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Jan 18

Wood and Deck Restoration

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Tagged in: decks

Wood and Deck RestorationAsk any questions regarding exterior wood and deck restoration. Questions can relate to wood fences, wood decks, wood homes, etc. If you have a question on your wood project then this is the best place to ask.

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You cannot apply anything on top of the Cabot to extend the life. You could stain with the Armstrong Clark in one of the semi-solid colors for better life.
TheSealerStore , March 31, 2015
very large deck stained with cabot timber oil color of jarrah.. looking for a longer lasting finish.. could we restain with cabot then apply something else for a more durable finish.. deck is too large and very high off the ground to be staining every year.
Lori Stansbury , March 31, 2015
deck stained with cabot timber ooil in color of jarrah.. loved the color but not the wear... deck stained 2 yrs ago.. is there a product that lastest longer? deck is very large
Lori Stansbury , March 31, 2015
Prep first with the Restore A Deck Kits and stain with the Armstrong Clark woo deck stain.
TheSealerStore , March 07, 2015
I live in SW Florida. I have a 1,000 sq ft 2nd story wrap around deck. It is old pressure treated lumber that is cracking and warping. I have to replace some boards that are rotting. I need to get this deck treated before the rainy season starts. I want to use a product I dont have to strip for re-treatment and that is durable in this climate. What do you suggest?
Shannon , March 07, 2015
re: redwood deck
Make sure to prep by removing the old coating first. The can be done with the Restore A Deck Products. When the wood is prepped properly then I would suggest either TWP 1515 Honeytone or the Armstrong Clark in one of their light tints.
TheSealerStore , January 25, 2015
redwood deck
question. we have a new redwood deck, a little over 1 year old. We did have it professionally treated after it was completed. A couple of boards needed to be replaced b/c they had some cracks. This was in Dec. This time my husband will apply the finish on the new boards. We live in the San Francisco bay area, by the water, we get get sun and the elements. What clear stain, or the clearest stain would you recommend? If there is a store in our area zip code 94401 that would be helpful,otherwise we can purchase it online. He is ready to apply as soon as possible now. thank you so much!

It has already been washed and is dried right now.
Andrea , January 25, 2015
You can do either. If you were happy with the Timber Oil then you might want to stay with it. TWP may give a little better UV protection but it will still need to be redone every couple of years.
TheSealerStore , October 01, 2014
Timber Oil replacement
At the recommendation of many, we chose Woodrich Timber Oil as the stain for our new western cedar deck two years ago. As advertised, it was easy to apply and worked great for a new cedar deck. The deck is clearly in need of a new application and I was wondering how difficult it would be two switch to a more durable stain like TWP 1500 (or similar), or are we better staying with the Timber Oil? I'm unwilling to have to strip the deck at this point just to switch stains...just a good cleaning and staining.
Scott S. , September 30, 2014
Never heard of this before but it is possible that the soles of his shoes reacted with the brightener which is a mild citric acid.
TheSealerStore , September 16, 2014
tried the rag - went with the cleaner/brightener
Wow - you guys are awesome! My husband doesn't call back as fast as you guys respond to help questions! Especially impressive because you are one time zone earlier than I am.

I tried the wet rag, with no luck. It really looks like these shoe prints are a result of stain being removed from the wood. I decided to end the rag and get out the cleaner/brightener, and a deck brush, and I applied that this morning. It's still wet, but I guess I'll find out later if those weird shoe marks are gone. Have you heard of this before? It's very strange. We looked at the shoes last night, they were very clean. The cleaner/brightener must have reacted with the shoe rubber...?

I've learned my lesson...no staining decking surfaces first.

Karen , September 15, 2014
re: Second coat - questions
Not without removing the shoe prints first. Try wiping them off with a wet rag.
TheSealerStore , September 15, 2014
Second coat - questions
I've been looking at that decking for a few hours now. It is completely dry now - and I can see actual SHOE imprints here and there along with the wear and tear, courtesy of my husband's big feet. I can understand dragging marks from a ladder, but shoe tread marks? He was wearing running shoes with black tread. And these are nice footprints, no dragging.

Still recommend the second coat? This is so odd.
Karen , September 14, 2014
Yes you can do a very light coat now or you could just wait until Spring.
TheSealerStore , September 14, 2014
Decking problem continued
THe lighter marks on my decking look like the stain has been worn off - if this is the case, is it possible to just put another very light coat of the twp 1500 over the decking again? I can't believe this.

Also - when I did the wet on wet, the second coat that I applied was very light, and I wonder now if i messed that up based on what happened today.

Karen , September 14, 2014
Problem with the stained surface now
Sigh - I washed my pergola and balusters, and we used a pressure washer (an electric one), and now the decking looks worn. There are areas where the stain seems to be worn off. I thought at first perhaps it was just dirt, but I've been wiping it and that stuff seems to be permanent.

I wet down the decking with water before I started with the Restore a Deck products - but could this be the result of the cleaner maybe drying on the decking? I have no idea what is wrong. I used a heck of a lot of water. The most psi out of that pressure washer is 1800 psi, and the fan end of the wand was about 2 feet from every surface - never closer since I was paranoid.

Last week I did 2 coats, wet on wet, and it's been raining, the water has puddled on the decking. Do i need to do another coat of twp on the decking now? Can I do it now - or is this a job for next summer? And if it is a job for next summer, does this mean wet on wet again?

Very frustrated. Next time I will never do the decking first.
Karen , September 14, 2014
Pressure washing under 1200 psi will be fine and make sure to do long sweeping passes with the wand.
TheSealerStore , September 11, 2014
Great - how long should I wait?

Also - I was thinking that instead of scrubbing all those balusters (and losing my mind), I'd buy a pressure washer and use the cleaner-brightener on the verticals. I guess the pressure washer won't hurt things, so long as I keep it under 1200 psi? Last year for the very first staining, I actually hand scrubbed every single surface of the deck, including all the balusters.
Karen , September 10, 2014
Karen, only one coat on the verticals. The cleaner and brightener should not harm the stained areas. when you stain the verticals, make sure to tarp/cover the floor.

TheSealerStore , September 10, 2014
cleaning continued
I previously cleaned my pergola a few months ago with the restore a deck product but it has literally rained all summer and I never did do the staining or clean the verticals. I only did the horizontals because they really needed it. Last year we did 1 coat only of the twp. I'm aware I should have started at the top and worked down but life doesn't always go as planned. The weather is calling for a dry week next week and I wonder if I can do the rest.
Also I wonder if the verticals,
Especially the balusters need 2 coats via wet on wet.
Karen , September 09, 2014
use of cleaner
I am maintaining my deck-pergola in 2 stages. I cleaned and brightened the handrail and flooring and stained them yesterday. I still have a pergola and the balusters to clean-brighten and stain. The stain is twp 1500 and I did wet on wet application. I used restore a deck and I have a 2 year old pt pine deck. Can I use the restore a deck on the verticals and pergola in a few days or will this mess up the newly stained parts? How long should I wait?
Karen , September 09, 2014
You might need to strip it off and brighten for the prep next year.
TheSealerStore , September 04, 2014
can I wait until next spring, clean and brighten and then put another coat on?
massachusetts , September 03, 2014
re: How long can you wait
Wait? TWP is applied wet on wet. If you apply more now, it may not dry properly. You may need to strip off and start over.
TheSealerStore , September 03, 2014
How long can you wait
Stained a deck using TWP 1500 on Saturday. Made a mistake not going the full length of each board and now have overlap marks. How long can I wait before touching up with remaining product before I have to clean and brighten?
massachusetts , September 02, 2014
Lynda S, we are an online dealer and we ship to Canada. Look at the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , August 26, 2014
refinishing cedar garage door
I have just spent a lot of time cleaning and prepping my cedar garage door for restaining. I would like to use a
transparent or semi transparent oil based stain. I am looking for an oil based stain. Can you recommend a brand that I can purchase here in Canada, Ontario specifically. thanks.
Lynda S. , August 25, 2014
re: Painted spindles and stained hand rails
The RAD stripper will not remove the painted spindles. No stripper will.
TheSealerStore , August 25, 2014
Painted spindles and stained hand rails
Can I use restore a deck stripper on my painted spindles? The hand rails are stained, along with the decking and steps, but the spindles are painted white, and I want to restain and repaint the entire porch.
Kirby , August 25, 2014
JJ, 40 should be fine as long as it does not feel to rough to the surface. Use the 1500 or 100 Series.
TheSealerStore , August 15, 2014
Dana, use the TWP 100 Series or the Defy Extreme for the Pacific NW.
TheSealerStore , August 15, 2014
re: Do you know anything about the performance of the product SEAL-IT ?
It is a gimmick. May help some with decay but does nothing for UV protection or surface protection.
TheSealerStore , August 15, 2014
Do you know anything about the performance of the product SEAL-IT ?
Rebecca , August 14, 2014
I am planning on doing a first staining a new cedar deck. The deck has been bare for about 10 months. The wood is in good shape with only a few small patches of green mold. The mold washed off easily with Biowash SimpleWash. What stain would you recommend for a new cedar deck in the PNW that gets plenty of rain. I would like to use a semi transparent oil base.
Thanks for your advise.
dana , August 14, 2014

I am removing a failing stain (SW deck scape)from my cedar deck in Seattle. The only way to remove it is by sanding and I am finding I need to use 40 grit. Can you advise whether I need to go over the surface with a finer grit prior to brightening and applying a stain? Or is it fine to proceed after just using the 40 grit.
I plan on restaining with either Twp 1500 or TimberOil. I am hoping that neither one of those will ever need to be sanded off. I plan on only needing to clean and restain every few years.

JJ , August 14, 2014
BH, look at the TWP stains for this. They will last 2-3 years.
TheSealerStore , August 11, 2014
I have a 12 x 14 pressure treated wood deck with bench seat on two sides and spindle railing and stairs. I just finished cleaning it and I'm trying to figure out the best stain/sealer to use and how much I need. Years ago I applied CWV but was not happy with it. It was cleaned off the best we could and then applied Thompson's water seal. I reapplied Thompson's in October 2011 but only to the flat surfaces and I'm overdue with putting something on the entire deck.
I am considering the Timber Oil. Does this sound like a good product for me to use for my deck? Should I use a deck brightener first? Also, there is a comment regarding "annual" maintenance. Does this mean that you need to apply the Timber Oil every year? I would prefer to get a minimum of 3 years out of whatever product I use. I see recommendations in other comments for TWP1500 or TWP100. Perhaps this is my best option since I would prefer to be able to simply clean and then reapply.
Since my deck is clean and ready to go I would appreciate your suggestions.
Thank you for your time.
BH , August 11, 2014
re: Teak furniture?
Use a deck cleaner and pressure washer for prep and to restore wood. Stain with a penetrating oil based stain such as IPE Oil:

TheSealerStore , August 01, 2014
Teak furniture?
A bit off topic, but perhaps you have some thoughts? We have a set of outdoor teak furniture. We bought into the "just let them weather and grey, they need no maintenance" advice. Big mistake. They are now badly weathered--surface rough, stained grey/black with lighter splotches (mold? lichen?). Any hope? Should I try sanding, then refinishing? Any suggestions for teak?
mlingga , July 31, 2014
re: rental house I have in the Chicago area
For the prep use the Restore A Deck Kit and pressure washing:

For the stain try TWP 1500 Series:

You will need:
-RAD 300 Kit for prep
-One 5 gallon Pail of the TWP
TheSealerStore , July 22, 2014
I am writing about a rental house I have in the Chicago area. The wood deck has not had any maintenance for over 6 years, but I am told it is in "pretty good shape." I believe the last application was either a stain or more likely a sealer. Just not sure. I intend on using a power washer in the restoring process, but just don't know what products to use in what order. I would appreciate you giving me, if possible, a step by step method I can use to restore the deck. I need which of your products and in what order and how to use. Of course I am looking for the most durable and attractive deck I can have. Thank you. I will be placing an order with you as soon as I receive your answer. The deck is about 20' x 20' with 8 or 10 steps.

david holleman , July 22, 2014
Kim, not sure on this as we only sell semi-transparent and not paints.
TheSealerStore , July 15, 2014
I am trying to restore an old weathered outdoor sign that is located in the wetlands. The sign is 4ft. by 8ft. in size. It was originally stained but did not have a protective sealer over it. I am not sure what steps to take and which method I should use in refinishing it. I am thinking about using a combination of materials, first by starting with a wood cleaner, then sanding, after that I could use a primer followed by using sign paint for the area that has lettering and using acrylic paints for the illustration area also I would stain the trim and posts and wanted to use a protective sealer that I could reapply regularly so the so the illustrated image would last for a long time . Could you please help me ? Do you have a sealer that would work for that and do you have any suggestions on how I should do this or is it better to use all stains and if so would I be able to get a large variety of colors in smaller amounts ? Thank You !
Kim Schardt , July 15, 2014
Eddie, yes you should clean and brighten for prep. That is rust around the nails and will most likely come back after a rain.
TheSealerStore , July 06, 2014
I have a 30 year old cedar deck that I just sanded after 30 years of failed stains. My question is, do I need both the cleaner and the brightener if it has been sanded? I do see some tannin spots, especially around the nail holes (didn't have screws 30 years ago?). Thanks.
Eddie , July 05, 2014
JL Smith, the extreme clear is penetrating. Prep first with the Restore A Deck Stripper to remove the Superdeck and use the RAD brightener when done.
TheSealerStore , June 26, 2014
Is Defy Extreme Clear Stain considered a penetrating product or a film forming stain? I have a cedar deck that is under snow load for 3 or 4 months a year. I previously used SuperDeck and it held up fairly well, but I am looking for a little more protection. I prefer a clear sealer. The deck does get a lot of sun in the summer. Any recommendations for preparing the deck for Defy Extreme Clear Stain?
J L Smith , June 25, 2014
re: Sealer over solid color deck stain?
No such thing as a sealer that can be applied over a solid color stain.
TheSealerStore , June 23, 2014
re: Recommendation for Restoration of wood deck
Use the Armstrong Clark or the TWP 1500.
TheSealerStore , June 22, 2014
Recommendation for Restoration of wood deck
I want to restore a wood deck that is weathered and neglected for the last few years, I am going to purchase the "Restore a deck" kit but need a recommendation for a (oil based?) finish to apply after. I am not pressed about staining I just want to get a finish on it for protection as I don't want to replace this deck. Upon your recommendation I will place my order as I'm ready to get started asap.
Thank you!
Russell Treacy , June 22, 2014
Sealer over solid color deck stain?
We stained a new deck with a national brands solid color deck stain and it seems as though there is dirt from foot traffic which does not easily wash.

Needless to say the customer is not happy , so I am trying to find a sealer that can be applied over a solid color stain. Can you help?
socalbuilder , June 21, 2014
re: Sanding cedar deck rather than using a cleaner before staining with oil-based stain
No you need a cleaner for the prep.
TheSealerStore , June 19, 2014
Sanding cedar deck rather than using a cleaner before staining with oil-based stain
I am getting up in years and am searching for easiest way to restore my 12x14 cedar deck, last coated with a high quality, oil based, semi-transparent stain. Can I avoid the cleaning process by hosing the deck, than using a power sander (some of the boards are showing grey)? Since I have always used stain, and the decking material is cedar, there is no peeling, just signs of wear. Thank you for your kind service. Wayne Knopf werdem@q.com
Wayne Knopf , June 18, 2014
re: deck paint color too hot to walk on
Sorry but no.
TheSealerStore , June 15, 2014
deck paint color too hot to walk on
Hello i got this deck and porch paint in a teal green which looks great but when the sun is in the deck you cant walk on it with your bare feet because of it being too hot. Is there any thing i could top that with to make it enjoyable for bare feet or am i just stuck?aoyyh
sharon hubbard , June 14, 2014
Rick,Yes you should strip off the Cabot before re staining. Look at the TWP 100 Series stain for the log cabin. It can be cleaned and reapplied as needed. You always have to clean first before reapplying.
TheSealerStore , June 12, 2014
Have cabot sealer on log home and want to reseal. do I need to strip it first because it has just turned grey or darker from time or weathering. It has been about 7-8 years since sealing. It was clear sealer but I think I need to go back with a translucent this time to retard greying as long as possible. what brand is the best & most cost effective. I live in Nasville area & house is shaded most of the day so I have quite a few trees around house. Just want to put best stain on so I don't have to restain so often. Can you restain every 3-4 years with just light pressure washing or do you need to clean & brighten every time.
Rick N Robinson , June 12, 2014
re: Pressure washer damage
No way to fix pressure wash marks except maybe sanding.
TheSealerStore , June 09, 2014
Pressure washer damage
Hi. We recently pressure washed our with a cleaner. It left marks all over it. I think he got too close to the wood with the washer. Is there anyway to fix this?!?! Please help. We just built it last year. Would be heartbroken if it is ruined thanks
Allison , June 08, 2014
re: Colour Choice & Longevity
Corey, it's the wood, not the stain that causes this issue. The AC has shown to give the longest color retention results but hard to say if it will be 12 months. Amber or Mahogany. try stripping instead of sanding. Sanding reduces the stains ability to penetrate.
TheSealerStore , June 08, 2014
Colour Choice & Longevity
I am up in Canada, I My company did a large 1200 ft2 Kayu Batu deck. The Deck is on a lake house where the weather is extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. We prestained all the material with Mesmers Natural wood stain and applied a second surface coat after completion. It didn't last 6 months. We then went out and sanded down the entire deck and tried a Para product. Again it only lasted six months. My questions is, before I go out and sand down a 1200 ft2 deck again, is the Armstrong Clark product going to last at least12 months for me and which tint will bring back the natural colour the best?
Corey Molengraaf , June 07, 2014
Frank, Defy Wood Cleaner and the Defy extreme would be best for this.
TheSealerStore , May 30, 2014
We need to clean/stain an older dock. We are looking for products to use which would be environmentally safe. Would the TWP or Defy products be good for us to use?
Frank Fletcher , May 30, 2014
re: boat
probably not
TheSealerStore , May 27, 2014
I have an old wooden boat and the wood inside is pretty cracked and splintered. I was wondering if a wood resurfacer would be appropriate to use for something like this.
Zach , May 26, 2014
Alice, look at the TWP 115 Honeytone or the Armstrong Clark in the Amber for this if you want lighter tints. Darker colors will take longer to fade though/
TheSealerStore , May 21, 2014
Last Oct. we had a large PTP pier built quite high on a North Carolina freshwater lake. It will be used a little, untreated, in June and July. Plan to stain in Aug. Will we (in our 70's), a 50 yr old son, 16 yr old grandson be able to reasonably treat it? Tho we prefer a lighter color because of the heated surface, we care more about not having to re-treat than the color. True that the darker, the better? What brand of the stain would you recommend? Thank you.
Alice Morgan , May 21, 2014
Use the Armstrong Clark or the TWP for this old deck in MI.
TheSealerStore , April 28, 2014
We have a 19 year-old pressure-treated pine deck that is 12 X 20. We have never put anything on it and just pressure washed as needed. We are thinking of staining after our recent pressure washing. We live in Michigan and the deck receives morning and early afternoon sun - longer on one end. We've been reading about TWP or DEFY. What would be the best choice for our older deck?
LJ Werner , April 28, 2014
Sarcy, try the Defy Extreme for this. Strip with the Restore A Deck.
TheSealerStore , April 26, 2014
What would you recommend to restain a wooden playset? Is Defy extreme or TWP 1500 a good choice? Also which stripper and brightener would you recommend?
Sarcy , April 22, 2014
re: Deck rough after cleaning/brightening?
I would be careful of spot sanding as you may smooth the wood in those areas. This will result in the deck stain applying lighter in those areas compared to the rest of the deck. Best to sand all the wood if needed. Use no more than 60 grit paper.
TheSealerStore , April 11, 2014
Deck rough after cleaning/brightening?
We have a pressure treated pine deck that has weathered for 10 months or so. Yesterday we cleaned and scrubbed, then brightened. Today the wood looks much lighter, but is also roughed up a bit in some areas. Should we sand these areas down before staining?
jmbowles78 , April 10, 2014
re: Penofin not getting the job done
I would strip it off and switch to Armstrong Clark or TWP 1500 Series. They are not prone to darkening in color.
TheSealerStore , April 07, 2014
Penofin not getting the job done
I have a 20x16 deck that I have tried to use Cedar Penofin twice without success. The first time I only used one coat and the wood turned black after a year. The second time I stripped the wood down and bought a 5 gallon bucket from your store and put two coats and had the same results. I have ash trees in my back yard and notice that even my trampoline cover has black residue as the summer and fall progress. My neighbors don't seem to have the same problems I have with their deck wood turning black. What would you suggest so I don't have to keep strip/staining every one-two years?
Kbic , April 06, 2014
re: Defy wood stain OK for sale in Canada
Defy is legal for Canada. We can ship it there or you can visit our store in Bloomfield Hills, MI.
TheSealerStore , April 02, 2014
Defy wood stain OK for sale in Canada
Do you know if Defy Extreme clear stain is approved to be used in Canada as I am looking to see if I can buy in the USA and bring it accross the border to Sarnia Canada
Brian Marsh , April 02, 2014
Brazilian Rosewood Restoration?
My client says that he has bought a home with a pool deck made from Brazilian Rosewood??? No I know that Brazilian Rosewood has been band from the US for over a decade, but this is what he says it is. Is there a product if it is Brazilian Rosewood that I could use to rejuvenate his deck. Please let me know asap....
Cal , March 28, 2014
Best to not wash with just water as too much pressure will damage the wood. Use the Restore A Deck Kit 1000 for the prep while pressure washing. This will make the job much easier and it will turn out better. As for the stain, you must have a tint for UV protection from graying. Clear will not work. Tints will enhance or darken the Tigerwood color. Might want to look at the Armstrong Clark in the Amber color.
TheSealerStore , February 20, 2014
I will be restoring a 1700 square foot Tiger Wood deck. I would like to bring it back as close to the original color as possible. Reddish but not too dark. I have Thompsons clear on it right now, which makes it look white. I do have access to pressure washers and will pressure wash it first. Please advise process, product, quantity, and ect. I will be doing this around Easter so please reply soon.
Jimmy Marks , February 19, 2014
I stained my deck last spring and fell in a pool of excess stain. I was told by the hardware store to take an old sock and try evening it out again by wiping it. Another person told me to back wipe entire deck. Do you know what he means. I don't. thanks
Mike Danaher , January 25, 2014
re: polymeric sand?
Depends on which sealer but it will not hurt to use the poly. Make sure there is not residual sand dust on the pavers. This can create a "poly haze" with certain brands of poly sand.
TheSealerStore , January 13, 2014
polymeric sand?
Do you suggest the use of polymeric sand or coarse sand for using your wet look sealer on 18"X18" pavers 1.5" deep?
fredj , January 12, 2014
The contractor is back this morning and says he talked to someone last night who said it was wood "pulp". This makes sense (and concurs with what you said), as it looks like wet toilet paper... The question is, how do I remove it? If I let it dry, it appears it can be brushed off with a stiff brush - but this is about 6000 s.f. we are talking about, I was hoping it could be done without hand contact to each and every square inch of the siding and decking.... I guess the only way to see how the color is going to take is to wait for the wood to completely dry, and then test, but its been wet and raining here...
Scott baldassari , September 30, 2013
re: twp over cuprinol?
You are most likely just seeing wood fibers come off. Stain does not look like this. As long as the wood is clean and free of visible stain, you can proceed with the TWP.
TheSealerStore , September 30, 2013
twp over cuprinol?
I have 3 buildings that I believe were sealed with cuprinol (at least 7 or 8 years ago), but have sinced discolored and turned gray and shabby looking. 1 building is rough sawn pine, the other two are t-11 siding. I would like to restain/seal them with a medium color twp or australian timber oil. Bleaching and pressure washing seems to turn the wood an ugly greenish shade of white, and a waxy-fibery-wet cardboard like surface seems to pull out of the wood (I am assuming this is the cuprinol). Pressure washing alone seems to clean better (without causing the odd coloring or fibering) but takes forever with the washer tip about 4" from the surface. Has anyone ever encountered this fiber like material, and what did you do with it? If I stain over the material, will it stay adhered to the wood?
Scott baldassari , September 29, 2013
re: Stripping wood stain
I would repeat and try to get off 95% or more of the old stain.
TheSealerStore , September 17, 2013
Stripping wood stain
I am using DH 80 wood stripper and have found that not all simi-transparent stain is removed, even after brushing. Should I repeat the stripping process in those areas until its removed or just move on and stain over?

