeze/thaw damage is common. The key to a long lasting, beautiful deck in a cold region like Canada is using a stain that will hold up in tough conditions. Oil based deck stains may be a good option but most of them are not compliant with Canada’s strict VOC laws. This makes water based deck stains a better option.

With that said, finding a quality water based deck stain that will do the job may be a little difficult. Most water based deck stains are not known to penetrate or hold up well. That was however until Defy formulated a deck stain that uses new technology that is a first in the industry. A water based deck stain in Canada like Defy Extreme Stain is not only VOC compliant and eco friendly, it provides leading protection that will outperform all tinted transparent wood stains.

Using light stabilizing particles and synthetic resins it blocks out harmful UV rays, prevents mold and seals the wood from water penetration. This is the key in preventing freeze/thaw damage. Defy even makes a clear formula that blocks out UV rays to prevent wood graying like no other clear water based deck stain on the market. The water based formula of Defy can also be used on other smooth or rough surfaces like wood siding, wood shakes, outdoor furniture and other hardwoods.

It is easy to get around the stricter VOC laws by using a water based deck stain in Canada. With new stain technology these water based deck stains are not only durable enough to withstand harsh winter weather but they provide a beautiful finish by enhancing the wood grain’s natural beauty. Protect your investment and prolong the life of your exterior wood surfaces by using a water based deck stain in Canada.

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