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Jan 18

Brick Paver Restoration Tips

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Tagged in: pavers

Feel free to ask any questions on How-To Restore your Brick Pavers.

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The only way to remove is with a chemical stripper and high-pressure water.
TheSealerStore , January 31, 2017
Brick pavers indoors need restoration
I have a very old house with brick pavers in the kitchen. A sealer is on the bricks and has turned yellow. Since I cannot use a water jet to clean off a remover product can I use another tool to remove the old acrylic?
Scott1 , January 30, 2017
We have never sold the Dads stripper. We do sell this:


You will need about 10-20 gallons depending on who think the sealer is.
TheSealerStore , September 22, 2016
My paver driveway is full of the moisture white spots
I have the whole driveway (1700 Sq') with the white milky spots. I notice that months ago you had Dad's Easy Strip on your website, and now I don't see it at all! What is the latest greatest stripper now, that has replaced Dad's, since you don't have it anymore onsite? About how many gallons do I need of the newest Dad's replacement stripper?
Thanks,......Larry Nadler
Larry2240 , September 22, 2016
If the sealer turned white then use the stripper to remove.
TheSealerStore , July 24, 2016
Memorial brick lettering
Ten years ago my group built a US Navy memorial with a paver/brick patio. Each brick inscribed with a name or dedication. We sealed it with "SUREBOND" sealer and at first all was beautiful. We have resealed it a couple times over the years but now most of the letters are very difficult to read. They appear faint or milky. We pressure washed them yesterday and they did come back somewhat but nothing like the original. What is our next step? Stripper? More pressure washing? Should we then reseal it? HELP!!!
Dave Bowen , July 23, 2016
If you cannot see the scratch when wet with water then sealing them with a wet look sealer will hide the scratch.
TheSealerStore , June 02, 2016
pavers scratched
I have red and grey pavers that got pulled across them and caused quite a long scratch.
dora , June 02, 2016
re: sealer
If the Defy sealer has not discolored by turning white, then you should be able to just apply the SS30/
TheSealerStore , May 05, 2016
used defy paver sealer in 2012. not having problems just want to do it again. was wanting to use solvent based superseal 30 this time. would it be ok to just apply this or do i need to strip the defy off first and if so would it be ok to just apply the same water based defy without stripping? thanks
bill coker , May 05, 2016
Sorry but it is not possible to remove swirl marks and lines that have actually damaged the surface of the paver itself. The pressure washer did this.
TheSealerStore , March 01, 2016
Paver patio professionally powerwashed and now looks WORSE!
Last summer we hired a professional paver restoration company to remove all of the sand joints, clean the pavers, resand, and seal our paver patio. They used a powerwasher to remove the sand joints and now each paver has dark swirl marks and lines all over them! The patio looks about 10 years older than it did! What can we do now??
Lisa Kavanaugh , March 01, 2016
re: stripping sealer off pavers
Strip again and also use the Cleaner Degreaser when done to remove any residue from the stripper chemicals:

TheSealerStore , October 13, 2015
stripping sealer off pavers
i'm in the process of stripping failed sealer off of 1,100 sq ft of pavers. In the sections I have stripped there are remnants of stubborn sealer and some swirl marks from the pressure washer. Any suggestions for dealing with these problems? Thank you.
Joseph Ponzi , October 13, 2015
Yes as much of the dirt a possible.
TheSealerStore , September 23, 2015
Cleaning between pavers
I don't have a pressure washer so I'm cleaning between the pavers by hand. How far down do I have to remove the dirt / do I have to get it like out before applying the sand?
Judy , September 23, 2015
re: Brick paver wet look
Look at the SuperSeal VOC or the Surebond SB-6000 for this in NY.
TheSealerStore , September 08, 2015
Brick paver wet look
25 yr old pavers in Central NY ...dirty and with lots of moss. Power sprayed clean and got rid of moss and dirt. Brick pavers are now weathered and faded. Never been sealed and not interested in sealing every 3 years since i have 3000 sq ft of pavers.
Pavers have never been sealed before and I am not particularly interested in resealing every 3 years. Looking for a wet look, semi gloss or matter vs high gloss with glare. Not slippery and color should be translucent vs painted look. After power spraying, i am adding stone dust so any product that solidifies the stone dust is a plus but the joints are small and polymeric is not necessary. (Lost joint dust due to power spraying). Wet look all the time like it just rained. ease of application is a plus
vincent powell , September 08, 2015

You will have to strip it all off and start over.
TheSealerStore , August 22, 2015
I have a split brick porch. We applied a sealer that was suppose to not get slippery in wet weather. Don't know what. After a while white areas begin to appear on porch. Seems to effect areas that get direct sunlight more. When I sweep porch I see a fine white powder. When the porch is wet white areas disappear. Help
Wanda , August 21, 2015
Try the SB-488 cleaner:

TheSealerStore , July 07, 2015
Rust spots on pavers
I have what looks like rust spots all over my cambridge pavers. This patio was put down last year. Any idea what it could be and what to do to get rid of the spots? Thank you.
JG , July 07, 2015
re: Unilock Richcliff Patio
Poly sand dust haze does not wash away and should be chemically cleaned. Sealing the haze in will make the situation worse. Not sure why it would scratch but scratches in bricks do go away when sealed with a wet look sealer. Remove the haze 100% and seal and you should be okay.
TheSealerStore , July 07, 2015
Unilock Richcliff Patio
Late last fall our contractor began installation of our Unilock Richcliff patio. Contractor came back in May to finish installation and put polymeric sand down. We were told that the dust/haze would wash away after first rain. Well. we went to put patio set out and noticed what appear to be "scratches" on most of the bricks...not the look we were going for. We contacted the contractor and the Unilock reps came out to check out the patio.
No one knows what caused these "scratches" The solutions are...
Do nothing and they will go away over time...not a consideration on our part.
Clean with a Unilock cleaner. "It will help remove the scratches."
It can be sealed and scratches will go away.
Any opinions on these solutions would be much appreciated.
Mare , July 07, 2015
If it is ten years old then it is probably not efflorescence and why your cleaner did not work. It could be numerous things that is causing the white and there is not one cleaner that will work on all. I think you should call a professional for help on this project.
TheSealerStore , June 26, 2015
Efflourescent Cleaner that works???
I tried a cleaner by Artisan designed to remove efflorescence. It did nothing. The problem for me is that my salt water pool (FL) is surrounded by these brick pavers, all 10+ years old (so no known manufacturer). The efflorescence is terrible and in some areas the predominant coloring. The last owner filled the joints with ordinary playground sand (found it in garage) which has both mildewed and constantly comes out of joints. I used a pressure washer to remove most of it. As a DIY project I am struggling... I don't want to put in new sand until I clean the pavers (they are buckling slightly in a few spots so I need to get sand back in there). I don't want to seal the pavers until there is new sand. The size of the patio is big enough that all three steps are a weekend each. By the time i get to step 3 (3 weeks), they need to be cleaned again. Two questions -

Is there a heavy duty efflorescent cleaner you can recommend that actually works?