Thank you for your response
Jerry Harsh , September 16, 2013
Yo, you need a stain/color if you want UV protection. Clears will turn gray much faster.
TheSealerStore , September 09, 2013
Does staining protect wood better/longer then just using a clear coat of water sealant? Last year my front porch was rebuilt (8ftx34ft) with treated wood. A couple of weeks ago it recieved a power wash in preparation to apply a sealant or stain, I like the natural wood look but want to make sure the wood is protected as it gets 5 hours of direct sunlight during the evening hrs. Also, how often would I need to apply a sealant or restain?
Yo , September 08, 2013
re: Wood Deck - Refinishing
No you cannot add a new coat of stain on top of a old coat without the proper prep. It will prematurely fail.
TheSealerStore , September 04, 2013
Wood Deck - Refinishing
Hi there, I have a screened in wood deck that gets some winter snow and rain in New England. It was most likely stained about 10 years ago and needs a fresh stain/waterproof coat. I'm not really interested in using toxic chemical strippers... but not opposed to giving it a light sanding. Is there a product that you would recommend that would work well over a previous (but worn) stain application?
Howie , September 04, 2013
re: Sand before or after Restore A Deck Stripper and Brightener
Lightly sand only if needed after.
TheSealerStore , August 29, 2013
Sand before or after Restore A Deck Stripper and Brightener
Should I sand before or after applying the Restore A Deck Stripper and Brightener?


Rick D , August 29, 2013
Semi-transparents last longer than the transparents.
TheSealerStore , August 21, 2013
Thanks for the reply. We tried several samples of AC and TWP. We do not like the AC Semi colors. So we are weighing AC cedar or natural transparent, vs. TWP 1500 natural semi-transparent. Would the AC still be better to prevent greying,etc. The fence is in central Ohio. Thanks.
Mike25 , August 21, 2013
re: Rough sawn cedar fence
Armstrong Clark for this. Probably do not need a cleaner or brightener if the wood is rough and has not discolored.
TheSealerStore , August 14, 2013
Rough sawn cedar fence
Just installed 500+ feet of cedar fence about 2 months ago. Looking to prevent it from turning grey and maintain natural color as close as possible. Hoping to keep it to 1 coat due to the size of the fence.
1. What stain should I use, leaning toward twp 1500 or Armstrong Clark, but open to others.
2. Do I need to use a cleaner and brightener on rough saw cedar 2 months old?
Mike25 , August 14, 2013
re: sealer won't dry.
Steve, if the sealer never dries than you need to strip it all off and start over.
TheSealerStore , August 08, 2013
sealer won't dry.
I appiled valspar high gloss sealer to my brick pavers,The sealer is not complely drying.I have waited approx.a week for the drying,But no much luck.Looking for what I need to do to correct problem.

Thank You
steve carr , August 08, 2013
Nene, yes samples are available on our site. Let the wood weather for a few weeks and apply the Restore A Deck Cleaner and Brightener for the prep before staining.
TheSealerStore , August 05, 2013
jstew, remove with the Restore A Deck Stain Stripper than apply the RAD Brightener. Stain with Defy Extreme or TWP 1500.
TheSealerStore , August 05, 2013
deck restoration
I cleaned and brightened an older redwood deck. AFter looking at the result, I decided to sand it down to new wood for a smoother finish. I now am uncertain about how long I need to wait to stain and what prep needs to happen. I am considering TWP or armstrong clark stains. Also, can you tell me if sample sizes are available to determine color. Thanks
Nene , August 05, 2013
Deck Restoration
I have a 12' by 12' deck that is used for supporting an 8' by 8' hot tub. The deck is in Indiana, in full sun and is exposed to the chlorine water spills from the tub.

I would like your recommendation for the best stripper/stain to use on the deck? I last stained the deck with Olympia three years ago.
Jstew , August 05, 2013
re: prepping deck for restain
Stripping will not remove the solid stain but you can use the stripper to remove what is dirty and loose remnants of stain. Apply stripper than pressure wash off.
TheSealerStore , July 29, 2013
prepping deck for restain
my deck is stained with Cabot solid stain in salt marsh it is peeling in spots but most of it is still pretty sound the deck is 30' x 16' I am changing the color to Cabot solid stain bluestone the colors are about the same in color value no lighter or darker I have a few unstained boards that I replaced about a year ago there is some mildew also on some of the deck. what should I do to prep? Do I have to strip?
constance , July 28, 2013
Kimbo, try the Armstrong Clark or the TWP stains.
TheSealerStore , July 28, 2013
what is best stain for old weathered deck Seattle area?
kimbo , July 26, 2013
re: best deck sealing product
Greg, the AC does work well. It does not matter on the color but the semi-transparent color will have better UV protection the the transparent colors.
TheSealerStore , July 21, 2013
best deck sealing product
I have stripped and brightened my 20-year-old treated pine deck. I have also sanded it with 60 and will finish with 80-grit. I ordered three samples from you of AC stain. Is it the best choice for a durable finish? I'm inclined towards the driftwood. Does that have more UV protection because of the pigment content?
Greg McClain , July 19, 2013
re: stripped my deck
Darlene, I would apply a brightener and heavy rinse to get all of the sand dust out of the wood pores.
TheSealerStore , July 14, 2013
AnnO, I would use the Armstrong Clark Stain in the Natural Tone.
TheSealerStore , July 14, 2013
stripped my deck
I stripped my 20yr old deck, put deck brightner on washed allthat off . than sanded with 60 and 80 grit paper.weather is not letting me stain for at least a week. should I use deck brightner again before staining?
darlene erickson , July 13, 2013
I'm making a small cedar table to use as a prep table when grilling, so it will be exposed to not only weather but hot grilling utensils. I'd like the surface to remain a natural color, and long lasting, easy maintenance (if that's possible in any outdoor application). Is the penofin marine oil the best thing to use for this application? Or is there another product that would be better? Thank you!
AnnO , July 12, 2013
re: old deck
Tammy, I would strip and brighten with the Restore A Deck Products. Stain with TWP 1500 or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , July 07, 2013
Old deck
We just bought a 20 year old house in southern Iowa. We have approx. 700 sq. ft. deck. Nearly the entire deck is high off the ground and it has two sets of steps, one long and one short. It's been stained a cedar color and looks like it was well cared for for some time and neglected the last few years. We are planning to replace some boards and tighten screws and then strip the deck and brighten the deck since we don't know what product has been used to stain it last.

What is the best product to strip and brighten the deck and what would you recommend as the best stain? Also will we need to strip and stain the top and bottom of the deck?
Tammy , July 06, 2013
re: Deck Restoration help
We do not sell Wood Tux anymore. Sorry.
TheSealerStore , July 06, 2013
Deck Restoration help
We have 2000sq ft of deck including surface area for railing. I has very dry wood on the sunny side of the house and old stain or sealer on it. Our paln was to utilize HD-80 to strip then the brightner to neutralize. We are interested in the wood tux stain. I think that we would use 10 gallons because we have to spray some areas? Is there anything we have to put over the stain afterwards or have to use more on the dry wood? We thought that we could dampen the dry wood to use less since it was wood tux? Is this the right idea? It says can be applied damp?
Pat , July 04, 2013
I would never use that product. It peels.
TheSealerStore , June 26, 2013
Is Restore 4-gal. Timberline Deck and Concrete Resurfacer a good product to use on a 10 year old wood deck in the mountains of Colorado? we are at about 8000 feet with lots of snow and cold. Summers are sunny and hot.
Stew , June 26, 2013
The AC Mahogany performs the best for IPE as it contains a higher amount of reflective tint. It does not hide or mask the grain. There is only one mahogany formula for the AC.
TheSealerStore , June 25, 2013
I get that the cleaner doesn't strip, but that is what was previously recommended from this website. So, I will now order the RAD Stripper and redo that. What about the Armstrong Clark, your response to the previous post did not mention there was a special formula for IPE - is that what you recommend? Just want to be sure this time. Also Mahogany Color was recommended, is that just because more pigment would have more UV resistance - or is it because it will do a better job of hiding any remaining color irregularities? I don't want to hide too much of the grain if there isn't a compelling reason to do so.
kaughenbaugh , June 24, 2013
re: Stripping Australian Timber Oil
The RAD Cleaner does not strip. You would have want the RAD Stripper for removal of the ATO. I would strip again then brighten the wood. Lightly sand if needed when done.
TheSealerStore , June 24, 2013
Stripping Australian Timber Oil
In a previous post, you suggested I get a RAD Cleaner & Brightener kit to prep a 3 year old IPE deck previously finished with Cabot's ATO, and then use Armstrong Clark to finish. The cleaner did next to nothing, so rather than wait another week for shipping, I picked up a gallon of CW Flood stripper (Sodium hydroxide base like most of the ones you sell) and stripped with that. It removed a lot - I had a cadbury dark chocolate scum that I power-washed off and followed with the RAD Cleaner. Still looks like some waxy scum build up even after scrubbing cleaner in with a stiff bristle brush and 3M cleaning pads which keep filling with a scum like waxy eraser dust goo. Am I now faced with having to sand, or should I attempt to re-strip again? I have not used the brightener yet, debating on not wasting that until after I re-strip if necessary...
kaughenbaugh , June 24, 2013
re: removing newly stained semi transparent stain
What brand?
TheSealerStore , June 21, 2013
removing newly stained semi transparent stain
what is best way to removed less then 48hrs old semi transparent deck stain
justin , June 20, 2013
re: IPE - anything better than Cabots ATO?
Ken, IPE requires annual maintenance. Nothing will last two years on it. We get the best results with the Armstrong Clark in the Mahogany color. It can be cleaned and reapplied once a year.
TheSealerStore , June 19, 2013
IPE - anything better than Cabots ATO?
I have a 3 yr. old IPE deck (100 sft.) plus IPE stair treads descending to a flagstone patio. Located in Northern VA/DC and western exposure, little AM but extensive PM UV exposure. I have cleaned & treated with Cabot's Australian Timber Oil (ATO) first two years, did not re-treat last year. ATO gets deep muddy brown with some greying - can't really see grain of IPE anymore. Treads naturally wear more in middle, with finish holding better on outer edges as might be expected. Is there another product for IPE that would not require cleaning & reapplication every year that you could recommend> Penofin, TWP 100, Armstrong Clark, Sikkens, all sound interesting, but will any perform a little better than ATO - without fully sanding? Hopefully, I can clean & brighten, lightly/spot sand and re-coat and get 2 years without having to redo. Advice appreciated !!! -Ken
Ken Aughenbaugh , June 18, 2013
Nothing we sell can be applied on top of a solid oil based product.
TheSealerStore , May 30, 2013
I have exterior wood frame for garage door that was stained with a solid oil based product, now no longer sold.

I am not sure what will adhere best without removing base coat.


Trevor De Silva , May 30, 2013
I would look at the Restore A Deck Products for the prep.
TheSealerStore , May 28, 2013
Thanks for the response. I will just have to experiment with different stains. On to the next question. There seems to a lot of products for cleaning, sealing and staining decks. Can you tell me what are good products to use for both my older ipe, (I've already pressure washed it and I will be sanding it this week), and will need to stain and seal it, as well as, stain and seal my new redwood deck. I really like the wet look finish but I'm concerned about the slip factor.
SRJ , May 27, 2013
srj, it is not possible to match redwood to IPE. It will be way off in color. IPE when stained is a rich red brown color. There is no stain color that would make you redwood look like this. The only color that may be close is the Dark Oak in TWP but that is more of a brown.
TheSealerStore , May 26, 2013
I have a question regarding the correct stain products to use for my deck. I just rebuilt my existing deck which was all ipe. I wasn't able to reuse all of the ipe and had to finish with redwood. I would like to restore the ipe to its nature finish and get a stain for the redwood to match, or at least be in the same color family as the ipe. Can you recommend a good transparent stain since I like to see the wood grain and a sealer that would work for both types of wood. Also, my contractor was telling me there are products on the market that have a grain texture that makes decks a little less slippery. Thanks.
SRJ , May 25, 2013
re: 5 year old deck - Defy Extreme or Epoxy??
The Extreme is an improved version of the Epoxy with added nano particles of zinc oxide for better UV protection and mold resistance. Us the Defy Extreme and prepping products.
TheSealerStore , May 20, 2013
5 year old deck - Defy Extreme or Epoxy??
What's the difference between Defy Extreme and Defy Epoxy? Should I go with extreme or Epoxy for my 5 year old untreated deck?

Also I used a cleaner and brightner by Flood that has Oxalic Acid in it - will this suffice for the brightner or do I need to use the Defy?

Thank you for all your advice and help so far!
Lori Lu , May 20, 2013
Defy Extreme is an excellent stain and the best penetrating water based stain on the market.
TheSealerStore , May 19, 2013
5 year old deck continued...
What do you think about the defy extreme for my untreated 5 year old deck? I'm kinda leaning towards acrylic. I actually wanted a solid until I learned from your website you have to sand down a solid to overcoat it- after 9 hours of sanding - I'm not doing that again! I have a 20 x 20 with two railings- live in Ohio .
Lori Lu , May 19, 2013
re: 5 year old deck- never stained or treated
Lori, best to get a stain that soaks deep into the wood so it can be reapplied without the need for stripping. All of the oil based stains that we sell will do this. Look at the Armstrong Clark or TWP.
TheSealerStore , May 18, 2013
5 year old deck- never stained or treated
I have a 5 year old pressure treated pine deck. It s cracking, splitting and shrinking. It's been pressure washed , sanded, and i'm going to use cleaner and brightner. What is the best type of stain (oil or acrylic) to use for a deck that has never been stained? Also I want something that will last and can be touched up - can you put semi- transparent over semi- transparent without stripping? Does it matter if its oil or acrylic? Is staining the same as weatherproofing? Please Help!
Lori Lu , May 17, 2013
re: help
Not sure what you mean by "gel". If it looks like you were to close and the wood looks "fuzzy", then best to lightly sand with 60 grit paper.
TheSealerStore , May 17, 2013
Just finished using Restore a Deck cleaner on my 32x18 1 yr old PT deck I have 14 stairs and a 4x4 landing. I have a little less than a cup of the container that makes 5 gal left over. Used a 1200 psi washer with the green fan tip and set the wheel so that the tip was 3-4 in away from the deck. I have gone over the deck for an hour with a garden hose but there looks to be gel on it. Was the tip too close to the wood?
Natick76 , May 16, 2013
re: 15 year old redwood deck
Restore A Deck Stripper does not come in a kit. Either stain would work for you. Maybe TWP 1511 Cal Red or Armstrong Clark Sierra Redwood.
TheSealerStore , May 12, 2013
I have a 15 year old redwood deck in New Jersey. It has been stained with semitransparent stains every 2 years with different products (Cabot, Cabot Australian timber oil, wolman and some other products). It has now become very dark. I was planning on using Restore-A-Deck stripper and Brightner. Are both of these available in a kit or need to be bought separately (my deck is approx. 750 sq feet). Then I am looking for a stain which will bring out the natural color of redwood (wet redwood look). Which product you recommend (I was considering TWP 1500 or AC). Also which semi transparent color would you recommend for the natural look of redwood.

Thanks for your help.
PL , May 11, 2013
re: Mahogany Deck
Strip with HD80 and brighten with Citralic when done. Stain 48 hours later.

I would not suggest the Cabot. Look at Defy Extreme or TWP 1500.

TheSealerStore , May 10, 2013
Mahogany Deck
What started out as a beautiful deck has weathered unevenly. We use the deck and stairs to come and go from the house all day long. Sooo, the path from the back door and down the stairs has worn away most of the stain, while the far end of the deck that sees no traffic still has a nice dark finish. The contrator originally used an 'oil' on the deck, and subsequently we have used a cabot semi transparent stain to try and 'cover' the high traffic areas.

I am thinking of stripping the entire deck using Powersolve or HD 80 - which one is best?

Then staining with Cabot Australian Timber Oil Semi Transparent Mahogany Flame.

What do I need to do between the stripping and then staining? Is there another step? How long should I wait after stripping until I stain?

I live on the Long Island Sound in Westchester NY (so there is salt air exposure) and the deck sees about 4 hours of sun each day.

