Wood Deck Stain Sample Program

Try a Wood or Deck Stain Before you Buy!

Here is how our deck stain sample program works:

  • Pick as many colors as you would like by placing a check next to each then click "Add to Cart". Colors for all brands towards bottom of page.
  • All samples except Penofin ship for $8 each with no additional shipping charge. Penofin samples are free but have a $4 shipping charge each. Sample size volume is roughly 1.5-2 oz.
  • Once you decide to purchase a stain from our site, you can use the money you spent on the sample(s) towards the purchase of a 5 Gallon Pail of stain! Maximum $15 discount per customer. Instructions on how to do this will be included with your samples.
We only offer samples on brands and colors listed below. For Concrete and Brick Paver Samples Click Here

*Sample program cannot be combined with any promotional discount coupons!

How To Claim Sample Credit

  • Enter your sample order number into the "Comment Area" during checkout. The sample credit will be issued after the order for the 5 gallon pail is placed. Typically the next business day and will post to your Credit card or Pay Pal account within 3-8 business days.

Wood Stain Samples

Wood Stain Samples

TWP 100 Clear Sample $8.00
TWP 101 Cedartone Sample $8.00
TWP 102 Redwood Sample $8.00
TWP 103 Dark Oak Sample $8.00
TWP 115 Honeytone Sample $8.00
TWP 116 Rustic Sample $8.00
TWP 120 Pecan Sample $8.00
TWP 1500 Clear Sample $8.00
TWP 1501 Cedartone Sample $8.00
TWP 1502 Redwood Sample $8.00
TWP 1503 Dark Oak Sample $8.00
TWP 1504 Black Walnut Sample $8.00
TWP 1511 California Redwood Sample $8.00
TWP 1515 Honeytone Sample $8.00
TWP 1516 Rustic Sample $8.00
TWP 1520 Pecan Sample $8.00
TWP 1530 Natural Sample $8.00
Defy Natural Pine Sample $8.00
Defy Cedartone Sample $8.00
Defy Light Walnut Sample $8.00
Defy Redwood Sample $8.00
Defy Driftwood Gray Sample $8.00
Defy Clear Sample $8.00
Armstrong Natural Tone Sample $8.00
Armstrong Cedar Tone Sample $8.00
Armstrong Redwood Tone Sample $8.00
Armstrong Cedar Semi Sample $8.00
Armstrong Rustic Brown Sample $8.00
Armstrong Sierra Redwood Sample $8.00
Armstrong Mountain Cedar Sample $8.00
Armstrong Oxford Brown Sample $8.00
Armstrong Sequoia Sample $8.00
Armstrong Woodland Brown Sample $8.00
Armstrong Driftwood Gray Sample $8.00
Armstrong Amber Sample $8.00
Armstrong Mahogany Sample $8.00
Messmers Hardwood Natural Sample $8.00
Messmers Hardwood Red Mahogany $8.00
Messmers Uv Plus Natural Sample $8.00
Messmers Uv Plus Pine/Fir Sample $8.00
Messmers Uv Plus Cedar Sample $8.00
Messmers Uv Plus Redwood Sample $8.00
Messmers Uv Plus Sequoia Sample $8.00
Messmers Uv Plus Navajo Red Sample $8.00
Messmers Uv Plus Oxford Brown Sample $8.00
Messmers Uv Plus Dark Walnut Sample $8.00
Messmers Uv Plus Oak Brown Sample $8.00
Penofin Red Label Cedar Sample $8.00
Penofin Red Label Chestnut Sample $8.00
Penofin Red Label Sierra Sample $8.00
Penofin Red Label Western Red Cedar $8.00
Penofin Red Label Sable Sample $8.00
Penofin Red Label Mission Brown Sample $8.00
Penofin Red Label Hickory Sample $8.00
Penofin Red Label Bark Sample $8.00
Penofin Blue Label Cedar Sample $8.00
Penofin Blue Label Chestnut Sample $8.00
Penofin Blue Label Mendocino Mist Sample $8.00
Penofin Blue Label Nantucket Mist Sample $8.00
