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How to apply and what Stain Stripper will work best for your deck prep.

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    Greg80 · 06/14/2010
    On the HD-80 product page it says that it breaks all kinds of stains including solid stain. But after reading alot of comments on this and other websites people say that it does and some say it doesn't remove solid color stain well. Which one is it? I hope i didn't waste money on a product that says it will remove solid color stain but doesn't.
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    The Sealer Store · 06/12/2010
    It depends on what the red stain was. Is it a transparent or solid stain? Do you know if it was an oil based or water based stain? Do you know the brand of the red stain?
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    R Dwyer · 06/12/2010
    I have a red stain on my deck now. I want to strip it down to the bare wood & re-stain the deck a lighter color, maybe a honey stain. How do I strip the old stain off? What is the best deck stripper to use? Please help. Thanks
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    The Sealer Store · 06/07/2010
    Did you use the wood brightener ([url]http://www.opwdecks.com/wooddeckbrighteners.htm[/url])? It is extremely important to neutralize the stripper with the brightener and set the pH balance of the wood.
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    Nina Jones · 06/07/2010
    My upper deck(that's not exposed to a lot of sun) is surrounded by sliding glass doors, etc.-it's outside screened in. We stripped it and several days later(a week)repeated it in one area only to get the rest of some stain off. The next morning it has a difference in lightness as the rest of the upper deck looks lighter. Even though it was rinsed off several times I think it's some of the cleaner left. What should we do-re-strip the entire upper deck again?
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    The Sealer Store · 06/06/2010
    Main reason the Cumaru is sticky and tacky is because you sanded the wood. Sadning closes the wood pores minimizing the stains ability to penetrate properly.

    You can take 1 cup of Cascade Powdered Dishing Detergent to one gallon of warm water. Mop on floor, sit for 10 minutes then rinse. This typically absorbs the excess oil.
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    Howard Levitan · 06/06/2010
    I installed a Cumaru deck last year and finished with Messmers oil which didn't last long. I waited a year and sanded it down pretty good with 50 and 80 grit and applied Penofin Verde semi-transp. oil applying a thin coat and wiped off excess. Now after 3 weeks it is still very tacky and sticky. I brushed it with a lot of soapy water as they recommended, but no change. Is there something that will remove all the surface oil without stripping off the finish? Thanks
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    The Sealer Store · 04/10/2010
    The effectiveness of stripping off an old stain depends on a variety of scenarios.

    1. The brand of old stain
    2. How many old coats
    3. Opacity of old stain
    4. If the old stain was water based or oil based
    5. And the stripper itself

    It typically is not related to the color of the old stain. In general wood deck stain strippers work by penetrating through the old coating. This will then "soften" the bond between the stain and the wood cells. Stain strippers work better when the old stain is transparent or semi-transparent. They typically will not remove solid/opaque stains. Stain strippers also work better when the previous coating(s) are non-film forming. This means they penetrated into the wood instead of filming on top of the wood.
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    Larry K Hildreth · 04/09/2010
    I have been Power washing and doing deck restrution work for the last seven years.My problen is Stripping off red statn/ sealer. Can you explain why this stain/sealer is so hard to remove.

    Larry K Hildreth
    Dirty Deeds Power Washing
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    The Sealer Store · 04/05/2010
    Doug, we do not carry any additives that would help the stripper cling to the railings. One common one would be Tergitol NP-9. Typically these can be picked up at an online chemistry store. Stripping paint is typically a lost cause.
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    Doug · 04/05/2010
    I am stripping a customers deck that had Behr paint stain on it.Customer wasnt sure type.I have had pretty good luck taking paint stain off all the horizontal wood,but when spraying the vertical spindles and facing of deck most of the product runs off and is lost on the ground.It isnt given a chance to setle on the surface.Is there an additive that professionals are using to hold the stipper on so it will work on the paint stain? Wasnt sure if I could use a soap with the stripper or not. Thanks,Doug
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    The Sealer Store · 03/20/2010
    All of the Wood Stain Strippers we sell will remove the Messmers and are all biodegradeable as well.

    Wood Stain Strippers ([url]http://www.opwdecks.com/wooddeckstrippers.htm[/url])

    They are safe for the house and plants as long as you prewet and rinse often.
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    john Molloy · 03/20/2010
    I power washed Ipe decks and did not use a wood brightener, then applied messmers oil, the deck looks irregular what can I use to strip of the new finish to start over again. and what protection if any is needed for the house and plants around the deck.
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    The Sealer Store · 09/21/2009
    Deck strippers are not designed to remove solid paints. They will remove the paint if it is peeling though. To be safe I would do a small test spot on the paint first.
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    Patrick Beirne · 09/21/2009
    Do I need to mask off painted wood siding prior to use of stripper for my deck? The two abutt each other.
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    The Sealer Store · 09/19/2009
    Using a wood cleaner such as the Defy Wood Cleaner will help remove dirt, grime, and mold. This product contains sodium percarbonate which help with mold/mildew removal.

    Using a wood stain that does not "promote" mildew growth will help.
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    K.Politz · 09/19/2009
    Our deck is 9 years old. We live in the Seattle area. Wood is moldy and darkened. I think the wood is cedar, but not sure. What product can we use to rid wood of mold/mildew? Afterwards, what product should we use for water/mold/mildew protection? Thanks! Kate
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    The Sealer Store · 09/02/2009
    Behr is very difficult to remove as it is basically a thin paint. For this you might want to try the HD80 wood stripper. It should work but you may need to strip more then ine time.
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    Irma · 09/02/2009
    I am in the process of stripping my deck, it currently has Behr Semi-Transparent
    5-77 on it. It has been on there approx. 1 year and has already began to peel. I have tried the Behr stripper #64 and also Strip X- Klean stripper with no luck. I might as well of used water. What do you recommend? I have called Behr and Strip X and they tell me that my only choice is to sand it down. Ant suggestions would be greatly appreciated, or a product that works would be better.
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    The Sealer Store · 06/19/2009
    Using a wood stripper and a wood brightener will remove the old finish. Was your furniture Teak? Hardwood furniture is not very absorbent. You need to choose a finish that is designed for that type of wood.