Thanks for the help.
John L , May 10, 2013
re: I live in New Mexico
Linda, use the Armstrong Clark in a semi-trans or semi-solid color.
TheSealerStore , May 07, 2013
I live in New Mexico. I have 900 sq ft redwood deck that faces east and is bathed in sun until around 4PM. Temps frequently exceed 100 degrees. The deck is 19 years old and has been stained in the past but still grays and cracks. What is the BEST product I can now use to nourish the wood, bring back the color, and protect from intense sunlight?
Linda Ilene Slone , May 07, 2013
re: new cedar deck
New cedar needs to weather for 4+ months then be cleaned and brightened prior to applying TWP 100 Series.
TheSealerStore , May 06, 2013
new cedar deck
Do I need to use Deck Cleaners for new cedar deck before stain? We are planing to buy TWR 100 wood stain.

natalie , May 06, 2013
re: Changing from Messmers to Armstrong
Best to strip the deck with the RAD Stripper then brighten with the RAD brightener for the prep unless all of the Messmers is already gone. Is so then swap out the RAD Stripper for the RAD Cleaner.
TheSealerStore , May 05, 2013
Changing from Messmers to Armstrong
I have a Tigerwood deck with Ipe borders and railing (metal balusters). In the past I have used Messmers but will be changing to Armstrong/Clark for Hardwood this year. What must I do to prepare the deck before applying the Armstrong?
blfink , May 05, 2013
re: sand,clean & stain OR clean and stain
Joel, I would just clean, brighten then stain this wood.
TheSealerStore , April 25, 2013
sand,clean & stain OR clean and stain
My front porch floorboards are tongue and grovesmilies/angry.gif (I didn't do it) Most of the floor is in good physical condition. I have one board on the far end where no one walks that is warped slightly. But at the entrance (only place it sees sunlight) the ends have some chipped spots and the wood beginning to show signs of breaking down, though there are no splinter hazards as of yet.
Replacing these boards would be a very difficult process. The nails are recessed (hidden) within the grooves and getting a proper replacement fit may prove nearly impossible or least mean deconstructing part of the deck altogether. Putting down a whole new floor is expensive an option right now. (210sq' of decking)
If I sand this area then its my understanding that I would need to sand the entire deck, correct? If I don't have splinters now, should I even consider sanding?
Joel , April 25, 2013
re: Best stain and sealer in extreme heat
I am sorry but I have no idea what is sold in Asia. In general nothing lasts more a year or two on a extremely dense hardwood.
TheSealerStore , April 23, 2013
Best stain and sealer in extreme heat
What is the longest lasting stain and sealer for outdoor application in Asia exposed to extreme heat and rain? The local products last only 2 years or less. It will be applied to hard wood, denser than mahogany. Thanks.
Hector Ko , April 23, 2013
re: Order of process
Sand off what you can then rinse the deck well to remove any sand dust. Since you will probably not get all the paint off you will need to reapply another solid color stain so it will cover everything and look even.
TheSealerStore , April 20, 2013
Order of process
Okay, these may be dumb questions, but here goes: We have a deck that badly needs sanding and staining. Right now it's been painted a reddish color, but it's peeling, faded, splintery etc. We are ready to sand and stain, but need to get rid of all the red first. Do you think a good sanding will do it? Next, we don't really know the type of wood, it's not cedar though I would guess or it wouldn't have been painted a color. The wood might not look nice enough for a simple stain. What type of paint would you recommend if that's the case? Finally, I hadn't thought about power-washing, cleaner or brightener prior to reading your tips. Does it sound like we need all of these steps? I'd prefer not to power wash and just get to sanding, but then is the order to use cleaner, then brightener, then stain/paint? Would I even do those steps if I needed to paint rather than stain? Thank you so much!!!
Carolyn , April 19, 2013
re: wait before replanting?
Larry, I would clean and remove the dead grass the go ahead and replant.
TheSealerStore , April 14, 2013
If I spill deck stain on grass, etc, I understand it will kill the grass. Is there any data on how long I will have to wait before replanting?
Larry Starbuck , April 14, 2013
re: I live in Northeastern Wisconsin
Jim, prep the wood with the Restore A Deck Kits. Then for the stain, I would look at the Armstrong Clark or the TWP 1500.

TheSealerStore , March 20, 2013
I live in Northeastern Wisconsin. My deck (treated pine) is 10 years old and treated once with a cheap clear oil sealer two years ago. The deck is gray and probably has some mold. I would like to use a semi-transparent stain, probably oil based. The deck surrounds an above ground pool. I have would like to know what prep product should I use and stain should I purchase? I am done looking at cheap stains. Your company was recommended to me. I am impressed with your web site. I just subscribed to your product tips, info and coupon area. Jim
Jim Mostek , March 19, 2013
re: cedar siding boat house
I would go with the 1500 Series for this boat house. Rustic is a reddish brown and cedartone is a brownish cedar color.
TheSealerStore , January 25, 2013
cedar siding boat house
ordering samples but would I want the twp 100,500 or 1500 product and do you think rustic, and cedartone the least yellow?
gigi , January 25, 2013
cedar siding boat house
located in Alabama and it is on rough side and yes it will get Full sun!
gigi , January 25, 2013
re: cedar siding boathouse
There is not a "best" stain for all scenarios. Where are you located and is this cedar the smooth or rough side?

You must have a tint for UV protection. The most natural colors typically do have a yellow or golden color. You can get samples of stains here:

Wood Stain Samples
TheSealerStore , January 24, 2013
cedar siding boathouse
We have brand new cedar siding boathouse on lake. We want to seal to keep its new red color and not have it turn grey. But we dont want expense of having to reseal every 2 years what is the best product that will last the longest?I have heard terrible reviews of thompson water seal and also super deck. the boat house is upper level so not touching the water. Also please recommend that color that is closest to natural cedar I do not want a yellow tint.
gigi , January 23, 2013
re: Messmer’s UV Plus – Deck Stain, Wood Stain
You would want the Messmers UV Plus for Hardwoods, not the regular Messmers stain.
TheSealerStore , December 18, 2012
re: feedback after project
Thanks you very much for this great feedback!
TheSealerStore , December 18, 2012
Messmer’s UV Plus – Deck Stain, Wood Stain

I have furniture built with Ipe, an exquisite tropical wood from Brazil. I am looking to purchase Messmer’s UV Plus – Deck Stain, Wood Stain that you carry. I do not know the 'color' to select. The Messmer brand comes in 12 different choices.

Thank you.
Wally Marks , December 17, 2012
feedback after project
I cannot find my previous posts, but thought I'd post feedback quickly.

2 year old 1000 sf cedar deck professionally built, sealed with "superdeck". Superdeck MOLDED after 1 year of wet Oregon weather, began to come off of deck boards. MANY boards cracked and split--replaced bad boards to find that cedar was SAPWOOD with bug damage when harvested, and when sealer failed, water got in and rot started.

Professionals wanted $1600-$3600 to do all of it. At age 50, in hot weather, with hurting back and neck, I decided to go for it. Replaced what boards I could--knowing more will be replaced every 2 years or so--no help from lumber yard or contractor. Countersunk a couple THOUSAND screws. Then, used Restore-A-Deck stripper....WOW, awesome stuff, but was in hot weather so it was quite a job. Then made decision to sand. Used floor sander, w 40 grit then 60 grit; boards were cupped so this helped. Palm sanded rails, used sponge sander to manually sand between metal ballusters (I'm addicted to advil now.....ooooh the hurtin'). Then, ended up using bleach solution to help, did that twice, hosed completely. Finally, used Restore-A-Deck brightener on it per directions. Looked better than the day it was installed. Let dry a week.

For staining/sealing, per your advice it was either DEFY or TWP 1500 for wet weather. I went with TWP, did deck first, rails 2nd. This really should have been a 2 person job---weather was coming, had to hurry, got 1 good coat on it, per directions, wiped off excess.

SO FAR, the deck looks incredible, like a piece of fine furniture. Water beads up on all of it. If it looks this good next summer, then at the 2 year mark I will clean, brighten, and recoat. Thanks again!
Oregon , December 17, 2012
re: For a luster appearance
We sell penetrating stains that do not leave a shine or luster. Putting a shiny finish on your mahogany will result in peeling and more maintenance. I would prep by cleaning and then use the Armstrong Clark stain in the Mahogany color.
TheSealerStore , November 20, 2012
Three year old Mahoney deck that was stained twice with a semi- transparent
Stain . Last stained 6 months ago. Very dull appearance - what do you recommend
For a luster appearance. also should I clean before applying product.
Jennifer Finn , November 17, 2012
re: Armstrong Clark for teak furniture
Amber would be best as it offers better UV protection then the Cedar color and would highlight the natural tones of the teak.
TheSealerStore , October 24, 2012
Armstrong Clark for teak furniture
I'm considering Armstrong Clark for a set of new teak furniture. The furniture will be outside in southern CA. I've read about people using Cedar and the new Amber color. Is one preferred over the other? We want to keep the golden teak color. Also, which is better, transparent or semi-transparent? Or is there another product better suited for this?
Peteer , October 23, 2012
re: wood deck restoration
It is not possible to get new wood to look like old wood or vice versa. I would clean and brighten both and then stain with a semi-transparent stain. The new wood will be lighter in color a little though. Restore-A-Deck products would work for the prepping. As for the stain, I would look at TWP.
TheSealerStore , October 05, 2012
wood deck restoration
I just bought some cleaning product from Home Depot which I plan on returning after reading your web site.
I have an old redwood deck that has grayed next to a new redwood deck. I want to make them both look the same without a lot of work, but I am willing to do whatever needs to be done. Do I sand? Clean? strip? all of the above? Do I use Linseed Oil? or stain? If I use stain I want transparent stain as I don't like "painted" look. I even think grey is pretty, but tne new deck is the redwood color. I don't know what to do.
Loraine , October 04, 2012
re: Raised grain on redwood
Very gray decks can have this happen as you are removing the layers of wood cells. If you cannot see the fuzz when wet then you will not see it when stained.
TheSealerStore , September 30, 2012
Raised grain on redwood
Hi: I've cleaned and brightened my 14 month old redwood deck (used Restore-a-deck as directed, also used a scrub brush). It has never had a stain on it before but I am planning to put a semi-transparent oil-based stain on it now. I noticed after the deck dried that there are a lot of areas with a little fuzz on them. Can I just go ahead and stain it as planned or will the fuzz mess things up? If so, what happens? Thx much, L
Lori , September 29, 2012
re: RAD stripper remove Sikkens Cetol DEK Finish (on Ipe)
The RAD stripper should remove the Sikkens as long as the Sikkens was not excessively over applied. It should be over 50 degrees for all to work correctly.
TheSealerStore , September 16, 2012
will the RAD stripper remove Sikkens Cetol DEK Finish (on Ipe)?
Is there a possibility RAD will stain or streak other surfaces?

If using RAD, does it have to be above 50 degrees in order to strip & brighten a COVERED deck ?

Does it have to be above 50 to apply the IPE oil finish?
MaryAnn G , September 15, 2012
re: be hot and drizzle a bit for the next week
Use the deck brightener right away.
TheSealerStore , July 31, 2012
It is going to be hot and drizzle a bit for the next week. I have just finished stripping my deck. When should I use the deck brightener - now and wait a week or two before I stain? Or later wait only a day or two before I actually stain the deck?
Melanie , July 30, 2012
re: Sanding and brightening?
If you want to sand make sure to sand evenly with no higher then 60 grit. when done you should use a wood cleaner and a wood brightener to prep. I would look at the Restore-A-Deck Kits. As for the stain I would consider the TWP 1500 for Southern California.
TheSealerStore , July 25, 2012
Sanding and brightening?

I'm not sure how I stumbled onto this site but I am glad I did.

I have redwood deck that is 6 years old. I live in so california and the weather is typically dry and the deck gets a lot of midday sun. I've used Home Depot products (Behr, Thompsons, Cabot) to seal the deck and I have had to redo it just about every year. In the past I have just washed the deck and then put on a fresh coat of sealer. This time I want to restore the original redwood color as much as possible. At this point I've washed the deck with simple green and there is still some old sealer on the deck that I want to remove. I am confused about what my next step should be. I would like to sand the deck and I assume that will remove the rest of the sealer. Can I do that and then use a brightener? Or should I use a brightener and then sand the deck. Or, do I even need to use a brightener if I sand the deck?
Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a sealer that would work well for my deck considering the age of the redwood and weather?

Thank you.
RobbyB , July 24, 2012
re: Removing solid stain from nail heads
You could try a stain stripper. Not sure if will remove it all but it will remove some. I would try the Restore-A-Deck stain stripper.
TheSealerStore , July 23, 2012
Removing solid stain from nail heads
Sorry if this request is going in twice. Not sure if my previous question successfully transmitted. New to this.
35 year old PTP wood with Behr solid stain in light gray. Stripped and sanded for days.... 90% is finally off except for residue on splinter cracks and nail heads. Any suggestion? Wanted to apply semi transparent oil stain....in a medium wood tone. Had no idea this refinishing would be so difficult !
Thanks for your wonderful site!
Annie , July 23, 2012
re: Can Defy Extreme be tinted
No Defy cannot be tinted.
TheSealerStore , July 16, 2012
Can Defy Extreme be tinted? Do you tint it? Is there a color chart?
Sandy , July 16, 2012
re: Where do I start?
Bob, Armstrong would be a good choice and you can get samples here on this link: Deck Stain Samples
TheSealerStore , July 13, 2012
prepping a wood deck
Is it necessary to sand a deck that has not been treated in four years prior to using the cleaner?
MEJenkins , July 12, 2012
Where do I start?
Just bought a home in Northern Wisconsin. Temp can be −30 or +95. Have South facing decks made from treated pine that sit in full sun year round. Wood must be 15 years old and probably not stained for 10 years. Wood is in OK condition and I would like to extend life by staining. I have a pressure washer. I am thinking that the Armstrong Clark product would do the job. Do they have color samples so can make sure before I buy a pail?

How do I proceed?
Bob Nelson , July 12, 2012
re: Refinishing a deck rail and exterior cedar shakes
Clean and brighten the cedar shakes. For the Stain I would look at TWP 1500 or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , July 07, 2012
Refinishing a deck rail and exterior cedar shakes
I need to refinish my deck rail and exterior cedar shakes. Both are about 6 years old with original finishes. The stain on the deck rail was almost completely gone so I've sanded and cleaned for the new stain. The cedar shakes are faded in some areas, darkened in others and water stained in other areas. I don't know if the original stain was water or oil based although I accidently hit a small area with the pressure washer and it took the stain completely off. I haven't done any prep on them yet. I'd like to use the same product/color in both areas if possible. What are my best options.
Pete S , July 06, 2012
re: Homeowner
Sounds like you did not prep it well and then did not apply evenly.
TheSealerStore , July 05, 2012
I have a deck that is 1.5 years old and had to re-stain it. I bushed it for cleaning and didn't pressure wash it. The railing turned out great. The horizontal boards didn't, however. The final product was dull, mostly, with some shinning spots.smilies/sad.gif Also, I got spots where the tar from the wood and knot areas. What did I do wrong?
Dr. Chris Noah , July 04, 2012
re: deck restore/stain in chicago
You need to remove the old stain first. The it would be best to apply a penetrating semi-transparent stain for best results. For a dark color, TWP 1503 Dark Oak would be a good choice.
TheSealerStore , June 21, 2012
thank you so much for the help.
1.) If I am power washing the deck, do I need a cleaner/brightener?
2.) Do you have a particular dark shade of penetrating semi-transparent stains that do particularly well in Chicago weather?
byrdiblack , June 21, 2012
deck restore/stain in chicago

I have been losing my mind in deck research and spent 4 hours today driving from one store to another in traffic only to find that very few hardware store employees know about deck staining!

I live in Chicago and have a 2 story deck and porch that is turning green. I know it was sealed and stained a burnt sienna brown color about 7 years ago, so it is due for a treatment.

My uncle, a carpenter, has offered to help me with the power washing and application, and I just have to purchase the materials. Can anyone tell me what would be the best products? I just need something that will last a long time and have good coverage. I'm unsure if I should use oil, water, full coverage latex, or semi transparent. I'm at a total loss with chicago weather!

thank you!
byrdiblack , June 20, 2012
re: Built a new Woodshop
We do not sell solid color stains or paints. You could use any of the penetrating semi-transparent stains that we sell.
TheSealerStore , June 17, 2012
Woodshop Owner
Built a new Woodshop 450 sq f.It has double plywood floors an I need a stain or solid color paint for the floors. The tablesaw is on rollers an moves around the room as well as the bandsaw.The room is Air Conditioned an is located in Clearwater ,Fl.Need Help finding the right coating.
Thank You,
Ronald J. Marth , June 16, 2012
re: A few deck questions
1. Behr can be very difficult to remove. I would use a stain stripper with pressure washing then sand off the rest,
2. Do not use wood filler on outside wood! There is nothing that will fill the cracks on outside and work correctly.
3. Not really
4. A penetrating stain such as Armstrong Clark would be a good choice for Canada.
TheSealerStore , May 24, 2012
A few deck questions
My situation:
- 15 year old deck, pressure treated wood
- Stained with Behr weatherproofing wood finish browntone many years ago (previous owner)
- Neglected for some years. Lots of minor cracks. Seems structurally sound though.
- Restained (by me) with Behr semi-transparent Red Cedar 3 years ago and 1 year ago. Now it is peeling, especially around the cracks.

1. How should I remove the old stain? Pressure wash with stripper? Sanding?
2. What should I do about the cracks? I was thinking of using high quality wood hardener and epoxy wood filler (e.g. PC Woody)
3. Existing stains are quite dark. Is this bad for long term maintenance?
4. What do you recommend for me for long term low maintenance?


Ed in Ontario , May 23, 2012
re: Deck thats just over a year old...
It depends on may things, the prepping of the new wood, the stain that was used, the application of the new stains, etc. At this point you would need to strip it all off, brighten and reapply a penetrating stain.
TheSealerStore , May 22, 2012
Deck thats just over a year old...
I have a deck that was profesionally built/sealed and its just over a year old.It was recently pressure washed with Krud Kutter deck/fence concentrate but there are still visible signs of mold/mildew stains,the wood is splittering/cracking and the stain is chipping away where it was pressure washed..I think I got a bad deal on the wood and service.....Any idea why is this happening.....?
RJ , May 22, 2012
re: Deck Preparation
1. For best results, yes
2. You do not need a cleaner if you strip
4. I would use the Restore-A-Deck Stripper
6. Both Armstrong and TWP can be cleaned and recoated as needed
TheSealerStore , May 21, 2012
Deck Preparation
My deck is 10 years old and was built with the old style pressure treated lumber, which was subsequently dicontinued due to arsenic levels.

About 4 years ago, I used Olympic Maximum Semi-Transparent Cedar.

The deck has some mold and mildew growth.

I need to reseal my deck and am going to use either TWP or Armstrong/Clark:

1. Regarding preparation, Do I need to strip the old sealer off or will cleaning be sufficient?

2. If I need to strip, does the stripper also clean the mold and mildew, or will I have to do both.

3. If I have to do both, which do I do first?

4. I noticed Gemini makes a "Safe Stripper" which is pressure washer injectable, will this product be sufficient or will I need a "Solid Stripper"?

5. What cleaners do you recommend, if I need to clean:
a. TSP to 1 part bleach to 4 parts H20?
b. Sodium precarbonate?
c. Oxcilic Acid?
d. Other - please specify?

6. When I need to redo my deck next time, whether it be 2,3,4,5 years from now, will I need to strip either the TWP or Armstrong?
John Petrancosta , May 21, 2012
re: Mountain Home Redwood deck
You could try the TWP or Armstrong stains.
TheSealerStore , May 20, 2012
Mountain Home Redwood deck
I used Defy (2 coats) on my redwood deck last year and after one winter of heavy New Mexico mountain snow there is no evidence that there is any of it left. I'm back to resealing again. Considering the harsh conditions what product would you recommend.
mike heckman , May 20, 2012
re: Tatajuba hardwood
I would use a stripper to remove as much as possible then sand off the rest if needed.
TheSealerStore , May 18, 2012
Tatajuba hardwood
Not sure what kind of Sikkins but there are sticky,peeling spots
Terry , May 18, 2012
re: I have a deck made with Tatajuba Hardwood
It really depends on which Sikkens you used. Some are removable with a stripper and some are not.
TheSealerStore , May 18, 2012
I have a deck made with Tatajuba Hardwood. It's 20 yrs old and been neglected the last 5 or 6 i.e. not regular staining and cleaning. I haven't been able to find a contractor that can make it look good. The last product used was Sikkins with unsatisfactory results. I settled on Messmers natural but it is turning the deck a dark grey and we want a honey-brown red color. I think the part of the problem is in the prep.Our contractor used Jomax stripper but it is not getting the stain off and the Restore-a-deck products were not used this year. Need Advice on a stronger stripper or should deck be sanded and we start all over? Is there also a different stain that would end up a better color than grey?
Terry , May 18, 2012
re: recommendations please
I would prep the deck with the Restore-A-Deck Products. As for the stain I would look at the TWP 1500 Series or or Armstrong Clark Stain
TheSealerStore , May 15, 2012
recommendations please
need product recommendations to clean reseal/stain an older treated deck. Wood is pressure treated pine, previously treated with thompson's- it's not been treated in a couple years, there is not much stain left in most areas, a little greenish discoloration (mold?) in some areas. deck is covered by a roof and faces east. most gets no sun.
we live in ohio. snowy cold winters, lots of rain in spring and fall.hot humid summers. we have 3 Big Dogs. typically the dog traffic area (stairs to back yard, from stairs to back door) gets a lot of wear.
jeri simmons , May 15, 2012
re: rough sawn cedar (2)
Pam, I would look at the TWP 100 Series or the TWP 1500 Series for this house.
TheSealerStore , May 11, 2012
rough sawn cedar (2)
Northeast Tennessee mountains. House is round, so all exposures. Mild winters, hot & humid summers, even rainfall throughout the year. Some algae & lichen growth on north/shady sides (we're in the forest). Thanks again.
Pam , May 11, 2012
re: Is it possible to restore rough-sawn cedar siding?
Pam, you can restore the cedar's natural color by using a wood cleaner to remove the dirt, grime, graying then brighten the wood. I would look at the Restore-A-Deck Kits.