Can I do all three steps on small chunks, allowing me to finish sections, instead of in stages like I am doing now.
John Lewis , June 25, 2015
re: retired teacher
Does it look okay when wet with water? Id so a wet look sealer like the SuperSeal 25 will make it look better as well.
TheSealerStore , May 01, 2015
retired teacher
Hi, last summer we put in new brick pavers on our front porch and sidewalk. Then we had a rough winter with icicles that melted down onto the sidewalk, created a several inch puddle on the sidewalk, and then froze again solid and stayed that way for several weeks. My husband finally got a long handled chipper type of tool and went to work on cracking up and chipping all the ice out of there. The bad news is that what he did ended up marring up our brand new brick pavers. Now they have white streaks and mars all over. Is there any way we can repair the damage?
Thanks so much.
Susie Krepel , May 01, 2015
Kristie, prep with pressure washing and maybe a little bleach to kill the mold. Seal with the SuperSeal Matte or SuperSeal 25.
TheSealerStore , April 26, 2015
Our patio pavers have a few black spots on them this year which look like mold. What is the best way to remove it? Also we never sealed the patio when we put it in 10 years ago. It looks very faded. Is there anything we can do to bring the color back?
Kristie , April 25, 2015
I am sorry but I do not know what would cause this from the veneer or hot to clean it with. Might want to ask the manufacturer of the stone veneer to see what they would suggest.
TheSealerStore , February 18, 2015
stain removal-- drips from wet saw
A couple of months ago, I sealed about 1500 sq ft of new pavers with SB-1300 and I am very happy with the results. Last weekend, I decided to add some additional pavers adjacent to the sealed area. I did the cuts using a wet saw that I was also cutting faux stone veneer with at the same time (this is concrete molded and painted to look like stone). Anyway, I inadvertently dripped across the sealed paver surface while carrying cut paver pieces to the new installation area. I though it was no big deal as the pavers were sealed. I tried washing and scrubbing the affected area with a weak TSP solution but was reluctant to try anything stronger in fear of ruining the sealer. When wet, you can't see the stains. I also tried cleaning the new pavers and unlike the original installation, they did not clean up very well. Rather than continue to try different things, I thought I would ask you if you have something I can use. I don't know what is in the stone veneer that would cause a stain like this. When cutting pavers only on the original installation, I had hardly any discoloration.
dhmallis , February 17, 2015
It depends on what is causing the white streaks. There could be many reasons and not just one solution to fix. If you strip you would need this product and you would have to strip all of the old sealer off.

TheSealerStore , January 19, 2015
had driveway power washed and sealed 2 years ago and white cloudy stains have appeared. Is there a stripping agent that would remove the white cloudy stains?
stu , January 18, 2015
Susan, we do no thave any strippers that can be used indoors.
TheSealerStore , January 16, 2015
Portstone pavers
I have interior portstone pavers with failed acrylic sealer that's turned white. What do I use to remove this from grout?
Susan Seaney , January 15, 2015
Either would work well.
TheSealerStore , November 27, 2014
Best product to deal with efflorescence?
Which product works best to deal with efflorescence on brick pavers:

1) SB-488 Efflorescence and Rust Remover

Thank you.

Reg , November 25, 2014
re: powerwashers removed rs leaving many blotchy areas.How can i restore original color.
Elaine, does color look even when wet with water? You cannot paint pavers but you may be able to add some tint into the sealer.
TheSealerStore , November 12, 2014
powerwashers removed rs leaving many blotchy areas.How can i restore original color.
Powerwashers removed top color off many parts of my cambridge patio pavers leaving many blotchy areas. Can I restore color somehow to make it uniform again? Can they be painted if need be? Please help.
Elaine , November 12, 2014
re: How to repair or remove scratches from Nicolock paving stones
That is not possible to remove or fix scratches that are in the paving stones.
TheSealerStore , November 07, 2014
Home owner
How to repair or remove scratches from Nicolock paving stones
Uri , November 06, 2014
re: remove some small gouges in a section of brick
No that is not possible.
TheSealerStore , October 29, 2014
is there any way. That I can remove some small gouges in a section of brick? The gouges are a result of using the wrong tip while I was power washing that section of the house.
Jim Toone , October 29, 2014
re: Bleached Mortar
Sorry but no.
TheSealerStore , September 26, 2014
Bleached Mortar
We previously had some brick laid and when the brick layers washed the brick, the acid bleached the mortor in the brick work. Is there any way to put the darker color back in the mortar?
Karson Henry , September 25, 2014
re: Paver Sealer Stripper Question & Advice
1. 50-60 at minimum
2. It removes acrylic based sealers. It will not remove silicone, siloxane sealers
3. Best to ask the manufacturer of the poly sand for advice on removing the haze. I am sure they are well aware of the issue.
TheSealerStore , September 25, 2014
Paver Sealer Stripper Question & Advice
Last fall (November 2013) I had a unilock patio installed. Polymeric sand was used and left a "poly haze". I tried to scrub it off by hand with a brush, but no success. However, I noticed that when it was wet, the pavers looked great. So, I decided to seal with a wet look sealer. Fortunately, I did not get the dreaded "white milky" appearance. What I did get was an enhancement of striping lines from the power wash done prior to the sealant being applied. It looks like the striping was due to the polymeric haze being power washed off. Unfortuantely for me, it was not uniform in its removal. I plan on utilizing a surface scrubber for cleaning prior to the next sealing to avoid this again. In any case, I will be stripping the patio of the sealer with your product - just ordered a couple of days ago. I plan on doing this prior to winter setting in (I live in the Chicago area) so that the pavers could weather a bit more to possibly purge anything else inside of them that might cause me issues next year when I seal again. I have a couple of questions:

1. At what outdoor temperature range can I use the paver sealer stripper?
2. Is there any type of sealer that your product will not remove? I imagine that whatever was applied to seal the patio falls within the range of sealers that your product can remove.
3. For cleaning off the polymeric haze prior to the next sealing, do you have any advice in terms of a cleaning agent? Again, it appears that the poor job of power washing that was done at least revealed that the haze can be removed (and no cleaning agent was used, just water).

Thanks for your attention and I look forward to your feedback!
Agustin Gonzalez , September 25, 2014
re: scratches new cambridge legestone pavers in blue stone color.
You cannot fix scratches or add a stain to the pavers to fix.
TheSealerStore , September 21, 2014
scratches new cambridge legestone pavers in blue stone color.
we just installed a new cambridge ble stone pavers in my backyar.we did not read the instructions that we had to put something underneath to the compactor in order to compact softle after finished to compact we noticed scratches in the paver. How do i fix this now. cam i stain if yes what color you would suggest us. thank you.
roxana , September 19, 2014
Shirley, yes you could try that.
TheSealerStore , August 09, 2014
We had our garage floor done with an epoxy and had to move everything to patio. The refrigerator scratched the bricks when we had to turn it to get around corners and in place. Same when it was returned to garage. Our bricks are sealed with a shiny finish and since recently done, we do not wish to do sidewalk and patio again. What would be the best way to eliminate these white scratches on the bricks? Can we just touch up with the shine sealer again?
Shirley Gleason , August 08, 2014
re: How do you remove black spots from natural stone pavers
Without knowing what the black spots are it is impossible to answer. Do you know?
TheSealerStore , August 01, 2014
How do you remove black spots from natural stone pavers
Dennis DELANE , August 01, 2014
re: Need to clean/strip/reseal colored pavers. Suggestions on products?
You probably need to strip it all off and start over. Pressure washing alone usually does not remove sand that is stuck in sealer. Use this stripper to remove:

TheSealerStore , July 17, 2014
Need to clean/strip/reseal colored pavers. Suggestions on products?
My paver patio is 3.5 years old. Installer sanded with polymeric sand. I sealed with Superseal30 gloss in Aug. '11. Last year, I cleaned with Simple Green concrete and driveway cleaner which worked okay and tried to resand with standard joint sand from a big box store. Not sure what happened but sand turned light grey and stuck to the remnants of sealer that remained (the design in the surface of the pavers has a wave and the sealer was thicker there). It looked terrible so I left it alone. I need to fix it now, so my plan is to pressure wash and hopefully get all of the grey sand out of the joints and clean the patio. Then assess how much sealer is left on the surface of the pavers and remove it. Resand the joint with a better product and then reseal it. I liked the look of the Superseal 30 gloss, so I will probably us it again. Any suggestions for cleaner, stripper and joint sand? Thanks!
Wendy , July 16, 2014
re: Removing grime/grease
Try the Cleaner Degreaser that we sell:

TheSealerStore , July 08, 2014
Removing grime/grease
Hello, I have a couple different types of pavers around a pool deck.
What is the best product for removing the black grime? I'm assuming the
grime is from sunscreen, lotion, etc. I also have some nasty grime from
the kitchen out to the pool as well, assuming grease etc. The pavers I
am dealing with: some are medium gray 8x8, reddish brown 4x8, and white
20x20. My other issue is some of the 4x8 bricks are engraved and
painted/stained black. I don't know which they are, painted or stained,
they were purchased this way. All help greatly appreciated!
ADVWRX1 , July 08, 2014
Nothing stops ants. You will probably need to strip off the sealer since it has turned white: http://www.opwdecks.com/paver-sealer-stripper.htm
TheSealerStore , June 25, 2014
barbara raimondi , June 24, 2014
re: Paver Sanding
I would use the poly as the SB-6000 does not harden the sand.
TheSealerStore , June 05, 2014
Leo, do not use linseed oil. Look at the Surebond SB-6000:

TheSealerStore , June 02, 2014
Hello: I have a paver patio that i would like to darken and restore, i go not want a gloss look to my pavers which have been spray washed (there is some streaking from the power washer) all i want to do is darken and even out the color. I was told to use boiled linseed oil but not sure about that? thought i would ask the experts!
Leo Staskivige , June 01, 2014
Brett, try applying xylene to affected areas.
TheSealerStore , May 10, 2014
I was washing some railings with a bleach and soap solution to remove some mildew and got overspray on some sealed thin brick pavers. There is now white spots and white areas that have appeared. I'm not sure if it is solvent or water based sealer. Is there anything I can do to remedy this or will I have to strip and reseal?
Brett , May 09, 2014
re: can I apply your sealer over existing Big box store sealer??
You cannot fix the Behr sealer by adding a different sealer on top. Most likely it will look good for a short period of time but the white will come back and possibly be worse than before.
TheSealerStore , April 20, 2014
can I apply your sealer over existing Big box store sealer??
I sealed my driveway approx. 2 years ago with Behr's wet look water based sealer that I purchased from Home Depot, It looked good but is starting to show white around the edges and a little on the top of the pavers. I purchased an industrial style stripper from a local company and applied it to an area, after letting it sit I began to pressure wash it off....some bricks stripped easily but others were a real pain. It took me close to 2 hrs to really pressure wash an area of approx. 100 sq.ft and to be honest it doesn't really look much better in places!! So my question is this....my driveway is close to 1,000 sq.ft in size, and since my pavers aren't completely "milked over" if I applied another 1-2 coats over the existing sealer with your product will it re-activate it and clear up?? I spoke to Behr's tech support and that's what they suggested I do.....but I would like to use a better quality sealer this time.
Oliver Brama , April 19, 2014
Lori, sorry but there isn't anything that will work indoors effectively. In addition you need to pressure wash and that cannot be done indoors.
TheSealerStore , March 26, 2014
I have 800 square feet of brick floors in my house. Unfortunately I have tries to maintain them myself over the years and have put various acrylic sealers on them. One brand I remember was called Aqua Mix. Now they look dirty and dingy. I would like to have them stripped, cleaned and resealed. I need to find a product that is safe to use indoors that will strip them. I have talked to at least 10 flooring or handyman and no one wants to tackle this job. Do you have any products that are non toxic and would do this job. I live in NC and would also love any ideas for who I can get to do this. Thank you.
lori marriott , March 25, 2014
re: Paver dye removal
Nothing we know of will remove a dye.
TheSealerStore , March 02, 2014
Paver dye removal
How can I remove the reddish dye I applied to pavers. The color is fading adn I do not want to apply another coat. I want to remove dye. Thanks
Oscar Alvarez , March 01, 2014
Melody, without knowing what they sealed with and what the powder is exactly, it is hard to say what the issues is. I would ask the company that restored them to see if they can determine.
TheSealerStore , January 26, 2014
I just had my pavers restored. Now I have white powder that comes up on my finger afterwards. Is that possible. Why bother?
melody glassman , January 24, 2014
You will need to apply use a Concrete Sealer Stripper to remove the old sealer.
TheSealerStore , January 14, 2014
put sealer on flagstone patio started to get white splotches. how do I remove
Jeff Hoffman , January 13, 2014
Ron, without pressure ashing it is very very hard. You have to scrape and that can damage the coping.
TheSealerStore , December 06, 2013
I have white sealer and efflorescence showing up on my pool coping. It was resealed last year and now we have a problem. How do I do the stripping at the pools edge? I'm thinking that power washing is not an option.
Ron Pederson , December 05, 2013
re: faded pavers
NateinAZ, look at either the SuperSeal Matte or the Surebond SB-6000.
TheSealerStore , November 08, 2013
Faded Pavers
I have some old pavers that have faded after 5 years in the AZ sun. I would like to restore the color to these to match the color of the new pavers I've used to expand the patio. When wet both pavers match perfectly, but once dry you can tell the difference between the two. I'm not looking for a shiny gloss finish. Just a natural look. Something that will darken the older pavers as well as seal the old & new. Thanks.
NateinAZ , November 07, 2013
John, We sell only online.
TheSealerStore , October 15, 2013
paver sealer stripper
Sounds like a great product for pavers that are red brick but turning white, is it sold at any stores in the Leesburg FL 34748 area?
john serke , October 14, 2013
Marino, we would need a total sq. footage. Coverage is not the same for different products. On each product page it gives the coverage and coats needed.
TheSealerStore , October 04, 2013
The three area sizes that I would like to apply sealer are 32' x 12', 16' x 2' , 21' x 2'. How much will I need to order? Is the coverage for SuperSeal 25 & SB6000 the same?
Marino , October 03, 2013
Beside water & acrylic base, price, what is the difference between SuperSeal25 & SB6000?
Marino , October 03, 2013
Judi, do you have an old sealer that has discolored by turning white?
TheSealerStore , September 22, 2013
The pavers on my patio have lost their color and have tuned a faded white. Can they be repaired and how?
Thank you
Judi , September 21, 2013
re: question about stripper application
James, apply the stripper in 10x10 sections with a roller, wait 10 minutes and heavy pressure wash off. Repeat for other areas. It is okay of the other areas have gotten wet. When done you may need to spot strip again stubborn areas.
TheSealerStore , September 16, 2013
question about stripper application
stripping for the first time a drive way, what is the best way to do application? And will it effect stripper if applying over wet pavers? Is applying in smaller sections and rinsing by section?
james fink , September 16, 2013
re: Rain spotting on SuperSeal 25
Don MH, try the Aromatic Solvent we sell or Xylene.
TheSealerStore , September 05, 2013
Rain spotting on SuperSeal 25

