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What is the Longest Lasting Deck Stain Brand and Sealer is a common question that a residential homeowner may have. Tired of trying all of the stains that are available locally, homeowners are looking towards the Internet for deck stain reviews and help to find a better alternative for the exterior wood. Lets look at what makes a stain or sealer last longer then other brands.

Penetration Into The Wood

This is very simple to explain. The better a wood stain penetrates into the wood, the longer it will last. This is even more important on a horizontal walking deck surface. When a stain soaks into the wood pores it is less likely to peel or wear.

Prepping of the Wood Prior To Stain Application

This is the number one reason why deck stains may fail. The better the wood is prepped the more porous the wood will be. This is then related to penetration. If the wood is prepped and is more porous, then the better the stain penetrates and the longer it will last. Key mistakes that homeowners make is applying a new stain over top a different brand or not prepping new wood with a wood cleaner and wood brightener.


In general the more pigment or darker color a stain has, the longer it will take to fade away. We prefer semi-transparent stains as they offer UV protection and still show the natural grain of the wood.

Now the most important question, which stain brand lasts the longest? Hard to say since stains perform differently based on where you live and your overall weather exposure. Feel free to ask below in our comment section about which deck stain or sealer would last the longest for your deck.

Be sure to include:

  • State you live in
  • Previous coatings that were used and why they failed
  • Any other information that may be useful

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New Deck Stain
I rebuilt an old deck last summer with new pressure treated wood. I have let the deck weather for 8 months and in late spring/early summer I will need to stain it. I know I have to clean it and apply the brightener. I am looking for a semi transparent stain. Recommendations?

I live in the Finger Lakes area of New York State.
No previous coatings - new wood.
Jim Rathbun , February 15, 2017
longest lasting sealer available
I am being proactive here. I recently purchased a new house and construction is scheduled to begin in the spring and completed in July. The back yard privacy fence will be wood and I assume they will be using PT wood with no addtl sealers. What sealer would you recommend for Central Texas/Austin climate? Also what time of year would be best to put the sealer for best results?
Denice R , February 02, 2017
I have tried Behr and Sherman Williams stains for my deck which in on salt water in Florida. Both companies the stain peels and chips and the deck looks awful after 6 months. What is a better solution?
LTinyo , January 25, 2017
Longest lasting Stain for Cedar Shakes
Hi there. We are installing new red cedar shakes on the upper half of our home in Central NC. They will be on every exterior wall so facing all directions. It's mostly sunny with very few trees shading them.

I would like the shakes to have more of a brown tint than an orange/red color that is typical of cedar but I don't want to use a solid stain/paint. I want the wood grain to show through so I know there will be some variation. But at the same time I want a product that won't have to be reapplied every 1.5-2 years, which is what I'm hearing about the most common brands "top of the line" products.

I have tested some with Ready Seal in Dark Walnut but the color isn't working out. It's more of an orange/burgundy as opposed to brown. But I've read that there product will last much longer than average brands.

Can you suggest a line with great longevity that also offers different tints?
thank you!
tiffany , December 15, 2016
How much to buy in Weirton WV
P/T deck is about 4 years old. Olympic stain did not take well after waiting a season to stain the new deck. I've used the restore-a-deck stripper and brightener kit on Sunday/Monday, now it's Tuesday and need to stain in the next 12 days, so time to order. Deck is 420 square feet, so double coat is 840 square feet. Listed coverage for 1000 and 1500 stain is 100-200 square feet per gallon, quite a broad range. So how much to buy? Don't want to run out or overbuy.
Dave Gannon , November 08, 2016
Great ideas - Just to add my thoughts if people are looking for a FL RE 2200 , my boss came across a fillable version here https://goo.gl/yfPRSu.
ashley de guzman , November 02, 2016
New home with cedar siding
Hope we don't regret the decision to go with cedar lap siding. It is brand new, do we wait to seal? If so, how long? We are in eastern Kansas, Kansas City area. Would like to retain natural look with least amount of resealing. The entire house has an 8ft covered porch. The only part not covered is the garage and it faces NW so the front is in the shade most of the day. Want to make the right decision and not ever have to strip or redo every few years. Thanks for your help.
Don51 , October 31, 2016
We have a deck in west central Florida and I used Thompson's water sealer. It really only lasted 1 year. What would be the best and longest lasting sealer for my deck in Florida?
Steven Bleiler , October 24, 2016
I live in the Northern Kentucky Region where we get to experience all four seasons pretty well. My father has a huge deck and it really sucks to pressure wash it and apply the sealer.It is due again and he has previously applied the Thompsons brand. It doesn't last long nor does it protect well to begin with... I would love to hear an economical solution that will last. I found a couple by searching, but they are super expensive; but last seven years...really seven years? That might be worth it, but what can I trust?
shane hardin , September 19, 2016
I live in the Northern Kentucky Region where we get to experience all four seasons pretty well. My father has a huge deck and it really sucks to pressure wash it and apply the sealer.It is due again and he has previously applied the Thompsons brand. It doesn't last long nor does it protect well to begin with... I would love to hear an economical solution that will last. I found a couple by searching, but they are super expensive; but last seven years...really seven years? That might be worth it, but what can I trust?
shane hardin , September 19, 2016
Long Lasting Deck Coatings
I was prepared the apply Behr DeckOver paint to my deck and then I read some reviews of it. So now I'm not so sure. I have a older deck (20 years) of 2x6 cedar and redwood boards that I repaired this summer. I live in western Montana. We have snow on our deck in the winter (except when I get it plowed off with my snow blower) and freezing rain spring & fall, then pretty hot summers. I have put Super Deck stain on it several times but it doesn't last. Wanted something that will last for a while.
Is this the best deck covering or can you suggest a better one?
Linze Brockmeyer , September 06, 2016
Desk stain for Portland OR
Just power washed deck. Want something long lasting. Just bought house, don't believe previous owners stained it recently. Had to replace the top rail board as they were rotting or being eaten. After power wash, boards are still stained.

S L , September 03, 2016
Which deck stain to use?
I live in the Finger Lakes region of NYS. About 30 minutes southeast of Rochester, NY. Which stain would you recommend. I rebuild a deck in May & Juneof this year. New deck boards & posts.
Jim Rathbun , August 20, 2016
I just replaned my entire deck surface by taking each board off and resurfacing them. I am looking to repaint them and put them back down. However, what is the best type of product to use....oil based or acrylic? I want the longest lasting and least maintenance available. I don't care about seeing the wood grain in the deck. I am more concerned about durability and not having to retreat the surface every 3-5 years. My deck gets direct sunlight from early afternoon to late evening. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Mike Hart , August 19, 2016
Try the TWP or the Defy Extreme.
TheSealerStore , July 24, 2016
Which stain would be best on a vertical fence in Charlotte, NC? It is a new fence constructed with pressure treated pine and is in full sun.
Kaye , July 23, 2016
re: new deck
See this please:

TheSealerStore , July 22, 2016
I will be installing a 650 sq ft porch with redwood decking. It will have western sun exposure in the PM. Site is at 5000 ft in central Idaho and will have heavy snow in winter. What stain/sealer would you recommend and is any prep required with new wood?
Clay , July 21, 2016
re: Siberia Washinton D.C
Unfortunately you made a mistake with the wood filler. It will not "stain" with the deck stain to blend. It will look really bad if you use a semi-transparent as it will show through. You may need to cover with a solid stain and we do not sell solid stains. As to best semi-trans, TWP 1500 is a very good stain for you area.
TheSealerStore , July 09, 2016
Home owner
I live in Siberia Washinton D.C. With south facing Deck that gets full sun between 8-10 hours a day. The deck is pressure treated pine(I think) and has cleaned with deck cleaner. Then pressure washed, cracks filled with wood filler and finally sanded. I am now looking to stain it with preferably an oil based semi-transparent stain because I have heard that oil base soaks in deeper and therefore lasts the longest. I plan give it as many coats as it will soak up to better protect the softer grains and would like to get opinions on what is considered the longest lasting semi- transparent stain out there. Any and all feed back is welcome.
Thanks, Dave
Dave R , July 08, 2016
Prep with the Restore A Deck cleaning kits. Stain with a penetrating stain. TWP 1500 Series.
TheSealerStore , July 01, 2016
I have a pressure treated ramp that leads into a garage. A car is driven across the ramp on a daily basis. It is about 5 years old and never been cleaned or treated. I live in Maine, so relatively harsh winters and hot, humid summers. The ramp/deck receives sun for most of the day.

Do you have any recommendations for cleaner, brightener and stain?
Kirk Olund , July 01, 2016
re: Stain for new Alaskan yellow cedar deck
See this article:

TheSealerStore , June 27, 2016
Stain for new Alaskan yellow cedar deck
Just purchased Alaskan yellow cedar for deck in Portland, OR. 50% under sun screen cover/50% direct morning sun. Lots of Douglas Fir and other trees in the yard.
Frank Betzer , June 27, 2016
re: Canadian stain for 5 year old deck
Try the Armstrong Clark for the stain. For the stripper, most use the Restore A Deck Stripper. How effective depends on the stain brand you are removing.
TheSealerStore , June 27, 2016
Canadian stain for 5 year old deck
deck is located on east coast of Canada, in Central New Brunswick.... heavy snow build up during the winter, in summer the deck is used with a salt water pool....sunlight is 6-8 hrs per day....Current stain as served us well but, stain is fading off rapidly and the formula as changed, tried new formula no longer as good, peeled ... looking to strip and re-stain ...wood is Western Canadian or British Columbian Cedar.. need product that is suitable for Canada looking for semi transparent stain, brightener, stripper...can you suggest?
RC , June 27, 2016
Using the tinted versions of the Defy extreme will give you 2-3 times the UV protection over the Clear version.
TheSealerStore , June 26, 2016
DEFY Extreme Clear Wood Stain
Link , June 26, 2016
What color of Defy are you using? The Clear grays after a year, but the tinted colors should not.
TheSealerStore , June 26, 2016
8 year old deck, MN
Hello, We have a 8 year old cedar deck. It was left untreated the first year and then cleaned and treated with Defy transparent products every year after. Wondering if there is a product that would last a little longer. Every other year I use deck brightener in addition cleaner, but it starts turning grey around fall and is completely grey by the following spring. The deck is shaded 50% of the time. Our front deck which is completely covered lasts for years. Thank you
Link , June 25, 2016
re: Old large decking
You need a tint for UV protection. Try the Defy Extreme in Natural Pine or TWP 115 Honeytone.
TheSealerStore , June 23, 2016
Old large decking, power washed in Houston, Texas. Need a wood stain that would make the deck look as natural as possible and give good protection from sun and rain. Thanks
Pravindar Jethwa , June 23, 2016
Strip it all off and use the Armstrong Clark stain in a semi-solid color as it will give better UV protection.
TheSealerStore , June 15, 2016
HI, I live in NJ, our cedar deck of 12 years in August faces the south. With that what would be the best stain/sealer to use. I've used Olympia semi-transparent, rails still looks good but the deck floor is my concern, 2 years ago a professional deck guy sprayed Thompsons on both the rails & floor which didn't last at all! I would appreaciate any help on what to use! Remember the deck faces the SOUTH!
cindy meehan , June 15, 2016
re: Which stain should we use...
See this about new wood: http://www.opwdecks.com/when-t...w-deck.htm

Wait, prep, and try Armstrong Clark Stains.
TheSealerStore , June 15, 2016
Which stain should we use...
We just resurfaced our deck with premium treated cedar. What is a good stain to use in MN. To protect from winters. We are thinking semi transparent. Should it be Oil???? Would appreciate your help...Thanks
Jerry Dueffert , June 15, 2016
re: looking to clean old cedar deck in Minnesota
Try TWP 100 Series for this deck in MN.
TheSealerStore , June 05, 2016
looking to clean old cedar deck in Minnesota and stain with a long lasting stain. located in area with some sun but mostly shade.
fred strand , June 04, 2016
re: What deck stain should we use in Indiana
Prep by removing all old coatings. Try the TWP 1500 Series in a semi-transaprent stain.
TheSealerStore , May 26, 2016
What deck stain should we use in Indiana. We are having to redo deck every year it is just coming off wood and looks like we have not done it forever. What are we doing wrong. The deck gets lots of sun in afternoon and is slippery when it rains or snows. We have used thompsons sealant in past and does not last
Sonia brashear , May 26, 2016
re: several years if possible.
You need a stain. Look at the TWP 100 Series or the Defy Extreme Stain.
TheSealerStore , May 21, 2016
We live near the coast in southern Rhode Island. Husbnd has been sanding and painting the outdoor wooden deck and picnic table yearly with Thompson's Water Sealer. It needs to be redone at least yearly. We would rather pay a little more for a sealer that lasts longer, several years if possible.wjrbf
Sandy Weeks , May 20, 2016
I live in Louisiana and have a pine deck that is covered from sunlight most of the day. It experiences extremely high traffic and lots of food/grease staining. Solid stain seems too slippery when food is spilled but other stain didn't keep grease stain out. Any suggestions?
MP , May 16, 2016
I applied an acrylic semi-transparent stain to a new pressure-treated lumber deck, then covered that with 2 coats of spar urethane. Everyone said it was the the most beautiful deck finish they had ever seen. But just 2 years later, it looks weathered in the area exposed to sun and rain. I've sanded and re-stained that area but I would like a transparent protection material that lasts longer than the urethane. Any suggestions?
howard , May 13, 2016
Some splitting of exterior wood is normal, even when it is stained. See this about new wood:


Try the Armstrong Clark or Defy Extreme Stain
TheSealerStore , May 03, 2016
We are replacing our 1,600 sq. ft. deck less than four years from when it was installed. The old wood was treated and stained, yet all the boards began to split. The deck gets full sun all year long and is over salt water. We live in Tampa, FL. We are looking for the best deck cleaner and stain that will preserve the wood and ensure we are not replacing the deck wood again in four years. Can you please advise? Thanks.
Harry Costello , May 03, 2016
re: Refinishing old deck
1. TWP 100 Series or Armstrong Clark
2. Does not matter
3. Just clean when needed. Use the Restore Deck Kits we sell.

You can order all products from our online store or at our Bloomfield Hills, Mi location.
TheSealerStore , April 27, 2016
Refinishing old deck
I have stripped, cleaned, and sanded my old yellow pine 650sf deck that turned grey and the wood looks great. This past weekend I applied Sikkens SRD semi-transparent stain (form Home Depot) and stopped halfway through because of how bad it looked: uneven finish (on same board), all brush marks showing, etc. So I re-stripped, re-cleaned, and re-sanded that half (yes, I'm a glutton for punishment). I'm now stuck as to what to do. After researching the heck out of stain I was sure Sikkens would be the best, but it was horrible. It absorbed right in so I know I let it dry enough after power washing. My questions are:
1) What is the best stain for a yellow pine deck that is in full sun all day in Michigan?
2) Should I avoid water based stain and stick to oil based?
3) The weather forecast isn't looking great for a couple of weeks so will I need to clean the deck again with a cleaner before I stain if it won't happen for a couple of weeks?

Thank you...you have no idea how much work I've put in, only to start from scratch again.
MSchneids , April 27, 2016
We would suggest the Defy Extreme to the TWP 100 Series. You will need to prep first. Use a RAD 300 Kit that we sell. It has both a cleaner and wood brightener.
TheSealerStore , April 26, 2016
First Time Sealing & Staining
This is our first deck and we are wanting to maintain it for years to come. We would like to maintain as much of the natural grains and shades of the cedar.
San Antonio Texas
Cedar deck built one year ago with no staining.
250 sqft exposed to the natural element

Thank you in advanced!
Jaime Cesar Sepulveda , April 25, 2016
re: Foothills of the Canadian Rockies
Look at Armstrong Clark or Defy extreme stain.
TheSealerStore , April 19, 2016
Foothills of the Canadian Rockies
I live in Calgary, Alberta. Relatively dry, winters can be quite cold but rarely for months months on end. Summers are also relatively dry and can be quite warm/hot. Which brand or even specific stain will last best in these conditions? Two year old, not previously stained, treated lumber. North side of home with a good portion having some direct exposure.
Greg Young , April 18, 2016
Tim, see her about new decking: http://www.opwdecks.com/when-t...w-deck.htm

Wait a few months, prep and try Defy Extreme Wood stain.
TheSealerStore , April 08, 2016
Home owner
Have a beach home on the texas coast and have just rebuilt 500+ sq. ft. of deck using treated material (yellow wood). Would like to see wood grain, what product would work, for deck and railing, best in this environment? How long should treated wood "cure" before adding stain.

Thank you for your assistance.
tim wysong , April 08, 2016
TheSealerStore , April 03, 2016
New Cedar Deck
What sealer/stain will last the longest on my new cedar deck.
David Warden , April 02, 2016
Hi Robert, try Armstrong Clark or TWP 1500 Series for you deck in PA.
TheSealerStore , March 27, 2016
2 year old pressure treated deck - PA
I live in PA outside Philadelphia. I have two year old pressure treated deck that has never been stained. Partial sun. Looking for semi-transparent. What type/brand would be good?
Robert Schwarz , March 26, 2016
re: We have a brand new redwood deck
Hello, see this about new wood: http://www.opwdecks.com/when-t...w-deck.htm

Look at the Armstrong Clark stain
TheSealerStore , March 24, 2016
We have a brand new redwood deck, full sun in Southern California. What type of stain should be used?
barbara simon , March 23, 2016
re: Looking for the long term best sealer for a new Ipe deck.
Try Armstrong Clark in Amber or Mahogany. IPE requires a cleaning and recoating every 9-12 months. This is due to the high density of the wood. No stain will last longer.
TheSealerStore , March 10, 2016
Looking for the long term best sealer for a new Ipe deck. Thinking semi transparent oil base. We are near the ocean in So Cal, no freezing, lots of hot sun.
Leonadi , March 09, 2016
Use the TWP in honeytone color for this.
TheSealerStore , February 29, 2016
Looking for a recommendation on what is the best and longest lasting treatment for vertical cedar plank. Have used CWF in the past and the last time I used the UV blend and it starting getting dark after 3 years. Looking for a longer lasting sealer with a natural honey tone. I strip the cedar bare with a pressure washer to remove the old coating and have been doing that for 25 years and although it may seem harsh it works well and gives a good base for re treatment. I clean the wood and lightly sand to remove any roughness.
Mark Basford , February 29, 2016
See this abut new wood: http://www.opwdecks.com/when-t...w-deck.htm

You can prep and stain now. Make sure to use the Restore A Deck Kits for prep. Stain with Armstrong Clark or the TWP.
TheSealerStore , February 03, 2016
when to seal and what brand
new deck with stairs and railings pine pressure treated. beach house with salt air high humidity. installed august 2015. how long should I wait to seal and what brand would best to use
boudreaux , February 01, 2016
re: How long can I wait to seal and protect my new PT deck?
It is best to wait until Spring, prep, then stain. It is too early to apply the stain now. Look at the AC or Timber Oil in the Spring.
TheSealerStore , December 02, 2015
How long can I wait to seal and protect my new PT deck?
I built a new PT pine deck in late October. I live in central Arkansas. The deck faces due east, is uncovered, and is about four feet off the ground. My builder suggested that I wait 30 days to seal it. Well, now that the holidays are here, the weather is very wet. Can I safely wait until it warms up in the spring, or should I try to get something on it while I dodge over night freezes?