As for the stain, it does depend on where you live. What state do you leave in?
TheSealerStore , May 11, 2012
Is it possible to restore rough-sawn cedar siding?
Our house is covered in rough-sawn 1" thick cedar planks, 25 years old, never been stained or preserved, very dark. The wood seems to be solid, just dirty, dark and old-looking. Is there a way to treat this wood siding so it will look beautiful and cedar-like again, and then apply a stain that will preserve its appearance and integrity? If so, What should we use, how should we do it and what should we finish it with? Many thanks.
Pam , May 10, 2012
re: Time to restain with TWP 101 Ceder Tone
I would use the Restore-A-Deck Kits to clean and brighten. I would stay with the TWP 100 Series. No reason to switch if you like something!
TheSealerStore , May 09, 2012
Time to restain with TWP 101 Ceder Tone
I re stain my deck every two or three years and for the last two cycles I have used TWP 101 Ceder Tone with excellent results. I put a fabric gazebo on the deck for most of the spring and summer so the stain is not exposed to that much sun but some areas not covered by the gazebo are a bit more worn than others. The last time I stained two years ago I completely stripped the old TWP 101 off using Extreme Solutions HD-80 stripper. Even with this powerful stripper I was not able to completely remove all of the old TWP 101 from some areas (thats how good it is). I followed that treatment with Wolman Deck Brite wood cleaner and coating prep and then a fresh coat of TWP 101.

This year I am wondering if it is possible to skip the HD-80 stripper and only clean and brighten the deck and then apply a coat of TWP101 over the old TWP 101 that is still visable. If I can do this which cleaner brightener do you recommend and is their any advantage to switching to the more expensive TWP 1500 series stain.
Bill Wonsik , May 08, 2012
The previous stain was a worthless Behr product. It hasn't failed on the vertical surfaces so rather than go over it now, I was going to wait and do them latter as they are so time consuming to both strip and stain.
mccpesh , May 08, 2012
re: owner
What brand is the old product? If a different brand then it would be best to remove it so the Defy Extreme will adhere well.

I would be careful of sanding. It can hinder the stain's ability to penetrate properly. Only do it if needed and lightly with no more then 60 grit.
TheSealerStore , May 07, 2012
I'm in St. Louis.

I used an Oxygen bleach (from Tim the Builder) to clean and plan on using the Defy Extreme stain.

Is it ok to leave the old product on the vertical surfaces? They don't look great but they aren't deteriorated.

My bench and the top of the railing have become very rough so my understanding is that I can sand them with 60 grit and then clean them again. I can do the same to the deck surface if I want to.

Is that correct?
mccpesh , May 07, 2012
re: numerous white spots here and there
Brightener would not remove white spots. The spots are either bard wood showing through an old stain that has come partially off or some kind of residue from the cleaner. Hard to say for sure. Do you have an old stain on the deck? You might want to clean and brighten again with a better product.

Restore-A-Deck Kits
TheSealerStore , May 03, 2012
I used Krud Kutter Deck and Fence and no I did not use a brightener. Will the brightener get rid of the white spots? Which kind?
Jean Scharbach , May 03, 2012
rea: numerous white spots here and there
Which cleaner did you use? Did you use a wood brightener when you were done?
TheSealerStore , May 01, 2012
I cleaned with Deck cleaner and power washed---after it dried,I noticed
numerous white spots here and there--what can I do about this??
Jean Scharbach , May 01, 2012
re: Refinishing pressure treated
I would go ahead and use the Step 1 to clean the wood after the sanding. It will help improve penetration of the stain into the wood.
TheSealerStore , April 24, 2012
Refinishing pressure treated
I recently ordered the restore a deck kit for refinishing my deck before realizing that I needed a stripper to remove the previous stain. After purchasing the needed stripper and removing the stain it was neutralized with the step 2. I plan on sanding the deck with 60 and 80 grit sandpaper to remove the high spots. Would it be overkill and a waste to then clean with step 1 and brighten again with the step 2 after sanding. Probably wont be a couple of weeks until I get a chance to stain. Ive heard that sanding closes the pores so I'm thinking that a light powerwashing with step 1 will help open em up, any thoughts.
Chad , April 24, 2012
re: is TWP a good choice (the best choice) for this deck?
Absolutely. TWP is one of our top selling stains that performs very well and is much easier to maintain then the CWF in the future.
TheSealerStore , April 23, 2012
I live in Durham, NC and have a 13 year old pressure-treated deck to which at least three coats of Flood CWF-UV (cedar) had been applied. I stripped the deck with HD-80, pressure washed, and followed with Citralic Wood Brightner, washed again and then sanded all the spots the stripper did not remove. This deck gets intense sunshine in the summer and with our humidity in NC it also gets mildew in some of the shady areas. I plan to seal/stain the deck with TWP 1530 (Natural).

Here is my question, is TWP a good choice (the best choice) for this deck?
lrhodges , April 22, 2012
re: useing restore on my pool deck
Not sure what you mean. What restore stain are you asking about?
TheSealerStore , April 18, 2012
useing restore on my pool deck
i had just replaced some wood on the deck, and the other half has cwf stain on it, for years now. do i put the restore stain on like it is, half stained and half unstained new wood ?
deb , April 18, 2012
re: defy vs twp 1500 for deck in CT
Both the TWP 1500 and the Defy extreme are very good stains. One is not better then the other in my opinion but they are different. TWP is a semi-transparent oil based stain while Defy is a water based stain.
TheSealerStore , April 13, 2012
defy vs twp 1500 for deck in CT
stripping and refinishing an old desk 20+ years that has had a variety of finishes on and off. Years ago used TWP 100 and it last a good 4 years, Then completely stripped, cleaned and used some type of behr that seemed to be top rated. Need to do again, in the process of stripping, cleaning. Looking at TWP 1550 vs. Defy. Deck is in sun, shade and a portion around an in ground pool.

Cindy , April 12, 2012
re: Cedar deck finish
You are welcome!

The Wolman F&P will be much easier to strip off then the Behr. I would look at the Restore-A-Deck Stripper and Brightener.

I would look at the TWP Stains.

Nothing well stop the heavy wearing from scooters and trikes.

TheSealerStore , April 12, 2012
Cedar deck finish
Thank you for your website! Finally somewhere to find some help! We have lived in our home for 5 1/2 years. The large deck was freshly stained before we moved in and looked beautiful! We are about to stain it for the third time since! The first time, used Behr weatherproofing sealer & finish. Second time, my husband spent hours using Wolman deck strip & then sanded the deck with a power sander as well (now have read that is a no-no), finished with F & P finish & preservative (per advice of hardware store clerk). NOTHING has worked!! We are ready to stain again and also have to stain our fence that surrounds our backyard...we have not had to do that yet. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for products to use. It is a large cedar deck and we have young children that ride trikes/scooters on it as well, so lots of traffic. Thank you for any help you can offer!!!
Lauren C , April 12, 2012
re: How soon can I reapply Deft Extreme clear?
More is not better as the Defy Extreme is a penetrating finish. I would wait at least 6 months.
TheSealerStore , April 09, 2012
How soon can I reapply Deft Extreme clear?
After washing and brightning my buddies deck I applied two coats wet on wet Five gallons of Extreme clear and it soaked it right up, I would like to apply another coat or two while deck is still clean. So how soon can it be reapplied?
Chas , April 09, 2012
re: Rich Sr.
Rich, IPE is extremely dense wood. All stains will fade substantially faster on this type of wood. Here are a few others that you can try without having any issues:

Messmers Hardwood Stain
TheSealerStore , April 07, 2012
Rich Sr.
I normally order Penofin every year for the last (smilies/cool.gif eight years. I just wanted to know if there's anything better then Penofin for a Brazilian hardwood namely Ipe. Penofin looks beautiful when done, almost like furniture but the finish is very short lived. In as little as a month it looks as though it wasn't stained. Haven’t found anything better and basically afraid to use other products for fear of not drying properly due to the nature of the wood itself. I'm about to make my yearly order from you but I figured I would ask you this question before ordering. Thanks for any help you can extend to us. Happy holiday to you all...


Richard A. Castaldi
Richard A. Castaldi , April 06, 2012
Re:refinishing a 15-year old large deck
Here are a couple of stains that will work well:

TWP 100 Series
Armstrong Clark Stain
TheSealerStore , April 03, 2012
Re:refinishing a 15-year old large deck
Thank you for the recommendation. What stain would you recommend to best suit the weather, shade, and foliage conditions?
Sherry Dodd , April 03, 2012
RE: Refinishing a 15-year old large deck
Water based semi-transparent acrylic deck stains like the Deckscapes are the most difficult to remove. They are basically "thin" paints that sit on the wood. Strippers can have difficulty penetrating through theses types of stains. They cans still be removed but you will need to have some patience. I would look at a powder stripper as they are very effective and are more cost efficient then liquid strippers.

Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper
HD80 Stain Stripper
TheSealerStore , April 03, 2012
RE: Refinishing a 15-year old large deck
I'm 99% sure the SW Deckscapes was water-based. The stripper I used is one highly recommended by a local supplier called CleanBrite. It's a liquid concentrate that says it's a stripper, cleaner and degreaser. In reality, it is junk and a waste of 30 bucks! The second stripper was Wohlmans stripper. It was only used on a small section of railing due to the small quantity on hand. The local retailer is not longer carrying Wohlman products.
Another piece of information I failed to include in the first comment is that the deck is highly shaded and no one area receives more than 4 hours of sun a day.
Sherry Dodd , April 03, 2012
re: Refinishing a 15-year old large deck
Did you use the SW Deckscapes in the water based or oil based version? What stains strippers have you tried?
TheSealerStore , April 02, 2012
Refinishing a 15-year old large deck
Thank you for the excellent web site. I am in the process of refinishing a large, 15-year old cedar deck. It was stripped about 6 years ago and stained with Wohlman F & P stain. The horizontal surfaces did not hold up well. They were redone 2 years ago and a Sherwin Williams Deckscape semi-transparent was applied. Of course, it didn't hold up either and now everything needs to be stripped and refinished. The Wohlman product is still on the vertical surfaces and does not want to leave it's current location and the Sherwin Williams stuff refuses to budge. I've tried 2 different stripping products and both have failed miserable. Graying, mold, and mildew are still visible after powerwashing and stripping product were used. We are located in the St. Louis area in a rural, heavily wooded location. The deck is a wrap-around design with south (25' x 14') and west (11' x 13') exposure sitting 9 feet from the ground. I solicit your expertise in recommending products to remove the old product and suggest the best suited new product application. Thank you!
Sherry Dodd , April 02, 2012
re: ceder fence
Using a tinted transparent stain or sealer will enhance the color of the wood depending on the color picked.
Scott Paul - Over 17 Years of Experience , March 15, 2012
ceder fence
I cleaned my fence and the color same back it's only 6 months old I was going to seal it but the next day it was faded looking again. Will the color come through when I seal it?
Lillie Evans , March 15, 2012
re: After about 12 years of oil-based staining
It depends on the brand of latex stain and the type of stain it was. Not all latex stains can be removed. For example a solid color stain cannot be stripped off but some of the latex acrylic semi-transparents can be removed.
TheSealerStore , March 14, 2012
After about 12 years of oil-based staining, my hardware store convinced me to used a latex-based stain which I applied after sanding all my decks. The results have been very disappointing with the dirt quickly accumulating everywhere. How can I best go back to an oil-based stain?
David Benjamin , March 14, 2012
re: weathered beams
It is not really possible to use a wood cleaner and wood brightener in an inside home ceiling without making a mess below. I would advise against it.
TheSealerStore , March 09, 2012
weathered beams
I've recently completed construction on a post and beam home in Canada; However, before construction was completed, many of the doug fir beams became weathered and have turned dark grey. What is the best and safest product to get them back to their natural state? And finally, what's the best way to protect the installed wood floors when applying the products.


Donald Ferris
Donald Ferris , March 09, 2012
re: spindles keep rotting at the bottom
Unfortunately priming and painting exterior wood decking is not the way to go. It will not allow the wood to "breathe". The issue is compounded where the bottom of the spindle meets the horizontal wood. All water is is being contained at the bottom, causing the wood rot.

There is not much you can do now as it is not possible to remove the primer, paint, and caulk completely. Your best bet would be to replace all the railings and apply a semi-transparent wood stain.
TheSealerStore , January 19, 2012
I am trying this again because I dont think my first comment went thru. I built a Victorian country style home in Texas. It has an 800 square foot porch which is built from pressure treated pine. The turned post and spindles are also PTP. Being Victorian naturally all of the rails,post,and spindles are painted white. My problem is that all of the spindles keep rotting at the bottom where they are attached to bottom rail. I have replaced several of these twice. All of the materials were primed with exterior Kiltz and painted with a high quality exterior latex paint. Before painting everything was caulked. My thoughts now are that with the spindles standing upright and caulked at the bottom the excess moisture in the spindles drain down to the bottom and is trapped which eventually causes rot. Your thoughts on this would be a great help and may also keep someone else from going thru the same thing I have. By the way on the ones I replaced I waited for a month before I caulked the bottom and painted.
Dewey Fitzgerald , January 19, 2012
re: Black deck comeback
Thanks for the praise!

I good rinse and brightening should be enough if it has been 3-4 weeks since you stripped with the HD80.

It is possible that mold spores got into the stain before or during the curing process. Cabot has reformulated numerous times over the last few years and their current version has had issues with drying properly. Stays sticky and tacky longer.
TheSealerStore , January 02, 2012
Black deck comeback
Thanks the website is awesome. We purchased the Extreme stain. Could I just use the brightener at this point if only 3-4 weeks go by since I had to use the HD80 at a heavy dose to strip the old stain. The railings/pickets were murder to strip (90ft). The Cabot stain at 5 months old on the vertical surfaces was murder to get off. Applying the HD80 with a soft brush 3 or 4 times per picket, misting with water to keep wet. Good grief what a job.
The deck looked immaculent prior to staining with the Cabot. I also wonder if a layer of pollen was there and once trapped it just grew like wildfire. It looks like we'll have good weather this Thurs/Fri/Sat to get the Defy on.
sterling , January 01, 2012
re: black deck comeback
After the cleaning you should wait 2 days. I would rewash if you wait more the a couple weeks.

I would switch to a different brand that is not prone to turning black.

TWP 1500 Series
Defy Extreme Stains
TheSealerStore , January 01, 2012
black deck comeback
How long can a deck sit after cleaning/neutralizing prior to staining? In relation to mold spores. It is winter in NC now, but we can potentionally have numerous days in a row at 55-65F. I'm wondering how long I can wait for this opportunity.

Hello, I stained a 4 month old deck without washing ( I knew better, but the deck looked clean as a whistle). Any way the Cabot oil based stain that I've used for many years with success even on new decks turned extremely black in 2 months. I have to redo my friends deck. It is a monster deck. Why couldn't this have happened on a 15X15. Mildew/Mold/Algae ate the stain in front of our eyes.

I have stripped with HD80 and neutralized.
sterling , December 30, 2011
re: cedar deck that hasn't been stained
You cannot apply a stain over the graying wood. Please read this as the the proper steps and products needed to restore. Deck Stain Help
TheSealerStore , October 09, 2011
We have a cedar deck that hasn't been stained--is it possible to still stain it to help protect it? If so, what product(s) would you recommend? And, should the deck be sanded, or can we just apply right over the graying wood?
Bonnie , October 09, 2011
re: I have a wooden deck-can I put used brick on top of it?
I would not do that.
TheSealerStore , September 19, 2011
I have a wooden deck-can I put used brick on top of it?
vleete , September 18, 2011
re: Cedar turning Black
Besides brightening again there is not much else you can do.
TheSealerStore , September 13, 2011
Cedar turning Black
I started stripping my cedar deck this past weekend with Defy stripper. I am removing Wolman’s Durastain. Once the stripper was applied and the old stain removed the wood turned black. I did apply Defy wood brightener twice. The second application was full strength. This did lighten the wood some but it is still very dark. I also noticed wood fibers as I was brushing the wood to remove the old stain. Do you have any suggestions?
Eric Hayes , September 13, 2011
re: hard wood furniture
I would use a wood cleaner to prep followed by the Armstrong Clark Stain in the Mahogany color.
TheSealerStore , September 12, 2011
I have some hard wood furniture that has been stained with a redwood stain. It has bleached out under our Arizona sun. What do you suggest to restore it?
Dee Turner , September 11, 2011
re: sanding cedar
Power sanding the entire deck "closes" the pores of the wood. This allows for less penetration which in turn can cause premature failure of the stain as it can dry on the surface instead of in the wood.
TheSealerStore , September 08, 2011
sanding cedar
What I planned on doing was sanding the entire floor surface and hand railing prior to staining.
Eric Hayes , September 08, 2011
re: Sanding Cedar
I am not a fan of sanding wood especially spot sanding. This will cause an uneven appearance when the stain is applied.
TheSealerStore , September 08, 2011
Sanding Cedar
I own a cedar deck which is now ten years old. I am in the process of stripping it and then will stain with Armstrong Clark. My question is currently it is a bit rough in spots. Is it okay to sand cedar? I plan on using a U-Sand sander, which is a random orbit sander with 80 grit sandpaper.
Eric Hayes , September 08, 2011
re: Mahogony colored stain
You can see the color on this link: Armstrong Clark Stain
TheSealerStore , September 06, 2011
re: homeowner
Rain does contain minerals that can dry on the wood like white spots. If the spots "rub" off with a damp rag then that is what is causing this. This would not be there fault.

Was the line there when they were done or did it form later after the rain? Sometimes house do not have gutters and lines can form where the rain comes straight down and washes it away.

It is hard to say if they are at fault or not. I would have to see a picture do offer an opinion.
TheSealerStore , September 06, 2011
Mahogony colored stain
There is no Mahogony colored stain on the Armstrong Clark Website.Where do I find it?
gail , September 06, 2011
We had our deck pressure washed and 'sealed' by professional national paint company in early June. Now it's 3 months later and there are white spots appearing everywhere that's not under deck roof; i.e. rain sits for day or so afterwards. Did they not put enough sealer or what?! I want them to come back and redo the entire deck. It looks terrible and we want to list our house for sale!? We also have a line down the right side where it looks like they didn't put a second coat; it just ends and looks drier than rest of deck. It's hard to believe they are professionals and charged us $800! What do you think?
D. Walekr , September 06, 2011
re: rails
For prepping the peeling railing top you would need a stain stripper.