I applied a coat of SuperSeal25 Matte to my pavers with a roller. The next day, 24 hours later, I was touching up some areas where first coat had been too thin. one hour later, it drizzled rain for 10 min, leaving light blotchty spots where the rain drops hit on the new coat. What can I do to remove the spots?
Don MH , September 04, 2013
re: property manager
It could be many things. Try a efflorescence cleaner first.
TheSealerStore , August 21, 2013
property manager
we have driveways that have a continued white staining, efflorescence i guess, but it does not powerwash off.
its very large areas so not sure if muriadic acid is an answer.
james farese , August 21, 2013
re: Joint Sand and Wet Look
Try the Surebond SB-6000 for the wet look at the SB-1300 for the joint sand. Wet look first I believe.
TheSealerStore , August 13, 2013
Joint Sand and Wet Look
I have old pavers that I re-using for landscape edging. I'd like to use joint stabilizing sealer and have a wet/dark look when finished.

I understand that I may have to apply two different types of sealer to get this effect. Which order do I apply them in? Does the wet look coat go first or second?

Do you have a water based product(s) you recommend for this? Or a low VOC solvent product(s)- since I'm in Illinois a low VOC state?
Kirk F , August 12, 2013
re: Streaks on pavers after powerwashing
Without seeing a picture it is impossible to say. I highly doubt it was damaged from pressure washing unless they used the wrong tip.
TheSealerStore , August 03, 2013
Streaks on pavers after powerwashing
My pavers in the backyard were recently power washed as they have been done in the past. When they dried there are dark streaks acros the entire patio. The pavers are about 4 years old. Wondering if the pavers are permantly damaged or can be fixed. I live in NY and suffered some storm damage from Hurricane Sandy. Could it be salt water damage?
Ellen m , August 02, 2013
re: Wet look question
Yes the SuperSeal VOC can be shipped to CA except in the LA Area. It would be your best choice.
TheSealerStore , August 02, 2013
Wet look question
I reside in California and I am looking for the most effective product to accomplish "wet look" in my backyard. I have a brick-based yard. I was told that SuperSeal VC is the most effective product out there that can also be sold in California.
al , August 01, 2013
scratched bricks paver
I am very upset about what my painter stupid action of using steel brush on the bricks, but any steps/actions to save these poor bricks?
Carol H , June 20, 2013
It does not go away. You would need a paver sealer stripper.

TheSealerStore , June 18, 2013
how to stripp sealant from a brick paver
My pavers were recently sealed and now have turned white. Should I attempt to strip off sealant or just let it go and wait for 2 years. I would prefer to use the safest method to protect my brick pavers
marsha Andrade , June 17, 2013
re: scrached brick s paver
No I do not think that is possible
TheSealerStore , June 17, 2013
scrached brick s paver
I had my exterior paint done, but some spray paint sprayed on brick floor at front door. The painter used steel brush to brush the bricks to clean up the brick pavers. the bricks are now all scratched and gritty/rough and the texture are not like before. In addition, most of the paint spots are still on the bricks. Is any way to remove the paint and repair/restore the texture to the bricks?
Carol H , June 16, 2013
I wasn't really doubting what it was (efflorescence) but was asking about my contractor's response when I expressed my concerns when he said that it wasn't anything to be concerned about and that it goes away on its own.
Karen , June 13, 2013
It is efflorescence and it happens to concrete all the time.
TheSealerStore , June 13, 2013
My contractor is currently installing Cambridge pavers on an upper and lower patio encompassing 1500 square feet. Huge job but as stones are being removed from strapped pallets and laid down, many have white spots looking like specs of paint (which I know they are not but for descriptive purposes that's what they look like). I was very concerned and asked my contractor what these spots are and if they can be removed otherwise I would have just went for cement patios because they look awful and very noticeable. His answer was "don't be concerned, your not the first to ask, they are Efflorescence rising from the pavers from being on the pallets and they will go away on their own". Is this true or am I being deceived ??
Karen , June 13, 2013
I am sorry but I have no idea what sand brands are sold in Florida.
TheSealerStore , April 25, 2013
Hello, can you please recommend a quality joint sand for pavers in florida. Thanks
J , April 25, 2013
re: cambridge pavers (red/gray)
Jane, I would use the SuperSeal Matter or SB-6000 for the pavers. Do not apply to the bluestone. Being a natural stone it does not always dry evenly.
TheSealerStore , April 21, 2013
Hello -

We have cambridge pavers (red/gray) on our front walk that have become very dull and lifeless. In addition, we have a piece of bluestone as a step. We would like to have a wet-look to deepen the colors with a minimum of shine. We live on Long Island, NY. What sealer would you recommend? Also, do you recommend that we use the sealer on the bluestone to also deepen the color or should we avoid that?? Many thanks for your help!!