I am so grateful that I read your website before choosing a product! I would have made a much less informed choice. I am considering TWP-1500, Armstrong Clark, or Timber Oil brand a this point? Any preference for my situation?
E'Lane McBride-Merriott , December 02, 2015
re: does not alter the natural wood.

You cannot have lasting UV protection with a clear or buy not altering the wood color. You must have a tint/color in your deck stain for UV protection that will last more the 6 months. The Defy Extreme Clear offers the longest in a clear but that will only last 6-12 months at best.
TheSealerStore , October 21, 2015
I live in Northern VA in higher elevations and receive heavier and more snows than the surrounding area. The back deck receives full sun light while the front porch/deck receives the least and develops mold. Can you recommend a clear or transparent stain which protects against uv..ie graying of wood but does not alter the natural wood. The deck is pressure treated.
decked , October 21, 2015
Deck stain suggestions
We have a pressure treated pine deck. 18x14 on south side of house so it gets lots of sun exposure. I built the deck 4 years ago and have to reapply every two years. We were using OneTime but it's a waste of money since we are having to re due the stain every two years there is no point in paying for a stain that won't outlast another brand at a cheaper price. I have prepped the deck. Stripped the OneTime off and brightened. Now just waiting for deck to dry before applying a stain. What would you suggest? I live in the Ohio Valley in WV 2 hours east of Columbus OH. Thanks!
MoundsvillePaul , October 17, 2015
re: question- which stain brand should I use
Try the Armstrong Clark in Driftwood Gray but read this first about new wood:
TheSealerStore , September 22, 2015
question- which stain brand should I use
I live in Lower NY state. Brand new deck, never been stained. Part of the day the sun is directly on it. It is not covered. I would like to use a semi-transparent with some grey color.
mj11211 , September 22, 2015
In moldy areas it is imperative that you shun oil based stains. Once the mildewcide fades away, mildew will feed on the oil. Not only will it not protect from mildew, it will promote it. Latex stains won't promote mold, but they are film-forming and lack penetration--so they can peel. DEFY is one of the newest resin-based stains that penetrate like oil (it is my observation that is true). Properly applied they don't film over. In all cases, you MUST kill the mildew and spores with bleach or a mildewcide and clean it out of the wood before you stain.
CallMeChaz , September 19, 2015
Defy Extreme or TWP 100 Series.
TheSealerStore , September 06, 2015
Semi-Transparent for Oregon Coast
Can you suggest a semi-transparent for this rain and moldy climate? I am currently sanding off the old oil-based solid stain that has peeled and flaked. I want something that will not get black mold and last a long time.
Jay Moeller , September 06, 2015
Semi-Transparent for Oregon Coast
Can you suggest a semi-transparent for this rain and moldy climate? I am currently sanding off the old oil-based solid stain that has peeled and flaked. I want something that will not get black mold and last a long time.
Jay Moeller , September 06, 2015
re: Longest Lasting Deck Stain and Sealer
Harshad, Yes you can use both on a fence and a deck. Prep with the Restore A Deck Kits and stain with Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , September 01, 2015
Longest Lasting Deck Stain and Sealer
I have about 15 years old Wooden Deck of 250 Sq. Ft. Which stain Sealer, cleaner, stripper and brightener do you recommend for my home located in Northern Virginia? Can I use the same product on the wood fence?
Harshad Modh , September 01, 2015
replanked ~250 sq ft deck with pressure treated pine
re-planked my deck ~2 yrs ago-time to finally clean and protect it. Was previously Cedar which rotted out way too quickly! Still have Cedar pickets which have some residual faded stain but are otherwise fine. Railing tops and planks are 2 year old unstained ptp. I live in Northern Virginia and back to treed parkland so I get a mix of direct and partial sun. Some mold/mildew issues due to my locale. I prefer the natural wood grain look so I am guessing something semi-transparent...Thanks for any help
Woody56 , August 31, 2015
Yes you could use the Defy Extreme Clear then let the wood gray naturally. I would suggest this.
TheSealerStore , August 28, 2015
30 year old pressure treated wood deck
I have a 30 year old pressure treated (I think) wood deck which is in poor condition. The wood is split all over. It had been stained with a solid stain which I totally removed by sanding. I live in Connecticut and the deck is on the south side of the house which gets constant sun. I just want to preserve the wood as much as possible and my house is grey so I would prefer that the final look be as close to grey as possible. I am thinking of using the Defy extreme semi transparent wood stain in gray but wonder if I should just use the Defy Clear UV or extreme clear as I don't mind if the wood greys, as a matter of fact, that sounds good. What would you recommend?
Linda Lee , August 27, 2015
re: New doug fir 12x24 deck
See this article: http://www.opwdecks.com/when-t...w-deck.htm

120 is too smooth. Sand with 60-80 and prep with the Restore A Deck Kits after. You want the grain raised some. Not smooth like a hardwood floor. Look at the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , August 25, 2015
New doug fir 12x24 deck
All new, fully dried wood in Bismarck, North Dakota, east side of dwelling that shades the deck after 3pm, but no shading other than that. Underneath structure will not be accessible after 2x6 planks attached. Want grain to show, and am sanding all horizontal surfaces with 120 grit. Suggestion/comments on best product to use. Thanks for assistance...
Prent , August 25, 2015
re: New deck in wisconsin
Yvette, Consider the TWP 100 Series or the Defy Extreme.
TheSealerStore , August 24, 2015
New deck in wisconsin
I have a new deck we built last year. Was told to wait a year before staining. Now we are getting ready. It faces south so it receives sun all day. Looking to do it right and use something that lasts and looks great.
Yvette , August 24, 2015
re: Brand and Color Suggestions
Armstrong Clark in Amber or TWP 115 Honeytone.
TheSealerStore , August 24, 2015
Brand and Color Suggestions
We have a 10 year old pine deck that has never been sealed or stained. We live in southeastern Michigan (near Ohio). Would like to keep the color somewhat natural looking (like when the wood is wet). What brand and color of stain would you recommend?
Becky , August 24, 2015
re: Mid-Missouri,Pressure Treated Pine, 13months old
Prep well first with a Restore A Deck Kit Cleaner and Brightener. Try the Armstrong Clark in A Rustic Brown color. Any solid color deck stain for the white vertical posts should work. Do the white posts last.
TheSealerStore , August 13, 2015
Mid-Missouri,Pressure Treated Pine, 13months old
I have a 13month old Deck with Stairs. The deck is covered but is exposed to sunlight during morning and evening hours. The stairs aren't covered and are exposed from morning until about mid afternoon. My deck has never been cleaned, brightened, stained or sealed. I am looking to do this right the first time.

I live it Mid-Missouri where it's hot and humid during most of summer and cold and dry(the air) during most of winter. I am wanting to do a Semi-Transparent Stain mid-dark brown. I am also wanting to paint the 8"x8" posts with a white to match the window trim on our house. So if you have any suggestions for exterior white paint...

I haven't ever applied stain before so some guidance on application would be helpful to.
Devin , August 12, 2015
re: Eastern Red Cedar Fence
Victoria, Look at the Armstrong Clark stain for your fence.
TheSealerStore , August 04, 2015
Eastern Red Cedar Fence
Going to have a new eastern red cedar fence installed. Looking for recommendations on a stain that will hopefully preserve and protect the natural colors of the wood. I know the bright red will fade with drying and sun exposure, but hoping to minimize it and be able to appreciate the natural color variation of the wood for quite some time. With our previous fence, we used a water based semi-transparent stain from Sherwin Williams. There is so much pigment in the SW stain that none of the wood color shows through. After a couple of applications the SW stain became pretty close to opaque. Looking to try an oil based stain if that is what is recommended. Also, the cedar tone stains don't seem to reflect the color of eastern red cedar at all. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Located outside of St. Louis, MO and this will be a standard 6 ft privacy fence.
Victoria Winn , August 03, 2015
Try the TWP 1500 Series or Armstrong Clark. Both are oil based and allowed in all 50 states.
TheSealerStore , August 03, 2015
Tired of sealing
We put n a beautiful cedar deck. Used oil sealant on it and it lasted two years before we neede to do it again. It was that way until oil was outlawed. Then we put a stain sealant on it and it looked like we painted our deck, horrible. Following spring needed to be done again. Followed manufactures directions to remove old product and Britten before adding a lighter profit of theirs. Even more horrible. Now we sand off products every year and don't know what to use. We want a natural look. Our deck is in full sun year round.
Denise , August 01, 2015
First thing that you need to do is remove all of the old stain(s). Look at the Armstrong Clark stains but either would work well.
TheSealerStore , July 27, 2015
question: Armstrong Clark or Defy

I have a 10 year-old white cedar deck. It has been treated over the years with box store stain with varying degrees of success. Tired of redoing this work year after year, I am looking for a superior stain. Which of the brands above is best suited for Ottawa Ontario Canada winters and hot summers? Thank you in advance.

Anne Clairmont , July 27, 2015
re: new deck pressure treated raw wood
Please read this:
TheSealerStore , July 17, 2015
new deck pressure treated raw wood
Tampa florida What should I do to stain? Seal?
roger cesky , July 16, 2015
re: southern pine deck, in southern climate
Prep first with the Restore A Deck Kits. Use the Timber Oil Brand for new wood.
TheSealerStore , July 14, 2015
southern pine deck, in southern climate
I am seeking recommendations for a semi transparent oil based stain for use on new southern yellow pine - pressure treated, factory applied water repellent. Located in North Alabama, USDA growth zone 7. The deck is uncovered, south facing, near all day sun, humid summers, cold winters, year'round rain, minimal snow.

Also, I know it has to acclimate ~30 days, but do you recommending sanding before staining or not? Lots of contradictory info out there.

One thing everyone seems to agree on is that decks need to be cleaned, stripped, re-stained,... every 1-3 years. I am aghast!!! My original deck with Olympic stain lasted ~20 years with minimal maintenance. They sure don't make things like they used to. smilies/angry.gif

Ms JLG , July 14, 2015
Only a solid color stain, not anything we sell or that is transparent.
TheSealerStore , July 07, 2015
Stripper didn't work
I used Behr Wood Stripper on my 20+ year old deck, and it lifted one coat of stain, but lots of old stain still remains, even after 2 coats of stripper followed by power washing. Can I apply new stain on top of the partially stripped deck boards?
Ed W. , July 07, 2015
If you want water based stain then use the Defy Extreme.
TheSealerStore , July 01, 2015
plan on staining a treated wood deck (2x6) that is 11 years old but in very good condition . Recently cleaned to bear wood with MD 10 and brushed to remove mildew. Surface is smooth w/ very little raised grain
Which twp, defy or Armstrong products (water based) would you recommend?
W Traylor , June 30, 2015
Use the Armstrong Clark and prep first with a Restore A Deck Kit.
TheSealerStore , June 29, 2015
Installed cedar deck 9 months ago in Northwest Ontario, Canada. Deck has southern exposure. No previous coatings. Thanks.
zehbei , June 28, 2015
re: deck stain
Try TWP 100 Series or Armstrong Clark stains. Darker or richer color will last longer from UV fading.
TheSealerStore , June 22, 2015
deck stain
What is the best deck stain/restoration for my west facing deck? I live in North Dakota, so we have the weather extremes in the summer and winter. I have minimal shade over the deck. I currently have a tinted deck sealer on now that was applied about 3 years ago. It is worn off in the main usage areas. I will need to strip or sand the rest off regardless. The boards are pressure treated pine. Any help is appreciated.
Stephanie Kritzberger , June 21, 2015
Try Armstrong Clark in Sequoia, Mtn Cedar, Oxford Brown, or Woodland Brown for this.
TheSealerStore , June 13, 2015
what stain will last the longest
What would be the best semi transparent stain for my deck in Cincinnati, OH? It gets full Sun for 8-10 hours a day. It is 1000 sf. Half is older wood and half is 2 years old. Thanks for your help.
Brad Day , June 13, 2015
Use the TWP 100 Series for the floors.
TheSealerStore , May 28, 2015
We have a wood deck that is covered, but the spindles, rails and stairs get lots of sun. The FLOOD deck stain we've used seems to wear off rather quickly - we're re-coating it for the 2nd time in 3 years. We've decided to use paint on the rails and spindles and stairs, and leave the floor lightly stained. What is the best kind of paint to use?
We live in Georgia - humid much of the time, everything seems to mold/mildew (including the deck!)
Cindy Perez , May 28, 2015
re: Managing Member, KerzCasa, llc
You are supposed to apply the cleaner then pressure wash off. Not the other way around. No need to sand

Try TWP 100 Series.
TheSealerStore , May 26, 2015
Managing Member, KerzCasa, llc
I live in Tampa, FL out in the burbs on a small pond next to a woods.
Want to stain a fence, about 1,200 square foot to a side so I'm figuring on 2,500 square feet total.
Fence is about 10 years old and has done well, considering Florida's high humidity, exposure to sun, etc.
1. Older, party broken, etc., boards have been replaced.
2. Have thoroughly POWERwashed the side of the fence facing our home; plan to also powerwash side of fence facing neighbor, though I may not be as meticulous on that side.
A. After powerwashing BOTH sides will I still need to apply some type of cleaning solution? If so, what do you recommend (it's humid and mostly sunny in my backyard, so there was some black mold, especially on horizontal surfaces of fence in constant sun.
B. Wiil I ALSO need to SAND since I already will have powerwashed? If so, what do you recommend.
C. Based on Consumers Reports HIGH ratings, was considering using Behr Solid Color Waterproofing Wood Stain from Home Depot. OPEN to SUGGESTION cuz I'm seeing a fair number of bad ratings for this particular Behr product, though the people who have had great success are emphasizing FENCE PREP as critical to their long-term success.
THANKS for ANY help you can suggest.
Mike Kersmarki, Tampa, FL, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mike Kersmarki , May 25, 2015
Look at the Armstrong Clark or TWP stains.
TheSealerStore , May 24, 2015
We have a modular home with log siding and a cedar deck, on Anderson Island in western Washington. So it's a damp environment, although in the summer we get quite a bit of sun, facing east. We've use Thomsons in the past, but my husband is currently pressure washing after less than 2 years. And it looks really bad, super dark & mildewy. I'm thinking we should go semi transparent. Can we usethesame product for the siding and the deck? What are your suggestions?
Stephanie Schuler , May 23, 2015
2 year old deck, never stained before
I have a 2 year old deck, due to various reasons we haven't been able to do anything to it. I cleaned it recently with a generic cleaner "Super Deck, deck wash' from Sherwin Williams. The deck faces the west so gets more than half a day of sunshine with a little shade from a growing tree.