For the mahogany deck you will need to prep and re stain. Please read this for help: Deck Restoration Help
TheSealerStore , September 06, 2011
I have white railing around my deck with a 2x8 top rail. This is pealing, how should I prep this when painting to have the best results?

also, I have a mahogony deck (not sure what the previous owners stained with, any suggestions with products prep and stain?
Tara , September 05, 2011
re: very old redwood on my deck
It is not possible to match old wood with new wood as older wood is more absorbent. This typically means you will get a darker color on the older wood and lighter color on the new. Make sure to clean and use a wood brightener on all the wood to set the pH balance evenly. This will give you the closest match.
TheSealerStore , September 04, 2011
re: clean it with Restore-a-Deck every year then re-apply
No stains will last more then 12-18 months on a hardwood deck such as Mahogany. The Armstrong will last longer then Penofin. Yes you will see the natural grain of the wood with Armstrong stain.
TheSealerStore , September 04, 2011
I have some very old redwood on my deck - 20 years. Also new redwood - repairs. I have sanded the old - needed it for many reasons. How do I prevent the old with the sanded open grain to become very dark with any redwood stain - - Objective is to come close in shade to the new redwood?
Les Lambert , September 04, 2011
Would I need to clean it with Restore-a-Deck every year then re-apply? Why is Armstrong better than Penofin? Is the Armstrong Clark Mahogany Stain a semi transparent as I want to see the grain of the Mahogany.
gail , September 03, 2011
re: Mahogany Deck
I would look at the Armstrong Clark Stain in the mahogany tint. It offers excellent uv protection and can be cleaned and re coated whenever needed.
TheSealerStore , September 03, 2011
Mahogany Deck
I'm in the Boston area and had a large Phillipine/Meranti Mahogany deck installed last year, southern exposure, so alot of sun, snow, and rain. We put thePenofin Exotic Transparent/Natural tone on last year to seal it. This year the railings look like original wood but the horizontal pieces are
brownishblack. I plan on using Restore-a Deck 2 step to clean and balance ph. What is the least labor intensive finish to use? If I stick with Penofin, should I use a light stain for more uv protection. Is there enough mold/mildew resistence in Penofin?
gail , September 02, 2011
re: replacement boards
New wood will not match old wood even if the same type. Most decks are built from Pressure Treated Pine, Cedar, or Redwood.

You could take a piece to your local lumber yard to determine the type.
TheSealerStore , September 02, 2011
replacement boards
when replacing cracked and broken deck boards, how do you know the type of wood to buy?
how do you know what the existing wood is, do they need to match or be the same type to look right? I understand that they will look different that the other older boards regardless, but what is recommended? redwood, douglas fir, kiln dried..
Tom , September 01, 2011
re: Which Defy stain for NW deck environment?
The Defy Extreme offers better UV protection and better mildew protection then the Defy Hardwood stain. The Defy Hardwood stain does penetrate better though.

The better the stain penetrates the less chance of peeling especially in cold weather states.

It is a toss up but if it was me I would use the Extreme for your environment.
TheSealerStore , August 05, 2011
Which Defy stain for NW deck environment?
I want your recommendation on which Defy stain to use for our situation.
Background: We have a large 12 year old, west facing deck (yellow cedar) on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, which gets a good bit of moisture, tree debris, pollen, and resultant mildew and algae. We used a water-based, Behr semi-transparent deck stain on this deck four years ago, which started to deteriorate in some areas of the deck in little more than a year even though some protected areas of the deck are still holding up okay. I've done a good bit of internet research, with which your website has been very helpful (great website!). I have narrowed my stain choice for restoring our deck to the water-based Defy stains mostly because of environmental reasons and not wanting to use mineral spirits or combustible stains. What are the considerations (e.g., mildew resistance), ease of use, and longevity between Defy Extreme Stain and Defy Stain for Hardwood? Thanks, Jim
Jim Arnold , August 05, 2011
re: Ipe sealer
You cannot apply in selected areas. Must apply to entire deck.

If not a "stain" then it will not do anything for uv protection. Need a tint to do that.

There is not a clear sealer that will stop grease stains 100%. Minimize but not stop.

You could look at TWP Clear or Defy Extreme Clear
TheSealerStore , July 19, 2011
Ipe sealer
I have an Ipe deck and dock over the water at the NJ shore. It originally had sickens applied which was horrible. It didn't fade uniformly. When the salt water splashed on the deck it wore off the sealer but only in those areas. Horrible to strip. COuldn't touch up. Had to use HD 80 which made the wood light yellow. Not the rich color it was originally. Only about 4 or 5 years old. Now looking to apply a sealer in selected areas so if food is spilled, it won't leave a grease mark which can only be removed with a power washer. I've regretting anything I've done to the deck so far. Any great ideas??? Don't even think of a stain! Thank you.
Steven , July 18, 2011
re: re-sealing decks
Most stains need to be reapplied every 2-3 years. Make sure to prep the wood first. The Restore-A-Deck system works very well.

You can use the same product if you want or switch to a better stain.
TheSealerStore , July 17, 2011
re-sealing decks
2 years ago I applied Cabot Australian timber oil to my 1 year old decks. This was the first time they were sealed. How long does this last? And if I need to re-seal them do I use the exact Cabot product again or is there another Cabot product that is used when it's not the first time it's sealed?
Anne , July 16, 2011
re: Mr
Best to use a deck cleaner and a deck brightener with the use of a pressure washer as a rinsing tool. I would look at the Restore-A-Deck
TheSealerStore , July 13, 2011
Have a pressure treated pine deck; app. 10-12 years old. Has had Thompson's water sealer applied twice in that period. Never been stained.
Want to stain it now. Is pressure washing it prior to staining adequate or should I wash with products recommended for removing old sealer?
Deck is in good shape just looks bad.
John Lockman , July 12, 2011
re: rain storm dumped 4 inches of rain
I would think you are okay since it had been 14 hours.
TheSealerStore , July 08, 2011
I just cleaned,brightend and stained my deck with TWP1500.A unexpected rain storm dumped 4 inches of rain 14 hours after my application.Should I clean and restain?
rmolosh , July 07, 2011
re: is there a better time/season to apply wood sealers???
Not really. Stains/sealers do have temperature restrictions.
TheSealerStore , July 03, 2011
is there a better time/season to apply wood sealers???
t mc mahon , July 02, 2011
re: MS
I would start here on this link: Deck Stain Help

It contains all the needed info and links to the correct products to prep and apply a stain to your deck.
TheSealerStore , June 27, 2011
I have recently bought a house that has a roof deck. I don't know what is currently applied to it, but it shows signs of wear and a bit of mildew. The deck is made of wood, which the inspector told me is mahogony (but I don't know how to verify this). I would like to do what is necessary to clean and re-stain the deck. What do you recommend?
Gabrielle , June 27, 2011
re: New fencing
I would look at one of these stains for your fence in your state:

Defy Extreme Stain
TWP 1500 Series
Armstrong Clark Stain

All will give you many years of protection on a fence.
TheSealerStore , June 20, 2011
New fencing
I have just had 300 ft of western red cedar 6' privacy fence installed and need coat it. What do I need to do next? I live in Wyoming where it is dry, windy and lots of sun. I like the look of the natural red cedar and do not want it to grey. What would be the best product that, as a single home owner, I will not have to redo every year? I have looked at Defy and Penofin but the more I read the more confused I get. Thanks for the help
Julie Mead , June 20, 2011
re: sanding
After stripping/cleaning but prior to staining. Be careful as to not over sand as the stain may absorb differently there. Can come out lighter in color where sanded.
TheSealerStore , June 06, 2011
At one point in the process (stripping through to staining) should I sand down rough boards?
Jennifer A. , June 06, 2011
re: Garapa Brazilian Hardwood Decking
No, not all oil-based stains will encourage mold. Mold can grow on any surface.

Please read the articles on how to strip and brighten a deck: How To Deck Help. This will walk you through the procedures.

You might want to look at the Armstrong Clark in the Amber Color if you do not want it to be a Mahogany.
TheSealerStore , May 30, 2011
Garapa Brazilian Hardwood Decking
The Rymar stain that my contractor applied to my new Garapa decking is failing and mold is developing and uneven areas are developing throughout the deck. I do not want to use a Maghogany stain and that is why I did not purhase the IPE. My current color is called Canary and is a beautiful rich caramel like color. Do all oil based stains encourage mold? It has been recommended by this site to use a stain stripper and lightener. Do these steps need to be done on my hands and knees, which is how I applied the second coat of the Rymar stain 4 months after the first coat was applied. Do I choose a Transparent or Semi-transparent stain? I really need someone help on this deck project!
Sally Nisley , May 30, 2011
re: shipping/out of stock
The Biowash Natural Deck Oil is out of stock and we do not plan on getting back in stock in the near future. Distribution is pretty much non existent for the Biowash product.

I would look at the Defy Extreme Stain.

Shipping charges can easily be determined by adding the product to cart. At checkout there is a shipping calculator to see the rates.
TheSealerStore , May 23, 2011
Hello again,
We have other questions :

-We used cedar tone deck oil on meleze vertical wood. It really baddly needs to be restored. It's already been 10 years... Should we use the same product? Do you have some new better products to suggest?
-Do we habe to put supernatural protective wood finish system at the end? We rather save$$!! But we want to do it right...
-One more detail: we live in St-Christophe d'Arthabaska,Quebec, Canada... Home much is the shipping for 5 gallons?
Thanks again,
Sophie Gilbert , May 23, 2011
out of stock?
We need cedar tone deck oil to restor the outside wood part of our house. We used it 10 years ago. It really needs to be done as soon as possible. We read that this product is presently out of stock. Can you tell for how long? When will this product be avalable again?
Thank you for a quick answer,
Sophie Gilbert
Sophie Gilbert , May 23, 2011
re: Homeowner
Your best bet is to strip and brighten everything including the rails and go with a semi-transparent stain. You should not apply over the Cabot Clear with another brand.

There is no "clear" on the market that is UV reistant for 2-3 years. You must have a tint/color in the stain to achieve this.
TheSealerStore , May 16, 2011
I've been using a Cabot "Clear Solutions" product on my cedar deck for the past 5 years. Every year I have to strip/brighten the deck on the horizontal surfaces in the spring. I use a Behr product to do this and then apply the Cabot "Clear Solutions". It looks great but I'm getting tired of doing this process every spring. The vertical surfaces I do not have to strip/brighten, but simply re-apply the Cabot "Clear Solutions" product. Is there a product on the market that I can apply over the Cabot "Clear Solutions" that will get me another 2 -3 years without having to strip/brighten? I'm thinking that there has to be a clear coat UV resistant product out there. The deck gets a lot of sunlight during the day. The last thing I want to do is to go with a tinted or semi-resistant prouduct and not having it match the vertical rails. I want the horizontal surfaces to match the vertical surfaces. If I go this route can I simply apply the tinted or semi-transparent prouduct on the vertical surfaces and make it match? Or do I have remove the vertical rails and install new ones to make it match the horizontal deck surface? It seems to me that there would be too much time and labor to try to strip/brighten the vertical rails? Any ideas or comments I surely welcome.
Jason , May 15, 2011
Re: your Defy Marine Wood Sealer Stain:

Your questions were already answered on this page:
TheSealerStore , May 11, 2011
Re; your Defy Marine Wood Sealer Stain:

Is this marine grade sealer oil-based? Also is it in stock and how long is shop time to Maryland for 4 5-gallon containers? What is your return policy if I only use 3 of the 4 containers?

Also, how many years until I have to re-do the sealer? The description says not to apply this over previously stained surfaces (which mine is not at this point) but what happens in x number of years when I need to re-power wash and re-sealer my dock and stairs--can I use this product again?
lee , May 10, 2011
re: Staining options for pressure treated wooden structures and decks
For the wood that has a previous stains it would be best to use a stain stripper ans a wood brightener. For the new wood you should use a wood cleaner and a wood brightener. Might want to read these articles for better tips:

Deck Restore Tips

Once the wood is prepped properly the stain will match on all thre structures.

For New Jersey climate I would look at:

Defy Extreme
TWP 1500 Series
Armstrong Clark
TheSealerStore , May 09, 2011
Staining options for pressure treated wooden structures and decks
Am in the process of preparing to stain 3 different wooden structures in our backyard, a 24' x 24' western red cedar deck that has been stained with Cabots Autrailian Timber oil stain, a 10' x 10', 3 year old, pressure treated lumber arbor that has not been treated with any finish, and a 12' x 14' pressure treated lumber hot tub deck that has been stained with a water born semi-transparent stain 5 years ago and is very worn.

I would like to prepare and stain all three structures to look at least close in appearance. Can you advise on how to best prepare the pressure treated lumber structures and staining options for pressure treated lumber that will result in an even finish that will match the cedar.

Thank you-

Mike G
Brick, NJ
Mike G , May 08, 2011
re: Co-Owner small remodeling/repair business
Any of the deck stains/sealers we sell are of the highest quality available.

Take inconsideration that have a "tint" in the sealer is what prolongs the UV graying. Some of our best are:

Defy Extreme
TWP Stains
Armstrong Clark
TimberOil Brand
Penofin Stains
TheSealerStore , May 07, 2011
Co-Owner small remodeling/repair business
Have just completed power washing a wood deck around above ground pool and owner wants to put some type sealer on wood. Any suggestions as what to use and how to apply...First time project ......Thanks
X-PO , May 07, 2011
re: installed a pre-treated McFarland Cascade ipe deck last fall
Yes you should always use a wood cleaner. Never wash with just water as too much pressure can damage the wood. The cleaner makes the process more efficient and easier.

The wood brightener neutralizes the wood cleaner or stain stripper. yes it is needed. It will make the wood look better and the stain will last longer if the pH of the wood is neutral.

IPE is the extremely dense. Typically requires a coat of stain annually because of this. I would look at:

Armstrong Clark in Mahogany Color
Defy Stain for Hardwoods in Light Walnut
Messmers UV Plus for Hardwoods
TheSealerStore , May 06, 2011
We installed a pre-treated McFarland Cascade ipe deck last fall. It has since
weathered to a drab gray and we would like to restore it to the rich red-brown it came in. Do we have to use a chemical cleaner or can we use a pressure washer on a lower pressure to do the deck cleaning before we treat it? Is it necessary to use a wood brightener after the cleaning? I know you handle multiple stains for the ipe, but, from your experience, which will last the longest. We live in Utah but the deck is under mostly shade during the summer.
kelly jensen , May 05, 2011
re: Deck DIY'er
1. Do not use a crack filler on outside wood. It does not work.
2. Only lightly hand sand to remove splinters. Do not power sand.
3. Strip all the wood is fine. No need to use a wood cleaner if you are using a stain stripper.

Might want to read this article: 101 Deck Restore Tips
TheSealerStore , May 02, 2011
re: sealant application
Best to follow manufacturer's directions.
TheSealerStore , May 02, 2011
Deck DIY'er
Our pressure treated pine deck is 3 years old, partially sealed with clear sealant. We want to put on a semi-transparent stain. Q1: Some of the wood has cracks, do I need to fill those first, and at what stage would I do that (before or after stripping?) Q2: the deck railing has some rough wood - at what stage do I sand? Q3: can I strip non-sealed areas so I don't have to strip part and clean part? (trying to save steps) thanks!
Jen Agnew , May 02, 2011
sealant application
It states on my sealant that I must wait 3 days after washing the deck to apply. How important is this, in the past I could apply sealant right away. Why must I wait with Cabots?
d drew , May 02, 2011
re: Cedar deck restoration cont..
Water based stain are not prone to mold/mildew, are environmentally friendlier, and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Oil based stains penetrate better typically and can be easier to apply.

There are pluses and minuses with both.
TheSealerStore , April 29, 2011
Cedar deck restoration cont..
Thanks for the tip about the HD80 stripper.
Regarding the stain, what are the noticeable differences between a Water base and a Oil based stain? What does make one to be chosen comparing to another? Thanks
Denisa Santos , April 29, 2011
re: Cedar deck restoration
The Behr stain is one of the most difficult products to remove. Best to use a stain stripper to remove as much as possible of the Behr. I would look at the HD80 Stripper.

All of the stains that you mentioned are excellent products. Do you prefer a oil or water based stain?
TheSealerStore , April 28, 2011
Cedar deck restoration
I treated my deck two years ago with Behr weatherproofing semi transparent stain, and I will be restoring it soon. I live in Rhode Island, and my deck receives shade in the morning and a burning sunlight during afternoon, I have a dog and kids.
I want a redwood color stain.
What steps and products do you advise for stripping, brightening and staining? Which product performs better? Defy Extreme, Defy Epoxy or TWP?
Denisa Santos , April 28, 2011
re: Wood deck
I would look at the Defy Extreme Clear if you want a water based non-film forming product for your deck at your log home.

Take in inconsideration that the Defy Extreme Stain will last 2-3 times longer then the Defy Extreme Clear when it comes to UV graying.
TheSealerStore , April 24, 2011
Wood deck
We have a log home in Tennessee that was just completed November of 2010. Due to the time of year and weather, we were unable to do anything with the deck and do not live there year-round.

I am interested in a product that is a non-film forming water base to protect the wood but I don't want to use a stain. 400 sq. ft is under cover of a porch and 400 sq. ft. is unprotected.

Since nothing has been done to protect the deck since it was built, can you please advise me on what steps should be taken and which products would work best for this application.

Debbie Linsenmeyer , April 24, 2011
Stain Filters
This site is by far the best site out there. smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gif

I really like the Stain Filters that allow you to narrow your choices.
JP , April 22, 2011
re: Pressure Treated Wood Deck Paint and Stain Removeal
Most likely you will not be able to remove the paint completely without sanding. Deck Stain Strippers are designed to remove semi-transparent stains not solid paints. Might be best to strip what is loose and dirty then sand off the rest to get to bare wood. If not then you would need to apply another solid stain.
TheSealerStore , April 17, 2011
Pressure Treated Wood Deck Paint and Stain Removeal
Purchased home 3 years ago. The deck looked great as it had been recently painted a light color of gray. Now that the paint is pealing off, I can see that there is a dark brown transparent stain under the paint. Can I remove the paint and stain to start over or what would you recommend?
John Jenkins , April 17, 2011
re: Redwood Deck
First off you will need to apply a stain stripper followed by a wood brightener to remove the current finish. This would be best to make sure that the new stain properly adheres to the wood. Please read these articles for tips: How To Deck Tips

As for the stain, I would look at one of these products:

Armstrong Clark
TWP 1500 Series
Defy Stain for Hardwoods/Redwood

When choosing a color you should take inconsideration how well the old stain came off. If there is still some old stain left make sure to pick a color that is similar or darker.
TheSealerStore , April 01, 2011
Redwood Deck
Currently, there is a semi-transparent stain on it. So far no peeling noted.
Diane , March 31, 2011
re: Redwood Deck
What type of finish is it? Is it a semi-transparent stain where you can see the wood grain or is it a solid stain like a paint?
TheSealerStore , March 31, 2011
Redwood Deck
We are buying a house with a redwood deck. Unsure of the finish on there now. House/Deck about 12 years old. Deck faces the west; full sun in the afternoon. Southwest Kansas. No mold issues. Suggestions for refinishing project would be greatly appreciated.

Diane , March 31, 2011
re: Ipe deck and Cerejeira rail restoration follow up 2
I would use the Defy Hardwood as it penetrates your wood type better and will be easier to reapply then when needed.
TheSealerStore , March 09, 2011
re: Ipe deck and Cerejeira rail restoration follow up 2
Thanks for your timely and helpful responses. I hope I can employ your indulgence one more time. I plan to use a Defy product for ease of clean up, better mold control, and easy annual re-coating. Does the better penetration of the Hardwood stain (light walnut) outperform the nanotechnology of the Extreme stain in either clear or light walnut? Which would you personally use on my Ipe deck and Cerejeira railings?
chaspark , March 09, 2011
re: Ipe deck and Cerejeira rail restoration follow up
EFC-38 and Citralic have the same coverage as the Restore-A-Deck products.

With full sun and your wood types, I would look at one of these stains:

Defy Stain for Hardwoods in Light Walnut
Armstrong Clark in Mahogany
Messmers UV Plus for Hardwoods
TWP 1500 Series in Rustic

Defy is the only water based in the above suggestions as it penetrates better then other water based formulas.
TheSealerStore , March 07, 2011
Ipe deck and Cerejeira rail restoration follow up
Does ECF-38 and Citralic have larger coverage area than Restore-a-deck (as advertised)?
The deck is in New Orleans, LA and has all 3 sun exposures with some mold/mildew in the shade. Is oil or water base better?
chaspark , March 06, 2011
re: Ipe deck and Cerejeira rail restoration
1. I would look at the Restore-A-Deck Kits. They are a two step process containing a Step 1 Cleaning and a Step 2 Brightening. The dark red-brown color of the IPE will be restored after the cleaning and when the stain is applied.

2. There is not a "best" finish/stain. Everything we carry are higher end products. Some though can do better it certain climates. We can help narrow it down for you:

-What state do you live in?
-Full sun, partial or shade?
-Do you have issues with mold or mildew?

