Citralic Wood Brightener 2lbs

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Citralic Wood Deck Brightener

Citralic Brightener/Neutralizer is a specifically formulated blend of acids and surfactant. Citralic was designed to neutralize and brighten quickly without unwanted bleaching or damage to the wood. Citralic is pH balanced to make the ideal neutralizer for HD-80 and other caustic strippers. Citralic also works well on those jobs that only require light washing. At a cost of less than one penny per square foot, Citralic will make your work stand out among the competition. Safer and more effective than Oxalic Acid!


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re: New Cedar Deck
You should clean and brighten the wood.
New Cedar Deck
I recently re-planked a deck (one week old) in cedar and wanted to know if the citralic wood brightener is sufficient enough to clean the new deck prior to staining. Will likely wait for a month or so before using Woodrich TimberOil to stain the deck.
re: Deck stripping
SPF is very difficult to remove. The HD80 will remove most but probably not all. You will probably need to sand off the rest. Citralic is the brightener you should use after the HD80.
Deck stripping
I have a 25 year old pressure treated deck that I unfortunately stained 2 years ago with a Cabot water based S-P-F stain after power washing it. Now it is pealing of and I want to apply an oil based stain that will not just be a surface stain. Will HD-80 work for this water based Cabot surface stain. Wood I just "paint" it on and leave it for how long. You mentioned about power washing it with an acid wash to neutralize it. What acid wash, Vinegar and water? Thanks for your time on this question.
One 2 pound container makes 5 liquid gallons or 8 oz makes 1 gallon.
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