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canada flagBest Deck Stains for Canada

Over the years decks have become popular for Canadian homeowners looking to add some extra outdoor living space. A deck can add curb appeal and value to any property. It's one of the best home improvements you can make outside the home.

Deck maintenance is essential to the life of a deck. Nowhere is this more important than in Canada where the winters can be harsh. No doubt Canadians love using their decks during the warm season but winters can take their toll an exterior wood. When a wood deck is not protected with a deck stain, water can seep into the wood. Freeze/thaw damage is very common on Canadian decks that are not protected with a quality deck stain.


The best Canadian deck stains are the ones that penetrate deeply into the wood for maximum protection against rain, snow, and ice. But not all deck stains are compliant in Canada so finding the right one can be tricky.

There are however, a few deck stains that are compliant and have excellent penetration properties. These deck stains will not only enhance the beauty of your deck but will prolong the wood's life even in harsh winter conditions.

Two popular brands of deck stains compliant in Canada are Defy Stains and Armstrong Clark Wood Stain. Both are high on our list of best stains and are VOC compliant in most states and Canada. They come in a wide range of opacities and colors to fit the needs of most deck owners.

For the best results, a wood deck should be cleaned and stained every couple of years or as needed. This will ensure protection against weather damage. Clean the wood with a quality wood cleaner. After cleaning the wood will appear darker, this is normal. Use a deck brightener to lighten and restore the wood's original color. Once the wood dries coat the surface with a quality Canadian deck stain.

Keeping a deck protected with a good wood stain is a great way to protect your investment. Do not let harsh winter conditions ruin your deck prematurely and cost you expensive repairs. Protect all your exterior wood surfaces with one of the best Canadian deck stains to ensure lasting beauty for many years.


If you have any questions as to which stain is best for your deck in Canada, please ask below.

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Deck stain
We have recently purchased a beautiful cottage on the south shore of Manitoulin Island. It is on the big water of Lake Huron so is subject to winds, cold, snow as well as extreme sunlight conditions. The view is beautiful and largely unobstructed which leaves it vulnerable to the weather conditions. There is a covered deck area which is largely intact as far as the stain goes however the large uncovered deck area has very little stain remaining. I want to address this before the cold weather. At this point I'm planning to strip the covered area and then clean it with a wood cleaner and use the wood cleaner for the entire deck. In the article above a wood brightener was mentioned so I guess that would be another step that I should plan on? Could you please recommend the best stain, stripper, cleaner etc. for this job. Also, the cottage is clad with wood giving at the look of square log construction. The finish looks reasonably intact at this point by I would also appreciate advice on which products and procedures are necessary to maintain the beauty of the siding as well. Your input is greatly appreciated
Rob McDougall , August 22, 2016
Pa, use the Armstrong Clark stain for this:

TheSealerStore , August 08, 2016
Best Product For Canadian Farm Fence
Hello-I am wanting to stain/protect my farm fence which is mostly unfinshed (rough)posts and boards. What product would you recommend? I need at least 20 gallons probably more. Thanks!
Pam1 , August 07, 2016
Yes it help to clean and brighten after sanding. The stain will soak in deeper.
TheSealerStore , August 02, 2016
Pressure washed nd sanded - cleaner/brightener?
We have a three year old pressure treated deck that we recently pressure washed and sanded. It looks almost like new. We'd like to stain it soon, it's never been stained before. Do we still need to use cleaner and brightener?
Shannon , August 02, 2016
You should not stain the new wood right away. Best to let it weather for a fe months and clean and brighten for prep. The older stain needs to be stripped. Use the Restore a Deck products for all of this. Stripper and brightener kits for the older wood with the darkened stain. Cleaner and brightener kits for the new wood. Stain with Armstrong Clark in Sierra redwood for a rich red cedar look or Defy Extreme in Redwood.
TheSealerStore , July 16, 2016
Looking for solutions
What do you think is the best way to go about getting a weathered ( darkened) stained ( cheap red cedar stain was used i believe, darkened in 2 years) cedar sided house back to a point where I can get is reasonably close to a new room with fresh clean new cedar ( that I want to stain red cedar color) that I've just added. First I think I need to get a very good stain on the new cedar , correct? Like within a couple of weeks, is that correct? I can deal with the rest later, sounds like I need something like a defy stripper to get old cedar back to a point (I don't think the cleaner/brightener will do it, especially f I want to change to a better stain, right?) where I can stain and get it to look like the new part, or is that really even possible? I'd like to get it all to a nice red cedar finish if possible, the defy or Armstrong products appear to be best , which product would you suggest for this application? We are located in eastern Canada near the ocean.