TheSealerStore , March 06, 2011
Ipe deck and Cerejeira rail restoration
We have a 900 sq ft Ipe deck and Cerejeira rail and spindle system that was initially treated with Flood Seasonite after an initial 3 month weathering period 10 years ago in a New Orleans water front area. It is now well weathered but sound, very gray with some green mold, and no longer water resistant.
1. What are the best products for cleaning, lightening, and pH adjusting the wood prior to staining? I assume that a sodium per-carbonate cleaner is best, but which one? Is a powder lightener better than a liquid oxalic acid lightener considering environmental damage and the fact that I prefer the original dark red-brown color of Ipe?
2.What is the best finish to use? I prefer to restore the original Ipe color and to maintain that color for as long as possible without refinishing. I also want a finish that is easy to refinish without stripping if possible. Does a water based finish or an oil based finish better meet my needs?
chaspark , March 06, 2011
re: Probably a stupid Question
All of the stains we sell are sealers as well. Basically they will seal the wood while adding pigment "stain" to tint the natural tones of wood different colors.
TheSealerStore , October 13, 2010
Probably a stupid Question
I had someone tell me the other day that ther is such a thing as a stain and sealer all in one. Is this true?
Jerry , October 12, 2010
re: treated pine deck in Ohio
All decking should be prepped properly before applying a stain. Best to use a wood deck cleaner and a wood deck brightener for this.

Best to use a transparent or semi-transparent tinted wood stain to prevent UV graying. They will also enhance the natural wood grain. Some of our more popular are:

TWP Stains
Armstrong Clark
Defy Stains
TheSealerStore , September 20, 2010
Hoping you can advise. We had a pressure treated pine deck built last year. The contractor told us to wait a year before sealing/staining it. It has been a year. it still looks good. We want to keep it as low maintenance as possible. My thinking is a very good clear sealer and then keep it clean and possibly reseal every year or as needed. But after reading forums and sites on the internet I am as confused as I was at the beginning. We live in Ohio. It is a pine deck on the west side of house, good air circulation and sun on it for about 4+ hours a day.
How much preparation? What products to use for cleaning and then for finish? We are heading toward probably wetter time of year, what cautions do you have about when to do all this work?
thank you for your help.
Annie Fry , September 19, 2010
re: Tinted sealer over existing sealer
Probably not. It really depends on the old sealer and the new sealer adhering properly. I would do a test spot first.
TheSealerStore , September 15, 2010
Tinted sealer over existing sealer
I have a home that is already sealed with some producr. Can I use a tinted sealer to change the color of the wood?
Ken Doucette , September 14, 2010
re: Penta WR treated southern pine covered porch floor finishing?
Sanding is not suggested and can cause absorptions issues! Best to use a wood deck cleaner and brightener to prep the wood.

We strongly suggest the TimberOil for all new wood. It absorbs the best. It is also very easy to reapply when needed.

You might want to read the 101 Deck Restoration Tips as well.
TheSealerStore , September 11, 2010
Penta WR treated southern pine covered porch floor finishing?
New Penta WR southern pine porch floor was put down about 3 months ago. I'd like to finish in the next few weeks before the winter. I live in VA so they are fairly mild. Preferably I'd like to keep the wood grain visibile and use a product that is easy to recoat. It is high traffic on the covered front porch as it leads to normally used house entry point. My plan was to use a vibratory sander to smooth (80 then 100 grit) the surface before using a pentrating stain. Any product recommendations, steps I'm missing? I was hoping sanding would eliminate cleaning and brightner use before staining.

Paul Hutcheson , September 10, 2010
re: Penofin solid
It depends on how the solid stain wears. Since they film on top of the wood they are more prone to lifting and peeling then a stain that penetrates into the wood. Penofin though does have one of the best penetrating solid stains so this is less likely to happen.
TheSealerStore , August 15, 2010
Penofin solid
hello.i have ordered from you in the past and already are prepping for next april. i was thinking of using penofin solid rather than transparent. i know that with transparent you just put on, let it wear a bit, wash it down good and reapply a coat, no need to strip or sand. thats what people love! but if i use the penofin solid can i do the same? wait a year or two, scrub and go over it? thanks so much
Dave Canale , August 14, 2010
re: what's best to use?
For Michigan weather (which is where we are) I would look at these stains:

TWP 100 series
Defy Extreme Stain
Armstrong Clark Stain
TimberOil Brand

You can get samples on this link:
TheSealerStore , August 05, 2010
Hi, Thanks for getting back with us cause we are having a hard time deciding on which product to purchase. We live in southwestern lower Michigan. The deck is partial shade, but it all gets sun at some point in the day. There are no mold or algae issues. This will be the initial treatment of the wood. We want the finish to be very light, as close as possibe to natural, but realize we will need some pigmentation due to UV rays.
Bob Hames , August 04, 2010
re: what's best to use?
We really do not have a "best" stain. all are high end products and typically last about the same. Some though do better in certain scenarios or climates. I can narrow it down with more info;

1. Where do you live?
2. Are you in full sun, partial shade, or full shade?
3. Do you have mold or algae issues
4. Has it been treated before? If so with what?
TheSealerStore , August 04, 2010
what's best to use?
We built a 16x60 deck in July 2009. We want to use a high quality sealant to lengthen the time between re-seals. We used pressure-treated pine, and want the natural color as much as possible. What do you suggest?
Bob Hames , August 03, 2010
re: Garapa staining
Yes you can use the Defy Hardwood Stain on your Garapa wood. Have had numerous customers use it with positive feedback
TheSealerStore , August 03, 2010
Garapa staining
Has anyone tried defy products on garap decking
Howard Jackson , August 03, 2010
re: Oxford Brown, Armstrong Clark

Sorry but the Oxford Brown is not black. It is a very dark brown but not black and we do not have any stains that are black in color. If you would like to get a sample for your customer you can here:

As for the work. It is not any different for the prepping or the application of a dark stain.

TheSealerStore , July 24, 2010
Oxford Brown, Armstrong Clark
I have a customer, that would like their, very old grey 2 story boat dock, cleaned and stained. While i normally use ready seal, I showed her some color samples for Armstrong Clark, and she was extremely interested in a Black type finish, so naturally she chose, the Oxford Brown, the pictures look black, but is it actually brown? and if it is black, is the application process for this type of stain, the same as all the other wood work I have done, Striping, Cleaning, Neutralizing, and then spraying on the stain? or would it differ? She is looking for a black stain/sealer that will still show the naturals of the wood, but have a black rustic type finish. This deck is around 2800 sq/ft and since it has not been stained in over 8 years, im probably going to throw around 25 gallons of stain at it.
John Aljaz , July 23, 2010
I have a 12 x 32 cedar deck that is about 6 years old. I originally applied Penofin after building the deck. After a month or so it seemed to have lost all of its water resistance as the water soaked in instead of beading. A couple years later I stripped the deck, let it dry well and used the Cabot semi-transparent deck stain (cedar color which ended up being god awful baby puke brownish-orange). It seemed to function well for about a year, but then started visibly wearing off and soaking in the water. Is there a deck stain out there I can trust? I was told both of these products were good and they were terrible. How do I get that nice oiled cedar look (not baby puke) that beads water and lasts at least 2 years?
Kris , July 22, 2010
re: restoring prev finished deck bench
You could use a solid stain. Verticals are not as prone to rotting like your flooring did.
TheSealerStore , July 11, 2010
restoring prev finished deck bench
I have a composite deck with cedar surround,railing and benches and swing arbor. We sealed all the exposed cedar originally (10) years ago, with a Cabot Teflon product. The results were not good and basically trapped all the moisture in the cedar, and therefore almost all of the cedar has deteriorated and I am now replacing it with composite. I have used Cabot stains subsequently after sanding off the teflon product. I am now of the opinion that I wish to paint all the remaining surfaces or would you not recommend that in light of my past experiences.
Lee , July 10, 2010
re: Cedar Siding - Natural weathered-gray look
For this I would suggest the Defy UV clear or the Defy Extreme Clear. Both will seal and protect while naturally graying through the years. In addition the Extreme contains Zinc Oxide nano particles. These are excellent at preventing mold/mildew from growing.
TheSealerStore , July 07, 2010
Cedar Siding - Natural weathered-gray look
What sealer (or stain) would you recommend?

We are building a camp on the coast of Maine and will be using northern white cedar clapboard and shake siding. We like the natural, gray weathered look. We would like to minimize mold growth and allow the natural graying to occur. We tried Cabot's bleaching oil on another house we owned 20 years ago, with so-so luck..... never turned gray and eventually refinished with a solid cabot stain. Thanks
GMB , July 06, 2010
re: wood cabin
Wood stains are sealers but with pigmented (stain) added. Stains will seal, offer color enhancement and protect from UV fading.

You would use the same product on your deck as well as the wood cabin.
TheSealerStore , July 03, 2010
I have a wood cabin that had a reddish stain put on a year and a half ago. I want to protect the wood exterior sides. I do not understand if I will get better protection from a sealer or a stain.
Why would I want one rather than the other? I also have decks which were never covered and I want to cover them. Again a sealer or a stain?
Dorothy Uhlig , July 02, 2010
re: Blue Label
When reapplying the same stain you should at the very least use a wood cleaner to prep properly should be cleaned at the very least.
TheSealerStore , June 29, 2010
Can the blue label Penofin be applied without stripping or brightening if it was used previously?Thanks,
Bernadine , June 29, 2010
re: wood preservative/sealer/mold inhibitor
The deck stain products we sell will not work on an inside crawl space to inhibit mold.
TheSealerStore , June 17, 2010
wood preservative/sealer/mold inhibitor
Hi, I am cleaning up mold in my crawl space. I have installed a french drain, sump pump, and a vapor barrier. I would like to apply a sealer on the freshly cleaned joists to inhibit future mold growth and repel water. I was thinking the Defy Epoxy with synthetic resins might be my best bet or the TWP. What would you recommend? Thanks.
celia , June 16, 2010
re: ipe wet look sealer
Deck sealers and stains are not supposed to be glossy. This would be extremely bad for horizontal decking. Hardwood decking stains will enhance the natural color of the wood as with if wet with water but they will not leave a shiny gloss.
TheSealerStore , June 14, 2010
ipe wet look sealer
I know I do not need to seal my ipe deck however I love the look of it when its wet. How do I get the wet look to stay. I just applied a sealer/wood protector to bring the color out however as it dries the glossy look goes away. When I first applied it and the sealer was wet it looked incredible. Thanks
Kevin Butschky , June 14, 2010
re: Help!
Since you are in such high humidity and shade I would use a water based stain as they do not promote mold/mildew growth. The best water based stain we have are the Defy Stains. Of the different types of Defy Stains, I would go with the Defy Extreme Wood Stain in one of the transparent colors.
TheSealerStore , June 11, 2010
I need some of your expert advice. What would you recommend we use for staining very large pressure treated pine decks that are 20 years old? The decks are in the Florida sun, with high humidity, with lots of rain. Most of the 3 decks are in a shady area. One is in a sunny area.s. The deck has just been pressure washed and since the old semi-transparent stain was approx. 6 years old, I think we are down to the bare wood at this point. I am looking for something that will last and yet won't create possible mold problems that I've been reading about above. Any suggestions? Thanks very much for any advice.
Arlene Perlette , June 10, 2010
re: stripping massaranduba
I would suggest stripping the rest off so it is even/lighter in color. You didn't do anything wrong, just did not get all of the old stain off. When you re stain with the Penofin it will restore the deck to the reddish/brown tones that you are after.smilies/grin.gif
TheSealerStore , May 23, 2010
stripping massaranduba

We have a deck of massaranduba that is about four years old. It has be treated annually with Penofin. A portion of the deck is exposed and a portion is under Polygal. We used Flood Wood Stripper on it and two things happened: 1) the results are highly inconsistent, with some areas stripped clean and other areas hardly changed; and 2) the areas that were stripped clean do not have the reddish-brown color of the wood when is was installed, it's now a light brown/sandy color. So, two questions. What did we do wrong that led to the inconsistent results? In the areas that are completely stripped, have we ruined the wood and will we be able to restore the natural color? We had planned to stain it with Penofin again. Thanks for any help you can provide.
Jeffrey , May 23, 2010
re: orange tone
1. It is not advisable to apply different brands on top of each other. They may not adhere properly.
2. Flood is a water based stain and wolman f&p is an oil based stain. Will not adhere together.

Best bet is to strip off in 2-3 years then recoat.
TheSealerStore , May 18, 2010
orange tone
what is the reason that you can not apply wolman F &P over flood? can you do it after 2-3 years without stripping?
nita , May 18, 2010
re: orange tone
No the orange will not go away. The only thing you can do is to remove by stripping off the Flood. the Wolman F&P cannot be applied over the Flood.
TheSealerStore , May 17, 2010
re: Oxygen Bleach on Cedar
Your best bet would be to use the Defy Stain. Problem is finding a dealer in Canada. Are you close to the border? We ship a lot to UPS stores and then the customers drive over to pick up.
TheSealerStore , May 17, 2010
re: mahogany deck sealant
To get the best UV protection for your Mahogany you would need a tint in your stain. If you do not want to add any color then the Defy Extreme Clear would be your best bet.
TheSealerStore , May 17, 2010
mahogany deck sealant
My 8 year old mahogany deck is in pretty rough shape. I'm going to have the current semi-transparent oil based stain sanded off. I'd like to use a water based clear sealant. Would Defy be the best choice for a hardwood deck like mine? I'd rather not use Defy Hardwood Stain because my two Yellow Labs scratched through the last finish within weeks.
Thanks for your time. smilies/smiley.gif
upper west , May 17, 2010
re: Oxygen Bleach on Cedar
Hi... Thanks for the info and the quick response!

Here the answers to your questions..
a. Do you prefer water based or oil based? Water based
b. Do you have mold/mildew issues? NO
c. Full sun or partial sun? Full Sun
d. What state do you live in? Canada... I see from other posts that you unfortunately do not ship to Canada so I guess I am out of luck. Thanks anyway.
John Danis , May 17, 2010
orange tone
i sanded and stained the deck with flood uv5 cedar tone. i realized it looks orange in the sun.
will it go away? if i want to use wolman F& p in future, can i use it over it without stripping it down?
nita , May 17, 2010
re: Oxygen Bleach on Cedar
1. No there is no worries of damaging the wood.
2. Any of these Deck Brighteners will work.
3. All of the brands we sell are high end. There is not one particular brand that is better then the rest. I can narrow it down for you if you would like.

a. Do you prefer water based or oil based?
b. Do you have mold/mildew issues?
c. Full sun or partial sun?
d. What state do you live in?
TheSealerStore , May 15, 2010
Oxygen Bleach on Cedar
I am planning on cleaning my cedar deck with oxygen bleach but am concerned about how hard I can scrub. Is there any danger of damaging the wood?
I will doing the following...
1) Clean with Oxygen Bleach
2) Apply brightner. Any suggestions?
3) Apply seal. Any suggestions?

I've done a fair amout of research on this but alot of the information seems to conflict. Hoping someone can help. Thanks!
John Danis , May 14, 2010
re: I flunked your 101 tips.....
I am sorry you have such a mess. It is obvious you are not dealing with knowledgeable contractors smilies/sad.gif

The wood definitely needs to be sanded to smooth down the damaged spindles. Filling the deep wounds with a wood filler is a bad idea as wood filler will not work on outside wood very well. It will break out over a short period of time. It is possible that some of the wood should be replaced if damaged beyond repair.

For the stain we typically suggest semi-transparent finishes. It is possible that you are beyond this and have no choice but to choose a solid stain such as Cabot's.
TheSealerStore , May 11, 2010
I flunked your 101 tips.....
Help! I can't seem to get anyone to know what they are doing; started off with a cedar deck made with Home Depot wood; used Behr, removed this product after the next season and Lowes suggested Cabots solid color acrylic stain which only lasted months.
Hired a contractor for $1400.00 he cleaned the 460 sq.ft. cedar; primed with MAD DOG PRIMER and used Cabots solid again. After a day or so there were bubbles everywhere!!!NIGHTMARE! He agreed they made a mistake in using 2 conflicting products and powerwashed the hell out of the deck making things even worse. Ballisters were shredded and strip marks in many places. They left it until the this spring and wanted to rework their mistake; I am terrified they will ruin things more so I asked them to leave. He clearly didn't know what he was doing and if he had to get his advice from a paint store worker; this scares me.

Can you suggest what process needs to be done? I had a few estimates and all with different solutions. They want to sand ballisters with a hand sander and touch the floor; use Cabot's stain not paint. Any deep wounds to the wood wanted to fill with wood filler? Had another say alot of the wood needs replaced. I really need advice on what to do and to finally enjoy a beautiful cedar deck. Please help this lady??
Long Island, NY
Philicia Janios , May 11, 2010
re: old deck need redoing
Both the Defy and TWP are great products and neither would outlast the other in IL.smilies/smiley.gif
TheSealerStore , May 06, 2010
old deck need redoing
I have been reading many sites online and have decided to use oxybleach to clean the deck. It is on an old house in Peoria, IL, but the deck seems intact but the stain and sealer (if there were any) do not show. I was thinking of the Defy epoxy, but after reading another site thought that TWP might be better even if it has to be redone more often. What would you recommend as a stain and sealer? I appreciate your input.
Thank you,
Harriet Schipper , May 05, 2010
re: Stain problems
The problem lies with your choice of stain. Wolman Durastain is a film-forming stain.

I would look at:

TWP Stains
Defy Stains
Penofin Stains
Messmers Stain
Wood Tux
Armstrong Clark
TheSealerStore , April 30, 2010
Stain problems
I have a cedar deck which I am having trouble getting a stain to penetrate into the wood. I have used Wolman’s Durastain for the last two applications. The stain will dry and just sit on the surface and chip very easily. I have always stripped the deck prior and cleaned with Oxy Bleach, waited two days to dry and then applied the stain. I did not use brightener. Can you recommend a good penetrating stain to solve this problem?
eric95 , April 30, 2010
re: sealing a 15 year old cedar #2 cedar deck
Hard to say exactly. Typically the Natural Pine looks similar to a wet look. I would call it more of a golden color then a yellow color. Problem is that every deck comes out different.
TheSealerStore , April 27, 2010
sealing a 15 year old cedar #2 cedar deck
Thanks for the reply. When wet now the deck looks somewhat like pine with the exception of the railing. Will the Defy Extreme Natural pine tint yellow the deck too much?
Dave2 , April 26, 2010
re: sealing a 15 year old cedar #2 cedar deck
I would use the Defy Extreme line. In addition the Natural Pine tint would last longer then the clear when it comes to UV protection.
TheSealerStore , April 26, 2010
sealing a 15 year old cedar #2 cedar deck
Thinking about using the Defy clear stain for my deck. Already stripped and cleaned the deck.
Would like the deck to be light as possible. What do you recommend? I'm in NJ.
Dave2 , April 26, 2010
re: removing Sun Frog
In that case it should be relatively easy to remove. Really any of the deck strippers will work. The Defy Stain Stripper or HD80 would be good choices. You will need to use the companion wood brightener to neutralize when finished.

TheSealerStore , April 26, 2010
I did not think my post went through and also posted on Deck Stain. My apologies.
It was actually Sun Frog - oil based and yes it did penetrate the wood.
Thank you.
Michelle Alker , April 25, 2010
re: Overwhelmed
Thanks for the praise!

Was the Bullfrog stain a water based stain or oil based? Did it leave a "film" on top of the wood or did it penetrate completely into the wood?

Please let us know so we can suggest the best stain stripper and brightener system.
TheSealerStore , April 24, 2010
I love the website and great information! Now, I need to chose a product and it seems there are several that would work for my project. My plan is to do it right this time. PLEASE give me your product recommendation for cleaning/stripping a cedar deck and porch. I live in Northern Oregon. Very wet. My front porch gets full sun most of the day.(when we have it) The summer heat can be intense. (No really) I had been using BullFrog cedar stain. So from what I read I need to clean/strip brighten and stain. Which one? Help
Michelle Alker , April 23, 2010
re: Homeowner
IPE is an extremely dense wood and when stained it looks beautiful. Problem is that it requires a coating on an annual basis.

It does not meed to be stained/sealed but it does look a lot better when it is done.

What sealer did the contractor use previously? It can make a difference as to which stain stripper to use.
TheSealerStore , April 18, 2010
We had an IPE deck installed less than a year ago. The installer sanded then immediately applied a tinted sealer. It looks terrible now! In researching the IPE, I read that the deck should not be sealed for one year after sanding to allow the pores to open back up to accept the sealer. What type of stripper is best to remove the current finish; and what type of tinted sealer is best to use on IPE?

I have also read that it is not necessary to stain or seal IPE sense it is such a hard wood. Is this true?

Thank you for any information you can supply

J L Wollas
J L Wollas , April 18, 2010
re: Should I stain underneath my deck and stairs?
No need to do the underside unless you want it for aesthetics.

Behr wood stains have many issues. It applies unevenly, it fails after a season, and it is very difficult to remove when it does fail.