Please recommend the best stain/sealer to last the longest time

Thank you for your input!!
tom , May 23, 2015
Prep by stripping and brightening to remove the old stain. Use the Armstrong Clark stain that we sell but use one of the semi-solid colors to get the best UV protection for a dock in FL.
TheSealerStore , May 23, 2015
The dock is in Satellite Beach, FL. The dock belongs to my parents and they are not sure of the previous product that was applied. It has probably been 3 years since anything has been put on the dock. I believe it failed due to sun exposure and weather. Please help me find a suitable product to stain the dock. It is partially in the sun and partially in the shade. Thanks.
Derek Slosser , May 22, 2015
Look at the Armstrong Clark stain and yes we ship to Canada:
TheSealerStore , May 17, 2015
What brand to use?
I live in province of Quebec,Canada; so we get harsh winters and cold wet weather. I have a new 6 to 7 years old pressure treated wood deck(likely pine) that gets sun only half of the day. Which brand of semi-transparent stain is the best to use for treating my recent deck to minimize maintenance and maximize longevity. Do you ship that brand of stain to Canada? Thanks for your assistance.
Daniel Lafleur , May 17, 2015
Marine grade sealers do not last longer on decks and can actually be more of a problem. You want a penetrating stain, not a varnish on your deck. Borates can be applied to the wood first to prevent termites. Not sure where to get them. As for the stain, look at Armstrong Clark stains or Defy Extreme stain.
TheSealerStore , May 14, 2015
Staining recommendation please
We just replaced most of the wood in our deck in southern California. We are 3 miles from the ocean, so salt air is a concern. there is paint on the railings that we did not replace. We are going to strip and sand that wood down to the bare wood. We want to use a semi-transparent stain a redwood color and then seal the wood. Is there a marine grade sealer that will last longer? Also where we live termites are a huge issue. Is there something we can use to deter termites from eating out deck again?
Aprilyn , May 13, 2015
Strip and brighten for the prep this time. Stain with TWP 100 Series.
TheSealerStore , April 26, 2015
transparent stain
I live in Oregon Lots of Rain I use superdeck semi-transparent stain on the horizontal surfaces I get a year. I put this on tight knot cedar boards I power was between coasts clean surface. apply on warm days of 70. I would like a stain that last longer what do you recommend.
lee , April 26, 2015
You have to remove the Arborcoat before using any other stain and that will require sanding. Once it is sanded off 100% then you can lena and brighten for prep and stain with TWP 1500.
TheSealerStore , April 26, 2015
10 year old cedar deck
Hi. We live in Central New Jersey and get all kinds of weather - rain, snow, ice, humidity and SUN. Our cedar deck is about 10 years old and has southern exposure. We have used a Benjamin Moore Arborcoat on it without much success. The main walking area has peeled and under the benches has turned green. Although it needs some spot repairs, the wood is mostly in good shape. Can you recommend something for us?
Diana Toto , April 25, 2015
Ron, Look at Armstrong Clark Stain in the Mahogany color.
TheSealerStore , April 24, 2015
Gary, TWP or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , April 24, 2015
I have a waterfront home in the Pacific Northwest that has mahogany railings that had been varnished by the previous owner. The varnish has deteriorated significantly over the last 2 years so I removed it by applying varnish remover, scraping and sanding. I would like to apply a semi transparent sealer, can you suggest best type for my area ? Thank you
Ron savell , April 24, 2015
Fencing project in north Florida.
Hi. We are putting up a fence and bought Behr stain because it's advertised for 25 year life. HOWEVER, the product is junk. We need to know what brand of stain is best for our pressure treated panels for the north Florida climate. We are looking into the TWP 200 series as an option. What are your thoughts?
barb , April 24, 2015
I am in the process of getting ready to sand off a Behr Natural semi-transparent deck stain/sealer and I would like to find the best oil based (or other)penetrating semi-transparent stain to use. This is treated lumber which is in good condition and approximately 8-9 years old. What is your recommendation for the longest lasting finish to protect the deck?
Gary Metzgar , April 24, 2015
We do not sell solid stains and you will need to stay with a solid stain now that it has already been applied.
TheSealerStore , April 23, 2015
What brand is best?
We bought a cottage recently on the lake. We are in Central Indiana so we get all weather - snow,ice,rain,hot,humid,freezing,etc.
the current deck is approx. 6-8 years old. It had been stained a solid color at one point but most of that is gone. The wood is pressure treated and in very good shape overall. It's just faded,grayed and has mold and mildew. There's a lot of decking. Some in shade,some in sun,some by house and some down by the water. Please advise on longest lasting,most durable,UV protection and mold/mildew resistant. All these things are important. Thank You!!
Mindy , April 23, 2015
Try the Armstrong Clark in a semi-solid color.
TheSealerStore , April 19, 2015
stain for cedar deck
We live in southern Ontario in the snow belt. We have a cedar deck that is 4 years old. It was left unfinished the first year, stained with a semi transparent stain the second year which resulted in significant peeling after the winter. It was then stripped, washed and an oil base transparent stain applied. After each of the next winters, dark patches formed and returned late summer after the initial removal and restraining in the spring. Not sure what to try next! Any advice??
Sandra Reier , April 19, 2015
Try the TWP or the Armstrong Clark stains.
TheSealerStore , April 12, 2015
Stain for older green treated faded & mildewed deck in Minnesota
Our deck is approx. 1100 sq ft. It's overdue for restoration. The wood is still in good shape, the appearance is long gone. Harsh winters and southern exposure. Many spindles and 1 story stairs. Looking for a long lasting quality stain. Thanks
Tim Meyer , April 12, 2015
You can use the TO now but you will need to remove it if you decide to switch brands in a couple of years. I would prep and stain now. No need or advantage to wait longer. Look at the any of the stain that you mentioned. All would work well.
TheSealerStore , April 11, 2015
best stain to use on new pressure treated pine in cold rainy climate
My pressure treated pine deck was built in December between 2 snow storms. I live in a snow belt. The snow just melted, but the weather is cold and rainy and will remain that way until July. The deck is located between two trees (ginko and locust) a foot away, mostly shady. The deck faces south. There are no railings. The deck looks beautiful now. I would like to use a light color stain to match my natural oak floors inside the house, or a maple color. Should I wait until August or September to stain? What stain will penetrate the new wood the best. What stain will prevent mold the best? How can I retain the beautiful color of the new wood?
Should I sand or use clorox magic eraser to remove ink stains. Deck is T shaped 20 x 24 with two 10 x 8 areas and 2 steps around perimeter.
TWP 1500, Armstrong, Timber Oil, Defy?
Can I use Timber Oil the first year since it penetrates well on new wood and stain with something like TWP 1500 in 2 years over the Timber Oil?

What do you suggest.

My old deck lasted 30 years and i used red barn paint, which I only painted twice in 20 years of living here!!!!
Diane , April 11, 2015
Eden, use the Restore A Deck Stripper to remove. You cannot add a marine varnish to it. Use the TWP 1500 or the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , March 30, 2015
Hi there, We built a large redwood deck in Los Angeles, ca. We let it sit for a few weeks, then we used Penofin red label to stain it and within a few months the entire deck turned a uniform blackish color. Almost like the so. cal smog was stuck to it.
We know it wasn't mold because the weather was in the 80's and dry the whole time. We called Penofin who couldn't help but sent us a cleaner and brighter which we used-made it look great- then used Timber Pro on it. It lasted less than a year and now the deck is dark dirty colored again. I'm thinking the Timber pro failed because while we thought we were stripping the Penofin off-we were just cleaning it....? Also, we have very small dogs, and their nails leave tons of scratches that look like the light raw wood- like they're scratching right through the finish. We are ready to try stripping and brightening to give it another try. We have a brightener but what's the best stripper? And then we're thinking the TWP maybe? Is it crazy to try Marine stain on it? Any help would be hugely appreciated.
Eden , March 30, 2015
re: Longest lasting best stain for Southwest Florida
Wait for about 3 months to dry out and weather some. Prep first with the Restore A deck Kits. Stain with the Armstrong Clark. Thanks!
TheSealerStore , March 17, 2015
Longest lasting best stain for Southwest Florida
We live on the bay on Pine Island.
We have marine grade brand-new deck and pergola.
The deck is mostly under the pergola.

How long should we let it cure?
And which stain is best to use.

Thank you
mich.rosenfeld , March 16, 2015
No stain will stop or prevent the Trex delamination. It is not possible to fix the core issue which is the Trex. Sorry but it really needs to be replaced as the stain will not do anything for you.
TheSealerStore , March 15, 2015
High sun in CO
I have a trex deck that has delaminated. We are going to try sanding, cleaning, brightening, and staining it before the high cost of replacement with real wood. We live in CO and our deck gets a lot of morning sun. The peeling is worst in the sunniest parts of the deck. So sun is the worst actor on the deck rather than snow. What stain will penetrate into this deck best and what type of stain will protect it from further delamination in the long run? We have had Sherwin Williams Superdeck Deck and Dock recommended to us.
Kelly Moore , March 14, 2015
TWP 100 Series or the Armstrong Clark. Prep first with a deck cleaner and wood brightener.
TheSealerStore , February 17, 2015
I applied Australian Timber oil to decks three years ago. The decks need to be retreated. What oil based stain would you recommend for the outer banks of NC?
C Lee , February 17, 2015
If you are changing brands then you should remove the Cabot AT first. Use a deck stain stripper like the Restore A Deck and a Wood Brightener when done. Stain the deck a couple of days later with TWP or Armstrong Clark. For the new wood, you would need to prep with the Restore A Deck Cleaner.
TheSealerStore , February 15, 2015
I used Cabot Australian Timber Oil in the spring of 2013 and need to re-stain. Does that stain need to be removed? I live in S.E. GA. Summers are Hot and Humid. What would you recommend I do? I also built on to the deck this summer and have a portion of the deck never treated. I want it all to look the same. Thanks
James Bennett , February 15, 2015

Make sure that you let the new wood season properly. Look at the TWP 100 Series or Armstrong Clark for this dock. Prep first as well so the mill glaze is removed from the wood.
TheSealerStore , January 03, 2015
I am having a new cedar dock stained/sealed. The dock will be taken out of the water and covered after each season so it will not be exposed to snow. I live in Michigan and would like to be able to maintain this dock as simply as possible. I have read your articles and believe that a semi-transparent, oil-based stain/seal is best for me. Any suggestions regarding you may have including the best product(s) for use would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!--Dennis
Dennis Dawson , January 02, 2015
re: Deck Stain Question

Please read this: http://www.opwdecks.com/when-t...w-deck.htm

Look at TWP 1500 Series or Armstrong Clark next year.
TheSealerStore , November 11, 2014
Deck Stain Question
Having a new pressure treated deck put on the house this November. We live in Northern Virginia. Will get lots of sun and not much tree cover. Would like to start off with a good stain. Not sure which kind is best and the time we should apply. Thanks!
Annette Hartung , November 10, 2014
Yes you should wait 2-3 months and prep with the Defy Wood Cleaner first before using the Defy Extreme. The Extreme would work very well for a Pergola in CA.
TheSealerStore , November 08, 2014
Good for Pergola
Building a Pergola in Southern California. Want to use Douglas Fir, Rough Sawn. Too many reviews, too many stains but liking the Defy Extreme based on its water base. Pergola in a good amount of shade. Read somewhere shouldn't stain right away and to wait several weeks. Any thoughts or advice?
K , November 07, 2014
The Defy Extreme would be a good choice and is environmentally safe. After the sanding you should lightly clean the deck with water and a deck cleaner.
TheSealerStore , October 21, 2014
Old south facing deck (ignore below post)

I have a structurally sound but pretty weathered deck. Maybe 5-6 years old, looks like pressure treated pine. On the south side of the house, sun most of the day. In Tennessee, so winters can get cold, but summers are hot and humid. Moderate amount of rain yearly. We've prepped the deck with DeckBrite cleaner, scrubbing off algae etc. Have also done some sanding and will probably do a bit more.
I've seen some reviews for defy extreme. Wondering if this might be a good option? Any other prep or priming needed first? Or other possibilities? We have s baby so we don't want something toxic. Also we will not have the time to strip/sand in future years, so we need something where we can just clean the deck and re-coat every two years or so ideally.
I don't expect the old wood to look brand new, but we want something that looks nicer and keeps the surface less apt to turn splintery so kids can play out there, while extending the life of the deck.
Sara , October 20, 2014
re: New deck, kiln dried wood
Look at Armstrong Clark for this deck. Make sure to prep first with a deck cleaner.
TheSealerStore , October 13, 2014
New deck, kiln dried wood, has been exposed to elements for 5 weeks. Live on eastern shore Maryland. Like red tones. What is the best product to use & lasts the longest?
Tammi Burk , October 11, 2014
cant decide which stain to buy
luz dajani , October 10, 2014
Ken, Both colors will be the same as far as application, mold prevention and uv protection. They would be perfect for the fence.
opwdecks , October 09, 2014
I have about 1000 feet of 4 board horse fence. Its pressure treated pine about 6 months old. I'm in central Florida. I want a dark brown stain. Been looking at twp 1504 in black walnut or 103 dark oak. For ease of application and mildew resistance uv protection is one better than the other. Or do you recommend something else?
Thanks, Ken
Ken Polk , October 08, 2014
After weathering and prep with the Restore A Deck Kits, look at Armstrong Clark in the Sequoia or Sierra Redwood colors.
TheSealerStore , October 07, 2014
Central Texas. Hot, Hot sun. Needs most UV protection possible.
Newly built deck with 'Yellowwood' treated pine. Wood was pretty high moisture content.
Wanting a Redwood shade of stain. Approx 500 sq ft.
What do you recommend?
Dave Stanfield , October 06, 2014
Kevin Kelly, I am sorry but we do not sell paints for decks.
TheSealerStore , October 06, 2014
i live so. florida and used #1 marine grade pressure treated pine to build rail for deck. i would like to paint top rail and posts white and stain rails gray. what is the best product for both. thanks
kevin kelly , October 05, 2014
Prep first with the Restore A Deck Kit and stain with the TWP 1500.
TheSealerStore , September 24, 2014
I have a deck built 5 years ago from pressure treated wood. It has never been stain or sealed. What would be the best procedure and stain to use?
Susan Conrad , September 23, 2014
re: New redwood deck
Use the Defy for this. Extreme version. Prep first well then stain with one good coat for the first time.
TheSealerStore , September 18, 2014
New redwood deck
We just built a new deck this summer and have been letting it dry for a few months. We are ready to stain. What are the recommendations? We have little children, so we want something "safe" as well.

We live in eastern Washington state, 7-12 inches of rain and 300 days of sun a year. The deck gets sun for most of the day light hours.

We plan to clean and brighten and are looking at Defy and TWP stains. Any recommendation as to which would be best?

Crystal , September 17, 2014
re: semi-transparent stains
Anthony, prep first with RAD Kit and stain with TWP.
TheSealerStore , September 10, 2014
re: North Texas very old grey cedar?
SteveN Steven, clean and brighten with the Restore A Deck Kit and pressure washing. Look at TWP 1500 Series or Armstrong Clark Stain.
TheSealerStore , September 10, 2014
semi-transparent stains
I have a pressure treated deck that has never been painted or coated about 2 years old
what brand of deck stain do you recommend
I live in baker fl half the 2/3s of the deck is covered the rest is open
anthony ballew , September 09, 2014
North Texas very old grey cedar?
What stain should I use, and do I need to wash off the prior stain, which seems not to exist:

I really think my fence is cedar, but I can't say for certain. It was worn and grey when I bought the home 14 years ago. Not aware that the appearance changed in these 14 years. However, a couple years ago a storm blew open part of the fence as if it were a door. I "closed the door" and secured it shut using small wood blocks with wood screws. Elsewhere on the fence, some boards are broken and need replacement.

The fence is probably 29 years old. There's no sign that I can discern of any stain. Can I just clean it and ignore issues of removing the seemingly non-existent stain? What stain is best? Summer temps typically peak around 105F or so. The coldest winter night typically bottoms out at 15F. The region is known to be very humid, but some parts of the country (Houston, Florida) are far more humid. There's drought every summer. In case it's relevant, vegetation in the area seems prone to powdery and downy mildews.
SteveNSteven , September 09, 2014
re: Best Stain for my deck
TWP is not allowed there. Look at the Armstrong Clark stain in one of the semi-solid colors to achieve max UV protection.
TheSealerStore , September 01, 2014
Best Stain for my deck
The deck is located at my cottage near Peterborough Ontario, Canada and gets full sun for 5 to 6 hours per day during the spring/summer/fall and gets a lot of snow build up during the winter. The wood is pressure treated pine and was sealed with a Sansin water based semi transparent stain 8 years ago after letting the wood dry out for one season (6 months). I have just pressure washed the deck in preparation to re-seal as it was badly stained with dirt/grit etc. Once cleaned it is obvious the wood is in very good shape and that the Sansin product had penetrated well into the wood. I am told that Sansin has reformulated their stains and they are not as good as they used to be sI am looking for another product. Several sites list the top 3 TWP, Defy and Armstrong Clark as the top brands but can't locate a dealer in Ontario, however I understand that you can ship to Canada.

From the above what would you recommend.


Ron Gough
Ron Gough , September 01, 2014
re: best stain to use in mn on a deck
Tammy, Try the TWP 100 Series. Make sure to prep the wood first.
TheSealerStore , August 28, 2014
Best stain
Which is the best stain to use in mn on a deck , that hasn't been stained or painted before. It is under big trees and in the shade all day.
Tammy boie , August 26, 2014
Since you are in direct sunlight it will give better UV protection.
TheSealerStore , August 21, 2014
Thanks for the quick reply. Can you tell my why you would go with the semi-solid color please?
Darrell , August 21, 2014
re: Stain for NC Blue Ridge Mountains Elevation 4000 Ft
I would wait and prep all in the Spring then stain. Look at the Armstrong Clark in a semi-solid color.
TheSealerStore , August 21, 2014
Stain for NC Blue Ridge Mountains Elevation 4000 Ft
I have a 900 Sq foot pressure treated pine deck. I replaced about 10 boards. The rest of the deck is a 6 on a 1-10 scale. I understand I need to let the new wood weather. Should I stain the old wood and then do the new boards in the spring? OR should wait and do the whole deck in the spring? What kind of stain should I use. Lots of direct sunlight in the summer. Thanks
Darrell , August 20, 2014
re: Cedar Gazebo
TheSealerStore , August 20, 2014
Cedar Gazebo

We just bought a 14' x 14' gazebo. It is made of cedar outside and inside.

This is the information you are requesting:
State you live in: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Previous coatings that were used and why they failed: no coating, cedar is new
Any other information that may be useful: see questions below

We want to protect the cedar as long as possible and still see the wood grains. It is important to avoid mildew and dark stain. We would prefer the semi-transparent. Help with the color would be great.

I want to know the names of the best cleaner and brightener and mostly which deck stain or sealer would last the longest on our gazebo.

Thanks, Nicole
Nicole Laplante , August 19, 2014
re: Sealing new deck in Colorado
Please read this article:
TheSealerStore , August 18, 2014
Sealing new deck in Colorado
We just rebuilt our deck after letting the old one rot (woops). It's pressure treated wood, redwood color and it looks great. I want to seal it and take care of this one.

What do you recommend, and how soon should I do the first application (it's brand new, but winter is coming).

Tom , August 17, 2014
Susan, strip the old deck and brighten after. Clean and brighten the new deck after drying for a few months. Use the Armstrong Clark or Defy Extreme for both decks.
TheSealerStore , August 15, 2014
Margo, yes that would help the stain to absorb deeper into the wood grain.
TheSealerStore , August 15, 2014
I live in Arkansas - lots of sun, heat and and humidity. Previous deck stain is oil based and did ok. We're getting ready to stain a new deck and clean and restain an a 14 year old deck. Both decks are treated pine. Do we need to strip the old deck? Which is the best type and brand of stain for our circumstances?
Susan Chan , August 14, 2014
You have been very helpful in suggesting that I use Defy extreme Stain for my 25+ year old never properly maintained deck located 90 miles North of NYC. MY question now. I have washed my deck with 1/2 bleach water solution, then power washed it with water, then sanded the rough splintery areas with 60 grit, do you think I still should use the cleaner brightener before I apply the stain? The wood to the best of my knowledge is pressure treated pine.
Margo , August 14, 2014
re: When to stain my new cedar deck? (live in Toronto area)
All new wood should weather and dry out. Most stain brands will want you to wait 2-4 months or longer for this. Use the Armstrong Clark after 2-3 months and prep first with a deck cleaner and wood brightener.
TheSealerStore , August 14, 2014
When to stain my new cedar deck? (live in Toronto area)
When to stain my new cedar deck? (live in Toronto area) and use what kind of stain?
Mei Yuan , August 14, 2014
re: Brand Decision
Zach, for this use the TWP 100 Series.
TheSealerStore , August 13, 2014
re: Old Deck-Trying to preserve it
Margo, use the Armstrong Clark in a semi solid color to help this older and neglected deck:
TheSealerStore , August 13, 2014
0ld Deck-Trying to preserve it
I see one product is water based and one is oil. Does this affect overall performance. Should I pre-treat the wood with any product? Why is the TWP 1500 not one you recommended for my deck?
Margo , August 13, 2014
Brand Decision
Redwood Deck (beautiful where its coming clean)
Aurora, Colorado (Denver Suburb)
Direct Sun for 1/3 of each day
Previous coating peeled off, deck now graying
Prefer semi-transparent
Can't decide between Defy Extreme, Armstrong Clark, Or TWP 100 Series

Thank you.