Randy Francis , July 16, 2016
re: How many gallons of Defy Extreme stain needed for 400 sq. ft. deck?
About 4 gallons for two coats. Yes it is in US dollars.
TheSealerStore , June 23, 2016
Is your pricing in USD?
How many gallons of Defy Extreme stain needed for 400 sq. ft. deck?
Ruby , June 23, 2016
re: purchase armstrong clark or defy paints
You will have to order them from our website for shipping to you. There are no dealers in your area or Buffalo.
TheSealerStore , June 17, 2016
how do I purchase armstrong clark or defy paints if I live in Canada?
Does anyone sell them here or do I have to order them online or cross-border shop?
what stores in buffalo carry these?
is there anything that you would recommend for a deck in Guelph, Ontario that I can purchase here that would be comparable to these products?

Thank you!
cathy , June 17, 2016
re: Sienna Brown Pressure Treating
You cannot match a wood type when apply a tinted stain. Stains will change the color and enhance the grain based on the tint you choose.
TheSealerStore , April 17, 2016
Thank you very much for the answer below. Do you know which Armstrong Clark stain would best match the Sienna Brown Pressure Treating used on decking up here?
Tom Totten , April 17, 2016
re: Belleville, Ontario
TWP 1500 cannot be used in Canada. Against VOC laws there. You can use the Armstrong Clark and that is what many use. For the prep we would suggest the Restore A Deck Kits we sell. You will need a RAD600 package. For the stain you will need about 7-9 gallons.
TheSealerStore , April 12, 2016
I have a 750 Sq Ft deck with another 140 Sq Ft of vertical fencing on the raised sides. Located in the Belleville, Ontario area, the deck is in full sunlight until about 2PM in the summer. It is made from standard decking boards that have been pressure treated the new Sienna (light brown) colour. It has aged for 2 seasons and I want to treat it now. We liked the original color of the pressure treating and wondered if you would recommend cleaners and stain including quantities. I have studied various reports and favour either the Armstrong Clark or TWP 1500 but I understand the TWP is not approved for shipment to Canada. I can drive to a mail service in Buffalo to pick up your shipment.
Tom Totten , April 12, 2016
re: Looking for a solution
Too early to stain right away. Wait until Spring, clean and brighten with the Restore A Deck Kits, and stain with Defy Extreme or TWP 100 Series.
TheSealerStore , November 17, 2015
Looking for a solution
I just moved and built a new deck (Nov 2015) 16' by 24'
It's getting cooler in the upper 40s and mid 50's
Any advise how and what to use for sealer in those colder temps in Kansas City?!
Jay , November 16, 2015
re: Should I let it dry out and weather the winter
Yes you should let is season through the Winter. Clean and prep in the spring.
TheSealerStore , November 08, 2015
I live in Toronto.
Just replaced a small 2nd story deck facing northwest (back of house). New deck is 8x12'. Has cedar posts, PT joists and 5/4-6" cedar deck boards, and cedar guardrails. Balusters are the simple black round aluminum.
Should I let it dry out and weather the winter unsealed and then seal or stain it in the spring? November and December here are usually rainy. (We don't get tons of snow like Buffalo.)
VG , November 07, 2015
re: Where can I buy defy stains in Ontario?
You cannot but we can ship them to you.
TheSealerStore , September 01, 2015
Defy Stains
Where can I buy defy stains in Ontario?
Mary Anne , August 31, 2015
re: How do I order 5 gal of Armstrong stain for a redwood cedar deck.
Add it to cart then proceed with purchase at checkout.
TheSealerStore , August 26, 2015
How do I order 5 gal of Armstrong stain for a redwood cedar deck.
Wayne , August 25, 2015
re: Best stain for new redwood cedar patio
Try the Armstrong Clark Stain. New wood should weather for a few months then prepped with a Restore A deck Kit.
TheSealerStore , July 28, 2015
Best stain for new redwood cedar patio