This is a quote that was overheard at national convention this spring (2010) from a Behr rep.

"Behr will come off a deck like a snake shedding its skin after one winter"

If you do some research online you will see many upset and angry customers who have had terrible experiences with Behr on their deck.
TheSealerStore , April 18, 2010
Should I stain underneath my deck and stairs?
I hope this is the place to receive an answer to my question....
My husband is in the process of atainning our 10 x 12 open deck and stairs. This deck gets the sun for altmost the entire day. He was told not to stain the deck or stairs underneath, is this true? He also checked with Comsumer Reports and they recmend the Behr stains. After researching many website, I find that this is not the best stain to use,
what do you recomend? Thank you
America NC
America , April 17, 2010
re: restaining
Behr is a film forming stain. If you choose a penetrating stain (which is best) then you should pick a color to blend but you might see a small difference in sheen where you did not get the Behr off. Little shiny in those areas.
TheSealerStore , April 13, 2010
Used HD80 on deck that had Behr product on it.Got 90% of it off.Will be restaining.What will the outcome be on those areas that didnt get removed? I thought I might be able to blend a color that matched what was originally used.I just dont want those unstripped areas to stand out after staining.I wont be using Behr so that is not going to happen.
Doug , April 13, 2010
re: sap coming from knots
Sorry but there is no way to stop the sap coming from the knots that I know of.
TheSealerStore , April 11, 2010
Could you please let me know what can be done about sap coming from a deck plank (a knot)? A customer of mine says that for the past 2 years his stain comes off quickly in the area of where the "knots" are. Is there anything I can do or any advice I can give him since I will be staining his deck sometime this week?

Thank you,
Doug , April 11, 2010
re: Deck Sealer
New pressure treated pine is not very absorbent. Not all stains will work well on newer wood when it comes to proper penetration. We suggest using a stain/sealer that will absorb into the wood and applies easily when it comes to new wood or decks.

TimberOil Wood Stain
TheSealerStore , April 10, 2010
Deck Sealer
Just finishe building a new deck out of treated yellow pine. What sealer do you recommend, live on the Texas Gulf Coast.
Larry Black , April 10, 2010
re: Tiki Bar
You are correct that the old stain should be removed with a wood stain stripper. Make sure that you also use a wood brightener to neutralize when done.

If you are using the Defy brand then I would suggest the Defy Extreme Stain. On a horizontal it will typically last a couple of years. On verticals it will get twice as long. The Defy brands can be cleaned and re coated when needed. Stripping the Defy is not needed unless there is an buildup of too many coatings.
TheSealerStore , April 10, 2010
We have a tiki bar that needs better protection then it currently has. Not sure what brand sealer we put on it last summer but it is already graying in one area that recieves sun. I assume that we need to completly strip it before using your product. Also how long can I expect your product to last? The bar is on a covered patio. If I have understood this correctly your product(the defy wood stains) won't need to be stripped. Correct?
Rachel S , April 10, 2010
re: old deck
Doug, removing paint is EXTREMELY difficult if not impossible. There is no east solution and no guaranteed outcome. The HD80 is one of our strongest strippers and will remove the majority on transparent and semi-transparent stains but it will not remove a solid stain.

We are not a fan of Ready Seal. It is easy to apply but does not last very long. The Armstrong Clark Stain will definitely outperform Ready Seal. It applies fairly easy and will hold color much longer. In addition the Armstrong actually cures and seals the wood while Ready Seal does not.
TheSealerStore , April 07, 2010
old deck
I am doing a deck for a customer that had used a Behr paint stain.I used a sripper and got all the flat surfaces pretty good,but the verticle areas dont hold the product as long as it runs off.From your many products would you recommend HD80 for real tough paint and should I leave on longer? I thought I might use soap with the sripper to give it more dwell time is that okay to do?I have not picked out a stain,but have had great success with Ready Seal.I would like to have another alternative and was looking at some of your products.Other pros seems to like the Armstrong Clark does it compare with Ready Seal?
Doug , April 06, 2010
re: Cabot ATO 1yo restain question
Prior to applying a "maintenance" coat of stain your should:

1. Lightly clean the wood with a wood deck cleaner
2. Neutralize wood deck cleaner with a wood deck brightener

Any of the products on the above links will work. No need to do more then once a year. Over apply can cause premature failure.
TheSealerStore , March 25, 2010
Cabot ATO 1yo restain question
I applied Cabot ATO Natural to a PT pine deck last year. Although the results were good, it is showing signs of wear this spring. I knew that I would need to re-apply it in about a year, but what is the best process for this? Cleaning, applying, and maintaining. Should you apply more than once time a year? Do you suggest a product for the cleaning and or prep for the new application this year? Thank you in advance for your help.
gmiller , March 24, 2010
re: walking surface with latex paint on composite wood
The Defy Epoxy Stain is not a film forming epoxy. It is a penetrating stain that contains an epoxy resin that will harden below the surface of the wood. It will not shine or hide imperfections as it is transparent. I believe you are relating this to epoxies such are garage coatings and it is far from that. This will not work in your scenario. Sorry but none of our stains will.
TheSealerStore , March 23, 2010
I replaced the walking surface of my deck last summer. I got some composite decking from a short sale, never been used but it was pretty scratched up when I got it. So, I sanded it down and tried to find a durable coating to apply. Not knowing any better and trusting advice from the local home depot, I primed it and applied a Behr latex solid stain. It looked great last year, but after a winter in the DC area with lots of snow and ice (and a bit of shoveling) it's all scratched up. I'm interested in your Defy epoxy wood stains. I think it would be tougher than latex, add a bit of a shine, tint the color a little darker to hide imperfections, provide UV protection b/c it's in direct sunlight, yet stand up to a foot of snow and ice. With all that being said:
Q#1 will this product adhere to the latex paint already on the deck?
Q#2 can I add a fine sand or some other recommended aggregate to the mix to provide some non skid texture?
rod , March 23, 2010
re: Over apply Stain
Possibly you can use some paint thinner to wipe off the excess but it will depend on the brand of stain you used and if it was an oil based stain. Do you know if it was?
TheSealerStore , March 21, 2010
I over applied a maintance coat of cedar stain it has been two weeks and it is still sticky will it ever dry? Can I was with a thinner or remove excess some how?
Dave Green , March 21, 2010
re: deck stain remover
None of the deck strippers we sell will damage the rubber under the deck.

As far as stains go, there is not a stain that we sell that is the "best" or lasts longer then the rest. They are all high end products. Was there a particular brand that you were interested in?
TheSealerStore , March 19, 2010
deck stain remover
We have a wood deck over our garage. We used a power washer to get most of the semi-transparent stain that we had on the roof off. There are still areas where the stain needs to be removed. What kind of stripper would be best to use that would not harm the rubber roof underneath the deck? Also when we refinish the deck with new stain, what is the best stain to use that will last the longest
Debbie Burnson , March 18, 2010
re: Weather first
I would let the Mahogany dry/weather for 2-4 weeks first. Make sure to clean with a wood deck cleaners prior to applying the sealant.
TheSealerStore , March 10, 2010
Should I let a new mahogony deck flooring weather before I seal it?
terry caffrey , March 10, 2010
re: Preserve Barn
All of these stains will work great:
Wood Siding Stains

As long as it contains a tint the stains will protect against UV fading. Water-based or Oil-based is mostly a matter of application preference. 3 to 5 years on a vertical surface is normal with the brands of stains we sell.
TheSealerStore , March 09, 2010
I would like to preserve the natural color of my barn which was just built in Central Florida, with pressure treated wood. I have approximately 3000 square feet of surface. What would you recommend to protect against mildew, uv, and such. Of course I would like it to last a along time, but in 3 or 4 years would hope it would be easy to refinish. Roll or brush? Acrylic or oil based?
Donald Miller , March 09, 2010
re: Hardwood Deck Stains
I would suggest the Defy Hardwood Stain. It is formulated for dense wood.
TheSealerStore , February 24, 2010
Hardwood Deck Stains
What Defy product would you recommend for a refurbished hardwood deck - the Defy Extreme Stain or the Defy Hardwood stain
Tinago , February 24, 2010
I would look at the Defy Hardwood Stain. It is user friendly, can be cleaned and re-coated, and is a registered MPG "Green" Stain
TheSealerStore , January 07, 2010
Looking for a Hardwood Deck Stain
I have been looking around this great site but I am confused to which stain to use for my IPE Deck. From what I understand, IPE will need to be stained at least once a year. I would prefer something that is easy to recoat when it is needed. I also was hoping for a stain that is safe for water and dogs. Any help would be appreciated!
Sarah , January 05, 2010
Of all the stains we sell there is not a "best" stain. They are all high end. I can narrow it done for you though.

1. Mold or Mildew an issue?
2. Do you prefer oil or water based?
3. Type of wood?
4. Mostly sun or shade?
5. Has it been coated prior and if so with what?
TheSealerStore , December 03, 2009
I live in Colorado. There are lots of stains out there. Which one would be the best??
fd , December 03, 2009
re: Drying Time and Conditions
1. TWP 516 is a 1-2 coat product. Newer or less absorbent wood requires only 1 coat. If you end up doing two coats, it should be applied "wet on wet". This means that you coat all the horizontals then recoat again while the the stain is still wet.

2. Depends on the age of wood and application. Anywhere from 4-24 hours is normal.

3. You cannot apply the TWP if the wood is wet. If it is a light dew in the morning then that should burn off by mid day. I would choose a day without any rain in the forecast.


TheSealerStore , November 13, 2009
Drying Time and Conditions

I just purchased TWP 516 and live in California. I have 3 questions;

1). On your site, there is conflicting information regarding coats. In the main body text, it states to use one coat for horizontal applications and then further down, it says best to use 2 coats "Wet on Wet" - which is correct?

2). What is the drying time for TWP 516?

3). Currently, we have moisture in the mornings and evenings and then it can get up into the 80's during mid-day, will this effect the application of the sealer? or do you have any advice I should be aware of for my particluar application?

Thank you.

nicashford , November 12, 2009
re: Home Owner
You would need to strip it down and start over. Re-staining the affected areas will make it look splotchy and uneven when done. To strip please read this article for additional details:
TheSealerStore , November 02, 2009
Home Owner
We had two IPE decks installed about two months ago. The installer stained/sealed the decks. After a few weeks, we notices light spots all over the deck. We have determined that our two elderly dogs have been relieving themselves on the deck. Can we restain the affected areas or will we have to completely strip the deck? If we have to strip the deck, what is the proceedure and which product do we use?

Thank you so much for any help you can give us. We have invested a lot of money in these decks and want to get them right.
J. L. Wollas , November 02, 2009
re: Rains began just after contractor finished applying deck sealant
Spot sanding and reapplying will most likely not fix the scenario. In my experience the stain will not look even when done. Your contractor may have a way of doing this properly but I am skeptical. The best way to fix this is to strip the entire floor and reapply a new "even" coating to the floor. At least that is what I would do.
TheSealerStore , October 28, 2009
Rains began just after contractor finished applying deck sealant
I have a problem with the condition of our deck after sealant was applied just before rain started to fall. Rain started within an hour or so of the completion of the sealant application and continued for quite some time - we had over an inch of rainfall. Areas of the deck now appear thick and splotchy and are very tacky to the touch and when we walk on the areas. (It's been over a week since the application and there has been more rain.) The areas affected most are those under the railings and up against the house - those are very thick and tacky - but you can also hear our shoes sticking to the deck in other sections. The contractor who applied the sealant wants to sand these areas and reapply sealant. We've never had this problem before; of course, no contractor has applied sealant on a day that it rained. What would you recommend to be the best course of action? The sealant brand is Cabot and it is a clear sealant.
Ginger , October 27, 2009
re: what temp
Application temperature is based on which stain you are using.
TheSealerStore , October 04, 2009
what temp
I live in a mountain area what temp is recomended to apply
yonnie , October 04, 2009
re: Tigerwood thread
The Cleaner and Brightener should remove the black mold spots. They are applied through a pump sprayer, scrubbed, and lightly rinsed. You can also use a pressure washer at a low pressure instead of scrubbing.
TheSealerStore , October 02, 2009
Tigerwood thread
I found the right question with this site. I also have a tigerwood deck. Sealed with just one coat of penofin when new (18 mon ago); now silver with flecks of black mold. Under hot Florida sun. Want the red back. Will cleaner A & B work to do that and then properly apply the penofin? Any help would be appreciated. Can the cleaning be put on through a pressure cleaner or recommend the pump sprayer, scrub with brush and rinse? Thanks for your help.
Janis Brown , October 02, 2009
re: tigerwood deck
Again, thanks!
Fred Lampley , September 30, 2009
re: tigerwood deck
I would be best to use both as the Part B neutralizes the Part A. This leaves your pH balance neutral and allows for better stain performance.
TheSealerStore , September 30, 2009
re: tigerwood deck
Thanks! I appreciate your expertise and your quick response. One additional question. In using Messmer's should I use both the A and the B or would A alone be adequate?
Fred Lampley , September 29, 2009
re: tigerwood deck
Yes I would use the cleaner and brightener to "open" the wood pores allowing better penetration for the Penofin. It does not matter the brand of cleaner/brightener. The Messmer's will work.
TheSealerStore , September 28, 2009
tigerwood deck
We have a Tigerwood deck and foolishly allowed someone to use varnish on it a couple of years ago. I have completely sanded the deck to remove that varnish. Now I am preparing to us Penofin Hardwood Formula. The sanding took care of the greying. Should I use a cleaner and/or brightener before I apply the Penofin; and, if so, is it acceptable to use Messmer's cleaner when I'll be using the Penofin finish? Thanks for your help.
Fred Lampley , September 28, 2009
re:TWP100 or TWP500?
If you are happy with the 100 series then I would not switch.
TheSealerStore , September 25, 2009
TWP100 or TWP500?
I have used TWP 100 Cedartone on my deck several times and have been pretty pleased with it. I am getting ready to restain. I leave in Indiana and my deck gets a lot of sun. Would TWP 500 be a better solution than the 100 since it has more solids? Will there be a problem applying the 500 over the 100 if I have not removed all of the old stain?
Ron VandenBoom , September 25, 2009
re: Ipe wood
There is not a best stain for IPE. The IPE is so dense that it will require an annual coating no matter what. Our most popular stains for IPE are:

Defy Stain for Hardwoods
Messmers UV Plus for Hardwoods
Penofin Exotic Wood Stain
TheSealerStore , September 24, 2009
Ipe wood
What would be the best product to use on Ipe wood?
Eric Graham , September 24, 2009
Weathered Deck
My deck is a bit weathered and has cracks and splinters in spots. What product do you sell that will stain, fill in the cracks and crevices, and provide UV protection?
TRDye , September 21, 2009
re: Brazilian Ironwood Deck
Brazilian Ironwood is a very dense product. These types of woods require alot of maintenance and typically will need to be re-coated annually for best results. Using a transparent but tinted stain would be your best choice as the tint acts as the UV asborber. The Cabot ATO stain is lightly pigmented and will help retain the natural color but it will not last two years on your type of wood. Actually none of the stains will retain the natural color for a full two years on Ironwood. Our most popular stains for your type of wood in order are:

Messmers UV Plus for Hardwoods
Defy Stain for Hardwoods
Penofin Exotic Wood Stain
Cabot Australian Timber Oil

Using a Wood Cleaner to prep the deck prior to re-coating is the normal procedure. This will also aid in removing the leaf stains from the trees. Sanding is not needed and is discouraged as you can "close" the wood pores resulting in the stain not penetrating as well.
TheSealerStore , August 26, 2009
Home Owner
I had a 46' x 12' deck rebuild last December with Brizilian Ironwood by a deck specialest. We live in the upstate of SC near Greenville. It was oiled by the contracter in December and again it was oiled in the spring. Since then I believe the UV rays have almost completely bleached out floring where the sun is exposed to the deck. Currently a another professional contractor is sanding off the top ironwood finish. Together we have researched the web and especially your site and feel that Cabot Austrailian Timber Oil is the best choice. I realize the it will have to be oiled a couple more times in future months for the finish to obsorb and keep the brightness of the color for a couple of years. Another concern we have is my back year is surrounded by Poplar Trees and some Mables. The leaves left stains on the deck as well. Are we making the right choice? Is there a clear strong UV protector to put over the oil? What are your recommendations? Is it possible that the Brizilian Ironwood is too dence for oil?
Glen Rowley , August 26, 2009
re: new cedar deck
There is not a "best" stain for new cedar. What we do suggest for all new wood is the TimberOil brand. The reason is that the TimberOil is excellent at penetrating new wood. New wood is not very absorbent abd using a "thicker" bodied stain could cause penetration issues. The Warm Honey Gold color would be a good choice. It is 100% penetrating so no issues with tacking once dry.

Light cleaning and brightening to prep the wood before applying stain. No need to wait.

Defy is an excellent product as well and would work for you.

Behr is one of the worst products you can put on a deck. It applies unvenly, it fails within a year, and it is difficult to remove when trying to fix.
TheSealerStore , August 24, 2009
new cedar deck
what is the best deck sealer and stain we can use on a new cedar deck in michigan. we have experienced sikens and it was a mess on our old deck and it was a mess. we would like to keep it as lite and natural without any red. what would be the best product to use. also, we worry about tracking residue into the house. what proceedure should we follow as far as waiting time to seal. do we need to use a cleaner before hand. when do we apply the stain? we are considering Defy, but we can't seem to find out exactly how its rated. consumers report rated baer quite high, only to read how many people have hugh problems with it. thanks in advance for any and all help and info
richie , August 23, 2009
It depends. If it had enough time to absorb at may be okay. If it looks like it washed it off unevenly then you may need to apply a very light coat. I would only do this if absolutely needed.
TheSealerStore , August 17, 2009
I am applying Defy UV clear coat. Just as I was finishing the railings a pop up shower hit that lasted about 5 minutes. Everything got wet (not saturated though). What will this do to the portions that I did that day, as the instructions state to do on a day that it won't rain for 12 hours
DC , August 16, 2009
re: uneven color
Wood brighteners change the pH balance of the wood and neutralize wood strippers and or wood cleaners. Wood brighteners will not lighten the color of old stain residue, dirt, grime, grease, etc. If you are sure that the wood is clean of old stain, dirt, grime, etc. then I would try to use a brightener again. Any of the wood brighteners that we sell will work.
TheSealerStore , August 15, 2009
uneven color
Recently cleaned,brightened and stained a deck,but wasnt totally satisfied with how one area turned out.After the 2nd step of brightning useing a Baer product,this area stayed dark.Should I have used more brightner before giving up on that area.That area keep the whole deck from looking even.Let me know of a brightner you would recommend.
ddevries , August 15, 2009
re: Procedure to mask/stain two-tone deck
Hindsight ..... Ugh!

We already have gone a head and done the railings 1st.

1- We carefully masked the deck edges with paper then airless sprayed the tops of the railings, being careful not to get too close the deck (lower spindles) with solid color stain.

2- Then we hand brushed the lower spindles, including where they attach to the deck edges (facing) boards. We used large putty blades to mask the spindle edges and decking face boards. This took a LONG time!

3- We airless sprayed the deck surface, hand brushing deck boars that adjoin the railings/spindles to avoid cedar color stain overspray on the (now) white spindles.

4- Ok now we are faced with going back and HAND BRUSHING all the lower (vertical) deck facing boards in between the white spindles with the cedar stain. Oops!

We SHOULD have already airless sprayed the cedar stain on the lower spindles and face boards to avoid this last step. The only difference being that when staining the lower spindles by hand brushing, we would have been applying the white stain on top of the cedar stain!

Next time with this scenario, I will do the DECK FIRST! A lesson learned the hard way!
bcurran , July 23, 2009
re: sanding and power washing?
Try using a wood deck stripper and pressure washing first. You will not remove all of the stain but it will remove some. This will make your sanding easier.
TheSealerStore , July 23, 2009
sanding and pwer washing?
the deck that im redoing has a coat of paint. the wood is a little damaged and needs sanding. would it be easier and smarter to just sand it or should i power wash the paint off first? there is a wrap around railing so im not looking forward to sanding.
cody , July 22, 2009
re:Suggestions for "touching up" semi-transparent deck stain?
It is hard to "touch up" areas on a floor without just compounding the problem. Typically we would just recoat the entire flooring very lightly. This is pretty much the only way to get an even coverage.
TheSealerStore , July 21, 2009
re: Procedure to mask/stain two-tone deck
I thought there would be a gap between the floor and the spindles. I guess in this scenario it may not matter. Personally though I would do the spindles first. Are you staining the outside edge white as well?
TheSealerStore , July 21, 2009
Suggestions for "touching up" semi-transparent deck stain?
Ok -- On another deck we've applied semi-tranparent brown colored stain. The owner would like to "touch-up" some light areas. However, when touching up, the areas we re-apply seem to be much darker and "blotchier" than the rest. This dark semi-tranparent does not seem to like this approach!