Jane Jackson , April 20, 2013
re: Should/Could we use a cleaner?
Yes you should but which really depends on what it is exactly. There is not one cleaner that removes all.
TheSealerStore , April 15, 2013
Should/Could we use a cleaner?
Mike J , April 15, 2013
re: New pavers/White Haze
It could be the poly haze from the sand. Hard to say for sure without seeing it.
TheSealerStore , April 15, 2013
New pavers/White Haze
We just had Nicolock pavers Installed. They have a white haze. friends say it's efflorescence but I'm wondering if its 'the material used in place of sand to lock them in place. The contractor used a sand like material that now feels like cement in between each paver. What do you think?
Mike J , April 14, 2013
re: Stripper
Not sure what they mean about being artificial. Is the color just at the surface or throughout? If throughout then you can use the Concrete Sealer Stripper.
TheSealerStore , April 13, 2013
I have Nicolock pavers, I was told they needed to be stripped becasue of them being improperly sealed. I called Nicolock and they said the color in them is artificial which I did not even know. that being said what is the best stripper to use to remove the sealer. I have a chalky worn look on them making the color very washed out and barely there at all
Christine , April 12, 2013
re: new unsealed pavers
Jim, it is probably efflorescence. I would use s cleaner such as the SB-488 then apply a sealer like SuperSeal 25.
TheSealerStore , April 11, 2013
new unsealed pavers with white staining. looks good when wet but when dry, turn white. do i have to clean before i seal? would like a wet look sealer.
jim rowland , April 10, 2013
re: Kitchen Brick Pavers
I am sorry but we do not have any cleaners that can be used inside. Not sure what would work either.
TheSealerStore , March 07, 2013
Kitchen Brick Pavers
I have inherited a brick paver kitchen floor. There are some stubborn stains in one area. I have tried several cleaners with no luck. I used some sudsy amonia--which seemed to strip the area. Any advice on how to fix the problem??? Thanks.
Peggy , March 07, 2013
re: blade on truck scratched bricks
Fixed? Probably not but by sealing the bricks you may be able to hide the scratches. If you cannot see the scratches when wet with water then a "wet look" sealer such as SuperSeal30 would work.
TheSealerStore , January 13, 2013
blade on truck scratched bricks
Had snow clearers do driveway and now there are scratches. Can this be fixed?
Cindy , January 12, 2013
re: How can I tell if I need to use Solvent or strip and reseal
Hard to say for sure. If there is a good amount of blushing of the old sealer then it is always best to strip and start over.
TheSealerStore , December 26, 2012
My pavers were sealed 3 to 4 years ago and are now dull and have a little white haze. How can I tell if I need to use Solvent or strip and reseal?
Marc , December 26, 2012
re: I have paver bricks in my den
I am sorry but the products we sell are for exterior use and should not be used indoors. I strongly suggest not stripping indoors. You might need to replace them.
TheSealerStore , November 06, 2012
I have paver bricks in my den approx 350ish sf.....they are insanely dirty and have a whitish milky appearance on some (reading on your site...that is NOT a good thing) and need stripping. What is a safe inside product to use or a service you might recommend to hire....I live in Brentwood, TN.
Patsy Cannon , November 05, 2012
re: white spots on my newly sealed pavers
White spots can be many things but always something under the sealer hat is causing this.

1. Trapped moisture. This typically can be removed with a solvent such as Aromatic 100.

2. Polymeric Sand Haze. This is happens when some of the sand is clumped or not completely removed from the surface of the pavers. very difficult to fix. You need to strip off the sealer then use a cleaner to remove the sand that is on top of the pavers.
TheSealerStore , October 16, 2012
white spots on my newly sealed pavers
I sealed my paver patio. I am seeing white spots coming up. Looks like water stains. It rained about 12 hours after the aplications. Is there anyway to get rid of them. Also the polymetric sand which is supposed to be dark is turning white.
reallybummeddude , October 15, 2012
Any wet look paver sealer will restore the color as if wet with water. SuperSeal25 and SuperSeal30 are the most popular.
TheSealerStore , October 11, 2012
RITCHIE BLACKERBY , October 10, 2012
re: Paver Walkway
I assume it was a polymeric sand? This is called poly haze and happens when you do not remove the sand/dust form the top of the pavers. Not easy to fix. Sometimes vinegar works. I would ask the manufacturer of the sand for some suggestions.
TheSealerStore , August 03, 2012
Paver Walkway
We powerwashed the entire paver walkway and put new paver sand in. We got hit with rain hours later and the next morning the pavers had a whiteish residue on them. Any suggestions on getting this glaze from the sand off the pavers? thanks,
Artie , August 02, 2012
re: Homeowner
No that is not really possible to lighten pavers.
TheSealerStore , July 28, 2012
Is there are product or procedure that can accellerate or lighten the color of pavers? We have several pallets of pavers awaiting installation, however, the pavers purchased are much darker than the existing retainer walls.
Ceil , July 28, 2012
re: My husband drove his vehicle on newly sealed pavers before they were dry
Sorry to hear that but they will need to be stripped and resealed to fix.
TheSealerStore , June 07, 2012
My husband drove his vehicle on newly sealed pavers before they were
dry. There are now tire tracts on them. Can they be cleaned off, or do the pavers have to be stripped and resealed?
Valerie Manuel , June 07, 2012
re: after I use the paver sealer stripper do I have to re seal
It would be best to reseal. For a gloss I would look at the SuperSeal30.
TheSealerStore , March 18, 2012
re: sandblast failed sealer off of unilock paver stones
I would not suggest that. It will "score" the concrete and ruin the overall appearance.
TheSealerStore , March 18, 2012
after I use the paver sealer stripper do I have to re seal and if so what would you suggest is best if i would like a gloss look?
tjstum@gmail.com , March 18, 2012
Has anyone tried or know anyone who has tried to sandblast failed sealer off of unilock paver stones? Or does anyone know if this would work without ruining the pavers?
mda , March 18, 2012
re: can I use any kind of sprayer when using paver sealer stripper
Too thick to spray the paver sealer stripper with a garden pump sprayer. It should be rolled on for best results.
TheSealerStore , March 13, 2012
can I use any kind of sprayer when using paver sealer stripper
Tom Stummer , March 13, 2012
re: pavers
By adding a sealer that darkens the color similar to as if wet with water:

SuperSeal Paver Sealers
TheSealerStore , March 06, 2012
my Pavers are fading how can i restore them back
Davi Morales , March 06, 2012
re: Round White Spots ALL OVER my pavers
Without knowing what the round white spots are exactly, I have no way of suggesting what to clean with and or prevent them from reoccurring.
TheSealerStore , February 20, 2012
Round White Spots ALL OVER my pavers
I have dozens of round, white dime to quarter sized spots on my pavers (20 years old) that look like bird poop or paint. They seem to come and go but are unsightly. I have tried scrubbing and bleach (to kill a possible fungus) but nothing has helped. What can I do?
Leslie Ann , February 20, 2012
re: polymeric sand turning black
If I was to guess I would think it is mold/mildew that has turned black. You could try killing the mold with watered down bleach.
TheSealerStore , September 26, 2011
polymeric sand turning black
I used polymeric sand to fill the joints on a brick driveway restoration. Most of it looks good but some joints have turned back and rubbery. The driveway was throughly pressure washed before the sand was swepted. Any ider what is causing this.
rob , September 25, 2011
re: Will SuperSealer 25 still give a wet-look
If the pavers look good when wet with water then you will get good results when you seal with the SuperSeal25.
TheSealerStore , September 19, 2011
Will SuperSealer 25 still give a wet-look (and hide the pressure washer marks) if applied over the Behr sealer? Thanks for all of your help.
mda , September 18, 2011
re: Will the SuperSeal 25 work if applied over an existing sealer
It can be applied over other sealers but it will not "fix" any sealers that have turned white. I mention this because Behr is prone to turning milky white.