I live in British Columbia, Canada, on Vancouver Island. We just built a new 20 x20 foot redwood cedar patio over our existing concrete patio. It is exposed to the elements and gets afternoon sun. I was wondering which stain you would recommend for this project.
Nicole , July 27, 2015
re: Deck Stain for Pressure Treated Deck
I would suggest the Armstrong Clark for this. 3 Gallons should be enough. Make sure to prep first with the Restore A deck Kit.
TheSealerStore , May 28, 2015
Deck Stain for Pressure Treated Deck
I have a new pressure treated wood deck (500sqft ) and it was bulit lOctober 2014. Can you please advise me which stain brand is best. I am living in Edmonton Alberta. And how much gallons do I need? I researched online and I learned that Defy and Armstrong are good brands but not avaialble in Canada stores. Thanks and i hope to hear from you soon.
Rosemarie , May 27, 2015
Best deck stain for a Canadian deck
I live in Calgary Alberta Canada.
My deck gets sun on it from morning till around 2:30PM
It is pressure treated cedar
It is going on a little over 2 years old
It has never been stained yet.
I would like just a transparent wood stain ( natural color )
Bob Cochrane , May 22, 2015
re: Defy and Armstrong Clark Deck stains suppliers Canada
Please enter products to cart and enter your shipping info to see the costs involved with shipping there. No dealers in Canada.
TheSealerStore , May 08, 2015
Defy and Armstrong Clark Deck stains suppliers Canada
Where to purchase Defy and Armstrong Clark Deck stains in Canada? Are they available on line and what are the typical shipping costs?

Thank You
Manj , May 08, 2015
Decks for Seniors in Saskatchewan
We want to apply stain to senior living accommodation hand rails in Saskatchewan where the climate is severe. Very hot vrs very cold. The railing is treated wood which was erected 2 years ago. Do we still need to extensively clean the wood prior to staining as The Housing Authority has to work within an extremely tight budget? I would appreciate any advise. Many Thanks Cathy
Cathy , April 30, 2015
re: cedar info
We do ship to Canada from our site. Look at the Restore A Deck stripper and the brightener for the prep. For the stain, look at Defy Extreme.
TheSealerStore , April 24, 2015
cedar info
Hi I have a 6 year old cedar terrace with previous cedar treatment on and a cedar fence one year old with nothing on. What is the best product to put on and the one one for cleaning and prepare the wood? Also do you ship in Qu├ębec province? Thank you.
sylvain , April 23, 2015
I am sorry Peter but we do not sell solid color deck stains.
TheSealerStore , February 28, 2015
Top three solid stains for PT Deck in Ontario, Canada
Hi, I live at a boarder town just across from Ogdensburg NY, so I plan on driving across the border and pickup the stain from the UPS store in Ogdensburg (Zip-13669). Given the restrictions in NY and Canada, which are the top three solid stains I should be looking at and why? The application is on a south facing (no shade)PT deck and PT rails built midway through the 2013 summer. Can you also provide pricing of the large 5gln(?) cans as this is a very big deck which spans across 2 full sides of the house.

Peter , February 27, 2015
re: Sealer for Cedar Deck in Calgary
Yes the Defy Extreme or Armstrong Clark. Make sure to let the wood weather for a few months then prep correctly first.
TheSealerStore , October 01, 2014
Sealer for Cedar Deck in Calgary
Hi, I am just building a new raised cedar deck for our house in Calgary. It will be facing the sunlight most of the time. I'd like to use something different than Thompson's sealer since that product doesn't stop the wood from graying. I would like to keep the colour natural. Would Defy Extreme be an option to use? If not, what would you suggest?


Cody Praud , September 30, 2014
We do not have pictures but you can get samples to test here:
TheSealerStore , September 23, 2014
alanajackson , September 22, 2014
re: Cedar Deck
Randy, not sure which product you are asking about as we sell numerous. We only sell online.
TheSealerStore , August 24, 2014
Cedar Deck
We have a cedar deck in Muskoka Ontario Canada. Thompson water seal was initial put on it. Has not performed, deck is getting moldy and discoloured. I would like to put a clear protector/stain. Currently using a cedar wash & preasure washer. Is your product available in Cleveland or Toronto? How much is 1gal & 5gal containers
Ally , August 22, 2014

Hi, Have an 8 year old pressure treated spuce or pine deck on cottage we just bought in Ontario, Canada. It was covered in weathered and peeling paint on one end and greyed on exposed areas with a section that was also redone in tinted Thompsons after the other end had been 'stripped' with a power washer. Mess for sure!
So I sanded it all down as best we can so most of it looks like new wood. But there is still some grey and stain and paint remnants in various lower bits of the grain here and there. I am assuming i need to strip and brighten to get rid of paint/stain/grey as best I can before staining.

I want to use a semi-transparent or something I can just clean and 'maintainance' stain over in future years.

Should I let it then weather a few months or should I stain right away?

