TWP 100 Series 1 GallonWhere to buy TWP stain?

If you are in need of a high-quality deck stain to provide protection for your deck and deck railings then you will most likely be considering the TWP stain brand as one of your options.

The benefits of using this brand are plentiful as it is one of the most well-known and best-regarded deck stain products on the market. So you might be wondering… where to buy TWP stain from? And are there any good deals?

What exactly is TWP stain?

The abbreviation TWP means “Total Wood Preservative.” You can use it to protect and preserve the surface of different wooden surfaces. They include all sorts of furniture, the surfaces of walls or floors, fences, gazebos, and outdoor decks. TWP stain protects all of these items from moisture, rot, and even fading from sunlight and adverse weather.

The finish from TWP stains is high quality with several choices in the color and tone. Importantly the results look professional and can be long-lasting when TWP stain is applied correctly. For these reasons, TWP stain is one of the most popular deck stain products, with high satisfaction rates among customers.


Just how good is it? And what kinds of TWP stains are there?

It is very good! Some of the benefits include good coverage and fast drying times.

There are for sale. You can order the TWP 100 series which is great for wood protection while the TWP 1500 series is on a whole new level and is popular amongst large companies. There are many more TWP stains from which to choose from. All of them have a set of unique colors. It is up to you to choose what suits your deck and property best.

Where to buy TWP stain from?

It is now clear what exactly TWP stain is and why it is so popular. There are many reasons why you should give it a try but where can you buy TWP stain from?

One option would be to go directly to the website. Or you could always order your TWP stain from OPW decks. Our website is quick and easy to use when it comes to ordering and receiving the products and there are many good offers available for you. Whether you need TWP stain for just one deck or several, you can find what you need from our online store.

We stock a full range of TWP stains. If you want to learn more about OPW decks and the different TWP stain offers, you can click here.

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