Zach , August 13, 2014
Old Deck-Trying to preserve it
I live 90 miles north of NYC. We bought the house 25 years ago and have done nothing with our deck over the years. (We just didn't know better) I recently cleaned it with a bush and bleach and then rinsed it. Nasty black mold came off and revealed what it really looked like. I then power washed it with plain water. I have sanded the many splintery spots with 60 grit sand paper. The wood has cracks and grooves. I know we should have done something much sooner but what product or products would you advise using to seal/stain it now. It's pressure treated pine.
Margo , August 13, 2014
Louis, Armstrong Clark or Defy Extreme.
TheSealerStore , August 11, 2014
I live just outside of sarnia,ont. Across the river from port huron michigan. I build a long pressure treated fence around a apartment building three years ago. Now I would like to stain it. I want a stain that will look good and last as long as possible
so that I don't have restrain every year. The fence has never been stained.what would you recommend .

Louis Bratanek , August 11, 2014
re: behr didn't work
Remove the Behr first before reapplying. Strip and sand. Make sure to use a wood brightener after. Stain with TWP 100 Series.
TheSealerStore , August 06, 2014
behr didn't work
used behr stain and it didnt survive the winter in northen idaho. would like a suggestion of whats best for a deck that has alot of snow on it for 4-5 months
rob robinson , August 06, 2014
re: where waterproofing doesn't last - Any suggestions?
Try the TWP 100 series.
TheSealerStore , July 28, 2014
We have a 3-year-old cedar deck (Southern Exposure) in Seattle - where waterproofing doesn't last - Any suggestions?
heidi Heineman , July 28, 2014
re: Deck stain
Yes a tinted semi-transparent will last 2-3 times longer than a clear. Look at TWP 100 Series or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , July 27, 2014
Deck stain
We live in ND where the summers can be intense with sun for 2 months, however lots of rain in spring and fall and cold bitter temps in Winter. I have used clear stains that seem to work for 1 year..are their any stains that would last longer than that with UV protection?
GM , July 25, 2014
re: best sealer for CA sunshine
Look at Defy Extreme or the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , July 24, 2014
best sealer for CA sunshine
Deck in full sun. Made of a softer wood, I suspect either fir or pine. 100+ degree days during summer time, 4-6 months during year. 8-10 inches annual rainfall. Winter temps above freezing 90% of the time. Deck will be sanded to remove all past and peeling prior surface coating. Wish to use a semi-transparent. What will be my best alternatives both in product type and specific product?

Doug Sandersin , July 24, 2014
re: new deck
Please read this article:
TheSealerStore , July 22, 2014
new deck
Best stain for new pressure treated wood deck, full Sun, TN. Do we need 1 or 2 coats? Special prep or just pressure wash with bleach/mildew agent?
m smith , July 21, 2014
re: Best Defy stain for older pressure treated wood
Defy Extreme Would be best.
TheSealerStore , July 16, 2014
Best Defy stain for older pressure treated wood
I have a deck that is made of pressure treated wood. One section is 10 years old while another section is 20 years old. Which would be best to use for semi-transparent for this wood? Defy Extreme or Deck Stain for hardwoods?
Herb Samuels , July 15, 2014
Sarah, Use the Armstrong Clark in a semi-solid color for this:

TheSealerStore , July 15, 2014
Treated wood deck with Trex - 6 years old. The treated wood railings, posts etc... have never been sealed. Located in the NC mountains, elevation of 4300 feet, very damp (creek runs right beside deck)and frequent showers year round. Lots of snow in winter, part of the deck gets full some and the other part is in full shade. Deck is about 11 feet off the ground in most places. Want to use the best product regardless of cost. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.
Sarah Spencer , July 14, 2014
Looking for a durable long lasting exterior stain sealant for a wood deck and boat dock for Northern Minnesota. Any suggestions. I am not sure of previous stain/sealant used.
Laura Dosen , July 14, 2014
Lisa Johnson, use a clear sealer that will naturally gray. Use TWP 1500 Clear or the Defy Extreme Clear. Prep with the Restore A Deck Kits.
TheSealerStore , July 14, 2014
I have a cedar deck that we have power washed and washed with oxyclean. The deck is about 10 years old and never sealed as we wanted it to gray like our house. What is the best way to clean the deck as we want to seal it so we don't get the mold and moss growing up it? We want to keep the gray color so don't want to use a stain. What sealant will last the longest and again how should we prep the wood first? The deck is on the south side. We have an older deck that the bottom is made out of red wood and spindles are cedar. This deck is on the north side. We live in Northern Minnesota. Thank you
Lisa Johnson , July 13, 2014
Robb Crow, remove the peeling stain first. Use a stain stripper and pressure washer. Sand the rest of the stain if needed after. Brighten when done. Use TWP stains.
TheSealerStore , July 13, 2014
re: Colorado west facing deck
Your first issue is removing the Restore as nothing can go on top of it. You will need to sand it all off. Once removed and the rest of the deck prepped, use the Armstrong Clark in a semi-solid color:
TheSealerStore , July 13, 2014
Colorado, at 7,200 feet.
Full sun exposure, lots of snow.
Previous coatings peeled off.
Robb Crow , July 12, 2014
Colorado west facing deck
HELP! I made the mistake of purchasing Restore for my deck. Started with the stairs. At 11:00 a.m. and 70 degrees, the steps were already too hot to touch. This is a west facing deck, that in the summer is in full direct sun until sunset.

It is an old cedar deck, with cracks and imperfections. I was hoping that Restore would be the answer. With the intense heat, it is not.

Colorado, 6700ft altitude
West facing deck, all in direct sun
500 Sq. Feet

We of course get our share of rain, hail, and snow over the year. But our biggest challenge is the intense sun and the heat that develops. I've been told it is the polymers in the Restore that make it unbearably hot.

My question is -- do we do transparent? Oil? Acrylic? Opaque? At this point, it is very little about the aesthetics.

Thank you!
Kathleen , July 12, 2014
re: wrp
Dany, TWP 100 or 1500 Series.
TheSealerStore , July 01, 2014
re: what is the longest lasting deck stain for a full sun high traffic deck in MN
Elizabeth, after full prep and removal of the old peeling stain you should try the Armstrong Clark Stain in a semi-solid color:
TheSealerStore , July 01, 2014
Hello again. Can you tell me which product contains a water repellent preservative (WRP)? Forest Products Labs has done a lot of research and recommends use of a WRP on decks. I believe the preservative is a pesticide rather than a mildewcide. Thanks for the help.
Dany , July 01, 2014
what is the longest lasting deck stain for a full sun high traffic deck in MN
We want to restore our deck at our new house in MN. We don't know what was previously used, but it is peeling very badly. This deck is a very high traffic area, and it's full sun. We experience extreme temperatures (-30 up to 110). We were considering getting a maintenance free composite decking, but would like to utilize the current wood decking in order to save a lot of money. We were also considering using Behr Deckover, Restore, or a similar product, but they seem to have mixed reviews when it comes to long lasting. Please help!
Elizabeth , July 01, 2014
TheSealerStore , June 30, 2014
Menny, We would suggest the Defy Hardwood stain for this. Works very well in your climate.
TheSealerStore , June 30, 2014
I have a deck made of Cumaru hardwood. Originally I used Penofin. However it didn't last long. My deck is oriented due South (in Merrimack, NH) and most of the days absorbs much UV rays.

I just used a Messmer's cleaner and brightener mixed liquid to clean the deck. The results are good to very good. However after two years the deck needs to be re-stained.
I have the option of either Messmers UV Plus in natural color (semi-transparent) or the Defy stain.
Which one of these two would fade the least, or if they would be equal in this respect, which one is preferable? I have been told that the Defy stain is water-based. In the New Hampshire winter climate of snow and rain, is this stain at all recommended?
Thanks sincerely for your help.

Menahem Lowy , June 29, 2014
New Deck
Finally building a new 16x16 deck with pressure treated lumber. Live in Dallas, Tx. How long should I wait before stain/sealing? Prep? Best brand for area? Application method?

Bob Byrd , June 29, 2014
Wanted to add that deck is 15 years old and never been treated or stained. Just pressure washed and looks real good. Want to treat it now but keep natural pressure treated color. Thanks.
Jeff shelley , June 27, 2014
which would better for pressure treated wood, cwf-uv or timber oil. I don't want to dramatically change the color of the deck. I live in virginia.
Jeff shelley , June 27, 2014
re: Removing previous stain
Both TWP or AC would be fine for this. The semi-solids will give a little better UV protection. The stripper will not harm the tree. If it were us doing the job we would strip, brighten, and use the AC in a semi-solid.
TheSealerStore , June 26, 2014
re: which product is better? Deck in Alberta, Canada!
Giesela, Semi-solids will give better UV protection but semi-trans show more grain.
TheSealerStore , June 26, 2014
Removing previous stain
In one of the posts you mentioned that sanding can reduce absorption. I'm concerned about using the stripper because it might harm a large oak tree we have shading our deck and was considering getting a floor sander to remove the stain. We have a KDAT yellow pine deck. Also you recommended Armstrong Clark for northeast Texas ( semisolid). I live in Arkansas with similar climate conditions ( lots of humidity and mold) and was considering 100 series TWP ( semitransparent). Please explain the pros and cons of each and whether Armstrong Clark is a better choice for central Arkansas. I like the appearance of the semitransparent stain but am more concerned about preserving the deck. Thanks for your help.
Dany , June 26, 2014
Which product is better? Deck in Alberta, Canada!
The colours for the semi-solids are limited to mountain cedar which I could go with. If the semi-solids are the way to go for our climate, short summer but the sun is on the deck from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm, deck covered in snow for most of October to April, then I will go with that. The more pigment the more UV protection? Will I be re-applying a coat every 2 years for maintenance?
So many questions, but I want to do it right this time.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , June 25, 2014
which product is better? Deck in Alberta, Canada!
Thanks for your help. Is there a benefit using the semi-solid as you suggested over the semi-transparent? I would like to keep the wood as natural looking as possible. I will order the products from you as they are not available here in Canada.smilies/grin.gif
Giesela , June 25, 2014
re: Which product is better? Deck in Alberta, Canada!
Use the Armstrong Clark in the Semi-solid colors after stripping off the Penofin and brightening with the Restore A Deck Products.
TheSealerStore , June 25, 2014
Which product is better? Deck in Alberta, Canada!
Hi. We built a cedar deck in 2010 and stained it with penofin after a complete prep etc. The following spring once the snow melters, the deck was grey and the penofin ( semi- transparent) was peeling. Went to the lumber store where they advised me to use penofin and showed them the result. They gave me all the stripper, brightener and stain to repeat the procedure for free.! I also sanded it down. Looked great after but... This spring it is grey and peeled!! Am looking at the Defy extreme or the Armstrong Clark semi transparent. I am willing to do anything to make this look great and last. Please help.Which one do I use for this great Canadian climate !!
Giesela , June 24, 2014
No need to stain the underside.
TheSealerStore , June 24, 2014
Should I stain the underside of the deck? Like I mentioned, it is on the 2nd floor and is about 6 ft above the ground.
Janis , June 23, 2014
re: RI deck
Look at the Defy Extreme or the TWP 1500 for this.
TheSealerStore , June 23, 2014
RI deck
Hello, I live in Rhode Island, away from the coast, and have a 50 x 9 ft deck with railing all around and probably 7 or 8 steps. It is pressure treated pine and was built in August 2013. It has no previous stains or coatings on it and I would like to stain it this summer because it is showing signs of black mildew/mold in places and a little graying. It faces directly west and gets direct sun most of the day. It is on the 2nd floor of a raised ranch/split level home and runs the length of the house. I would like to know what the best semi-transparent stain to use is. Thanks, Janis
Janis , June 23, 2014
re; Made in the shade?
Use the Restore A deck Stain Stripper and the Restore A Deck Brightener for the prep: http://www.opwdecks.com/best-selling-cleaner.htm

Stain with the TWP 100 Series.
TheSealerStore , June 16, 2014
Made in the shade?
I used an Olympic cleaner and stain last Spring but this winter I already saw evidence of mold. Somehow I missed the brightening stage so I know that may have played a big part as I was uneducated about this step. I live in Raleigh, NC and was looking at the 100 series but want to make sure I do this right. I avoided doing the deck in the Spring as there was a lot of pollen this year but I want to protect it as soon as possible. I inherited this deck of pressure treated wood when buying the house two years ago but understand that the deck is only 4-5 years old now. The deck is mostly shaded during the spring/summer but gets pretty full sun during the late fall until the large oaks leaf out. Th deck floor has no stain left but the vertical railings do. What TWP series is best and what process should I take to clean and brighten both the deck itself and the railings? Thanks!
JohnNC , June 16, 2014
re: Deck stain recommendation
Dany, yes the 100 Series would be a good choice. Not sure on the walnut blasting. As long as it does not damage the wood it should be okay.
TheSealerStore , June 12, 2014
Deck stain recommendation
Hello from Arkansas. We installed a 3000 sq ft deck last year using pressure treated yellow pine that had been KDAT so that we could stain right away. We used Cabot Preservative Wood Finish because it was semi transparent rather than film forming and has an insecticide and mildewcide. We did not prep the deck other than removing surface dirt with a blower/ sweeper. It's now covered with mold and after washing with an oxygen bleach and scrubbing I noticed that some of the stain is coming off. Also parts of the deck are shedding water while other sections are absorbing so the finish is uneven. I'd like to strip and start again. I was considering the 100 series TWP . Is that a good choice? Also I'd like to use walnut shell blast specific for stripping soft woods rather than using a chemical or sanding. I plan to use a cleaner and brightener before restaining. Your comments please.
Dany , June 11, 2014
re: Northeast Texas
2-3 is the max you will get in Texas. You cannot apply any of stains on top of the Arborcoat. Look at the Armstrong Clark in the semi-solid colors for max UV protection and ease of reapplication.
TheSealerStore , June 04, 2014
Northeast Texas
Used Arborcoat and it lasted two years. Would like to have something last a little longer and it would be nice to have a product that I did not have to strip off every time I have to re-stain. Northeast texas can be brutal. It is HOT in summer and Cold in Winter with lots of sunshine and humidity. Thick humidity. Would love to hear advice.
Steven McWilliams , June 04, 2014
1. Depends on stain brand. 3-12 months is normal
2. We do not sell solid colors.
3. Stay with same base
4. Depends on the solid stain brand you choose.
TheSealerStore , June 01, 2014
best stain/sealer
I replaced about 80% of the floor planks last Nov with pressure-treated pine 2x4 planks. The remaining deck was stained with non-transparent redwood stain (latex-based that was put on over a Chocolate stain that was there when we bought the house) that actually lasted for 8-10 yrs. Given the old is already solid color, the redwood goes good with the brick, and solid colors will resist sun longer, I am thinking it makes sense to stick with the redwood tint. The deck gets lots of sun, there is no algae, mildew, etc

1) What is the best amount of time to wait for the new planks to dry out? They are just now seeing sustained dry temperatures above 60-70 degrees after a long wet cold Michigan winter.

2) What's the best tint-able stain/sealer for longevity?

3) Can I switch to oil-based or stick with the latex-based?

4) What is the recommended amount of coats?
JimDaniels , May 31, 2014
re: question: staining tiger wood deck for first time
Harold, Tigerwood will need to be done annually. For the prep, best to use a deck cleaner and wood brightener. No need to sand as this will sometimes reduce stain absorption. Look at the Armstrong Clark in the Amber color.
TheSealerStore , May 30, 2014
Melinda, wait a few months and prep first with the Restore A Deck Kit. Stain with Armstrong Clark wood stain.
TheSealerStore , May 30, 2014
question: staining tiger wood deck for first time
I am wondering the best stain to use on my tiger wood deck (has not been stained before). TWP 100 Wood Stain is said to be long lasting. I keep hearing about Sikken wood stain, but don't see it mentioned much. Also some say sand and then put mineral spirits to open the pores in the hard wood so more stain is absorbed. There is some greying since it was built. I say sanding because there is some roughness on the wood; handling, process at the mill, etc. I am in Colorado so we have high UV.
Harold , May 29, 2014
deck stain
Northern Illinois bran New pressure treated wood it will be in hot sun almost all day. There is also a pool deck. How long should I wait to stain the wood as well thanks.
Melinda , May 29, 2014
Mike P, when switching brands it is always a good idea to remove the old finish. The Messmers will come off easily with a stain strip and pressure washing. Brighten as well when done. use the Restore A deck Products for this. Stain with TWP or AC.
TheSealerStore , May 24, 2014
Tracy, either the TWP 1500 or the Armstrong Clark for this.
TheSealerStore , May 24, 2014
re: prep
You should prep with the Restore A Deck Kit and pressure washing. Stain with TWP 1500
TheSealerStore , May 24, 2014
I live in ne indiana and we put a fence in about a year and half ago. The fence gets very little shade. We have not done anything to the fence. Do we need to do anything before we stain and what would be the best stain?
Aimee , May 23, 2014
Hi there,

I live in Southeast Ma. My deck is over 30 years old. For about 6 or so years I have used Australian Timber Oil every couple of years. I have had to fully restore this deck once so far since I purchased the house in 2000. It had not been maintained for who knew how long before I bout the house. The top level of wood (pressure-treated pine) was so worn and rotted that I had to remove about 1/8-1/4 inch of wood surface before I could treat it. I have not treated it in a couple of years due to shoulder surgeries, and now it is looking worn again. There is no mildew or rot. I want to use a really good semi-transparent stain that I can easily maintain from this point forward. Any advice would be most appreciated.

Tracy Capone , May 22, 2014
Have a cedar deck which has had nothing on it but Messmers UV Plus. Live in Kansas City. Deck is on northwest side of house and does not receive a great deal of sun and is surrounded by a fence which surrounds a hot tub. Both the fence and the deck have needed coating for more than a year Can another product be applied without stripping, such as one of the TWP products. How does this deck need to be prepped, and and what do you think the best product would be for it?

