Wet Look Sealers are designed to enhance or darken the appearance of your brick pavers and decorative concrete similar to if wet with water. Wet look sealers in most scenarios will add a shine or gloss to the surface. This can range from a low gloss to a high gloss. Wet look paver sealers will typically last about 18-36 months before they need to be reapplied.

Here is a list of wet look sealers. This is in order of how much the sealer will darken the pavers natural color:

  1. SuperSeal 30
  2. SuperSeal 25
  3. SuperSeal Matte
  4. Defy Paver Sealer
  5. Surebond SB-600

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re: Do I need some form of grit to prevent slip on superseal25
Most people do not use it unless they think a grip is needed.
Do I need some form of grit to prevent slip on superseal25
Hard to say if a solvent based sealer will work or not on top of your water based. Might want to get a sample. You can find them in the top menu.
It is a wet look sealer but has not given me the look that I expected.
What do you recommend I do to achieve that look? That is why I asked about xylene based sealer.
I have put a thin coat of water based sealer on my new pavers. Would it be feasible to put xylene based sealer over that. It is not repelling water so it has penetrated the pavers but is not completely sealed.
re: Best sealer for patio pavers
I would look at the SuperSeal 30 for this.
Best sealer for patio pavers
I have concrete pavers and I'd like to have a wet, semi-gloss or gloss look as long as it's not slippery.

I'll be rolling it on and want a quality product.

What do you recommend?