Penofin Blue Label Pacific Pearl Sample $8.00
Penofin Blue Label Sable Sample $8.00
Penofin Blue Label Sierra Sample $8.00
Penofin Blue Label Redwood Sample $8.00
Penofin Blue Label Western Red Cedar $8.00
Penofin Verde Natural Sample $8.00
Penofin Verde Cedar Sample $8.00
Penofin Verde Cypress Sample $8.00
Penofin Verde Mission Brown Sample $8.00
Penofin Verde Walnut Sample $8.00
Penofin Verde Olive Sample $8.00
Penofin Verde Mahogany Sample $8.00
Penofin Verde Redwood Sample $8.00
Penofin Exotic Wood Sample $8.00
Penofin Marine Oil Sample $8.00
Wood Tux/Timber Oil Brown Sugar $8.00
Wood Tux/Timber Oil Western Cedar $8.00
Wood Tux/Timber Oil Amaretto Sample $8.00
Wood Tux/Timber Oil Warm Honey Gold $8.00
TWP 100
101 102 103 115 116 twp_120
Cedartone 101 Redwood 102 Dark Oak 103 Honeytone 115 Rustic 116 Pecan 120
TWP 1500
1501.hi.res.scan.small 1502.hi.res.scan.small 1503.hi.res.scan.small 1504.hi.res.scan.small 1511.hi.res.scan.small 1515.hi.res.scan.small
Cedartone 1501 Redwood 1502 Dark Oak 1503 B. Walnut 1504 Cal Red 1511 Honeytone 1515
 1516.hi.res.scan.small  1520.hi.res.scan.small  1530.hi.res.scan.small
1516 Rustic 1520 Pecan 1530 Natural
Defy Stains *Gray and Redwood Available in Epoxy Only
naturalpine cedartonedefy lightwalnutdefy redwooddefy graydefy defyclear
Natural Pine Cedar Tone Light Walnut Redwood* Driftwood Gray* Clear
Messmer's UV Plus Colors shown on Cedar|Pine|Redwood
xmc500 xmc501 xmc502 xmc503 xmc504 xms601
Natural Pine/Fir Natural
Sequoia Navajo Red
xms602 xms603 xms604
Oxford Brown Dark Walnut Oak Brown
Messmer's UV Plus for Hardwoods
messmers_hard_natural messmers_hard_redmah
Natural Red Mahogany
Wood Tux and Timber Oil
warm_honey_gold brown_sugar western_cedar amaretto
Warm Honey
Brown Sugar Western Cedar Amaretto
Armstrong Clark
acNatural_Tone acCedar_Tone acRedwood_Tone acSierra_Redwood acRustic_Brown acCedar_Tone
Natural Tone Cedar Tone Redwood Tone Sierra Redwood Rustic Brown Cedar Semi
acOxford_Brown acMountain_Cedar acSequoia acWoodland_Brown acCedar_Tone
Oxford Brown Mountain Cedar Sequoia Woodland Brown Super Cedar
Penofin Verde
verde_natural verde_cedar verde_cypress verde_mission verde_walnut verde_olive
Natural Cedar Cypress Mission Brown Walnut Olive
verde_mahogany verde_redwood
Mahogany Redwood
Penofin Red Label
blue_label_cedar blue_label_chestnut blue_label_redwood blue_label_sierra blue_label_wrc blue_label_sable
Cedar Chestnut Redwood Sierra Western Red Sable
red_label_mission red_label_hickory red_label_bark
Mission Brown Hickory Bark
Penofin Blue Label
blue_label_cedar blue_label_chestnut blue_label_mendocino blue_label_nantucket blue_label_pacificpearl blue_label_sable
Cedar Chestnut Mendocino Mist Nantucket Mist Pacific Pearl Sable
blue_label_sierra blue_label_redwood blue_label_wrc
Sierra Redwood Western Red
Penofin Exotic
Penofin Marine

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re: log home cleaner
Biowash is not made anymore. You can use the Restore A Deck Kits. For shipping costs, add to cart and enter the shipping info.
TheSealerStore , June 20, 2016
log home cleaner
Good morning, Do you sell Bio wash or simple wash made by bio wash? How much per gallon and can it be shipped to Canada? If not, do you have a similar product that will remove mildew stains from a log home?