Stripping if needed does not harm pavers.
TheSealerStore , September 18, 2011
Will the SuperSeal 25 work if applied over an existing sealer (a cheap Behr sealer) or would I need to strip that sealer off first? If it needs to be stripped, is that harmful to the pavers?
mda , September 18, 2011
re: streaking in some areas
Sealing with a wet look sealer such as the SuperSeal25 would fix this so the streaking is not visible.
TheSealerStore , September 18, 2011
We had our paver patio pressure washed, however, this resulted in streaking in some areas. Is there a way to correct this? The streaks are not visible when the patio is wet, so would sealing it solve the problem (since I had planned on having the patio sealed anyway?)
mda , September 17, 2011
re: sprayer nozzle
You can use either but I prefer the .5 GPM tip.
TheSealerStore , September 03, 2011
I purchased the Super Seal 25 semi gloss sealer and the Chapin 1949 sprayer to do my brick paver driveway. Which spray nozzle is best to use: .5gpm or 1.0gpm?
rudy cordell , September 03, 2011
re: Need Help!
Did you get all of the sand off the surface with the muriatic acid?

Does the pavers look okay when with with water? If so applying a sealer that enhances the color will help: SuperSeal30
TheSealerStore , August 31, 2011
Need Help!
Need help!
Just put in a new brick paver patio...looked great, until I mistakenly used a sand/cement mix to finish the project. The mix was not completely off the brick paver surface when it was misted, and all the mixed-color bricks were colored gray. Was advised to use a muriatic acid mixture to remove the cement mix from the pavers. Now, I have bricks that have lost their color and many areas with acid stains...Any 'good' advise???
Tom , August 30, 2011
re: How do you get rid of the scuff marks on pavers?
If you seal the pavers they should go away. Make sure all the polymeric sand has been removed from the top of the pavers. If it is not then you can get a "poly haze".
TheSealerStore , August 02, 2011
How do you get rid of the scuff marks on pavers?
How do you get rid of the scuff marks on pavers? The contractor who installed our unilock pavers today scuffed dozens of them while running the compactor. What can we or he do to remove the scuff marks? The pavers have not been sealed, but the polymeric sand has been added between the pavers.
Robert C Ferguson , August 01, 2011
re: pool bricks
Any of these paver sealers will work:
Wet Look sealers
TheSealerStore , June 27, 2011
pool bricks
the bricks around my pool are very dull looking how can i revive the color? thanks
enrique , June 26, 2011
re: white blotches and streaks from roller
The issue was not so much your application but choosing a very poor sealer (Behr). At this point you would need to use a chemical stripper to fix.

Concrete Sealer Stripper
TheSealerStore , June 18, 2011
white blotches and streaks from roller
My patio pavers are 10 years old and looking dull. I pressure washed the patio, waited for it to dry (or so I thought) and then rolled on Behr low-luster sealer made for pavers, concrete, mexican tile, etc. It is a water soluble product. The next day my patio was covered with a milky film with bad white streaking from the roller. The sealer didn't penetrate at all to give me a deeper darker appearance as I had hoped. I freaked out and put on a 50/50 solution of concrete acid etcher to remove the sealer and washed it again. It really made a worse mess. Help...
blotchy girl , June 17, 2011
re: Restoring the color of red pavers
I would look at the SuperSeal-A for indoor use.
TheSealerStore , June 08, 2011
Restoring the color of red pavers
My red pavers in my kitchen, foyer, hall, laundry room and half bath look nice when mopped and wet. They are a deep red with burgundy grout. However, then the floor dries it looks dull. How can I make my floor stay that vibrant red and shinny? I have no idea what sealer(if any) was used.
Jan , June 08, 2011
re: first timer
Not sure what you mean. The sand changed the color? What kind of sand did you use?
TheSealerStore , May 25, 2011
first timer
i used a sandmix as the finishing touch to the brick paver, however it left the pavers with a two tone look. Meaning, some pavers are grey and the others are of a light grey. How can I get the pavers to be the same color as they were before? Also, I did not use any sealant as yet
Trevor , May 24, 2011
re: Homeowner
What sealer did you use? Was it a solvent based or water based sealer?
TheSealerStore , May 24, 2011
I sealed my paver driveway last summer with a semi gloss sealer and it greatly enhanced the look of the pavers. The pavers are now fading and I know the sealer only needs to be applied every couple years. What can I do to enhance the pavers between sealing applications?
Stan Kophs , May 24, 2011
re: What do I clean my indoor brick pavers with?
The cleaners we sell are for exterior use. Cleaning inside cannot be done with a pressure washer. Might be best to use a steam cleaner for inside use. Much less water.
TheSealerStore , May 15, 2011
What do I clean my indoor brick pavers with?
Our kitchen floor is all brick pavers. They are so hard to keep clean, even vacuuming them is a chore. What is the best way to clean them? Do they make pressure washers for indoor use? We like them, but just wish they were outside versus in the most used room of our home...they are murder on feet for any long period of time. Thanks!
Cindy , May 15, 2011
re: bricks which have lost their color and shine
Yes we can help with this. Our "thickest" highest gloss sealer is the SuperSeal30.
TheSealerStore , May 07, 2011
We have a walkway made from paver bricks which have lost their color and shine. My husband used to have some commercial sealer that was very thick...like molasses that really worked wonders on them. He cannot remember the name...Do you have a product that would work for us?
Thanks so much for your time and expertise.
Pat Barnes , May 06, 2011
re: sand for pavers
You can use regular sand or polymeric sands. Polymeric sands will reduce erosion and minimize weed growth. Powerloc is not a polymeric sand but a organic sand that "hardens". It is not as durable as a true polymeric sand.
TheSealerStore , May 05, 2011
Can you recommend a sand to use for a paver maintenance job? I have pavers that are about 12 years old that I need to clean and seal. Wondering what sand to use? Regular sweeping sand or a polymeric, Powerloc, etc. In the past I have had wash out, weeds and ants using a regular sweeping sand.
Davey , May 04, 2011
re: moisture trapped under SuperSeal30
Aromatic 100 is the solvent that is in the SuperSeal30. It will restore the shine to the sealer and remove the white spots from the moisture being trapped. Xylene is a similar solvent that can work as well in most cases.

Best to apply with a pump sprayer. Rolling can be done but is is usually not as effective.
TheSealerStore , April 12, 2011
I used super seal on my 30 day old patio last year and have a white haze from Moisture trapped under the sealer . Which works best Aromatic 100 or Xylene ? Can either be applied with a roller or brush ?
Bob Tanguay , April 11, 2011
re: New pavers not sealed
Polymeric sand can create a haze on top of the pavers if the installer does not remove all the sand/dust prior to misting with water. To remove you need an acid cleaner that is designed to remove this. I would check with the brand of the polymeric sand to see what they suggest.

Do not seal the pavers until this "haze" is removed otherwise it can be trapped in. Thanks
TheSealerStore , March 12, 2011
New pavers not sealed
A contractor installed my terracota pavers last november. He used a polymeric sand,but he didn`t seal it. It`s been a dull color since. He said the film,haze will go away in a couple of months. I just cleaned them twice with a light acid solution with a brush. When dried looks the same. Should i seal the pavers now or wait?
wayne , March 12, 2011
re: white spots on paving stones.
White spots can be many things:

1. Old sealer has turned white
2. Efflorescence salts
3. Calcium deposits
4. Polymeric haze

There is not one solution that will fix all of the above. Do you have anymore info that would help narrow it down?
TheSealerStore , March 09, 2011
white spots on paving stones.
I have a large patio at the back of the house consisting of paving stones.They have all developed large white spots.Have tried pressure hose without success.help pleasehkytc
john gewirtz , March 09, 2011
re: Indoor brick pavers need help
We do not know of or selling any strippers that can be used indoors. This would cause extreme mess and high fumes when used inside a house.