Mike P , May 21, 2014
Going to try something new.
Live near Seattle, Washington. We built a 800 sq ft deck off our house 6 years ago with untreated ceader. We sanded and primed it (don't recall with what); then used a semi transparent stain made by Wood Lite. Year 3, we re-stained with a full color by Wood Lite. Year 5, we sanded it again, and re- stained same as year 3. We have looked into Defy, TWP, and Armstrong... however, we would like to find a product locally. Our two main concerns are Weather (rain) of course and traffic (from our very active kids playing on it). We have found that Wood Light is no longer made. Your recomendation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Leah Davidson , May 21, 2014
re: New deck - what to apply in Ohio to last?
Look at the TWP 1500 Series for Ohio. It is a sealer and stain so you do not need anything else.
TheSealerStore , May 21, 2014
New deck - what to apply in Ohio to last?
I built the deck a year and a half ago. I let it weather. Just had it pressure washed today. What would you recommend to use to keep the color? Should I apply something before the stain? What is the best stain/sealer for Ohio? The deck gets very little shade.
Shelley Hudson , May 20, 2014
re: Brand New Pressure Treated Wooden Deck
Please read this: http://www.opwdecks.com/when-t...w-deck.htm

Use the Armstrong Clark or the Timber Oil.
TheSealerStore , May 19, 2014
Brand New Pressure Treated Wooden Deck
Hello, My husband just finished our deck and used pressure treated lumber. We live in Pennsylvania and the winters haven't been to bad until this past one. Brutal winter. Can you recommend a long lasting stain and sealer. Maybe an all in one. My husband doesn't want to be re-staining every year and I don't want to hear him complaining about it every year. Thank you for any recommendations. Kelly
Kelly Pearsall , May 18, 2014
re: best for my deck in full sun Connecticut
We would suggest the Defy Extreme for this as it has excellent resistance to mold.
TheSealerStore , May 18, 2014
best for my deck in full sun Connecticut
deck is in good shape about 28 year old pressure treated. been maintained since then last few years lots of peeling been using Shewin Williams deck semi transparent stain, since discontinued. Black mold has also been an issue in the last 5 years or so. live near the salt water too. in the process of power washing and sanding.
joyce meehan , May 18, 2014
re: Cedar deck
Sheena, need to let wood weather for a few months. Stain with the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , May 13, 2014
Cedar deck
We have just finished building a cedar deck the deck faces west and is has full sunlight. We have cold winters as we live in Canada. Can you recommend the best stain/sealer? Thanks for all your help.
Sheena , May 12, 2014
Susan, Try the TWP 100 Series or the Armstrong Clark brand.
TheSealerStore , May 11, 2014
I have a PT covered deck that will be two years old this fall. It has never been treated and I am looking for a long lasting sealer or stain with a transparent color. I live in Kansas City, MO.

Thanks for your help.
Susan Ross , May 10, 2014
Eric, we do not sell any solid stains and you cannot apply any of our stains that sell on top. You are unfortunately stuck with a solid unless you want to sand it all off.
TheSealerStore , May 09, 2014
We are looking to re-stain our deck. We had or deck rebuilt in 2006-07 and stained it with a red cedar colored opaque (clearer-shows grain) stain. Then we purchased another stain, not sure of brand but a good quality brand name stain, to refresh the deck a few years ago. But noticed the stain had more color coverage (I think it was a solid stain type-we can't see the wood anymore)Well that stain is peeling and chipping and I've recovered it once but I hate it because I need to re stain every year to keep it from chipping and peeling. We live in Washington State. It gets warm about 3 months out of the year, it gets into the 30's sometimes 20 degrees in winter and snows occasionally but not every year. Mostly it rains, a lot. Our deck gets a lot of direct heat in summer and rain the rest of the time. What stain type and brand would you recommend for our deck? and thank you for your time.
Eric & Janene , May 09, 2014
Cherry, look at the Armstrong Clark in a semi-solid color. SW makes very poor exterior decking stains.
TheSealerStore , April 30, 2014
We have a beach house on the Florida Gulf coast and
need to stain our new deck and steps. What deck
stain would be the best for our hot weather and
salty air? Also, should we go with semi-transparent as
opposed to opaque stain? We have been using
Sherwin-Williams paint on the interior of the house.
Thank you!
Cherry Flynn , April 29, 2014
re: cedar fence stain
Alice, look at the Armstrong Clark or the TWP 1500 for your fence.
TheSealerStore , April 28, 2014
cedar fence stain
We are having a cedar fence placed in the next few weeks. We are very excited and want to keep it looking nice.smilies/smiley.gif That is the problemsmilies/cry.gif We have researched til we're crazy trying to figure out which product to use. We'd really like to be able to purchase the product locally so if we need more it's easy to get. We know we need an oil based, semi-transparent stain but what brand is the problem can you help?
Alice Vandal , April 27, 2014
Kathy, look at TWP or Armstrong Clark Wood Stains for this.
TheSealerStore , April 22, 2014
Sorry...we live in Illinois across the river from St Louis
Kathy Reinke , April 22, 2014
We had our deck prepped with integra seal, waited appropriate length of time to apply Sikkens semitransparent stain. The following year it began peeling in the sunny area. We want to remove old stain,clean and brighten wood (cedar) and apply stain. Which stain would be best to use?
Kathy Reinke , April 22, 2014
James, if the wood is rough sawn you can stain now. Look at the Armstrong Clark or Defy Extreme Stain.
TheSealerStore , April 21, 2014
New Fence Trearment
I have a new (3 week old)pine privacy fence in northwest Florida. The pickets are pressure treated. How long should I wait to stain it and what coatings are best for my area?
James Burnette , April 21, 2014
Verlane, use the TWP 100 Series or the Armstrong Clark for your deck in MT.
TheSealerStore , April 19, 2014
What do you think of using concrete Restore on a wood deck?
Verlane , April 18, 2014
deck stain and sealer
I just moved out to a farm in northeastern Montana (with very cold winters). The deck has been neglected for several years. It is mostly weathered wood with spots of old peeling gray stain. Besides sanding, what do I need to do and what is the longest lasting deck stain and sealer that I can use? I do not want to do it every year.
Verlane , April 18, 2014
re: Longest lasting deck waterproofing
Look at the TWP 1500 Series or the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , April 13, 2014
Longest lasting deck waterproofing
Deck is only 2 years old and looks faded. What brand is best for pressure treated pine with a semi-transparent stain that will last longest? Live in central New Jersey, with sunny exposure and long stretches of wet weather as well.
Deborah , April 12, 2014
re: Am I on the correct approach?
Yes Defy would be a good choice. Look at the Armstrong Clark as well. FYI, we are about an hour away from Port Huron if you want to drive over and pick up.
TheSealerStore , April 10, 2014
Am I on the correct approach?
I live in Canada just accross the border is Port Huron MI. My deck has been here for a few years from the looks of it and may never have been treated other than the pressure treatment which shows up as slight green spots in the shaded areas. Most of it is grey with some small cracks and 2 or 4 boards that need replacing as they have decayed in places. I am thinking of replacing the rotted boards, giving it a good clean and brightening and staining with Defy as TWP is not permitted in Canada any more. Is this the correct approach?
Brian Marsh , April 09, 2014
re: stripping a graying deck
Best to prep with the Restore A deck stain stripper and the Restore A Deck Brightener. Probably do not need to sand. For the stain, look at the Armstrong Clark in the mahogany color.
TheSealerStore , April 09, 2014
stripping a graying deck
Nickie Jones , April 09, 2014
Darryl, the Extreme is an improved version of the Epoxy that contains zinc oxide for added UV and mold protection. The Epoxy is discontinued after 2014 as well. Prep the same as last time. use a deck cleaner and wood brightener.
TheSealerStore , April 08, 2014
So, why should I spend the extra $ for Extreme? Will it look nicer for the 3rd year than Epoxy? And, what should I do for prep?
Darryl L. Bednarski , April 07, 2014
re: Deck Maintenance Manager
Darryl, you could try the Defy extreme version. Honestly nothing will last more than 3 years on a horizontal surface.
TheSealerStore , April 07, 2014
Deck Maintenance Manager
I have used Defy Epoxy semi-trans 6yrs and again 3 yrs. ago. Deck faces south and west with some tree shade. We are in N.E. Ohio... 10 miles from Lake Erie shoreline. I would like to use something that will last longer. What do you recommend?
Darryl L. Bednarski , April 07, 2014
re: Longest Lasting/Best Stain for Beach
I would look at the Armstrong Clark or the TWP 100 Series for this. Prep first with the Restore a Deck Kit.
TheSealerStore , April 07, 2014
Longest Lasting/Best Stain for Beach
We finished our deck project 3 months ago and we are ready to stain. We live on the Texas Gulf Coast and deck is exposed to full sun, sand, wind, water. Deck is constructed of pressure treated pine. Looking for recommendations of the best stain, brand for the longest lasting results. Thank you.
debbie , April 06, 2014
re: sealing a new deck
TheSealerStore , April 06, 2014
sealing a new deck
Hello, we have recently finished a deck project, and are ready to seal it. My first question is this. Do I need to seal it and stain it, or just seal it? I want a transparent or semi transparent finish that will closely keep the natural color of the wood. It is southern pressure treated pine decking. I live in South Carolina, and have never done a deck before, other than just build them. I want to keep this deck looking new and protect the look. Please advise on what brand you recommend to do this entire process, cleaner, brightener, and stain/sealer.
Keith Kinard , April 05, 2014
re: Durham, NC
Look at either the TWP 1500 or the Defy Extreme for this. Make sure to prep first by using the appropriate products.
TheSealerStore , March 24, 2014
Durham, NC
About 26-28 year old uncovered deck. Either Sherwin Williams or Cabot applied about 10 yrs ago. Will also be staining a 15 yr old covered deck and a 15 month old uncovered ramp.
I was leaning towards a semi transparent stain.
Enid , March 24, 2014
re: Stain for Charlotte, NC area
For a stripper look at the Restore A Deck Stain Stripper and then the RAD Brightener. Stain with TWP 100 Series for NC.
TheSealerStore , March 20, 2014
Stain for Charlotte, NC area
I am looking to stain a 2500 sqft deck made of pressure treated pine. The current unknown stain (most likely Olympic) has failed due to age (over 6 years). The stain is well worn with gray area. I will strip and use a brightener. The deck faces west and is both sunny and shady and covered and not covered.
Philip , March 19, 2014
re: ms

1. Look at Armstrong Clark or TWP 1500 Series
2. Prep with a wood cleaner and wood brightener like the Restore A Deck Kits to help the stain penetrate deeper.
TheSealerStore , March 19, 2014
Hi, I live in the hottest (summer), coldest (winter) part of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. We're currently experiencing a drought, so sprinkler over spray is the greatest source of water hitting my redwood deck. In an average year, we get about 6 inches of rainfall. My deck gets full sun exposure. It is one year old and was originally coated with a clear, water-based sealer, which began cracking and pealing withing 3 months of application. The deck has since been thoroughly sanded.

Two questions:
1) Which brand semi-transparent, oil based stain will perform best in my circumstances?
2) Any wood preparation recommendations beyond the sanding already done?

Judith McCourt , March 19, 2014
Long Lasting Stain in Florida - Tampa #2
>>> Try the Armstrong Clark in one of the semi-solid colors or the TWP 100 Series.

You have a rough idea of what type of duration (years) that we might be able to get with either the armstrong clark or the TWP 100 series? Which is better? I've never heard of semi-solid ... whats the difference between it and semi-transparent or what not. We've had to replace some of the boards in the deck because of rot so the impression we had was that we're having to look at Solid only ... is that not the case?
Andrew Shelton , March 13, 2014
re: best long lasting stain in Florida
Try the Armstrong Clark in one of the semi-solid colors or the TWP 100 Series.
TheSealerStore , March 13, 2014
best long lasting stain in Florida
Live in florida, tampa bay. Have partial shade on deck. Deck was not sealed properly by previous homeowners when deck was built. They did not let it settle first and as result the deck has flaked every since. Just finished the process of stripping and and cleaning it ... ready to stain and just looking for best advice of product to use for long lasting stain. I do not want to have to 'strip' again anytime soon.
Andrew Shelton , March 13, 2014
John, look at the TWP 100 Series or Defy Extreme.
TheSealerStore , February 10, 2014
JOHN ELLIS , February 09, 2014
re: SWFL
Make sure that the leftover behr is removed first. Try the HD80 Stripper for this. Use a wood brightener such as Citralic when done to neutralize. Clean the entire dock as well. For the stain, try Defy Extreme for full UV exposure.
TheSealerStore , January 27, 2014
Extreme southwest Florida

Marine grade pressure-treated deck over the water

Currently most areas are untreated and about eight years old

One section treated w Behr semi transparent. Stain 2 years ago and looking worn

Donald Pecora , January 26, 2014
Brand new wood should not be stained right away. Best to let season for a few months then prep with a deck cleaner and wood brightener. Once this is done I would look at the TWP 100 or the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , November 04, 2013
Best stain
Brand new redwood deck.
What would be the best stain for the Reno Nv area?
R Laflamme , November 04, 2013
re: remodeling contractor
Richard, I would look at the TWP in the 100 or 1500 Series for this.
TheSealerStore , October 29, 2013
remodeling contractor
5 year old pressure treated pine deck and dock on Florida Bay in Key Largo Florida in the sun all day, salt air , famous florida humidity and soaking summer thunderstorms - only treated in the past with clear sealers
What would be the best treatment plan for these conditions using a semi transparent product going forward ?
Richard Champagne , October 28, 2013
re: Black mold
I would try a penetrating semi-solid like the Armstrong Clark that we sell. It will absorb well and give better UV resistance. Nothing will stop the mold though form coming back eventually.
TheSealerStore , October 17, 2013
Black mold
Hi, I'm in north Florida outside Jacksonville. Get tons of rain here and I don't have gutters on the house, so get lots of black mold on my shady pressure treated pine deck. What do you think would last the two or three years you think is the maximum here in Florida? I'm thinking a solid or semi-solid, but maybe a wood preservative? Thanks for your help.
DannyC , October 16, 2013
Francine, wait until Spring. Clean and brighten for the prep. Stain with the TWP 1500 or Defy Extreme.
TheSealerStore , October 14, 2013
re: teacher
Ken, use the Restore A Deck Stain Stripper and Brightener for the prep. Stain with the TWP 1500 or Defy Extreme.
TheSealerStore , October 14, 2013
I have a red cedar fence that was stained with Olympic 3yr semi transparent wood toner. It is now fading and needs to be stained again. Can you tell me what I need to do step by step and what products to use for the best results.
ken wickett , October 13, 2013
I just installed a new deck. My questions are: When should I stain it? and What is the best stain for Ohio weather. I have a western exposure and lots of sun.
Francine , October 13, 2013
re: Best stain for northeast - new cedar deck?
New cedar should season for a few months then cleaned and brightened for the prep. I would look at the Armstrong Clark in the Amber color.
TheSealerStore , October 09, 2013
Best stain for northeast - new cedar deck?
Which stain would be best?

- Massachusetts
- new Cedar
- Plan is to sand prior to application.
-Prefer the look of semi-transparent/ more natural

JoeMak , October 08, 2013
John, TWP Stains or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , October 06, 2013
We work in New Mexico, low humidity and lot's of sun. Behr transparent and Sherman Williams are working well. i am concerned about the transparency of moving to Semi Trans stains. we strip everything before restaining. What do you recommend? applying to Redwood and rough Cedar.
JOHN JJ , October 05, 2013
re: Chicago roof deck
I would wait until Spring, prep with the Restore A Deck Kits, stain with TWP 1503 Dark Oak or the Armstrong Clark Rustic Brown.
TheSealerStore , October 01, 2013
Chicago roof deck
Pressure treated roof deck in Chicago completed this past August. I would like to see some wood grain but have a medium to dark brown color. Should I treat it this fall or wait until Spring? What product do you recommend? How often can it be or should it be sealed/stained?
Alan S , September 30, 2013
re: Homeowner
Crystal, if the wood is new you should let it season for 3 months and then prep correctly with a deck cleaner and wood brightener like the Restore A Deck Kits that we sell. For the stain, look at the Armstrong Clark or the Defy Extreme.
TheSealerStore , September 25, 2013
Installed a new con heart redwood deck. I live six miles inland from the coast in Northern California. The deck will have full sun exposure. We receive 30 to 40 inches of rain per year. Temperature varies in the low 30s to mid 80s. What is the best brand of semi transparent stain to use? I have purchased penofin but have read negative reviews since making the purchase.
Crystal , September 25, 2013
re: Does color make a difference?
Geoff, yes red tints do offer slightly better UV protection but that does not mean you will get extra years over a brown tint. Either way you will need to redo at the same time.
TheSealerStore , September 22, 2013
Does color make a difference?
I stripped and am brightening my red cedar deck in Iowa. I'd like to purchase a top rated semi-transparent stain that will last. Someone told me a reddish tint lasts longer. True? Would prefer a brownish tint, but I'll gladly go with red if it lasts longer!
Geoff , September 21, 2013
re: New PT Pine Deck
Waiting to Spring would be best. Prep first with a deck cleaner and wood brightener. Try the Armstrong Clark stain.
TheSealerStore , September 15, 2013
New PT Pine Deck
We are currently having a new deck installed, of pressure treated pine. We are in central Iowa, and the deck is on the east side of the house, receiving full sun in the summer for half the day. We also have a wrap around section that is in sun in the summer, but shade the rest of the year.

The deck is being built as a side job, so who knows when it will be completed. Is it ok to wait until spring to finish? We may not have a choice as a month or two after completion will put us into November-December.

We are rookies at deck maintenance. Thanks for your advice on what to use!
Ben45 , September 14, 2013
MN Deck
Eric, remove the SW first and use the TWP 100 Series
TheSealerStore , September 11, 2013
re: Live in northern California
CB, I would look at the Armstrong Clark in a semi-solid color for this full sun deck in CA.
TheSealerStore , September 11, 2013
I live in MN and have a cedar deck that is 4 years old. Has been stain 2 times in the past with sherwin williams deckscapes and it has only lasted 2 times. The railing is composite, so only doing the deck and apron.