Do you have any suggestions (other than NOT using semi-tranparent!) that we can re-apply some areas that may be too light?

Thanks again!
bcurran , July 21, 2009
Procedure to mask/stain two-tone deck
Thanks for the earlier reply. These spindles are fastened onto the edge/side of the deck, so even if we first airless spray the spindles, we would still have to hand stain the lower part of each spindle to avoid getting the deck face boards all white.

Do you still recommend 1st doing the spindles, then the deck?

Thanks again!
bcurran , July 21, 2009
re:Procedure to mask/stain two-tone deck
Typically the spindles or railings are done first. Mask or tarp the flooring well. When doing the flooring I would suggest doing it by hand with a roller or stain pad. That way you will not need to mask the spindles.
TheSealerStore , July 20, 2009
Procedure to mask/stain two-tone deck
I will be staining a deck with white spindles and posts, and cedar decking.
using an airless sprayer. What is the best procedure?

Should we 1st stain the deck first, then spindles with deck masked?

I suppose we may need to hand brush the lower spindles where they attach to the deck, to avoid masking every spindle!


bcurran , July 20, 2009
re:redwood deck
Both oil and water work well on redwood. Oils typically penetrate better though. Make sure to completely remove any previous coatings if there is any left.

I would suggest a tinted transparent stain. The tint will enhance the natural tones of the wood while prolonging UV discoloration. A few brands that will work well are:

TWP Stains
Armstrong Clark
TimberOil brand
Defy Stain *water based
TheSealerStore , July 08, 2009
What would work the best on a redwood deck(650 sq. ft) water or oil based?
We have low humidity (4500 ft. elavation) so not a problem with mold.
Partial shade from trees around the deck.
I would like the grain to show from the redwood but maybe some stain to it...not sure.
I'm not sure what I used before (5 years ago) but it was something from Home Depot.
7378 , July 07, 2009
re:redwood deck
We carry over 20 different stains and all of them are higher end products. I would be more then happy to break it down for you but I would need more information. Here is some examples:

1. Do you want water based or oil based?
2. Do you have issues with mold?
3. Full sun or partial shade?
4. Do you want clear, transparent, semi-transparent, or semi-solid.
5. What have you use previossly?
TheSealerStore , July 06, 2009
redwood deck
i live in idaho and i'm in the process of powerwashing my deck and need a stain and/or sealer. what do you recommend?
7378 , July 06, 2009
re: pressure washing problems
Possibly. Does it look even when it is wet with water?

I would never use or suggest Thompsons. It is a useless product.
TheSealerStore , July 05, 2009
pressure washing problems
We installed an Ipe deck last fall and left it to grey over the new england winter. We decided to seal it this spring and used Thompson deck wash with our electric (1200 psi) pressure sprayer. Being new at this we left lap marks in a few areas before we got the hang of it. In one stained area we bore down hard with the washer and caused the wood to "fur". Due to the rain we have not stained it yet. Question: will the stain be uneven due to these pressure washing problems?
jeanne , July 03, 2009
The current stain that is on your wood dictates what the next stain should be. If you have a solid stain on already then you must use a solid stain again. If it is a semi-transparent then I would strongly suggest stripping off the old coating(s) and applying a new semi-transparent.
TheSealerStore , July 03, 2009
I want to restain my deck. It is made of unprotected wood. I have a stain on it at present and have reapplied several time but it desperately needs a new coat. The question in can I satian it a different color? And if so can it be semi transparent or solid. My rails are not in need of treatment right now but can they be restained to match the clor as well? Thanks
mary , July 02, 2009
re: New Cedar Deck - When to stain or seal
New cedar should dry for at least 2-4 weeks prior to staining. Makes ure to use a wood cleaner and a wood brightener to prep the wood and "open" the pores for a stain.

We suggest all new wood to be treated with TimberOil Brand. This product is thin in viscosity and will penetrate new wood. Using too thick of a stain will cause penentration issues and premature failure. It is also the easiest stain to apply to new wood.
TheSealerStore , June 28, 2009
New Ceder Deck - WHen to stain or seal
I just completed building a new cedar deck. When should I stain and or seal the new wood. I want to preserve the orange-ish red tone of the lumber while protecting it from moisture and sun. The good news from the sun stand point is that the deck is almost completely shaded by my houses overhang and a tree growing up through the middle.

Part 2 of the questions is what product should I use? What brand?
Tom Ryan , June 27, 2009
re: Garapa Stain
The Penofin is a natural tone that is lightly tinted. It will enhance your Garapa similar to a wet look. The Messmers UV Plus for Hardwood in the Natural tone will also do the same thing. The tint will block the UV rays prolonging the graying effect.

Both Products will work well but Garapa being a high density wood will need to be coated annually.

TheSealerStore , June 23, 2009
Garapa stain
Could you give advice on a stain for Garapa? Obviously protecting the wood is important, but also to really prevent it from greying. I see the penofin hardwood stain is only clear, does that reduce the effectiveness of the UV/greying protection?
When the garapa is wet it takes on a very nice color, are you aware of a stain that will give it that color/look?
What would be your recommendation for the best stain on this kind of wood.
Thanks-- great site.
markus , June 23, 2009
1. Are you recoating with the Cabot's or applying the Penofin on your Mahogany. If you are switching then you would need a wood stripper and wood brigthener. Any of the ones we sell will work. Under product type at top.

2. Always clean new wood to prep the surface. All the brands we sell will work in this sceneraio. They just have different applications or mixing. Types are: Hose-Connect or applied with a pump sprayer. Just matters on your preference. All wood cleaner types should be scrubbed with a stiff brush or lightly power washed.
TheSealerStore , June 20, 2009
Have 2 cleaning questions.
1) Used a Cabot semi transparent oil based stain on Mahogany. It looks horrible now. Which of your cleaners are best to use for this (do you recommend a specific brand)? Do I also need a brightner, if so which brand do you suggest?
2) I also have another area that is an entirely new deck (made of Meranti/Mahogany). Just laid down. Tons of rain now in NE so I have not sealed it yet. Will be using Penofin Hardwood. Wood is new and looks great. Do you suggest cleaning it first? Also, when I eventually do clean this (now or in future based on what you say) which of the 4 wood cleaners you have do you recommend?
Many thanks

Ed Somekh , June 20, 2009
re:New Pressure Treated Pine Deck and Fence
1. New PTP is not very absorbent. At a minimum you should let it dry for a month. Waiting six months will not make much if any difference for new wood.
2. When prepping new wood it is important to use both a wood cleaner and a wood brightener to open the pores properly. Any of the products we sell will work. Somes are based on ease of application (Connect to Hose) or some need to be applied with a pump sprayer. Just a matter of preference on your part.
Wood Cleaners
Wood Brighteners
3. All of the stains we sell are tinted. The tint acts as a UV blocker. It does not matter if it is a oil or water based product. Due to new wood not being very absorbent, we highly suggest a product that is thin in viscosity. This will allow better penetration.

TimberOil Brand
Armstrong Clark in the Transparents

Good questions BTW
TheSealerStore , June 20, 2009
New Pressure Treated Pine Deck and Fence
I just had a new deck and fence installed at my home in Tennessee. They are both pressure treated pine. I want to protect my investment from the start so I have several questions. First I have heard to wait for six months for the wood to dry out and have heard I can stain/seal the deck now because of the new pressure treating process. Which is correct? Second I have decided to use a cleaner on the new wood both fence and deck before the stain/sealing to prep it. Could you recommend a product that would work for the deck and fence? That would NOT require a pressure washer. I want to seal/stain the deck and fence at the same time with the same product to keep the look the same but am having a difficult time selecting a product. I like the grain look of the wood but would like to darken the PTP just a bit. I am leaning toward a water based sealant but want to avoid the graying of the wood so I thought a product with some tint might work to darken the wood a bit. Am I on the right track or should I switch to an oil based search or go for a heavy stain? Could you give three good product names to narrow my search?
Don , June 19, 2009
re: remove timberflex
It depends if you are going to strip off the Timberflex.

If you are not going to strip then use the Timberflex again. If you strip and remove the Timberflex than you can change to UV PLus or any other wood stain.
TheSealerStore , June 19, 2009
remove timberflex
I have a house that has cedar siding and appears to have been sealed with timberflex, the east and south sides are looking bad. Can I powerwash and seal with a messmers uv plus product or do I have to do something else?
wayne , June 18, 2009
re:Remove Sealer From Ceder Wood Shingles on House
1. There are many different types of Cabot Stain. Effectiveness on the wood stripper is related to what type of stain it was. Solid, semi-solid, transparent, oil-based, water-based. Some are easy to remove and some are impossible.
2. Typically wood strippers are sprayed on then powerwashed off.
3. All stains apply differently. Was there a particular stain you were interested in?
TheSealerStore , June 12, 2009
Remove Sealer From Ceder Wood Shingles on House
Can you suggest what I can use to remove the Cabot Sealer on my house that turned color a bit orange and now is greying/mildew a bit. Please let me know:
1) Which product to use to clean off Cabot sealer?
2) how to do this, apply then let sit and power wash off?SOme other way?
3) What is best to seal it with to keep natural color and avoid mildew formation?
Many thanks,
Ed , June 10, 2009
re:linseed oil
Linseed oil is a product that is used in a variety of wood stains. The problem is that it will feed mildew and mold growth. The manufacturers know this so they add a fungicide to help with this. Using linseed oil straight would not prevent mold/mildew.
TheSealerStore , June 09, 2009
re:orange color shingles
Applying a wood stripper to the Cabot will soften the coating so you could lightly power wash it off. Make sure to use a wood brightener when done to neutralize the wood stripper. Was the Cabot a oil or water based finish?
TheSealerStore , June 09, 2009
Liniseed Oil
I have heard of adding linseed oil to strengthen wood sealing properties. Is this something you would recommend or not?
CountyLine , June 08, 2009
Orange color cedar shingles
Can you suggest what I can use to remove the Cabot Sealer and prepare the house for new sealer. What product and how do I do this? Is it mainted on then powere wash it off?
Ed , June 08, 2009
re:Cedar Shingles turned Orange Color
The only way to fix the Cedartone color is to remove the Cabot with a wood stripper and start over. I would suggest a water based stain such as Defy in the future. Water based products do not feed mold or mildew growth as oil based stains can.
TheSealerStore , June 07, 2009
Cedar Shingles Turned Orange Color
I had my cedar shingles (2 years old) power washed and sealed. After being done (3-4 months) my house almost looked orange (I think a cabots product was used). I hate it. What is best way to eliminate orange color (it seems to have faded a bit with time).
Also, what is best house sealer to use to avoid mildew on the cedar (I notice it in areas again) and the house turning the dark grey color cedar often turns?
Many thanks
Ed , June 05, 2009
re:New 2,200SF Blue Star Meranti deck (hardwood)
I'm sorry to tell you this but nothing hold color for 2 years on a hardwood deck. At best, stains will hold color for 6-12 months. Being in the northeast you will need to recoat your hardwood deck annually in the spring. It is best to choose a Hardwood deck stain that is easily cleanable and recoatable when needed. Here is our most popular Hardwood Deck stains. All will enhance the color:

Defy Stain for Hardwoods
Messmers UV Plus for Hardwoods
Penofin Exotic Wood Stain
TheSealerStore , June 05, 2009
re:11 month old child
When looking for a non-toxic "green" wood stain, I would choose the Defy Brand.
TheSealerStore , June 05, 2009
Let completely dry then recoat. There is not set way for the cost but if we did the deck and the rain effected the outcome, then we as the contractor would recoat at no additional cost. It really should be there responsibility in my opinion.
TheSealerStore , June 05, 2009
re:applying stripper to wet deck?
You can apply a wood stripper to a wet deck but during a heavy rain as it will be washed away before working properly.
TheSealerStore , June 05, 2009
11 month old child
I just powerwashed my deck and fence for first time. Have no idea what type of wood it is. I am a novice. I wish to seal the wood. What is the best product I can seal with? And nontoxic for child and not kill the environment. Thanks.

Willing to email pictures as well.
Moshe Bellows, LMSW, JD , June 05, 2009
New Deck
We have just put in a new 2,200SF Blue Star Meranti deck (hardwood). We are in Northeast and 1 mile from salt water. Deck gets lots of sun, snow, etc. What would absolute best product be to seal/uv/mildew protect the deck. I also hope to make the wood a bit richer looking. Want product that wont turn in color in 6 months in any way and just does good deal job. I assume will need to be redone again in 2 years or so. Also want to avoid greying color of the wood.
Many thanks.
Ed , June 05, 2009
Thanks very much for your answer to my question. It continued to rain for another day and a half, and while most of the oil-based stain is still there, some areas are splotchy, have circular rain spots, or even a white streak. How long should we tell the guys to wait for drying before re-applying the stain? It is an Olympus (Olympia?) Maximum Semi-Transparent oil-based stain in a mixed color (walnut) from Lowe's.

Also, is there a traditional way that companies deal with things like this? Re-do and split the cost of the stain with the client? Re-do and charge as if it's a new job? Re-do at own cost?
All Wet in Richmond , June 05, 2009
applying stripper to wet deck?
Hi, Its been raining here for several days - can I apply stripper while the deck is really wet and raining itis supposed to dry out/sunny next two days?
Bev , June 05, 2009
re:Stain after Sealing
Tinted wood stains are sealers as well. I would not add a clear then apply a tinted stain later. New wood is not going to match older wood when stained. I would suggest getting as close as possible.
TheSealerStore , June 05, 2009
Stain after sealing?
We've had our deck boards replaced but are having trouble matching or complementing the color of the hand rails and posts. Every sample from the local retailer always looks a different color after being applied. So, my question is: should I go ahead apply a clear sealant now for protection? Is it okay to seal with clear and then apply stain after? It has been 2 weeks and I'm anxious to get the wood protected. Thanks!!
JC , June 04, 2009
re: Rained on Oil Based stain
Oil and water do not mix and the rain will not wash it out of the wood. You should be okay but you may see dime sized white spots on top of the stain. This is not a given though and it will depend on the stain and application. Worst case scenario I would have the company do a light coat if needed if the finish looks blotchy after the rain dries.

FYI: It will not prematurely fail cause of the rain.
TheSealerStore , June 03, 2009
Rained immediately after applying oil stain
I am not handy, so my wife and I hired people to powerwash the deck, wait for drying, and then apply an oil-based, semi-transparent stain (Olympia Maximum or some such name). On a beautiful day, they applied the stain, but just as they were finishing, an unexpected storm came up and drenched the deck. It is still going on as I type, so I haven't been able to see the results yet.

They said that since it is an oil-based stain, it will probably be okay, but even if it ends up looking okay, I don't want to get stuck with early failure of the product. What should I expect? If the deck needs to be stained again, what should I tell the deck people to do?

I warned them of the possibility of rain today, but they were confident that it would stay clear.
All Wet in Richmond , June 03, 2009
re: Cabot ATO
I would definetly use a stripper if you change products. This will ensure proper adhesion. What type of wood? I assume that it is a hardwood such as IPE. Of the 3 products that you mentioned, the Messmers Hardwood Stain is our most popular by far. You might also want to look into Defy Stain for Hardwoods.
TheSealerStore , May 31, 2009
Australian Timber Oil?
I have had the typical poor results with ATO - blotchy, etc. I want to restain either with ATO or possibly another product (Messmers or Superdeck. Can I just clean the deck, or do I need to use a stripper for preparation? Do any of these products have an advantage in terms of lasting a full year? Ther's a lot of conflicting information on the web. Thanks.
SteveSz , May 30, 2009
Cretowood is a one time application that will aid in prevent warping and rotting. It will work on the Walnut. It will not stop graying though. If you would like a color or tint then you will need to use a wood stain or preservative. Typically wood stains will last 2-4 years on vertical surfaces such as railings. All of the stains we sell should last that long.
TheSealerStore , May 20, 2009
I have a very large 25 year old deck. The original cedar railing is rotting and falling off. I am having it replaced by a new custom made solid walnut railing. The decking boards are weathered but sound treated yellow pine. I do not know what to treat my new railing with to prevent warping, cracking and rotting. Because of the amount of railing that I have, I do not think I can keep up with annual reapplication of sealer or stain. i was reading with interest about the Cretowood and similar products. Would these be a good choice for new walnut to preserve the wood? If not what other suggestions do you have? How long would other products protect the walnut on a railing? I need to keep the maintenance as minimal as possible. Thank you, Virginia
virginia moore , May 19, 2009
Thanks for answering my questions. I have decided to go with bi-annual applications of a good quality sealer since I would have to do that anyway. I knew it sounded to good to be true.
Sharron , May 19, 2009
re: Defy hardwood stain on cedar
The Defy stain for hardwoods is the correct product for cedar. The Defy epoxy does not penetrate the cedar as well the hardwood version. We have personally used both and the hardwood version is best for cedar. This is also the manufacturer's instructions.
TheSealerStore , May 18, 2009
We have replaced our rotted out deck with new red cedar and are trying to determine the best sealer. We read about epoxy-fortified sealers, of which Defy is evidently the only brand. However, when reading your product line, I see that you recommend the hardwood stain, not the epoxy-fortified sealer (which you recommend for pressure-treated wood, which ours is not). As cedar is not a hardwood, and is not dense, I am confused about why we would NOT use the epoxy-fortified stuff. Can you clarify your recommendation? Thanks for your help.
Denise , May 18, 2009
re:25 year warranty
The problem lies with companies who exploit these petrifying products as your 25 year or end all solution to deck manintenance. It isn't. The solutions will work by creating a chemical reaction with the interior wood cells, creating an "internal" seal that prevents rot, decay, and stabilizes the wood cells. It will not bead water though.


These products should be considered as an "addition" to regular staining and cleaning not you solution too. In other words, if you decide to have this company apply their 25 year solution, then you will still need to clean and recoat every couple of years with a regular wood stain or sealer.

Here is the product we carry that is the same. It is also very easy to apply and you could do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.
TheSealerStore , May 17, 2009
I have been given an estimate of $2850.00 (discounted rate)for a deck sealing process that is guaranteed to last 25 years with yearly cleaning. The sealer is supposed to penetrate the wood and give protection from insects and uv rays. The company is SealSmart and is family owned. I am concerned about the length of time it is guaranteed since most estimates given for durability seems to range from 2 to 5 years depending on which sealer is used and the cost. They do have a website but I have not been able to locate any other information on that part of the company. What do you recommend or how should I proceed?
Sharron , May 16, 2009
You could try 1 part bleach to 4 parts water. This may remove the algae. We usually do not suggest bleach since it is not good for the lignin in the wood.
TheSealerStore , May 13, 2009
Thanks - I did use a cleaner (oxygenated bleach) and brightener - tried it twice on the algae and then tried pressure washing it - should I try sanding the algae away or is there some chemical for swimming pools I should use to get it off?
Cele , May 13, 2009
re:Cele deck questions
1. Algae can be come embedded in the wood. Did you use a wood cleaner and a wood brightener. Just cleaning with water is not sufficient.

2. "Wet on Wet" meaqns to apply a light coat then reapply a second coat while the first is still wet. Usually with 20-60 minutes. You can walk on the stain after the first coat but make sure to not step on your second coat.

3. Sanding wood should only be done if needed since it can cause some issues. Example: If you sand with an orbital sander in certain spots only, then the stain will dry differently in those spots since you will change the porosity. Also if you over sand or sand to smoothly then your stain may not penetrate into the wood properly. If you sand make sure to us 60 grit or less and make sure sand the entire surface evenly.
TheSealerStore , May 13, 2009
I cleaned the deck thoroughly but still have some signs of algae on the verticals. I am planning to stain/seal this weekend with TPW. I read that a "wet on wet" application is best. What does this mean? If I walk on it while it's wet, I am afraid I will leave tracks. Also, I have some older wood (PT)that did not clean as well. If I sand it, I am thinking I should countersink the nail heads first. Can I use a random orbital sander? Do I need to use any precautions? Thanks!
Cele , May 12, 2009
Thanks! I appreciate the advice.
C , May 12, 2009
re:Defy Hardwood vs Defy Epoxy
If you are satisfied with the Defy Epoxy then I would not switch. They are both good products and they each work well on certain types of wood. If you do decide to switch your should use a wood stripper to remove the Epoxy prior to using the Hardwood version.
TheSealerStore , May 12, 2009