I would never use an epoxy on pavers. You could look at the Super Poly as it is extremely thick and durable!
TheSealerStore , February 17, 2011
Indoor brick pavers need help
I have brick pavers in my kitchen that need deep cleaning or stripping the old sealer. After that, can I use a epoxy type finish or somekind of thick coat as to be easier to clean?
Jean Pannell , February 17, 2011
re: white haze
I would try applying the Aromatic 100 first to see if that fixes the issue. It is much easier then stripping off the paver sealer. It also could be efflorescence. This is a white soluble salt that can leech out of new pavers.
TheSealerStore , February 16, 2011
white haze
Patio was put down and sealed last fall, there has been white splotches that have gotten worse with time, especially with recent temp changes. It almost looks like dried salt crystals. From reading posts I am assuming its from moisture? Should I reset with Xylene, try aromatic 100, jump right to a stripper or try some other remedy. Would be happy to send pics if that would help too..thanks in advance for suggestions
Ray , February 16, 2011
re: home owner
Sounds like something was "tracked" on top of the pavers. Hard to say what will remove it unless you know what the black foot prints are. Did you have your asphalt driveway sealed?

Acid etching probably will not work. A cleaner degreaser may but hard to say for sure.

Sealers cannot stop something from being tracked on top of the sealer.
TheSealerStore , October 04, 2010
home owner
Dyco Acrilic Paver Sealer was used on our new brick paver patio/lanai in southwest Florida. It has only been installed for 1 year. When we came back from a 3 month summer vacation there were black tennis shoe pattern imprints all over our brick pavers. The guy who watched our house has no idea how they got there. We have tried most household remedies to no avail. A high pressure washer did not work either. Should I try using something to chemically etch the pavers or just hire a professional to come and sand blast the stuff off? I would have thought the sealer would have prevented a problem like this. Vicki
vicki smith , October 03, 2010
re: Wet Look Sealer - Behr
The problem is probably not the contractor but the Behr sealer. It has major issues with blushing/turning white. You could try our concrete paver sealer stripper. It should work on the Behr.
TheSealerStore , September 27, 2010
Wet Look Sealer - Behr
Used it on my paver driveway, weather was dry for a couple days but now my driveway looks like white haze, taking the original color of away. The sealant was applied at above 80F (it states not to unless it's at 80 or less), and under direct sunlight, which I see it shouldn't have.

I hired the wrong help for this but now I want to start back again. How can I remove this job and do it again? The container says to use Behr No 992 Concrete and Masonry paint stripper. What is the best way to rid of the wet seal and have someone do it right?
Luis , September 26, 2010
re: White spots on paver bricks
White spots are usually from one of three things:

1. Moisture trapped under sealer
2. Poor quality sealer turning white from uv rays.
3. White haze from polymeric sand.

I highly doubt it is from the brick itself. I would spray on some xylene where spots are to see if they go away.
TheSealerStore , September 12, 2010
White spots on paver bricks
The lower half of our paver brick driveway has white spots all over them. We have had the driveway stripped with xylene and resealed professionally. About 3 mos. later the white spots reappeared and now the contractor is saying there was a problem with the firing of the brick originally. We didn't have this problem the first 3 yrs. but now we have had this reoccuring problem and they are telling us the brick needs to be replaced. Help. We are senior citizens and cannot afford that. The contractor really doesn't have any other answer.
Donald Novosel , September 12, 2010
re: scuff marks on pavers
I believe you actually scuffed the pavers which cannot be fixed. Is it less noticeable when wet with water? If so then a "wet look" sealer will help hid the scuffs.
TheSealerStore , August 30, 2010
scuff marks on pavers
Upon completion of installing portege stone pavers on my patio, I compacted them twice with a plate compacter. This resulted in scuff marks in various points on each paver. Anything that can be done to remove these scuffs marks would be helpful. Will sealing help cover these scuffs marks?
Brian Ellis , August 29, 2010
re: New paver driveway
That is most likely efflorescence. You can use a efflorescence cleaner for that.
TheSealerStore , June 01, 2010
I just had pavers installed in my driveway and I find thst there are small white spots on some of the pavers. what can be done to remove the spots.?
alice barrow , May 31, 2010
re: polymeric sand caused a haze on top of my pavers
We rarely see issues with the polymeric sands and usually when there is one, it is from bad application.

You could try a paver sealer stripper. This removes pretty much everything.
TheSealerStore , May 28, 2010
polymeric sand caused a haze on top of my pavers
I contacted Unilock (the pavers manufacturer) - they sent a guy over with a gallon of Efflorescence remover. He tried it on a few pavers to see if it worked ... however, the day was really hot (90 degrees) and very sunny so we didn't want to risk doing the whole patio/driveway because the instructions said not to try this on really hot days. The few pavers they cleaned still looked the same after rinsing and drying ... I cannot believe that no one knows how to solve this problem with this sand (they put a man on the moon but they can't solve this?). The sand has silica in it -- maybe some science major out there who is reading this knows what would be good to try on this? As a side note, I have been doing a lot of research on the internet about all these problems popping up with this polymeric sand ... whose idea was it to switch from the usual sand everyone was using up to a few years back to this disastrous sand? I always say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
lucia licciardi , May 27, 2010
re: polymetric sand caused a haze on top of my pavers
Sorry but you may need an acid to soften the polymeric sand so you can wash off. Not sure though exactly what would work. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer for advice?
TheSealerStore , May 25, 2010
polymetric sand caused a haze on top of my pavers
I had pavers installed in my driveway and patio. The contractor screwed up and instead of misting water on top of the polymeric sand, he powerwashed it and the sand ended up on top of the pavers and dried leaving a haze that will not come off no matter what they do and now they look awful. The pavers look like they're 3 years old instead of 2 weeks. How can we remove this glue-like stuff on top of the pavers? Also, when he was powerwashing the first time, the water hose he was using left all these black stains all over some of the pavers and this also will not come off because of what happened with the sand. I am at my wits end. What can I do?
lucia licciardi , May 25, 2010
re: Brick Pavers Lost the sheen
To restore the color/shine you will need to add a paver sealer.
TheSealerStore , May 23, 2010
Brick Pavers Lost the sheen
We just powerwashed a patio and the homeowner is complaining about the lost of sheen and luster. They only requested us to clean the bricks and wash out the weed growth between the stones. What can we use to restore the color?
Randy , May 22, 2010
re: stained pavers
Removing mortar smears is possible with this product:

TheSealerStore , May 11, 2010
stained pavers
I have a walkway made with red pavers, but got stained with mortor, how can i remove the stains, or what other options do i have?
Daniel , May 11, 2010
re: Front porch issues
What type or brand of sealer did they use?

Did they let the pavers dry thoroughly before applying the sealer?