What stain
Eric Braun , September 10, 2013
Live in northern California. It gets to 105 degrees in the summer. What stain will last longest on a 12 yr old redwood deck that gets a lot of sun.
C B , September 10, 2013
re: Semi transparent stain for Redwood Deck
Paul, look at the Armstrong Clark in the Sierra Redwood or the TWP 1500 Series.
TheSealerStore , September 10, 2013
Pauline, you must have a color it you want to keep the wood from turning gray. Might want to read this: https://www.opwdecks.com/when-to-stain-a-new-deck.htm
TheSealerStore , September 10, 2013
I live in Connecticut. just build deck using yellow pine pressure treated wood. Please advise most maintenance free wood protection ... not interested in changing color; prefer most natural look. THANKS !!!
pauline , September 10, 2013
Semi transparent stain for Redwood Deck
Live in San Jose California. Average summertime high around 90 degrees, full sun deck. Used western cedar color of Sealer store timber oil on new deck prepped with Restore a deck two step system. Now that deck is several years old, can you recommend another finish. The timber oil was good for a year in this climate. Would like a recommendation for something that would last two years with a color similar to the western cedar. Thanks.
Paul Moran , September 02, 2013
re: cedar table
Diane, prep with the Restore A Deck Kit and stain with TWP 1500.
TheSealerStore , September 01, 2013
re: fence
Try TWP 1515 Honeytone or Defy Extreme in Natural Pine.
TheSealerStore , September 01, 2013
Live in central Virginia. 15 year old fence that went untreated for about ten years before we bought home. Heavy shade, fairly wet area (lots of moss in back yard). Looking for a light tint, just to get some natural color. Fully power washed and sanded down. Ready for stain! Thanks for your help
Nate , August 31, 2013
cedar table
Cedar picnic table was outside beneath roof for 2 yrs, in temperature extremes of 0-110, then placed out in intense sun in Arizona and experienced 12 inches of rain over the past two (monsoon) months. I haven't yet treated it, but am intending to use a semi-transparent cedar stain and need advice on wood preparation and stain brand. Thanks.
Diane Davidson , August 31, 2013
re: Tried Timber Oil - Not happy 1 year later
The first time you stain new wood it will only last one year. Try switching to TWP 100 Series for longer UV life. Nothing though will stop green algae on top of a stain. Stains will prevent it from growing "in" the stain.
TheSealerStore , August 26, 2013
Tried Timber Oil - Not happy 1 year later
Live in NE Tennessee, in the forest, mixed sun & shade, hot sun in summer, rainy spring & fall, snowfall in winter. Applied Timber Oil (your recommendation) on new PT pine lumber deck 7/2012. 1 year later, it needs help! Experiencing fading, wear in high traffic "lanes," algae growing on steps and shady places. Don't want to be resurfacing EVERY YEAR. Isn't there something more durable, even maybe with anti-algae properties?
pamsink , August 26, 2013
Shelly, try TWP 1500 or the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , August 25, 2013
I live in Southwest New York State. I bought a house with a deck from the back of the house to the edge of a large pool. It is low to the ground (1-5 feet). It was built a year ago and was never sealed. I am looking to seal it, but want the longest lasting sealer I can get. I do not want to do this every year.

What would you recommend?

Thank you.
Shelly , August 24, 2013
MaryIL, try HD80 for the stripper and follow with the Citralic brightener when all done. Stain with a penetrating oil like the TWP 1500 or the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , August 18, 2013
My 15 year old deck still has some residue from a Behr acrylic stain. I've pressure washed it but some areas of the acrylic remain. I believe that I will need to strip the areas that still have some acrylic. Also part of the deck is darker even after power washing.

I want to make sure the deck is properly prepared prior to staining. I think a penetrating wood oil stain is best. What product do you recommend and what's the best procedure for my situation. The deck faces south with quite a bit sun exposure. We are in Northern Illinois Thank you
MaryIL , August 18, 2013
re: Getting ready to stain my deck for the first time...
TWP 1500 or the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , August 18, 2013
Getting ready to stain my deck for the first time...
I live in Pennsylvania where we have all 4 seasons and would like to find a stain that is suitable for the snowy winters. My deck also gets a lot of sun, no trees around the deck. I have a 12x20' deck with an attaching covered porch that is probably 4x12. The wood is PTP and has aged 1 yr now. I just used an Olympic deck wash to clean my deck (Lowes told me that I did not need a brightener) and I am now sanding the deck to get ready for stain. Could you tell me the brand that would be best suited for my location? Thanks.
Andria Plubell , August 17, 2013
re: Best stain for color and long life
2-3 years is the maxi you will get with a deck stain. Look at the Armstrong Clark in the semi-solid colors for max UV protection in IL.
TheSealerStore , August 14, 2013
Best stain for color and long life
Live in Illinois on a wooded lot. Decks are exposed to some sun, rain and a lot of shade and snow. I think last stain was a Olympic. Have tried several of the brands local stores sell over the years. Stain usually only last 2 years. Wood is 10 year old pressure treated wood.
Juanita , August 13, 2013
re: Pressure Treated Pine in WI
Jenni, please read this article:


Look at Timber Oil brand if you want to stain this year in a month.
TheSealerStore , August 10, 2013
Pressure Treated Pine in WI
Hi- We just built a new pressure treated pine deck in Milwaukee, WI. Wondering which semi-transparent stain/seal would be the best choice, and do we wait until next spring to apply it or try to do it in October (in 2 mos.) so it doesn't sit unprotected under winter snow? Thanks for your help!
Jenni Mitchell , August 09, 2013
pressure treated pine in massachusetts
Wondering what stain to use on new pressure treated pine deck in MA.
Understood that the wood should sit for 1 to 3 months.
The darker the better?
leo , July 29, 2013
Nellie, prep with the Restore A Deck Kits than stain with TWP 1500 or Defy Extreme.
TheSealerStore , July 28, 2013
Red Western Cedar Fence, Four Months Old
Hi, I live in Portland, Oregon. It rains a lot here, tends to be temperate. I had a new Red Western Cedar fence and gate installed four months ago and I'm now ready to stain. What do you recommend? Also, what do you recommend as far as prep for this age fence. Thanks for your help!
Nellie , July 27, 2013
Kimbo, try the Armstrong Clark in a semi-solid color to help this old deck or TWP 1500.
TheSealerStore , July 26, 2013
Best stain for old well-worn deck? No stain left. Seattle Washington. More rain than sun.
kimbo , July 26, 2013
re: Fort Worth, Texas - what is a good stain for my deck?
Tani, as long as you remove the old stain 100% then I would suggest the TWP 1500 or Armstrong Clark in a semi-solid color.
TheSealerStore , July 25, 2013
Fort Worth, Texas - what is a good stain for my deck?
Live in Fort Worth, Texas
Temperatures are extreme: from 10 degrees Fahrenheit (winter) to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (summer)
Deck is at least 8 yrs old, has "barn red" stain on it.
Plan to strip the paint and clean the wood.
What stain/ brand would last the longest in such extreme temp?
Thank you.
Tani , July 24, 2013
re: What is best deck stain
Nicole, for Canada I would suggest the Armstrong Clark in a semi-solid color.
TheSealerStore , July 19, 2013
What is best deck stain
I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. I would love to know what is the most durable deck stain I would be able to apply on a large deck. We have about 1000 sq. feet of deck plus solid privacy walls. Would prefer 1 coat.
Nicole Munch , July 19, 2013
re: justme
Susie, for water based stains I would strongly suggest the Defy Extreme for this. New wood cannot be stained right away. It needs to weather for 2-3 months than prepped with a deck cleaner and wood brightener. It is not a solid stain and will show the wood grain.
TheSealerStore , July 17, 2013
I live in the lakelands of SC. Very humid. We have a creek on one side of the house and a cove on the other. Just built a new pine deck that wraps around the house with plenty of sun and meets up with an old 10x10 covered deck which is the entrance of the house. The old deck is perhaps 20 years old, greyed, and had Thompsons clear water seal on in the past and is in fairly decent condition. I am hoping to also clean and stain the greying picnic table and picket fencing with the same product that will be used on the decking. I am partial water based and wonder why oil base is suppose to be that much better. Also not too keen on solid stains. I like to see the wood grain. What is your opinion of the best product to use?
Susie , July 16, 2013
re: Staining a porch floor that used to be the deck
Oops! Mixing up all the sites I've visited. I was referring to a product review on a different site.

Thanks for the additional info. I think I can manage slightly less UV protection because of the location. And you've totally sold me on Armstrong's ability to help with my old deck. So now, I just select my color and I'm good to go.

Thanks again for all the help.
Margaret , July 16, 2013
re: Staining a porch floor that used to be the deck
Which review? We do not have a review on the site that I know of for AC. Anyway, semi-solids will give slightly better UV protection than a semi-transparent.

Armstrong helps conditions old and dried out (neglected) decks such as yours by adding non-drying oils into the wood grain. This increases the life of the wood.
TheSealerStore , July 16, 2013
re: Staining a porch floor that used to be the deck
Hi one last time, I hope! I've just ordered a sample of the AC semi-transparent and the semi-solid. I notice that the review on your site is for the semi-solid. Is there a similar review for the semi-transparent (I couldn't find one)? If not, should I expect the same results?

Also, I had expected your recommendation to be either TWP or Defy Extreme as they seem to be the most favored stains wherever I look. I know different situations call for different solutions. Without asking for too much from you, I'm curious why the Armstrong Clark is your choice for me.

Thanks, and have a great day,
Margaret , July 16, 2013
re: Staining a porch floor that used to be the deck

Either would be fine for this.
TheSealerStore , July 16, 2013
re: Staining a porch floor that used to be the deck
Thanks for the recommendation. Would Armstrong Clark semi-transparent or semi-solid be preferred? I think I would like the semi-transparent color options better, but if there's a difference in the quality or application, I'd like to take that into consideration. Thanks again! This is a very helpful site!
Margaret , July 15, 2013
re: Staining a porch floor that used to be the deck
I would suggest the Armstrong Clark wood and decking stain.
TheSealerStore , July 15, 2013
Staining a porch floor that used to be the deck
Hi, I enclosed my deck with a screen porch and left the floor as it was. I'm in the process of stripping the previous stain, which I think was applied 3 or 4 years ago on the deck which at that time was probably 15+ years old and likely had little or no maintenance. The newly stripped boards look pretty good, good enough for what I want to be a rustic looking floor. After completing the stripping, which I'm doing with 60 grit paper and Flood Wood Finish Stripper, I plan to use a brightener/enhancer. After that, what do you suggest for a stain? I think the wood is likely pine. I'm in North Carolina. The floor will only be exposed to whatever rain might blow through the screen. No sun exposure. I don't mind planning to clean and reapply every couple of years or so, but I hope to never have to strip again.

At the same time, I have the new vertical surfaces (again, pine or some sort of soft wood) that were installed for the porch posts, door frames, etc. I'd like to use the same product for that wood as well (interior and exterior), if possible. Very little sun exposure on the exterior because it's mostly east facing with shade trees. Those pieces are sanded and ready to go.

Thanks very much!
Margaret , July 15, 2013
Re-Staining Our 16 yr.old Verandah in SW Ontario, Canada
Pine wood on covered verandah(porch)on the northeast side of 2 storey farmhouse so gets morning sun. High summer humidity and winter snow being surrounded by Great Lakes. Not a high traffic area. Have always stained with Benjamin Moore Moorwood semi-transparent Canyon Gray. Loved the colour (a blue more than gray to my eye) and the product but no longer available. Could go with BM Deck and Siding Exterior Stain which is oil based and easily purchased but DeckStainHelp says it only rates it at a medium. I have been bad and only re-stained once every 4 to 5 years but that stain never peeled, just wore away with time.

Before going to the internet for help, I pressure washed the deck which removed alot of the old stain except where the sun or elements never reach in a corner up near the front door. Then we power-sanded with 80 and 120 grit sandpaper. A no-no by the sounds of things. Except around the knots, the stain is off and the wood looks good. We figured we were ready for the stain, after leaving it to totally dry for a week but upon reading, wonder if we now need to do more.

What do you recommend for procedure as well as product? We live close to the U.S. border and can run over there if needed to pick up at a shipping depot.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
Edna Kerrigan , July 15, 2013
re: President & CEO of Me, Myself & I
Vicki, I would use the Defy Extreme Clear or the TWP 1500 Series in color. Let it weather for a couple of months then apply.
TheSealerStore , July 08, 2013
President & CEO of Me, Myself & I

Just had a NEW large (16'x26') screened in porch built with PT cedar. The screens are full length and removable. Live on Cape Cod, MA. I like the silver finish of weathered cedar. What WOOD PROTECTOR should I use and when should I apply it?
Vickie G. , July 08, 2013
jwc, look at the Armstrong Clark in the semi-cedar or the TWP 1501 Cedartone. Coverage is about 150-200 sq. feet per gallon. The AC spreads a little farther per gallon then the TWP. If you do a second coat "wet on wet" the coverage will double.
TheSealerStore , July 04, 2013
Location is Virginia Beach, VA; 1500 sf exterior deck includes closed perimeter steps with small area of lattice enclosure (5'x15'x6') and additional 400 sf covered screened in porch with vertical 4x4 posts, all PTP. Heavy sun, pool, 2 dogs = moderate to heavy traffic. Previously treated with Behr (good for 2 yrs and was going to use again but current ratings warned me off). Have stripped & brightened all horizontals but guess I need to knuckle down and do the pesky verticals on the steps. That stuff is on there! Looking for recommended product, and amount, semi-transparent in a cedar tone, pls. Thanks!
jwC , July 03, 2013
Charles, look at the TWP or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , June 30, 2013
I live in Fairmont, WV. It is a new deck, replaced last fall. Which semi-transparent brand would be best for my area.
Charles Snydeer , June 29, 2013
Sara, One time does not last like it's claims. Look at the TWP stains for this.
TheSealerStore , June 15, 2013
We live in northern Wisconsin, and the deck is on west side of house some parts have shade other parts are full sun! We use pressure treated pine has been up for 2years and has nothing on it. Have you any experience with OneTime? Or what would you recommend?
Thanks, Sara
Sara , June 14, 2013
Different VOC laws. It depends on where you live as to which you can use.
TheSealerStore , June 14, 2013
What's the difference between the TWP 100 and 1500? I have a deck built 7 months ago with non-treated wood. Looking for the best semi-transparent, but unable to determine the difference between these two products.
Rod Weirick , June 13, 2013
re: Peeling Redwood Deck
For the prep you would need to sand it all off then clean and brighten the wood. Stain with Defy Extreme or TWP.
TheSealerStore , June 08, 2013
re: 3 year old deck, never treated/stained
Darlene, TWP cannot be shipped to Canada. I would suggest the Armstrong.
TheSealerStore , June 08, 2013
3 year old deck, never treated/stained
Hello there! We live in Saskatchewan, Canada and have a south facing, 3 year old deck including a wheelchair ramp. The pressure treated spruce deck has never been stained or treated with anything except for annual deck washing. We like semi transparent stain and would like advice as to what stain to use. TWP or Armstrong Clark are not sold in Canada but I can order online (if not cost prohibited).
Thank you,
Darlene Sarazin , June 07, 2013
Peeling Redwood Deck
Hi our 1500 square foot redwood deck is quite old (20-30 years). We bought the house 2 1/2 years ago and decided thought we should preserve the deck, so we power washed it. Then stained it with Behr Stain. Two years later it is worn and peeling in some spots. We'd prefer to have wood grain show through. Right now it's more of a solid redwood color. What should we do?
Georgia McCurdy , June 07, 2013
re: Mrs. Homeowner
Marylou, yes you would need to sand it all off, prep the wood with a cleaner, then apply a stain.
TheSealerStore , June 06, 2013
re: restaining
Ready Seal only lasts about a year. I would clean and recoat with Armstrong Clark or TWP
TheSealerStore , June 06, 2013
Mrs. Homeowner
I painted my deck floor with Sears Weatherbeater paint about three years ago. I do have trees above the deck so it gets a lot of rain. It has peeled terrible. I have scrapped and cleaned it. Do I need to sand the whole thing before I put something else on it? Thank you for any help you can give me.
Marylou C Smith , June 06, 2013
I built a new cedar deck last june and waited about a month before staining. Cleaned the deck with a deck cleaner first. Lightlty sanded deck to get rid of the white fuzz. Stained with ready seal semi transparent cedar colour. Deck looked great, winter came and when snow melted off in april this year 50% of all stain on the flat surfaces had completely dissapeared. Vertical surfaces stayed quite well. So now I have a blotchy deck that has very faded stain and no stain on all horizontal surfaces.I also noticed that alot of the cedar "hair" was all comming off which im assuming maybe took the the stain with it. What should I do?
Dave251 , June 06, 2013
re: Northeast Old Cedar
Strip and brighten the siding and decks for the prep. I would look at TWP Dark Oak or Armstrong Clark Rustic Brown.
TheSealerStore , June 05, 2013
Northeast Old Cedar
Log home with 1500 sq feet Cedar Decking Maine. Part shade due to hieght of Prow and has a few mildew prone corners. Original treatment was Penofin (Cedar/penetrating oil finish) applied 6 years ago, peeled after 2 and now has since been fading with some areas remaining darker. Decks have been pwr washed several times over the years and just last week with a Behr cleaner but still blotchy. Bought Behr premium stain/sealer but have since returned due to bad reviews. Looking for a darker (Behr Woodbridge/chestnut?) semi-trans stain...advice?
Thank you
Kyle , June 05, 2013
Daniel, TWP or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , June 03, 2013
re: Long lasting deck stain for Tennessee
Beverly, for your deck you should consider the Defy Extreme or TWP.
TheSealerStore , June 03, 2013
re: New Deck: What stain would be best to use?
Aaron, new wood needs to season for months before it is stained. It also should be prepped first with a deck cleaner. I would look at the Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , June 03, 2013
I live in Northwest Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains, have a lot of large oak trees and decks are mostly in shade. Going to use a semi transparent deck stain. Looking for the right stain for this area.
DANIEL SCATES , June 03, 2013
Long lasting deck stain for Tennessee
Live in middle Tennessee. Half of deck is covered with mesh awning and other half has large trees that provide shade . For prep will pressure wash and sand. What is a long lasting deck stain/sealer you recommend.
BEVERLY Fletcher , June 02, 2013
New Deck: What stain would be best to use?
I'm getting ready to have a premium pressure treated wood deck built in my back yard. I live in Cherry Hill, NJ and my yard where the deck will sit is pretty well shaded for most of the day. I'm trying to figure out what brand stain would work best for my area. I will use a semi-transparent stain (most likely in the mid to darker brown color). Can you help me decide on a brand of stain?
Aaron C. , May 31, 2013
re: cedar pergola michigan
I would use the TWP 100 for rough new wood and in Michigan
TheSealerStore , May 24, 2013
I will be building a new rough sawn cedar pergola in Michigan. What stain would your recommend?
Thank you,
Jackson , May 23, 2013
re: deck staining
Armstrong can be shipped there. Try the Amber color.
TheSealerStore , May 19, 2013
re: Best Stain/Sealer
Tom, TWP 1500 or Defy Extreme.
TheSealerStore , May 19, 2013
Deck staining
I have just finished cleaning and sanding a three year old cedar deck. I have been trying to find a good stain to use and have come across this website. From what I can see it looks like Armstrong Clark would be the way to go, however, I can not purchase it in Canada so I would have to order it. My question(s) are: how long can the deck sit without anything on it (newly sanded) and what would the best color choice be if I want it to look natural. I live in Uxbridge, Ontario.
brownfive , May 19, 2013
Best Stain/Sealer
I live in Maryland. My deck is 18 years old. I have usually used Thompson deck sealant every 2-3 years. I am considering a semi-transparent stain. What brands would you recommend?

