Help Arrow 1GreatRead101DeckTips 200pxStep 1 - Prep the Wood

Prepping Tip 1: Choose a  Wood and Deck Cleaner if gray, dirty, reapplying the same stain, etc.

Prepping Tip 2: Choose a Stain Stripper if you have a failed stain that has peeled or worn unevenly. 

Prepping Tip 3: Choose a Wood Brightener to neutralize the wood cleaner or stain stripper. 

Prepping Tip 4: You do not need both a deck cleaner and a stain stripper. Just choose one. If you are unsure what to use, we encourage you to ask here: Questions On Products

Help Arrow 1Step 2 - Stain the Wood

Staining Tip 1: Choosing a stain with a "color" will prolong the graying. The darker the color, the longer it will last.

Staining Tip 2: Choose a semi-transparent or semi-solid deck stain that penetrates into the wood grain will make future reapplication easier.

Staining Tip 3: Our most popular deck stains are the Defy Extreme, Armstrong Clark, and the TWP Stains.

If you are unsure of what stain is best for you then ask here: Deck Staining Questions


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    Phil · 09/27/2018
    Thank you very much for offering the service of asking these questions is wonderful!!! Is there a certain brand or type of cleaner brightener to use with TWP stains
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Ellyn Bagley · 05/02/2018
    I followed your advice and applied 1 coat of TWP stain last summer to my brand new pressure treated premium grade pine deck.
    How do I proceed now to apply the 2nd coat to get it ready for summer? Will hosing it off be enough cleaning?
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      The Sealer Store · 05/02/2018
      No. Light scrubbing or pressure washing. Use some soapy water.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Ron · 05/02/2018
    We live in Toronto Canada and have a cottage in Muskoka.
    We need to restore our neglected decks at both locations which will entail replacing some bad deck boards, cleaning and restoring the remainder as some are slimy and slippery when wet and then staining the deck and railings.

    The decks are Cottage 1) 1220 sq ft 2) 375 sq ft and Home 600 sq ft.

    Which cleaner/brightener should I use and how much should I order?

    Which stain is best, semi-transparent or solid? My wife is thinking of Armstrong Sequoia, Oxford Brown or Rustic Brown or TWP200 Butternut or Slate Grey. She does not like a reddish tone to the stain. Which would you recommend and how much should I order?

    How long will it take for me to receive the order and how do you ship to me in toronto, Canada and what is the shipping cost?

  • We will reply to your comment shortly
    Ada Rogers · 10/20/2017
    80 degrees today. Down to 49 degrees tonight. 80s again tomorrow. Is it ok for me to stain my deck today with TWP?
    • We will reply to your comment shortly
      The Sealer Store · 10/20/2017
      Yes, you are good to apply the TWP!
      • We will reply to your comment shortly
        Adarogers · 10/21/2017
        Thank you. I did it and it looks wonderful. I love the TWP stain.