Did they use chemicals to clean and if so what kind?
TheSealerStore , May 03, 2010
I hired someone to professionally clean and seal my front brick paver porch. The steps mentioned on your website are exactly what happened. Now, my pavers continue to turn white (were red brick) more and more each day. Is it possible the color has been removed with the chemicals? If so, can they be dyed and what is the best way?
Donna Ricucci , May 03, 2010
re: indoor pavers
It would be hard to rinse off the cleaner de-greaser inside a home.

When sealing inside I would suggest a water-based sealer since it has a low odor:

SuperSeal-A Sealer
TheSealerStore , April 13, 2010
indoor pavers
I have brick pavers throughout my kitchen/family, laundry room and 2 hallways in my house. Can I use the cleaner de-greaser indoors to clean my pavers? I also want to seal them after I clean them. What do you suggest?
Donna , April 13, 2010
re: Stain on Pavers
Removing oil from concrete or pavers can be difficult. The problem is that concrete is very porous and if oil penetrates deep into the pavers it will be hard to clean off.

This product seems to work well in most scenarios:

Cleaner and De-greaser
TheSealerStore , April 11, 2010
Stains on Pavers
I have some rather large oil stains on my pavers. I have tried assorted products to remove the stains with no luck. Do you have a solution.
Donna , April 10, 2010
re: Wet leaf stains
Bleach should help remove the leaf stains.
TheSealerStore , October 31, 2009
Wet leaf stains
I recently had a brick paver driveway installed, and on the advice of the installers I waited to install the sealer until next spring. Well now I have some really deep and dark stains from wet leaves. I tried power washing with no results. What do I need to do here? Or rather what does my installer need to do


Ricky , October 31, 2009
re: White film on bricks
White areas are usually caused by:

Moisture still in the brick
Efflorescence fron newly installed pavers
Sealing over a "cheap" sealer that was previously applied

Try adding some Aromatic 100 Solvent to reset the sealer and restore the shine.
TheSealerStore , September 24, 2009
White film on bricks
Hi - Just finished two days ago pressure washing my paved brick driveway, on top of which i added the superseal 25 sealre from your company. All looked good till this morning a noticed several areas covered by a white film almost like efflorescence and wondering what went wrong, how can i restore the shine it was there after i applied the sealer
Thank you
zadsatr , September 24, 2009
re: Paver stains
Polymeric sand should soften when wet with water. Try using a pressure washer to wash off all the sand that is stuck on top of the pavers. When done, let them dry completely. Sweep in the polymeric where needed, blow off excess so that the sand is done about 1/4" below the pavers edge, then mist with water to activate.
TheSealerStore , July 27, 2009
Paver stains
I recently install pavers and used the polymetric sand to fill the joints. When I used the plate compactor on the final set some water apparently was under the pavers in some areas and was squeezed up through the joints causing the polymetric sand to activate prematurely, which left an ugly mess on the pavers. I tried cleaning them off with a rag but it didn't help. Is there something available to clean off the stain from the polymetric sand?

rkoppy , July 27, 2009
re: White spots all over my patio
Using a solvent such as xylene will remove the white water spots when the sealer is a solvent based sealer. I am not sure if it will work with the Defy Paver Sealer since it is a water based sealer. It would not hurt to try though.
TheSealerStore , July 26, 2009
White spots all over my patio
I didn
Dutchman , July 24, 2009
re: Effortless Cleaner
Yes it can be used as a spot cleaner. Makes sure that you thoroughly rinse with a lot of water and let dry completely for a day or two before applying the SuperSeal sealers.
TheSealerStore , July 20, 2009
can Effortless cleaner be used as a spot cleaner for effloresence on pavers, or will there be a difference in color after it dries compared to the untreated?

can SuperSealVOC Semi-Gloss be used directly after or is a wash of the pavers required?
vlaxaki , July 09, 2009
What Type of sealer did you use? A high quality brick paver sealer will enhance the colors like a wet look. It would not be advisable to use a stain if you have already sealed the pavers. Your stain will not adhere properly.
TheSealerStore , July 01, 2009
I have a relatively large brick paver driveway that was originally a reddish color. We are in South Florida and over the past 13 years the color has bleached almost entirely out of the pavers. I just had theem cleaned and sealed and they are still bleached out. Is there any way to use a semi transparent colored stain to get some color back and still show the original color variation in the brick? I don't want to paint the driveway with a cooncrete "stain" as that will look like stamped concrete. Please help. Many Thanks...Jay
Jay , July 01, 2009
re:paver sealer
Stripping is usually required if one of these scenarios happens:

1. Moisture trapped causing a "white haze"
2. Efflorescence was not removed off new bricks prior to sealing
3. Over application of a poor acrylic sealer causing a "white haze"
4. Applying a incompatible sealer on top of a old failed sealer

By itself, the SuperSeal Paver Sealers are not prone to stripping. If you apply them over a cheaper sealer that has already failed by turning white, then the SuperSeal will not fix the issue.
TheSealerStore , May 27, 2009
Paver sealer
I was looking at a product called Techniseal, until they told me it would have to be stripped every so often. This is odd. I used other products on my pavers without stripping. I am looking at your satin/low gloss sealer and I want to be sure that does not ever require "stripping" just reapplication every year or two.
Pls advise. Thanks
GPB , May 27, 2009
re: Arizona Sun
They will both work well but eventually the sun will dull the finish. The higher the acrylic the longer the shine usually. The SuperSeal30 would be the highest.
TheSealerStore , May 12, 2009
Arizona Sun
what type of sealer do you recommend for the brutal Arizona Sun?..water based or solvent?. which lasts longer under these conditions?..thank u
tquint14 , May 12, 2009
Sealing the pavers with a "wet" look paver sealer will enchance the color and leave a shine. This will make your old pavers look substanially better!
TheSealerStore , March 05, 2009
Chipped pavers
Hi guys! My pavers are antique ones (I like to call them that, they're actually very old), and most of them are chipped one way or the other. Is there anything I could do to restore them to their former glory?
Zordani , March 05, 2009
I sure am very happy that I have found this excellent site. I also had the problem with grass growing in between my pavers and my wife had been bugging me for months to get rid of the problem. I followed the advice given above and the problem has disappeared.
jamesb , February 20, 2009
I am not a expert in this area so to be honest I didn't know you had to seal them, all though that would kind of make sense. As I wouldn't want to have to repeat the whole process every couple of months.
I think I will pop on over to the section about sealing!
Mrsjprice , February 18, 2009
I'm glad it worked for you! Do you plan on sealing them now? It will help contain the grass in the future
TheSealerStore , February 17, 2009
I had that problem with a lot of grass growing between my pavers, I did exactly what TheSealerStore said and used roundup to kill off the grass then I could clean up my pavers nicely with a pressure washer as there wasn't loads of grass in the way!
Mrsjprice , February 17, 2009
Cleaning them would be a lot cheaper then replacing them. if you have substantial growth then you probably have the grass roots under the pavers. Use roundup to kill the grass first. This will make it easier to pressure wash and reduce the chance of the grass re-growing from the roots.
TheSealerStore , February 03, 2009
I have a substanial amount of grass growing in my pavers. So much that it looks more like grass then pavers. Is is possible to restore them or should I just have them replaced?
myppl , January 31, 2009


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