Tom Marvel , May 18, 2013
Jayne, the 100 Series for this.
TheSealerStore , May 18, 2013
Susan, sanding the deck is creating many issues for you. It is not allowing the stain to properly soak into the wood. Decks should be "rough", not smooth like a interior floor. Strip it off, brighten the wood, then apply the 100 Series.
TheSealerStore , May 18, 2013
I have had deck boards (floor, steps, and tops of railings) replaced with new. I will need to stain it all after the wood cures (it's wolmanized, but was wet when put on). I have another week (two weeks in the sun is what I was told). I live in southeastern Michigan. So would like to know the best stain to use. Thank you.
Jayne Ward , May 17, 2013
I have a 2500 sq. ft deck. I live in the Rogue Valley in Oregon where summers are very hot, dry and sunny. Pefore installing our cedar deck, we sanded each piece on all sides with 60, 80 and 100 grit and stained all sides with RediSeal (2 coats). Within 3 months of the deck installation, the stain showed black shoe marks and after one year the stain turned to powder which came off on shoes and clothes. At the end of year 2, we hired a professional to refinish the deck. He power washed the deck, sanded it and applied TWP. The results: some areas peeled, some areas looked shiny and other areas dull. Some areas turned black under the finish. Now I am about the try again. I would like to know what would be the best stain to use.m
Susan Bartholomw , May 17, 2013
Steve, I would look at the Armstrong Clark. You cannot apply stain to new wood right away. Should let the wood weather for a few months then prep with the Restore A Deck Kit.
TheSealerStore , May 12, 2013
I live in Colorado springs and just had a deck built out of redwood. Im thinking about cabots Australian wood oil. with a red tint . but I like the slightly wet look. any recommendations?
Steve Gepner , May 11, 2013
Brian, clean and prep the wood with the Restore A Deck Kits then stain with Defy Extreme or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , May 09, 2013
I live in Southern Ontario Canada and moved into this place which has an existing deck with well weathered wood and a few boards that are in need of replacing. Most boards have cracks about 1/8" deep or less. Doesn't look like any sealer has been used in a long time. I am looking for ideas to extend the life of a deck that is still in pretty good shape except for three or four boards
Brian Marsh , May 08, 2013
re: Cedar Deck

Strip and brighten with the Restore A Deck Products then stain with Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , May 06, 2013
re: What now? Your recommendation?
We unfortunately do not sell solid stains. For a solid I would suggest the Flood Solid Stain. If you want one of out products then look at the Armstrong Clark in a semi-solid.
TheSealerStore , May 06, 2013
What now? Your recommendation?
Unfortunately, I just came upon your site recently. My deck boards are 20 years old and somewhat weathered, although solid. Last summer we put up new railings and an arbor (all the wood is pressure treated pine). I stripped the old stain off the deck boards (with Behr's stain remover) and washed the entire structure (including the new railings and arbor) with Behr's wood cleaner. Now, just like everyone one else, I would like your recommendation for the longest lasting stain I can use (a solid would be fine with us). I live in Cleveland, Ohio and the deck faces north, not a lot of exposure to sunlight. Also do you think that the Behr products were adequate or do I need to re-do it using one of your products before staining.
Jack , May 06, 2013
Cedar Deck
Hi, I am from Alberta, Canada, I installed a cedar deck April 2012, I used a thompson water seal with a slight tint in it that had UV protection, by the end of summer it completely faded. I used a deck cleaner the other day on it and its looking blotchy with a lot of grey strands. What should I do to get it back to new and can a pressure washer be used on cedar?
Helen , May 06, 2013
re: owner
Defy Extreme Stain or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , May 05, 2013
what is the best wood stain for a new pressure treated fence.
located in south florida
marty doyle , May 05, 2013
re: Which stain to use on our new porch?
You should not stain the wood right away. Install, let weather for a few months, clean and brighten to prep, then stain with TWP or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , May 05, 2013
Which stain to use on our new porch?
We are putting in a new wood porch with 1 x 6s...we live in North Carolina (southern). We would like to know what to use on it now in order to have it looking nice for years to come. It is a 76 year old house and had original tongue and groove boards that we just replaced. Blessings! Terri in NC
Terri Roy , May 05, 2013
It is not possible to strip off a solid stain. If you clean what you can and apply another solid on top you will just have it peel again. The only way to fix is to remove 100% of the solid stain by sanding so you can use a penetrating semi-transparent. Never put a different product on top of a deck stain to try to make it last longer. It will make it worse.
TheSealerStore , May 05, 2013
I am going to be re-staining a deck that was only done last summer and is already chipping and faded. This is going to be the third year in a row that it has to be redone. Both past years something went wrong the first year it only faded so a new stain was used and then the next year it faded and chipped. Itt is a brown stain that i am going to pressure wash as much off of it as possible but there will be some remaining that will not completly come off. What should i use???? It is a deck that gets used in New York so there are various weather conditions. Also it is in the sunlight most of the day. It also had weather sealer used on it. The problem is i do not no what he brand of the stain was. But i no it was not transperant stain it definetly was solid stain. What could i use over top of it now and is there something i can put on the stain after it is finished and dry to make it last longer and look nice???
jennifer , May 04, 2013
re: Spokane, WA
1. The Restore A Deck Stripper and Brightener for the prep.
2. TWP 1500 or Armstrong Clark
TheSealerStore , May 02, 2013
Spokane, WA
I am looking at re-staining my deck after removing the old semi-transparent oil-based stain (Olympic).
1. What process do you recommend to remove stain and prepare the wood for new stain?
2. What stain would you recommend? The climate here is all four seasons, with hot dry summers and snow in winter, with moderate rain in between.
Brett , May 01, 2013
re: Re-Staining Log Cabin Siding.
The Armstrong would be an excellent choice for this. Deep penetrating and will help condition your older dried out wood.
TheSealerStore , April 30, 2013
Re-Staining Log Cabin Siding.
We have Log Cabin Siding, and a lot of it. We just finished pressure washing all of the old Sun-Frog staining off with a commercial grade pressure washer at 5000 PSI and a special rotating tip that is equivalent to having a service come out and cob. We are looking into a stain that will obviously last, as if anyone's concern, but one that will not be such a massive undertaking to re-apply like sun-frog which has been stripped and re-applied to this house 3 times. The wood is now in great shape, porous, and ready! We live in Oregon, Pacific Northwest, in the mountains. The primary problem is mildew on half of the house, and sun damage on the other side. But mold and mildew is still a main concern, as the sun frog did POORLY against it. SO, we were recommended Armstrong semi-transparent. As of now, we like this product, anything that might be better agains mold/mildew or Uv? Like Defy Extreme?
Colton Long , April 29, 2013
re: installed a cedar deck and railings 6 months ago
Mark, look at the TWP 1500 or the Armstrong Clark stain. Make sure to clean and brighten first with the Restore A Deck Products.
TheSealerStore , April 25, 2013
I installed a cedar deck and railings 6 months ago and have let it weather over the winter. I live on Long Island N.Y.I am looking for the best type of stain to give me the natural look of cedar. Can you give me any advise as to the brand to choose.
Thank you
Mark Cook , April 25, 2013
Having new deck built - live in MN.

Wondering what products to use to prep, and stain the deck once finished. Looking for a semi-transparent.

Also - would like to stain right away (having a grad party), but saw your article about letting the deck breath for 3 months.

What products would be good when staining right away?
Deb , April 25, 2013
re: homeowner
Prep with the Restore A Deck Kits to even out the color and remove the mill glaze.
TheSealerStore , April 16, 2013
We built a new deck with decking boards in January. I just noticed with Spring time arriving that 2/3's of the deck evidently have been exposed to more sunshine and that section of deck is much, much lighter than the other 1/3. It will be about 2 weeks before I'm ready to seal it. Any ideas of what I might do to make it balance out color-wise?? I'm planning to use semi transparent oil stain, either Cabot or Armstrong Clark. Thanks
Sandra , April 16, 2013
re: Oregon in the Willamette valley
The Durastain you used is basically a semi-solid that films on the surface like a paint. Not a very good appearance and is hard to remove. You should strip off what you can then sand the rest so the wood is free of all coatings before switching to a penetrating oil based stain like Armstrong Clark or TWP.
TheSealerStore , April 12, 2013
Oregon in the Willamette valley near the sate Capitol, Salem.
I used semi transparent cedar latex stain by Wolman following directions to the T. That resulted in too thick a finish.
Despite a consumer reports thumbs up it didn't last more than the second season. Wood deck is Port Orford cedar and is 3 levels. Rails are western red cedar.
It has picture framing and boxed posts.
wally , April 12, 2013
re: Which Stain for me
Lighter or clear colors will always fade faster then darker/richer colors. Sanding the deck reduces the stains ability to properly penetrate which can result in peeling. Raising the grain actually allows the stain to properly penetrate. Best to strip it down, lightly sand if needed with 6 grit, then apply a deep penetrating stain like Armstrong Clark. Maybe in the Amber color for you.
TheSealerStore , April 09, 2013
Which Stain for me
I am looking for a long-lasting finish on a cedar deck in northern Illinois. I wanted to be very fairly light and natural color.I tried Defy Clear last year and was VERY disappointed with it. It pealed over the winter and is greying badly. It didn't last one year. The deck is two sections one is 20 years old the other is one year old. My usual routine is to use a floor sander to sand the deck down every other year and apply new stain. Is this the best routine? I tried a deck cleaner one year and was not happy with how it raised the grain. Last question, how do I remove the Defy from a very complex railing, it would be a real pain to sand it.
john mims , April 09, 2013
re: Stain for IPE deck
If you like the Messmers then stay with it. If looking to switch then look at the Armstrong Clark in the Mahogany color.
TheSealerStore , April 07, 2013
Stain for IPE deck
We have an ironwood deck, about 10 years old in northern Wisconsin. I have been using Messmers UV Plus every 2-3 years. Do you advise staying with the Messmers or switching to another product?
Karna , April 06, 2013
re: Newly constructed Port Orford cedar raised beds
I would look at the Defy Extreme Stain for this.
TheSealerStore , April 04, 2013
Newly constructed Port Orford cedar raised beds. What type and brand of stain would you recommend? We live in the Pacific NW and the beds will get sun about 8 hrs of sun per day.
Thank You
Bob Branch , April 03, 2013
Live in Austin tx. Putting down new dry cedar decking. Semi transparent stain is good.
Steve Barnes , March 30, 2013
re: PT in Massachusetts
Bob, depending on the stain brand, new wood should weather for a time then prepped properly. This is a good article on the subject:
How To Prep a New Deck

For newer wood we like Armstrong Clark or Timber Oil Brand.
TheSealerStore , March 30, 2013
re: Houston PT Pine Deck
Fred, I would suggest the TWP 1500 or the Defy Extreme for this deck. Colors really do not matter in general, lighter colors will fade quicker then richer colors.
TheSealerStore , March 30, 2013
PT in Massachusetts
New PT installed in Massachusetts back in May. Full sun, have settled on semi transparent but need help with the brand
Bob ryan , March 29, 2013
Houston PT Pine Deck
I have a very large pressure treated pine deck that is 2 years old in Houston, TX. Thompson's Water Sealer was applied after installation by the deck installer. No sign of it now. No other coatings have been applied. Weather ranges from freezing to 100 deg., very wet weather to drought. Deck exposure ranges from full sun to full shade. Oak trees drop a lot of debris/leaves. Sprinklers hit parts of it.
We will clean and brighten deck before staining. Of course, looking for longest lasting stain. I'd appreciate some color recommendations also. Thanks.
Fred Bauhof , March 29, 2013
re: Recommended stain stripper and stain
1. I would look at the Restore A Deck Stripper and Brightener. You mad need to sand some as SW Deckscapes can be difficult to remove.

2. You apply the stripper with a pump sprayer then pressure wash off.

3. You would want a deep penetrating stain such as Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , March 20, 2013
Recommended stain stripper and stain
We live in Central Virginia and our deck is approx. 8 years old. For the first several years we used Thompsons deck cleaner and sealer. Two years ago we had the deck professionally pressure washed and then applied Sherwin Williams Deckscape semitransparent stain. Our deck chairs have been chipping the stain off almost like it is paint. The deck has no shade and gets the bright afternoon sun.

1. From what I have read I need to use a deck stain stripper followed by a wood brightener but am unsure which brand I should use?

2. Can I then just use sprayer and not a pressure washer in applying the stain stripper for the same effectiveness?

3. In addition what stain do you recommend to protect from the sun but would not be damaged by the deck chairs?

Thanks for your help!
Lori , March 19, 2013
re: M.L. Campbell Color Specialist / DSI-Nashville, TN
Joe, new wood should weather for 3-12 months before staining. In addition, the first time a deck is stained (when new) it will last about half as long as future applications will. This is due to the lack of stain penetration into the wood. I would look at the Armstrong Clark in the Amber color based on your criteria.
TheSealerStore , March 11, 2013
M.L. Campbell Color Specialist / DSI-Nashville, TN
After being in the coatings business for over 25 years, 17 of which with Sherwin-Williams, I know too well for shortcomings of locally available exterior clear/ semi-trans deck coatings. A friend at church is building a new cedar deck here and asked my opinion. I told him I would do some digging. He ias looking to only have to re-coat every 2-3 years, doesn't want anything dark, and wants it to look as natural as possible. I am looking for something with a high degree of UV protection, not be slick, and protect the natural beauty of the cedar decking. Suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,

Joe Clara
Joe Clara , March 11, 2013
re: Looking for a Hardwood Stainer
Jim, exotic hardwoods require annual maintenance due to the extreme density of the wood. Best to use a penetrating stain that can easily be cleaned and recoated as needed. Make sure to remove any of the old stain.

I would look at these two stains for exotic hardwoods:

Armstrong Clark in Mahogany Color
IPE Oil Finish
TheSealerStore , March 03, 2013
Looking for a Hardwood Stainer
Our deck is made of Brazilian hardwood. We stained is last year but it is obvious the hardwood stainer we used did not penetrate. Can you recommend a hardwood stainer/sealer?
Jim Carney , March 02, 2013
re: Cabin in northern Minnesota
Roger, sorry we did not see your message. On horizontal decking, 2-3 years is maximum. Nothing will last you more. I would look at TWP Stains.
TheSealerStore , February 08, 2013
re: New deck in Georgia
Harold, I would look at the Armstrong Clark or TWP. Both are excellent penetrating wood stains. Light browns are hard to come by though. Maybe Pecan in TWP or Rustic Brown in AC. Since you have time, you might want to get some samples: Deck Stain Samples
TheSealerStore , February 08, 2013
New deck in Georgia
Hi - I had a new pressure treated-pine deck constructed in October in Atlanta, Georgia. The deck is partially shaded but there are some areas with direct sun exposure. I am looking for a semi-transparent stain that will last me as long as possible but will also looking for a nice light brown color. I'm hoping to start cleaning soon so the deck will be ready for Spring.
Harold , February 07, 2013
Cabin in northern Minnesota. Temps range -40's to 90's in summer. Looking for semi-transparent stain that will last more than 2-3 years. Decking and rail system has been done about 3 times. If necessary I could sand the flat surfaces. Thanks
Roger Hammitt , January 12, 2013
re: worker
I would look at TWP 1500 or Defy Extreme in one of the colors for this Arbor.
TheSealerStore , November 20, 2012
worker bee
I don't see anything about preserva wood prodcuts especially architectural product line.. how does it compare.

thanks, m
markanth , November 19, 2012
Hi, I am doing a large patio arbor. I have rough sawn doug fir that has been sitting covered for over a year. I'm in Nevada and it gets very hot, cold-down into the 20's, rain but no snow. What is the absolute best product that will stay on the longest to protect from viscious uv rays deterioration that will protect the wood from rain and more rain.
markanth , November 19, 2012
re: Best stain for Kiln Dried Deck
You need both cleaner and brightener if you do it now or in Spring. Both stains are similar in performance. It will not hurt the wood to wait. If it was me, I would wait.
TheSealerStore , November 17, 2012
Best stain for Kiln Dried Deck
Thanks for the reply. If I wait until the spring, do I need a deck cleaner and brightener or just the cleaner? Is any one brand better than the other for this type of wood? Will waiting that long to stain & seal hurt this type of wood or not? Sorry for all the questions, but I want to be sure it's done right. Thank you.
Odie , November 16, 2012
re: Best stain for Kiln Dried Deck
All new wood needs to be prepped before staining. I would look at Armstrong Clark stain or TWP. If using TWP, you should wait until Spring to stain.
TheSealerStore , November 16, 2012
Best stain for Kiln Dried Deck
I live in Atlanta, GA and I just had a deck and stairs installed last week with kiln dried lumber. The deck gets full sun through out the day. I want to stain it with a semi-transparent stain. What is the best brand to use and? Will I have to do all the prep work besides washing it down since it's a new deck?
Odie , November 15, 2012
re: New deck
If brand new then you should wait until next Spring to treat it. You will need to clean and brighten the wood to prep (Restore-A-Deck Products) and then stain with a deep penetrating stain. I would look at Armstrong Clark or TWP.
TheSealerStore , November 06, 2012
New deck
Living in Central Florida. Brand new pressure-treated deck is in part shade/part sun. We know nothing about how to take care of the deck. It will need cleaning before we do anything else to it so we'd like suggestions on cleaner, sealer, stain, whatever will make it last as long as possible.
Bethany , November 05, 2012
re: Long lasting deck stain
To start you would need to strip off all the remaining Thompson's stain. Once removed you would want a stain that fades evenly and can be cleaned and re coated when needed. This makes it much easier for future maintenance. I would look at TWP 1500 or Armstrong Clark stain.
TheSealerStore , October 02, 2012
Long lasting deck stain
I live in MD (close to Washington, DC). About 3 years ago I put on Thompson's Waterseal and stain. The stain only lasted about 1 1/2 to 2 years and then it started to wear. Now it is almost totally gone on the horizontal surfaces. It's still holding up somewhat on the vertical (railings). My deck is huge. The flat surface is about 2200 square feet. When you include railing and steps it is almost 4000 square feet of wood. Was thinking about deck helmet, but wanted to see what you recommend as a good product for my deck. Thanks.
KentUMD , October 01, 2012
re: Deck stain recommendation
For new wood we like TimberOil or Armstrong Clark stain. Make sure to prep with a deck cleaner and a wood brightener first.
TheSealerStore , September 23, 2012
Deck stain recommendation
Austin, TX.
Deck is south facing and full-sun all day and no winter weather.
New Cedar deck installed 6 weeks ago and not stained or treated yet.
What is the best recommendation for staining?
Jay Horton , September 22, 2012
re: best stain for my new cedar deck (4 weeks old)
I would look at Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , September 16, 2012
Want to choose best stain for my new cedar deck (4 weeks old). Longest lasting and won't peel.
I live in Toronto. Deck is southern exposure, sun all day. VOC rules in Canada state 250g/l max. I also wish for a product that is easy to re-aply when it's time. I would like to avoid stripping down the deck floor every single year in order to do a maintenance re-coat.