Thank you! Cam
cam scott , June 18, 2016

Takes about 3-4 days.
opwdecks , August 09, 2015
Quality manager
How quickly can I receive samples shipped to Sanford, NC
Jim Strassburg , August 08, 2015
re: Defy Extreme samples?
Please call us to place a sample order for the Defy Butternut.
TheSealerStore , June 29, 2015
Defy Extreme samples?
I see your Defy samples, but they don't seem to match the full color list of the new Defy Extreme line. I'm interested in the cedar tone, light walnut and also butternut, but I don't see butternut available as a sample.
Elissa , June 28, 2015
re: Help with Color
Sequoia is closest but not the same. It is not that much different as far longevity. Just slightly better color retention.
TheSealerStore , June 08, 2015
Help with Color
My deck gets lots of sun so you recommended a semi solid. My wife ordered a sample of the sierra redwood which is semi transparent and of course she likes the color. On the website it shows it as having quite a bit of red but on our treated pine it is quite brown..(which she likes) IN a semi solid which color do you think would be closest to the Sierra Redwood?

OR how much protection do we lose if we went the the semi....????

Darrell , June 08, 2015
cleaner / brightener
Hi, We are ordering samples of deck stain for timber oil brand. Building a new deck with kiln dried cedar. The wood brand is called Cascadia by TPF sold by Parr Lumber. Question: Do I use cleaner or brightener before staining?What brand is good with this stain? We live in Oregon and the deck is exposed to the water, lots of rain. Also should I stain the bottom of the wood before screwing it down? I want to stain it in three to four weeks and reviews said this is the right stain choice for new decks. My deck is 27x16 with no railings, just one step.I was going to order 5 gals. Will that be enough? Thanks for your advice, John
John Van Brocklin , May 17, 2015
Pool Deck, NB, Canada
I will be staining our PTP pool deck with AC stain, but uncertain of color due to the chlorine content of the pool. Getting in and out of the pool and what effect it will have on the stain if I go dark (Oxford Brown or Mountain Cedar)) vs light (Driftwood grey or Cedar semi). Thank you for your time and advice
KP , June 04, 2014
re: stain to canada
We can ship all stains except TWP 100 and 1500.
TheSealerStore , February 11, 2014
stain to canada
which stains can I get shipped to Canada ..all brands ..or can I pick up in usa

claudio , February 10, 2014
It is available but not updated. You can make a note in the comment area during checkout to "swap" a color.
TheSealerStore , October 22, 2013
Defy Extreme Stain - Butternut sample not available?

I don't see a sample available to order for the "Defy Extreme Stain - Butternut". Is it available and the website is not up to date, or is it really not an option. I will be ordering from Canada so I need to use your website.



Lee , October 21, 2013
Instructions for discount on 5 gal pail from samples order
Hello. I ordered samples from you. However, I did not receive the instructions to apply my a discount to my 5 gal pail order. How can I get this information? Thanks!
alewis2010 , September 13, 2013
Defy Samples
Do you not have butternut in a sample size?
Steve H. , August 09, 2013
re: mixing ac
Rob, you can mix the AC colors together.
TheSealerStore , June 10, 2013
mixing ac
Hello could any of the ac products be intermixed ? thanks
rob , June 10, 2013
re: AC Mahogany & Amber hardwood semi-trans
Yes and they are both on the list above.
TheSealerStore , August 06, 2012
AC Mahogany & Amber hardwood semi-trans
Do you have these colors as samples?
Buck , August 06, 2012
re: How many ounces is in a sample size??
1.5-2.0 oz.
TheSealerStore , August 06, 2012
Sample size
How many ounces is in a sample size??
Aline , August 05, 2012
re: natural color retention, do you have a recommendation
None of these samples "mask" the wood grain, they "enhance" the wood grain with different pigments. I would look at the TWP 1515 Honeytone as it is the lightest tone. Typically enhances the wood grain similar as to wet with water.
TheSealerStore , April 12, 2012
Last summer I refinished my 15 year old decking (2500 sq ft) with TWP 100 Cedartone. Three coats, 30 gallons and 9 months later, the deck looks wonderful and I have no doubt about using TWP in the future.

However, the small amount of remaining Cedartone is not what I want to use to finish a new outdoor cabinet that I've almost completed with black walnut. I especially want to show off the beauty of the wood and am reluctant to use a "stain" because I'm afraid it will neutralize all the natural tones. The options I'm considering are TWP 1500 Black Walnut (a "stain" and TWP 1500 Clear). The cabinet will be somewhat sheltered from the weather (large overhang) and will get only a little direct sun (one hour?).

Thanks, Rich

Since I'm looking for natural color retention, do you have a recommendation?
Rich Beaudry , April 12, 2012




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