Help Arrow 1GreatRead101DeckTips 200pxStep 1 - Prep the Wood

Prepping Tip 1: Choose a  Wood and Deck Cleaner if gray, dirty, reapplying the same stain, etc.

Prepping Tip 2: Choose a Stain Stripper if you have a failed stain that has peeled or worn unevenly. 

Prepping Tip 3: Choose a Wood Brightener to neutralize the wood cleaner or stain stripper. 

Prepping Tip 4: You do not need both a deck cleaner and a stain stripper. Just choose one. If you are unsure what to use, we encourage you to ask here: Questions On Products

Help Arrow 1Step 2 - Stain the Wood

Staining Tip 1: Choosing a stain with a "color" will prolong the graying. The darker the color, the longer it will last.

Staining Tip 2: Choose a semi-transparent or semi-solid deck stain that penetrates into the wood grain will make future reapplication easier.

Staining Tip 3: Our most popular deck stains are the Defy Extreme, Armstrong Clark, and the TWP Stains.

If you are unsure of what stain is best for you then ask here: Deck Staining Questions


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