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stamped concreteRestoring Stamped Concrete Surfaces

Stamped concrete is a concrete surface that is tinted and "stamped" to create a textured appearance. These types of surface require periodic maintenance and sealing to retain the surface color and protect from the elements. All you need to do is clean and apply a Wet Look Sealer. Wet Look Sealers can enhance the natural colors of your concrete and come in Matte, Semi-Gloss, and Higher Gloss shine.

  1. The use of a pressure washer is suggested when cleaning the stamped concrete. Cleaning chemicals are not needed when removing dirt, grime, and vegetation. If you have stains then we would suggest using a cleaner that is specific to the type of stain. i.e. Rust remover to clean rust, Oil stain remover to clean oil drips, etc.
  2. Removal of old sealers is suggested if your previous sealer has failed. Usually this is noticeable by a yellowing or whitening of the old sealer. If you do not have any discoloration, then it is not needed to remove the old coatings. Strippers needed to accomplish this are considered HazMat and we cannot ship them. If searching for a stripper at your local store, look for the active ingredient "Methylene Chloride". Stripping sealers is very difficult and is only suggested if absolutely needed
  3. Allow the stamped concrete to dry thoroughly for 1-2 days.
  4. Blow or sweep off dirt or grime.
  5. Apply sealer by rolling or spraying. A sponge type roller usually works better then a nap roller. If spraying a solvent based sealer, you must use a heavy duty metal sprayer. Cheap plastic sprayers will not work with solvent based brick sealers. Do not apply sealer to wet or high moisture content concrete! The sealer will turn whitish in color.
  6. Let dry for 3-4 fours for foot traffic and 24 hours for vehicular or heavy duty traffic.

*Make sure that you follow all manufacturers instructions.

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There must be some means of delivering HazMats, I mean, how do you get it from A to B? Deliver the raw materials and cook it up on-site?

I guess you'd need some kind of special equipment that costs a fortune. Anyway, I took my pressure-washer to the concrete last week, and I have to say, the value of my house just went up by at least $2000. It seriously looks that good now.
Aries , February 24, 2009


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