What brands do you recommend that are available in Canada? I have done a little reading about Penofin, Messmers, Armstrong Clark but not sure best way to go ?
Phil Goodenough , September 15, 2012
re: deck in western Oregon that is either red cedar or redwood.
If you want a water based stain the I would suggest the Defy Stain for Hardwoods. If oil I would then suggest TWP.
TheSealerStore , September 10, 2012
We have a deck in western Oregon that is either red cedar or redwood.. I have cleaned it with Behr all In One wood cleaner and a brush and it is no longer gray. I would like protection from UV so probably want semi transparent. Could use oil but would rather use water based . i'd like the longest lasting product. The deck is on the north side of the house and Oregon gets a lot of rain. I've been looking at Defy but am open to recommendations. Thanks
Jenny , September 10, 2012
1. Either would work well for this.
2. I would use at lest a semi-transparent or a semi-solid. Most use the semi-transparent.
TheSealerStore , September 10, 2012
Thank you for your response. Two follow-up questions:
1) ultimately do you prefer either A. Clark or TWP for this application in my area?
2) is your suggestion then that we use a semi-solid instead of a transparent?

Thanks again!
Michele , September 10, 2012
re: Armstrong Clark or TWP for deck in Virginia Beach?
Armstrong Clark makes great products but lighter "natural" tones will always fade faster then richer tones. This goes for all brands. If you use a light tone you will be doing this deck every year or so. Does not matter when you do it.
TheSealerStore , September 08, 2012
Armstrong Clark or TWP for deck in Virginia Beach?
I have a pressure treated wood deck (and fence) that is at least 11 years old. We just purchased the house 2 years ago and have just power washed the deck this summer (it was very grey and molded in some spots.) Two thirds of the deck is a screened-in porch and the other third is an open deck, all of which face south and get a significant amount of sun.

I have been researching stains and am strongly considering Armstrong Clark natural tone transparent stain because of its reputation and the fact that it's available in a natural tone. I am also considering the TWP 1500 (not sure of color). I'd like something that we can use on both the porch/deck and the fence.

Oh, and does it matter what season we apply the stain? We'd like to do it this fall, but can wait until spring if we need to (it's just harder to find rain-free days in the spring).

Thanks in advance!!
Michele , September 06, 2012
re: Our Western Washington house has deck on all four sides
You do not stain a deck then seal it. You just need a stain as they seal as well. If all the wood is nor free of old coatings then I would look at the Armstrong Clark in Oxford Brown or TWP 1503 Dark Oak.
TheSealerStore , September 01, 2012
Our Western Washington house has deck on all four sides (i.e., north, south, east, and west exposures. The deck was "rebuilt" 4 years ago using some new and some old wood from the previous deck. The wood is 2X6 mostly fir with some cedar. It was painted with an opaque, dark brown latex paint. I think, because the surface prep was not very good, this coating failed within 2 yrs. I cleaned and refinished the deck using an exterior latex deck coating which supposedly had UV protection. This coating also failed. I suspect my surface preparation was inadequate, but I was also very concerned about using an oil based coating over a latex coating.

Now, we have taken the entire deck down to bare wood using sanders only. I didn't even try any chemical stripping as the deck is surrounded by gardens and we live on an island off the coast of Western Washington state.

I am now planning to re-stain the deck a dark brown and then seal it. Given our locale and surface conditions what products (i.e., oil based stain and sealer) do you recommend?

FYI, I am sure one of these products must have UV protection as the section of the deck on the north end of the house still looked pretty good. That is, no chipping, peeling, etc.

I grew up in the paint business. My father was a colloid chemist and owned Tuff-Kote Corp. and Louton Paint, Inc. However, that was 50 years ago and I'm sure that much has changed. Also, that was in the Chicago area, not in a marine environment. thanks, john

John Louton , September 01, 2012
re: need stain/sealer recommendation
Daniel, for the newer wood I would look at the Armstrong Clark in a semi-transparent or TWP 1500.

Not sure about the door and trim. Exterior wood stains do not always work on doors as there could be issues where the seals (rubber) sticks to the stain.
TheSealerStore , August 30, 2012
need stain/sealer recommendation
I have a deck that we had built with pressure treated lumber in May. We'd like to stain/seal with a product that will last. We live in Richmond, VA and the deck is south facing so gets a decent amount of sunlight.

We also have a front entrance (solid wood door and surrounding decorative entrance) that is wood. I believe it is a maple type of finish. It is weathered badly on the exterior (the interior still looks awesome), and I'd like some recommendations on what stain I could use that will last.
Daniel Kim , August 29, 2012
re: Discolored, peeling on un shaded areas
I would consider using the TWP Stains
TheSealerStore , August 24, 2012
Colorado Springs
Redwood deck
Discolored, peeling on un shaded areas
Good on covered area
North facing deck
Kathi , August 23, 2012
re: Cedar Deck questions
I would use the Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper followed buy the Brightener to prep. For the stain I would look at TWP or Armstrong Clark Stain
TheSealerStore , August 21, 2012
Cedar Deck questions
I have a cedar dech that previously was stained with a silkens product about 3 years ago, there is very little left of the original stain and the deck has greyed and become a bit dirty. I want to refresh the wood to remove the grey and restain preserving the natural colour. What product(s) should I be using for the preparation and for the actual staining? The deck location is in Northern Minnesota... extreme winter and fairly hot summer.
David Morden , August 21, 2012
re: Alternative to Wood Filler?
Nothing works well or looks good.
TheSealerStore , August 18, 2012
Alternative to Wood Filler?
You mentioned that wood filler doesn't work on outside wood decks and doesn't stain. Is there an alternative for filling the cracks? Maybe a wood adhesive?
lukec , August 17, 2012
Good Deck Stain for Montana
Wood filler does not work on outside wood. Do not use it. It will look bad, does not take a decking stain, and will crack out. As for the stain I would look at TWP or Defy brands.
TheSealerStore , August 17, 2012
re: JUst built a new deck Pressure treated premium wood
Nothing lasts 4-6 years. 2-3 is the maximum you will get with a high quality deck stain. I would look at Timber Oil or Armstrong Clark for new wood.
TheSealerStore , August 17, 2012
re: Old Deck NY City Metro
I would look at Defy Extreme or TWP 1500.
TheSealerStore , August 17, 2012
Good Deck Stain for Montana
Looking for a long lasting deck stain in Montana. Not sure the wood used on the deck. House and deck is about 5 years old and the original stain is peeling. The previous owner left a can of the original stain which is "Flood CWF-UV5OIL clear wood finish fortified with Penetrol.". Only the railing is wood as the ground level part of the deck is Trex. Also the wood has some splits in some places. I plan on sanding off all the old stain before applying new stain as well as filling the cracks. What is a good product to fill cracks and then what stain should I apply after prepping that works well in southwest Montana. Also is there something else I could do in the prep phase to achieve the best results when applying the stain? Thanks for the info.
lukec , August 16, 2012
JUst built a new deck Pressure treated premium wood. What would be the best stain sealant for my area Virgina beach, Va. area. very sunny area near water. Would like a natural stain. Someting that will kast at least 4-6 years.
c craig , August 16, 2012
Old Deck NY City Metro
Have a very old deck (40 yrs??). Diagonal cut and nailing prevents flipping of boards. What products you suggest. Location is 50 mi north of NY City. Deck is mostly shaded.
Todd Parker , August 16, 2012
I would look at TWP 1500 or Armstrong Clark if you can get the solid stain off.
TheSealerStore , August 10, 2012
well what would you recommend for a stain and sealer in if I was able to get all of the old solid stain off based on my info? (MD/DC area, cedar, 10+ year old deck).
Tom , August 10, 2012
Not really. We are not fans of solid stains.
TheSealerStore , August 09, 2012
Bummer. Glad I asked. Is there solid deck stain and sealer you'd recommend for my situation then?
Tom , August 09, 2012
re: Best Stain for MD / Removing solid stain and putting down semi-transparent?
Tom, stain strippers will not remove solid stains. The only way to go semi-transparent would be to sand it all off.
TheSealerStore , August 09, 2012
Best Stain for MD / Removing solid stain and putting down semi-transparent?
Hi there, i live in Rockville, Maryland and have a cedar deck that's seen better days. easily 10+ years old, if not more. stained about 1-2 yrs ago with Behr's solid deck stain and has since faded and chipped pretty drastically. was wondering two things - 1) what's the best/longest lasting stain for our area and 2) is it conceivable i can remove the original SOLID behr stain with a good stripper (HD-80? another you'd recommend?) to be able to then use a semi-transparent stain in its place? Thanks!
Tom , August 09, 2012
re: Best Stain for North Central Texas
I would look at Defy Extreme or TWP Stains.
TheSealerStore , August 09, 2012
Best Stain for North Central Texas
I have a 12 month old pressure treated deck. No preservative has been applied at this point. I live in Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Temps here sometimes reach 110 and humidity is regularly 40% and up. We have mild winters and moderate to low rainfall. The deck is mostly shaded.
What is my best stain option requiring little prep work in future coats? Of course, I want longest lasting.
DJ , August 09, 2012
re: I live in Niagara Falls Canada.
For new cedar we would suggest the Timber Oil Brand or Armstrong Clark
TheSealerStore , August 08, 2012
I live in Niagara Falls Canada.
I have a new cedar deck about a month old.
What is the best sealer to use?
mattbubbajones , August 07, 2012
re: I am looking for the best stain and sealer
I would look at the TWP 1500, Defy Extreme or Armstrong for RI.
TheSealerStore , August 01, 2012
I am looking for the best stain and sealer. I have premium pressure treated 5/4 X 6 wood. I live in Rhode Island not far from the ocean.
Monti , August 01, 2012
what stain for new, very well dries cedar AND pre-stained siding about 10 years ago.
north west coastline Olympic peninsula.
Iain , July 16, 2012
re: what kind of stain should I use
I would look at the TWP 1500 or Defy Extreme. Coverage varies widely between brands so best to get a total sq. footage. On each product pages there is info that gives the sq. footage for each brand(s).
TheSealerStore , July 12, 2012
what kind of stain should I use
I live in North East Tennessee near Bristol International Raceway .I live very close to a lake . It can get very damp here. We get lots of shade, but our new deck is on sunny side of house. 38 feet by 12 feet pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine . 5/4 boards , and also will be covered by a roof soon with some vertical wood post and framing. Decking has been down almost a year on one section and 7 months on the rest. No stain has been applied?. we also have a 8 foot high pressure treated fence that has been up a few months now. (record breaking heat this summer) What brand/ type stain do you recommend ? How many gallons, and which cleaner and brightener, and how much. I will figure for the framing and post after i do the deck. Also the fence is 140 feet long and needs stained or treated on both sides.
James Tinsley , July 11, 2012
re: New home owner - best stain - Def Extreme or TWP
Both of these as excellent stains and would work well for you in Washington state.
TheSealerStore , July 09, 2012
New home owner - best stain - Def Extreme or TWP
I am a new home owner and I will be staining my deck on my own. I am a female and this is all new to me. I am trying to determine which stain will be best for the rainy Washington weather? Which is the best stain? I see that there are high reviews for TWP and Def Extreme.
Betsy , July 09, 2012
re: owner
I would look at Armstrong Clark in the Mahogany color.
TheSealerStore , July 09, 2012
I have used Cabot Australian Timber oil in the past on my mahogany deck. I live in Long Island NY on the water. I have heard the Australian Timber Oil low VOC formulation is problematic, so I am looking for something that will work. I've already stripped the deck & used brightener.
Joe Waldman , July 08, 2012
re: restaining in florida
You would need to remove the SW by stripping or sanding if you want to switch to a different brand.
TheSealerStore , July 08, 2012
restaining in florida
i have 3 year old sherman williams water borne deckscapes on now. it didnt peal. it just dont look good. didnt look good day 1. i dont think it failed. i just need a better stain. and the steps to get there. im in a lot of sun in north florida
richard guynn , July 07, 2012
re: Staining options
Yes Defy can be shipped there. TWP 200 Series can be shipped to Canada but not the 100 or 1500.
TheSealerStore , July 05, 2012
Staining options
Hi again. Thanks for the reply. Can Defy Stains be shipped to Canada? I had some sample of TWP shipped from your site without issue, and like the colors it gives. But I understand If I can't get TWP shipped the DEFY looks like the better stain left as far as options go....
Panoramix , July 04, 2012
re: New cedar deck. Want to do this once and right.
TWP cannot be shipped to Canada. It is not compliant there. I would clean and brighten with the Restore-A-Deck Kits then stain with TimberOil Brand or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , July 04, 2012
New cedar deck. Want to do this once and right.
Hi. I had an eastern cedar deck built 8 months ago....now I'm looking to stain this fall and do it right. This deck has around 1000 sq. ft of horizontal surface full sun all day. I'm looking very strongly at TWP 100 in cedar tone. I live in New-Brunswick, Canada, just east of main and I'm not close to water. Thanks for your opinion.
Panoramix , July 03, 2012
re: Which deck stain is best for Ky/pool/high traffic/full sun
What was the brand of stain that you bought from Lowes. Makes a difference with the stripper.

As for the color, hard to say. Might want to get some stain samples to test:

Deck Stain Samples

I would look at some of the Oil Based stains such as TWP, Armstrong, Timber Oil, etc.
TheSealerStore , July 01, 2012
Which deck stain is best for Ky/pool/high traffic/full sun
We live in Bardstown, Kentucky and our deck is exposed to harsh conditions. Part of our deck is about 9yrs old and we recently added a new addition. The old part of the deck had a semi transparent deck stain from Lowes and it was horrible after one year. Our deck is around a pool, in full sun, and has heavy traffic. So, we need to know which stain would be best. We turned over most of the old deck boards because we knew the deck stain would be too difficult and costly to remove. However, on the supporting posts we still have the old stain. I tried to put a stripper on a small area and at best it faded the stain slightly but most def didn't remove it smilies/angry.gif So, tips for getting that off would be great as well. Should we go with an oil base because of our extreme conditions? Also, choosing a color is difficult for us. We have a red brick home with clay/tan vinyl trim and have accented our home, shed, etc with a sort of Army green color called eagles plume. We like very conservative earth tones. Our deck is pressure treated pine. We've tried a cedar colored stain that looked too orange when applied, then a reddish stain(not sure of color)and it seemed too red almost appeared as a paint even though it was semi transparent??? We love the look of a more natural wood but know we have to use a pigmented stain for UV protection. Any suggestions on a stain color? I guess we seriously need a lot of help!
mommaboo , June 30, 2012
re: Which deck stain to use?
For new wood we would suggest the Timberoil Brand or Armstrong Clark.
TheSealerStore , June 19, 2012
Which deck stain to use?
CT State
No previous coatings, this is a new deck. It's pressure treated southern yellow pine.
Deck gets partial sun, shade
Would like a recommendation that requires least amount of maintenance (i.e., no need to strip when re-coating in future).
Shannon , June 18, 2012
re: New deck
I would look at TWP 1500 Series or Armstrong Clark Wood Stain.
TheSealerStore , June 17, 2012
New deck
Thanks for your help. We just bought a house with a brand new, unfinished cedar deck on the east facing side. The house is in Humboldt county, California, with about 40 inches of rain, coastal, high temperature is 70 degrees, 55 average, no snow, direct morning light (when it is not raining or foggy, commonly foggy in summer). I would like to use a cedar/redwood colored stain (semi-transparent is what I was thinking). What do you suggest?

Rich Kandus , June 17, 2012
All new PTP wood should dry for 1-2 months. You should then clean and brighten the wood to prep.

For new wood we suggest Timber Oil Brand
TheSealerStore , June 15, 2012
I live in Maine and just built a new deck less then 1 week old it is all PT wood. do I have to clean my deck before i stain it? when should i apply deck stain? It is a South facing deck and gets sun almost all day long. and what is the best stain for Maine weather?
clint beveridge , June 15, 2012
re: Owner
You should use a wood deck cleaner followed by a wood brightener to prep the wood. I would look at IPE Oil or Messmers UV Plus for Hardwoods.
TheSealerStore , June 08, 2012
We live in Mill Valley, California. The weather is relatively mild but we do get a lot of fog.
We have a new deck built with hardwoods - Cumaru for the deck boards and Mangaris for the railings. We were recommended Messmer's deck finish by a local source. Is that the best option?
We also have a 15 year old deck built with Ipe. It was treated once but left to grey. It is in excellent physical shape but would like to restore its appearance. Is there a surface treatment that we restore some of the natural color? Would some sending help?
Deepak Dandekar , June 07, 2012
re: want to reapply waterproofing or semi-transparent stain
Sorry but nothing lasts 10 years. I would look at Armstrong Clark, Defy Extreme of TWP 1500 Series.
TheSealerStore , June 04, 2012
Live in Virginia, just pressure washed my fence and want to reapply waterproofing or semi-transparent stain. I want something that will last 10 years....getting to old to do this work and it's to expensive to hire.
Powel , June 04, 2012
re: deck stains
I would use the Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper and Wood Brightener to prep. As for a stain, you could look at Defy Extreme, Armstrong Clark, or TWP.
TheSealerStore , May 23, 2012
deck stains
We live in Portland, Oregon and our deck has always been stained with super deck. It has not been treated for 3 years and the deck is about 8 years old. How would you suggest we pre-treat it and what stain do you recommend?
mollie , May 23, 2012
re: stain questions
Stains and sealers do not last 5-10 years. High end stains and sealers will last 2-3 years at best on a horizontal deck in Florida. Poor quality stains will only last a year.

All of the stains that we sell are high end. Was there a particular brand that you were considering?
TheSealerStore , May 13, 2012
stain questions
I have all the quesstions about staining my deck that you listed. I live in south Fl. near the ocean ( about 1/2 mile away). the previous sealer that was applied was thompsons clear sealer. It did not last.
I have a deck, balcony, stairs and railings to be done. I want a stain/sealer that will last 5-10 years, if available.
the wood will be pressure cleaned and preped and repaired before sealing. I need some help in choosing the right stain/sealer.
Lynn Bell , May 13, 2012



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