I have easy border access to Michigan so I will import the best product myself from a US drop. So I want the best product for my application plain and simple, regardless of jurisdictional issues because I will bring it in myself. Please tell me which product is the best quality. Legally, if you have to pretend that my deck is in northern Michigan or some other state with similar weather that has no product restrictions then please do so and recommend what would use in that state. thank you.
Tom , August 17, 2014
Try Armstrong Clark Stain.
TheSealerStore , August 17, 2014
We live in Prince George B.C. The Behr solid stain we applied to our new 840 sq ft deck was already peeling badly after one winter. After two years it is a mess. We are going to have to strip off all the stain and refinish. The surface of the deck is constructed of 2x6 pressure treated wood. Is there a product you could recommend that would protect and last in our harsh climate.
Ralph Henly , August 17, 2014
RE: Transparent vs. Semi-Transparent
Best to use the semi-transparent. It will hold color longer.
TheSealerStore , August 12, 2014
Transparent vs. Semi-Transparent

I'm planning on stripping my existing Sikkens stain off my cedar deck in Ottawa Canada and apply Armstrong Clark Wood Stain. For our harsh climate would it be best to apply the semi-transparent cedar stain vs. the transparent cedar stain? Thank you.

Mike Stolarik , August 12, 2014
re: Brand new cedar FRONT deck
Yes you need to wait and use the AC. Wait 3 months and clean and brighten with the Restore A Deck Kit for the prep.
TheSealerStore , July 23, 2014
Brand new cedar FRONT deck
Hi, writing from near Lethbridge, Alberta. We just completed a brand new cedar front deck. It looks beautiful but I'm afraid it could get ruined real fast if I don't treat it or stain, etc. I've been looking since yesterday and read miles of reviews. The name Armstrong-Clark keeps coming back (haven't read any reviews about Defy so far). Should I wait to put the finish on the wood, or do I have to do it as soon as possible?

Thanks in advance!

Andre , July 22, 2014
re: Victoria,B.C.
Yes this would be a great choice. We sell two products to Canada that work well. The Defy extreme and the Armstrong Clark Stain.
TheSealerStore , July 09, 2014
I am considering purchasing the Defy Extreme stain (because of the great reviews) for a cedar fence and my friend is considering it for her cedar decks and rails. In your opinion, is this the best stain for our climate (wet in the Winter with not much snow, and warm to hot in the Summer)? If not, which stain would you recommend? Thank you, LeeAnn from Victoria, B.C.
LeeAnn Smiley , July 08, 2014
Either products would work for you after you strip off the Sikkens. Less chance of peeling with the Armstrong.
TheSealerStore , June 25, 2014

I live in Ottawa, Canada and have a deck that I have stained with Sikkens a couple of years ago and it's starting to peel after I sanded it all down. I'm using local white cedar. I was thinking of using Defy Hardwood Cedar Tone after I apply the Defy Deck Stripper and Brightener. Are these the correct products to use? Can I apply a water base stain after I strip off the Sikkens oil base stain? Or is the Armstrong Clark better for this application. Please advise. Thank you.
Mike Stolarik , June 24, 2014
re: stains avalible in Canada
Try the Armstrong Clark stain.
TheSealerStore , June 11, 2014
stains avalible in Canada
Which is the best stain for new wood deck and window trim avalible in Canada?
Ken Saunders , June 10, 2014
Lindi, you need to strip and brighten when you have an older stain.
TheSealerStore , June 08, 2014
Must a cleaner and brightener be used, or can the deck (4 years old, stained with semi - transparent stain 2 years ago) simply be sanded and cleaned with a stiff broom?
Lindi , June 07, 2014
Not sure if all can be stripped off. Use the Restore A Deck Stripper and pressure washing to remove what you can. Sand the rest of the stain if needed. Use the Restore A Deck Brightener when done. Use the Armstrong Clark stain.
TheSealerStore , June 04, 2014
It's a acrylic semi transparent cedar tone from WOOD SHIELD BEST carried by home hardware stores.
h dam , June 04, 2014
What is the stain brand on the railings that you want to strip off?
TheSealerStore , June 03, 2014
My deck is 3Y and in a very good condition. Most of the existing coat has been removed, however, the railing and the vertical faces still have the existing product. I want to redo it completely (clean, strip, brighten and may be some sanding) and hopefully will be able to have a much easier time to maintain it (clean/reapply every year or 2 year).
h dam , June 03, 2014
re: best stain for red cedar deck in Ottawa
TWP 1500 is not legal for Canada so you are best with the AC stain. 5-7 gallon of stain. Not sure on the stripper or cleaner as you did not mention the current condition.
TheSealerStore , June 02, 2014
best stain for red cedar deck in Ottawa

What would you recommend for a complete kit (cleaner/brightener/remover/stain) to redo my red cedar deck in Ottawa, Ontario? It's a fairly large deck (2 levels, 900 square feet), what would be the right quantity? Would TWP1500 is more suitable than Armstrong Clark for Ottawa region?

