Cabot Australian TimberOil 5 Gallon

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Cabot ATO has a unique blend of oils formulated for Exotic Hardwoods such as IPE(pronounced epay) Mahogany, Brazilian Redwood, Massaranduba, Meranti, Pau Lupe, and Teak. Linseed, Tung, and alkyds mixed with trans-oxide pigments make this the most impervious coating against UV damage.

Delivers 3-way oil protection for maximum durability and water repellency Penetrates deep into wood to accentuate natural wood depth and grain Trans-oxide pigments ensure lasting UV protection.

Can also be used on Composite Decking

Smooth surface: 400-600 square feet per gallon
Rough surfaces 250-350 square feet per gallon


Parameters of Product: Deck/Wood Stains
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5 Gallon
Coats Needed
1 Coat
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Exotic Hardwoods/Ipe
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re: Timber Oil is the best
Thanks for the feedback;-)
Timber Oil is the best
I have restored many decks in the past decade. I have applied many different stains during this time. I clean with oxidizers and follow with deck brighteners and allow ample dry time before staining. Cabot Australian Timber Oil lasts three years on most decks. Water beads up now after the second year of my neighbors deck I completed. The last deck I did I utilized Maghogany flame Australian Timber Oil. I put two coats on vertical surfaces and three coats on floors and rail tops. I use stain mitts on rails and a sponge type floor mop for the floors. I use a bottle sprayer to hit cracks in the floor. Pays off!