Defy Extreme Stain Tech Info

Gallon Sizes: Temperature: Cleanup:
1's and 5's
45-95 F Water
Coats  Required: Application Tools: VOC Compliant: 250
2 Coats. "Wet on Wet" Sprayer, Pad, Brush, Roller Compliant in all States
Coverage Per Gallon: Dry Time: More Info:
100-150 sq. ft 2-4 Hours Product Data

Defy Extreme Stain 1 Gallon

Defy Extreme Stain 1 Gallon




Defy Extreme Wood Stain utilizes Nano Particles (Similar to Sunscreen) and High Grade Synthetic Resins. When combined they will reflect the sun and provide UV protection that has never been seen in a tinted wood finish. This is a First in the Industry!

Defy Extreme Wood Stain - Can be used on exterior smooth or rough wood surfaces including: wood siding, decks, outdoor wood furniture, and other hardwood surfaces.

Defy Extreme Wood Stain:

  • Utilizing Nano-Particles and Synthetic Resins. Nano Light-Stabilizers block the sun's harmful UV rays preventing graying
  • Nano particles help prevent mold and algae
  • Semi-Transparent wood finish adds color and protection to your wood
  • Stains and seals your wood from water penetration
  • Water-Based with easy soap and water cleanup
  • VOC Compliant and Eco-Friendly formula
  • Leading protection that will outperform all tinted transparent wood stains


Nanoparticles are similar to Sunscreen. When the Particles are distributed at a rate of over 30 trillion per square inch, they will reflect the sun and provide UV protection that has never been seen in a Wood Finish.


Parameters of Product: Deck/Wood Stains
Brands Defy
Available Sizes 1 Gallon
Your Wood Type All Wood Types Cedar/Redwood/PTP/Etc
Stain Transparency Semi-Transparents
Oil or Water Based Water Based
Horizontal or Vertical Surfaces Both
Low VOC State Yes
Coats Needed 2 Coats Wet on Wet
Free Shipping No

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Defy clear vs semi-transparent stain
Could you please recommend best finish for a t&g pine ceiling(outdoor deck)
Defy clear stain or Defy semi-transparent stain?

Thank you
Lynne Harrison , September 01, 2016
Coats on cedar siding?
I am cleaning and staining the cedar siding on my house and bought the Extreme Defy cedar tone semi transparent. The can says to apply two wet coats to most woods but only one to cedar that is horizontal. I assume that means decks and such. It says nothing specific about vertical cedar and I want to know if I should apply two wet coats or only one to the sides of my house.
Don Summers , August 20, 2016
re: Defy stain be painted over previously stained wood
You must remove the previous coatings first.
TheSealerStore , August 12, 2016
Can Defy stain be painted over previously stained wood that is still in good condition, or must you clean off all old stain?
Salal , August 11, 2016
I recently purchased (smilies/cool.gif gallons of Defy Extreme stain. I received a 5 gallon pail of cedar tone and (3) 1 gallon pails of natural pine. I need to exchange the (3) natural pine for (3) cedar tone. Please advise. Thank you.
Ryan Blundell
Ryan Blundell , July 05, 2016
Marine Seal by Defy only comes in 5 gallon pails. The Extreme does come in single gallons.
TheSealerStore , August 15, 2015
Marine seal
Eivor , August 15, 2015
Mary, Coverage is about 150 sq. feet per gallon for one coat. You will need a couple of more gallons.
TheSealerStore , August 03, 2014
The Directions say to use only one coat on cedar, but do not give the expected coverage with one coat. I'm assuming it would not be quite twice the coverage given for two coats?

I have @ 525 sf of deck to stain. It's cedar, about 12 years old. I've maintained it and now have prepared it with deck cleaner and brightener.

I have two gallons of Defy Extreme Stain (from doing the rest of my decks last year). I'm assuming they will cover 175 - 250 sf? So should I get one more gallon?


Mary Forst , August 02, 2014
Found DEFY info
I found the answers to my questions at: http://www.defystainhelp.com.

I was not able to view the videos. Using a new Mac Book Pro with OS X 10.8.4

You might want to provide this link for customers on DEFY product pages.

Kevin Downey , July 07, 2013
RE: DEFY Extreme: Application, Maintenance & Stripping
1. Wet-on-wet application. How difficult is this? How critical to performance?
2. Will DEFY Stain "readily accept itself" for long-term maintenance? How long does it last in real-world conditions?
3. I've heard most water-based deck stains have to be stripped when needing maintenance, contrary to most oil-based stains. Is stripping is necessary, how difficult is it? What type, and level of toxicity chemicals are needed, for instance sodium hydroxide?
kevin downey , July 06, 2013
applying over Defy Epoxy stain
Can't find a contractor in my area willing to do just the side that needs work so I guess its just me. I have spot failures (after 4 years)on a solid (no windows) south facing wall. Do I need to strip the old Defy epoxy stain off before applying the Extreme or just clean and brighten, then restain the whole wall? What's the easiest way of doing the strip and clean prep? (You betcha I'm getting a stain sprayer!) Can I pply two coats of the extreme after the prep, or just one?
Geri Guerin , May 19, 2013
re: reapply/maintain Defy Extreme
If you reapply before full failure then you would just need to clean.
TheSealerStore , March 20, 2013
To reapply/maintain Defy Extreme, do I just need to clean, or will it be necessary to sand or strip?
Lori , March 19, 2013
re: Defy Extreme Wood Stain expected durability
It depends on the conditions but 2 maybe 3 years is normal.
TheSealerStore , June 27, 2012
Defy Extreme Wood Stain expected durability
How long is this product estimated to last before reapplication on horizontal surfaces?
Joanne , June 26, 2012
I am in Canada and does your product come in a smaller can? Can you ship to Canada?
Bernie Hack , June 13, 2012
re: Shipping Defy Extreme to Canada
Yes we ship Defy products to Canada.
TheSealerStore , June 11, 2012
Shipping Defy Extreme to Canada
Do you ship Defy Extreme stain to Canada ?
Serge , June 11, 2012
re: Which product for new pressure treated deck?
Defy Extreme or TimberOil for a new PTP deck.
TheSealerStore , May 27, 2012
Which product for new pressure treated deck?
TimberOil, Defy Epoxy or Defy Extreme? Which would you recommend for my new pressure treated pine deck? We live in Kansas and get sun, rain, humidity and snow. Thanks!
Suzanne , May 27, 2012
re: sample
Samples can be found here:

Deck Stain Samples
TheSealerStore , April 11, 2012
Do you have a 3 oz. sample of your Defy Extreme Wood Stain?
What the price shipped to 98053
exwocare , April 11, 2012
re: sales manager
I would wait at least a month to let it dry. Make sure to use the Defy Wood cleaner and wood brightener to prep the wood. On new redwood I would use the Defy Deck stain for hardwoods as it penetrates better.
TheSealerStore , June 30, 2011
sales manager
I have a new deck--do I need to wait 2-3 months before I stain it. It is all heart redwood. I want to go with Defy-but which one do I want. I am torn between the Defy Extreme Wood Stain and the Defy Deck Stain for Hardwoods. I live in Idaho and the deck is exposed to sunlight all the time.
Joy , June 29, 2011



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