Many thanks,
h dam , June 02, 2014
re: stain question
Yes we ship to NY state. TWP 1500 or the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , May 28, 2014
Stain Question
Hi....first question, is do you ship to NY state? Next, I want a stain that is very good, long lasting, semi tranparent, and above penetrating.

What do you recommend?

Mike Baron , May 27, 2014
We are staining a deck in the north ... cedar that has aged for about a year. We are trying to go semi-transparent and the adjacent walkways are stained in "tugboat" by Behr. What would you recommend for the best results. Oil-based? and what colour would best match tugboat? I need it delivered to Ontario Canada by next Tuesday or Wednesday Is there someone in the Sudbury Ontario area that has this stain in stock?
Leanna Jokela , May 18, 2014
re: Wood Deck protection
Alan, prep first with the Restore A Deck Kits and a light pressure washing. Stain with the Defy Extreme or the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , May 13, 2014
Wood Deck protection
I installed a pressure treated wood deck 8 years ago, but did not add any finish or protection. The deck is still in good condition, but needs some attention. What do you recommend in the way of a stain to protect it and to make if look more attractive.
ALAN MITFORD , May 13, 2014
Terry, look at the Armstrong Clark stain for this. Make sure to remove the Sikkens first.
TheSealerStore , May 05, 2014
Could you tell me the best stain to use on a cedar deck and where I can get it in Canada. I live in Ontario and face West which means we get the sun all afternoon and the snow sits on it all winter. I have used Sikkens stain for the past two years and both years it has peeled off. I would appreciate any advice you can give me.
Terry O'Callaghan , May 05, 2014
Best to use the Restore A Deck Kits with the light pressure washing.
TheSealerStore , March 24, 2014
thank you of your input So if i go ahead with the armstrong clark in oxford brown on pressure treated lumber and like i said never coated before if i pressure wash it will that be good enough or should i use a deck restore cleaner if so which one? as per your last sentence in previous message... thanks in advance
lori , March 24, 2014
re: dock stain

Personally I would go with the Armstrong Clark in one of the semi-solid colors as this will give you deep stain penetration and best overall UV protection. Make sure the wood is cleaned and prepped properly.
TheSealerStore , March 24, 2014
dock stain
Hello we live in Alberta Canada on a lake and have a huge dock in need of stain the dock has never been stained or varnished. it has been weathered long enough to apply a coat of stain now heres the question Defy Marine or Armstrong Clark we like the look of the defy light walnut for a color we have looked at both products and would need 3- 4 5 gallon pails price doesn't matter i want the best product with uv protection and something thats gonna last a long time. dock is in direct sun all day it is west facing. thanks so much for any input you may have
lori , March 23, 2014

Look at the Armstrong Clark wood stain. You could drive to our location in Bloomfield Hills, MI to save some shipping costs.
TheSealerStore , February 04, 2014
Hi there. I was wondering what the best water sealer would be for a new cedar deck? We just want to seal it and not stain it. I have heard that Thomspon's is not a great product? Is there a better alternative to protect with a clear coat that will not peel. From Toronto, Canada?
Danc , February 03, 2014
I am looking at buying stain for my deck which is need of a couple of new boards, but otherwise I believe a good cleaning and stain would suffice. It hasnot been cared for in a number of years. Approximately 475 sq feet of deck and 200 sq feet of wood rail surface and spindals. Suggestions, pricing would be appreciated. I live just accross the border from Port Huron MI, so could have it delivered to a US postal outlet there too
Brian Marsh , February 03, 2014
re: Deck stain for a new pressure treated deck
New wood should not be stained right away. If just installed then best to wait until Spring. Yes you can pick up at our store. We can help with colors when you come in.
TheSealerStore , October 22, 2013
Deck stain for a new pressure treated deck
I just completed a new pressure treated deck. I live about 1 hr from Detroit in Canada. What stains would you suggest to keep the original colour but also protect the deck?

Also we are visiting friends in Rochester Hills MI this week. Is it possible to pick it up?
Richard Sanford , October 21, 2013
re: Builder,Contractor
Try the Armstrong Clark stain.
TheSealerStore , September 04, 2013
I have 1000 sq feet of newly milled but kiln dried dimentional fir for a deck The seasonal weather is lots of rain in the winter approx 8 months What is the best recomendation for this material Thank You
Sean Cunningham , September 04, 2013
re: Contact you from Canada
You would need to add products to cart and enter the checkout process to get an idea as to the costs. Most use Defy Extreme or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , August 14, 2013
Contact you from Canada
Unable to contact you from Canada but wanted to find out if you ship stains to Canada and what additional costs are involved such as shipping and duties.

Which stains are best suitable for the Canadian weather? Each manufacturer has various types of stains, so please specify.
atul , August 14, 2013
Lou, look at the Armstrong Clark or the Defy Extreme. At checkout it will explain the shipping charges before paying.
TheSealerStore , August 05, 2013
I have a 1 year old cedar deck. I stained last year (at 3 weeks old) with behr. That all pealed off. Recently I used behr products to strip off the old coat and clean. What stain would you recommend for a cedar deck in Toronto Canada? Something that is easy to maintain and reapply every few years. What is the cost to ship it?
lou , August 04, 2013
I would use the Defy Extreme or the Armstrong Clark stain in a semi-solid color for this deck near Toronto.
TheSealerStore , July 23, 2013
At my cottage about 100 miles north of Toronto I have a pressure treated spruce deck that was recently washed with deck cleaner and pressure washed. It has never been stained and I am considering this. What stain/sealer would you recommend that would last longest? I do not want to turn this into a regular work project so if needs to be done every 2 years or so, I might just leave it as is. I see that TRW 200 and Defy are now available for Canada. Also good reviews for Armstrong. Any recommendations?
Russ Gillman , July 23, 2013
re: Master Bridge Builder
Harvey, I would look at the Armstrong Clark stain in the semi-transparent cedar. You can prep with the Restore A Deck Kits. For shipping and brokerage, you would need to add products to cart. It will explain the charges prior to payment.
TheSealerStore , June 23, 2013
Master Bridge Builder
I live near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Summers can be hot, wet or dry while winters are cold and snowy, probably much like Minnesota. I have built an octagonal gazebo, pressure treated deck and western cedar frame, railings, roof underside and screens. My stain preference would be an oil based semi-transparent in a cedar colour. I need wood cleaner, wood brightener and stain, enough to recoat for 5 or 6 years. What products do you recommend and what would the estimated cost be including shipping and any brokerage fees. I am not in a big hurry.
Thank you,
Harvey Wagner , June 22, 2013
Yes we can ship those to Canada.
TheSealerStore , June 16, 2013
Possible to ship to Canada
I'm interested in Armstrong and Defy Extreme products. Can they ship to Canada?
wjmooney , June 15, 2013
re: Staining/protecting a cedar deck
I would look at the Armstrong Clark Stain. We can ship it to you.
TheSealerStore , May 16, 2013
Staining/protecting a cedar deck
I have a cedar deck that is 2 years old. I have tried staining/protecting it but the stain peels off after the winter and I have to repeat the whole process - pressure wash, clean, stain. I have been using Thompson's water seal. Is there a better product available for Canada/Ontario? If so where can I purchase the product?
Charles Hearns , May 15, 2013
re: TWP 100 Series Deck Stain permitted in Ontario?
TWP 100 and 1500 are not legal for Canada. The 200 Series is though.
TheSealerStore , May 14, 2013
TWP 100 Series Deck Stain permitted in Ontario?
I was wondering if TWP 100 series or 1500 series is permitted in Ontario?
Kerry , May 14, 2013
Apply the first coat to the deck then immediately apply the second coat while the first coat is still wet.
TheSealerStore , May 12, 2013
2 coats wet on wet
Could you explain this please? Once the first coat is applied when is the second coat applied?
pdewarle , May 12, 2013
re: low deck under cherry tree
There is not way to mask the cherry stains. Can you get your neighbor to trim the trim? Armstrong Clark is very popular for Canada.
TheSealerStore , May 03, 2013
low deck under cherry tree
I built a new deck last summer from pressure treated wood. I live in Toronto. Deck is only 8" off the ground, shaded by a fence and under my neighbours huge cherry tree that drops thousands of ripe cherries all over my deck all summer. What stain do you recommend to prevent mold growth, protect from the cherries, and mask the cherry stains that are inevitable?
jayson , May 03, 2013



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